Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 607

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 607

Episode 607

Pyol’s body soared into the air like a wild goose.

Right before the body reached its apex and fell, it stepped on the protruding part of the cliff and jumped up again.


Again, the new model of the moon soared into the air. Then, before falling again, he soared up the cliff as a stepping stone.

Pyowol climbed up the cliff like that and arrived at the top of the gorge in an instant. It was the same canyon that the Chilhyun Group passed through today.

Pyowol arrived at the top of the gorge and looked at the front.

there he was

An elderly soldier standing with his hands behind his back.

He was the soldier that Do-gang threw the young Do to the place where the Chilhyeon Group was sleeping.

The moment he saw him, Pyowol couldn’t breathe properly as if he was crushed by a huge rock.

It was the first time I felt a tremendous sense of presence and pressure after leaving Gangho.

It was unbelievable that an individual could have such a presence.

Compared to the unmanned man in front of him, many masters he had met so far were only at the level of children.

‘Who are you?’

Pyowol’s eyes narrowed.

He was fully prepared so that he could issue a ghost rain and a bridesmaid at any time.

In contrast, the opponent was relaxed.

Regardless of what he was thinking, his expression and atmosphere were as relaxed as if he were out for a walk.

The unmanned man stretched out his hand.

Wedge liquid!

At that moment, a sword flew from afar and landed in his hand.

It was the sword that had flown to the place where the Chilhyeondan was homeless.

The Do, which Pyo-wol blocked with the Black Thunder Sagang and made it crash, returned to the hands of a warrior again.

It was an absurd craft of emptiness.

The distance from here to the place where the Tao crashed was more than ten li.

The study of the Heo Gong Submulta, which accurately brought only one’s sword from that distance, was a highly advanced skill that other warriors did not even dare to attempt.

Pyo-wol did not have the confidence to unfold such a level of empty space.

It was possible to achieve this level of feat only when infinite gong power, ardent simbeop, and delicate internal gong operation beyond imagination were added.

The vigilance of natural excellence had to be strengthened.

Then the unmanned opened his mouth.

“There is nothing to be so wary of. I just called you to talk casually.”

“You make the invitation so loud? At least we were all about to die.”

“I knew you would stop me enough.”

“What if I couldn’t stop you?”

“Did you stop it anyway?”

Pyo-wol almost cursed at Mu-in’s calm reply without realizing it.

In order to block the sword he threw, Pyowol had to draw out all his power. If the operation of internal energy is slightly out of alignment or lacks internal strength, you will not be able to stand still.

Seeing that Pyo-wol seemed young to live in his eyes, Mu-in smiled and said,

“Don’t strain your eyes like that. Because I’m scared.”

“I’m not used to lying.”

“You can see everything with your eyes. That’s what I’ve heard too. Whooping!”

“Who are you?”

“Who do you think it is?”

The elderly warrior approached Pyowol with a smile on his face.

It was a natural step, like taking a night walk.

Pyo-wol looked at the elderly warrior in silence.

The elderly Mu-in naturally came into the gap of Pyo-wol.

It was a natural intrusion into the space dominated by Pyowol.

Invading at the interval of another master was possible only when there was an equal or superior force.

Currently, there are only two warriors equipped with armed forces capable of entering naturally into the gap of the moon.

One of them is Cheonmujangju Jang Cheonhwa.

And the other one…

“King of the Sword, you are the King of the Sword.”

“That is correct. I am Lee Chung.”

The elderly warrior nodded.

Pyowol felt the blood in his whole body getting colder.

The opponent was the best giant in the river.

He is the head of Gwangmumun, one of the two rivers in the world, and an absolute strongman who advances the world with the nickname Dowang.

He was an absolute warrior who might have superior martial arts comparable to that of Chang Chun-hwa.

An existence worthy of being called a living disaster was right in front of him.

“What is the king of the world doing in a remote place like this?”

“I came to see you.”


“Yes. You are the reason I came here. I won’t harm you or the Seventh Generation, so there’s no need to be so vigilant.”

“It’s not persuasive at all to say that on the subject of crossing the river and spreading prayers.”

Despite the sharp voice of the moon, Lee Cheong did not erase his smile.

“I was a bit overbearing because I wanted to know your skills.”

“So, did you know everything you wanted to know?”

“I know for sure. It’s more than I could have imagined. Your skills are…”

Pyowol frowned.

It was because the other person was not being sarcastic, but he was genuinely admiring him.

Such a reaction rather embarrassed Pyowol.

I would understand if he was hostile to himself, but he seemed to have a crush on him.

Lee Cheong laughed, as if he had read Pyowol’s inner thoughts.

“You don’t have to wonder. It’s because I’m happy to see a great junior martial artist appearing.”

At least there was no pretense in his expression and voice.

“You mean you came here simply to check my skills? to this distant place.”


“Looks like there’s nothing dirty to do.”

“I only have one thing to do. Everything else is left to the Sword Han or other people, so it’s right to be free.”

Despite Pyo-wol’s sarcastic remarks, Lee Cheong did not lose his composure.

“You mean that the lord of the world, Gwangmumun, only does one thing?”

“Yes. Believe it or not, I only do one thing.”

“What is it?”

“What do you think it is? I think you can guess enough?”


“The answer won’t be difficult if you know why Gwangmumun was built.”

“Jang… Cheonhwa. It is to keep Chang Chun-hwa in check.”

“That is correct. You are smart too.”

Li Qing made an expression of sincere admiration. However, Pyowol was not happy with any of his praises.

“If you do, are you saying that you are only doing things to keep Chang Tianhua in check and not paying attention to anything else? What happens to Gangho and what happens to the people?”


“Isn’t it dereliction of duty?”

“Could it be? But I really can’t afford it. Just stopping him is daunting.”

