Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 605

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 605

Episode 605 The

Seventh Generation moved at a fairly fast pace.

Twenty or so carts were loaded with precious objects from the West. There was no reason for the product to go bad like rice, but the longer the transportation period, the higher the possibility of damage to the product.

It had to arrive in Zhengzhou as soon as possible and put it in a secure warehouse.

Danju Yumu-gun of the Chilhyun Group personally checked the items on the cart from time to time.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the goods, Yoo and Gun started the company again.

Fortunately, the road to Jeongju is well paved. Thanks to this, the impact on the cart was minimal.

Yu-gun moved on horseback at the top of the upper ranks.

He was not only an excellent merchant, but also an excellent guide. When he was in the lead, the Chilhyun Team maintained a sense of stability.

A middle-aged soldier approached Yumu’s side.

It was Lee Su-hak, the closest aide to Yoo-gun.

Lee Soo-hak was still a soldier recognized by Gangho. In the Jeongju area, he boasted excellent swordsmanship to the extent that he was nicknamed Blood Star Sword (血星劍).

Lee Soo-hak looked at the back of the upper row and said.

“But can we keep them like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“No, I’m saying this because I want to be able to go by carriage comfortably like that, even though my name is a stamp.”

A look of dissatisfaction was evident on Lee Soo-hak’s face.

He was in the position that there would be no problem in transporting goods to Jeongju even if he did not hire Bo-pyo. So, I was dissatisfied with not trusting myself and hiring Bo Pyo separately.

Yoo Yu-kun glanced at Lee Soo-hak and said.

“They deserve to be treated like that.”

“Sweet Lord!”

“These are the people guaranteed by Haewonjang.”

“But what will other people think if you receive such excessive preferential treatment?”

“Who are the others?”

“The soldiers of the upper ranks.”

“Are they dissatisfied?”

“That means it could be.”

Yoo Soo-Hak’s answer gave a slight impression.

The warriors brought in now did not belong to the Ho Sangdan operated by the Chilhyun Group. They were soldiers recruited by Lee Soo-hak through personal acquaintance.

Lee Soo-hak guaranteed their identities, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of embarrassment. That’s why I didn’t even discuss with Lee Su-Hak and asked for a separate ticket.

Isuhak and the soldiers were dissatisfied with that.

They think they can hire Bo-pyo, but at least they should have discussed it with them.

Yuu-kun said firmly.

“If there are people dissatisfied with my decision, I will terminate the contract as soon as I return to Jeongju.”


“Do you think there are still people who are dissatisfied?”

“I think my thoughts were short. There can be no dissatisfied people.”

Lee Soo-Hak quietly rolled his tail and stepped back.

Yoo-gun glared at such a mathematician.

‘If only I had brought the upper deck, I wouldn’t have dared to say such a thing to me.’

The company had no choice but to send it there because there was another problem with the Chilhyun Group.

As a second-best solution, he brought in arithmetic science and martial arts, but there was a tendency to play on his head from time to time like this.


Yuu-kun, who clenched his tongue, drove the horse again.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-hak, who was separated from Yu-gun, approached the soldiers.

Seven warriors welcomed Lee Soo-hak.

“How was it?”

“Are you going to let them down?”

Lee Soo-hak shook his head at the soldiers’ words.

“no! They said they would terminate the contract with you if you keep complaining.”


“No, it’s thanks to whoever made it here safely.”

The unmanned people expressed their dissatisfaction.

They glared at Yoo Yu-gun’s back with lively eyes.

One of them said to Lee Soo-hak in a coy voice.

“older brother!”


“Shall we do that?”


“yes! Are you just going to do it tonight?”


Lee Soo-hak let out a quiet voice at Mu-in’s words.

As he seemed to be thinking for a while, another soldier came to his aid.

“older brother! What is there to worry about? Didn’t this make it difficult to separate the top of the arc?”

“you’re right. There is no reason to hesitate any longer. All of us could live in luxury for the rest of our lives just by selling the goods from the cart.”

“Are you going to just throw it away?”

Not just one or two, but all seven of them fanned this math.

After thinking about it for a while, Soo-Hak Lee made a decision.

“We can’t do it alone.”


“Newly hired staff. Not normal guys. If they’re much stronger than us, there’s a high chance our endeavor will end in failure.”

So Su-Hak Lee tried to pull him out of the carriage.

To personally look at the newly hired staff and judge the extent of their inaction. However, his attempt failed due to the opposition of Yumugun.

Then one of the drones cautiously offered an opinion.

“How about this? If you go a hundred li further, you will come to a canyon, and there is a living plant there.”

“If it’s wild vegetables, are they green?”

“yes! My younger brother is staying there, and if you ask him, he will be able to mobilize the living things.”

“Are you trying to join hands with the green people now?”



“Anyway, if we go through the ancestral rites, we won’t be able to walk around with our heads held high. No one will treat us as human beings for betraying our employers. In that case, it would be better to make sure things are handled.”

“Can you believe that your brother is alive?”

“Don’t worry about that. I can handle it just fine.”

“good night!”

Lee Soo-hak made a decision.

For this purpose from the beginning, he joined the Seventh Stage.

In the meantime, I couldn’t do anything because I was paying attention to the Ho Sangdan, but they are not here now.

It was because he and the warriors worked behind the scenes and sent them to other places. It was all for today.