“Is there any reason why you alone are stopping him? Wouldn’t it be easier if you mobilized Gwangmumun?”

“If that happens, a true World War will begin. In the battle between the Gold Heaven and Silver Reunion, an incomparable hell road will unfold. I don’t want the world to be ruined like that.”

“So you’ve been blocking Chang Tianhua all this time?”

Li Qing did not immediately answer Pyo-wol’s question and moved on.

The place he was heading to was the end of the ceiling cliff.

In the place where the strong wind blew, Lee Chung looked at the world without shaking.

The world immersed in darkness was silent.

It was an atmosphere that would have been suffocated by the silence if not for the sea of stars that filled the sky.

Pyo-wol looked at Lee Chung without a word.

Lee Chung, who had been looking at the world for a while, opened his mouth.

“My father, Lee Gwak, was a hero who prevented the riots of the gods. But he himself did not consider himself a hero. I didn’t do anything unconventional enough to be called a hero, and I had no intention of doing so. But as I fought and fought to survive, I was able to stand in a position worthy of being called a hero by others. Rather, his mindset is closer to that of an ordinary petit bourgeois. So, despite having had the chance to kill him when he was young, he passed his check on to the next generation. It is I who inherited the duty of containment.”

Lee Cheong’s voice was full of respect for his father Lee Gwak.

The journey from starting as an ordinary soldier to becoming a great thief was harsh enough that ordinary people could not even imagine.

Like any other hero, Lee Kwak overcame all adversity and stood tall at the top of the strong.

He was a huge tree.

His influence has long dominated the entire river.

When Li Guo was in good health, Zhang Tianhua did not dare to show his ambition. It was only after Lee Kwak completely disappeared from Gangho that he revealed the ambition he had been holding back.

From then on, it was Li Qing’s job to keep Jiang Tianhua in check.

Pyowol asked.

“Is it because you have won so far that Zhang Chunhua and Chen Mujang have been quiet?”

“I fought seven times, won six times and lost only once.”

Every time he lost, Cheonhwa Chang chose to practice lunging.

Every time he came out of lung training, he got stronger.

It was truly a monstrous talent.

Li Qing also thought that he had great talent, but Zhang Chunhua’s talent was demonic.

During lung training, Cheonhwa Chang did not pay attention to Kang Ho.

Zhang Wu-geuk was the one who replaced such a Chang Chun-hwa.

Lee Cheong did not pay attention to the affairs of his children, as his father, Lee Gwak, did. He thought that the next generations should take care of themselves.

No, in fact, he couldn’t even care about anything else because he was so overwhelmed with dealing with Chang Chun-hwa.

Every time Jang Cheonhwa practiced lung training, he came out stronger than ever before.

In order not to lose to him, Lee Cheong also had to practice lung training.

That’s how I spent most of my life trying to keep Chang Chun-hwa in check.

Of course, I couldn’t pay attention to Gwangmumun or Lee Geomhan.

“I’ve been thinking about that for a while. At that time, I wondered what would have happened if my father had killed Jang Chun-hwa. If that was the case, I wonder

if my life would have changed a lot…”

“Are you stupid? Maybe. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been able to get involved with Ganghosa for a while.”

“Why are you telling me that story? I have nothing to do with you or Gwangmumun.”

“Shouldn’t it be because there is no one other than you who can talk about this?”

Lee Chung looked at the moon and smiled bitterly.

There were many people around him. He also had a son he could trust. But paradoxically, I couldn’t say that to them.

After staring at Lee Chung for a moment, Pyowol opened his mouth.

“You must be lonely.”

“Aren’t you feeling it already? The loneliness of a person standing alone at the top…”


“Whoops! Meeting you somehow makes me emotional. I didn’t come here to say these things.”

“So what do you really want to say?”

“I want to ask you to come back.”


“okay! As for what happens after that.”

Lee Cheong approached Pyo Wol.

Pyowol looked at Lee Chung without a word.

I saw a hidden expression of Lee Cheong that I had never seen before.

Yi Qing’s expression looked very desperate.

Maybe it was an illusion of the moon. However, Pyowol thought his hunch was correct.

“Do you think you will lose the fight against Zhang Chunhua?”

“You said you fought seven times, won six times and lost once, right? Losing once was the last fight. The more I fought, the stronger I got, and in the end, I surpassed myself. Still, at that time, I was able to stop his activities by inflicting quite a few wounds on him. But now… I don’t know.”

“So you’re asking me to do the next job? Keep in mind when you lose.”

“I don’t mind, but it is.”

Yi Qing replied honestly.

Pyowol thought it was unexpected.

Like himself, those who rise to a higher position in the stronghold never try to reveal their weaker parts.

This is because revealing one’s weakness in a strong game is like giving one’s own lifeline to someone else.

Lee Chung would not know that either.

Still, saying this was proof that Lee Chung was feeling a great sense of crisis.

The absolute warrior who crossed the river and opened the sword was not sure of the match and had the future in mind.

‘Is that how strong Chang Chun-hwa is?’

Suddenly, goose bumps ran up my forearms.

This is because Zhang Chun-hwa’s inaction was not measured.

Excitement overlaid with fear was dominating Pyowol.

Lee Chung looked at the Pyowol carefully and thought.

‘You’re young! Young enough to overcome fear. After all, my eyes are not wrong.’

It was never easy to honestly admit and accept your fears. Li Cheng knew very well that such people would truly reach a high level.

It was a strength he did not have.

Right now, he is weaker than himself, but eventually, at some point, he will become stronger.

Lee Chung asked.

“Is that still the case?”


“To think of yourself as an assassin.”

“That can never change. Because it is my identity.”

“I knew it.”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because I want to make a request to you.”


“Yes! It’s a formal request for the assassin Pyowol.”

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