If I miss this opportunity now, I don’t know when this golden opportunity will come again.

I was worried about the Pyoyo hired by Yoo-gun, but it was already a sign.

As long as he rode on the tiger’s back, he had to go to the end even if he died.

“F*ck! what is life We will go all the way.”

Lee Soo-hak muttered as he looked at the carriage Pyo-wol and his party were riding in.


The Seventh Stage entered the canyon.

Yumugun told people.

“A stone or a rock may fall, so everyone be careful.”


“All right.”

Merchants and workers responded vigorously.

The most dangerous thing in such a canyon was the rocks and mud that rolled down without warning.

That made me more nervous than usual.

It was when the Chilhyeondan had passed halfway through the canyon amidst the tension of the people.


“Kill them all and take them away.”

Suddenly, bandits appeared from both sides of the canyon and charged.

Yu-gun and the merchants were startled and confused. Then Yoo Yoo-gun and Lee Soo-hak’s eyes met.

“What are you doing? Come on, don’t stop them.”


Lee Soo-hak raised a phoneme to Yoo Yoo-gun’s chaeun.

For a moment, I felt an ominous feeling.

“Could you?”


Instead of answering, Lee Soo-hak gave an order to the soldiers.



The soldiers answered and attacked the workers and merchants of the Chilhyeondan. Merchants and workers who did not expect their attack fell screaming.


“Buy and save me!”

Outside, thieves attacked, and inside, Isuwa and warriors wrestled with swords.

Due to domestic and foreign exchanges, the Chilhyeondan collapsed in an instant.

Yoo-gun looked at Lee Soo-hak with an expression of disbelief.

“How can you do this?”

“How nice would it be if you listened to me like that? Hehe!”

Lee Soo-hak raised a phoneme and approached Yoo-gun.

Blood dripped from the sword in his hand.



A series of screams came from behind.

As a result, Lee Soo-hak’s phoneme deepened.

“Did you come to the Seventh Stage for this purpose from the beginning?”

“Whoops! don’t blame me Blame it on your eyes for not being able to see people.”


“Anyway, all the things brought in from the West Station will be mine. By the way, the staffs you hired don’t seem to be of much help. Why don’t you go out to this point? Hehe!”

Probably, by now, all of the treasures in the wagon would have been killed.

It was because he had firmly told the Green Foresters to take care of the wagon with the Bo-pyo riding on it first.

Lee Soo-hak raised his sword and aimed it at his employer.

“I’ll kill you at once, without pain. That’s my last consideration for my employer though.”

It was when Lee Soo-hak smiled.


Suddenly, I heard someone’s strange scream behind me.

Soo-Hak Lee turned his head involuntarily, feeling an ominous feeling.

In an instant, Lee Soo-hak’s eyes widened.

Because it was an unbelievable sight.

“Greuk! Tongue Brother!”

One of the warriors following him had his throat cut and was regurgitating bloody foam. Behind such an unmanned man was a boy of about ten years old.

Blood was dripping from the sword in the boy’s hand.

Under the circumstances, it was clear that the boy had cut an unmanned man.


After staggering for a moment, the warrior fell to the floor. And never moved again.

It was clear that it was desperate.

Numerous corpses were visible behind the boy’s back.

The problem is that the dead are not merchants or workers of the Seventh Stage.

It was the Nokrim Islands that he attacked with his younger brothers.

‘oh my god! So, does that mean that those screams were uttered by people other than the Chilhyeondan?’

Goosebumps ran up my spine.

The damage to the Seventh Stage was not that great.

Only the merchants and workers who were attacked first suffered minor injuries, but the rest were fine.

Four people were already surrounding the Seventh Stage.

It was Pyowol and his companions.

The moment the green roads attacked, they spurned the wagon and came out to protect the Chilhyeondan.

Their actions were like a flash of lightning, and Lee Soo-hak did not recognize them.

Hong Yu-shin patted his shoulder and grumbled.

“Ouch! it’s deceit The wall must have come because it suddenly moved violently.”

At his feet, a dozen or so people were lying around.

There were numerous dead or injured Nokrimdo near Hong Ye-seol and Pyo-wol.

Soma opened her mouth with her long sword drawn.


“Huh huh?”

“You know what I hate the most?”

“How do I do that?”

“You’re betraying right away. The world is in chaos because people like Hyung-ah are stabbing people who are living well. I think so, but what do you think?”

“That’s it…”

“You don’t have to answer hyung! Brother, I don’t want to hear the answer anyway. I’m sure you’ll find an excuse.”

“I was wrong. I will never betray you again, so please spare my life.”

Lee Soo-hak threw away his sword and apologized.

With only four people, he overpowered all the green islands in that short time and killed his younger siblings.

It’s not something that Lee Math can handle.

‘Why do these things look like shit?’

If I had known that the people riding in the wagon would be so terrifying, I would never have attempted plunder.

Soma stood in front of Lee Soo-hak.

“Brother! I never trust people like my brother. If you try to save him, he’ll only hit you in the back of the head again.”

“I will never do anything like that. So live. Because I will leave Jeongju and never see you again.”

In an instant, Soma swung his sword.


Lee Soo-Hak, whose head was cut off, died as it was.

Soma looked down at his head and said.

“Brother! Didn’t I tell you? I never believe people like you.”

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