Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 604

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 604

Episode 604

Haemun quickly regained its original form.

Everything that had collapsed was rebuilt, as if to prove the popular belief that there is nothing that cannot be achieved with gold.

Streets have been restored to their original appearance, and mansions that have been burned or collapsed have been rebuilt.

It was not possible to bring the dead back to life, but in any case, the appearance was restored to its former appearance.

It was thanks to the huge amount of money that was released at Haewonjang.

As soon as Haemun regained some stability, many ships came in again.

Numerous ships waited at the dock to unload goods, and merchants flocked to buy goods. However, he couldn’t save the workers, so he only rolled his feet.

In response, Haewonjang directly hired the workers of the collapsed Jeokgeonhoe and went out to support.

“The goods off this ship are sent to the first warehouse.”

“Send this to the third warehouse.”

A middle-aged writer who was originally a middle manager of Jeokgeonhoe skillfully arranged workers and assigned a warehouse to store goods.

The middle-aged writer truly demonstrated the ability of one per hundred.

Thanks to that, merchants were able to breathe.

The old man with a thick beard couldn’t help but admire the middle-aged writer.

“What a man. I wish I could recruit someone like that.”

His name is Yumugun.

He was the owner of the Chilhyeon Group, which had enemies in Henan.

Today was the day the ship operated by the Chilhyun Foundation entered Haemun. Yu-gun was such a passionate person that he took a boat and pioneered a route to the West when he was young.

Thanks to the hardships of his youth, he secured a stable source of supply in the West Station and operated a regular ship.

When I heard the news of the disaster at Haimen, I was very worried. I couldn’t sleep properly because I was worried about whether I would be able to unload normally or secure the safety of the ship. However, the situation of security and the supply and demand of workers in Haimen was unexpectedly good.

All of that was thanks to Haewonjang and the middle-aged writer who gave instructions in the middle.

Although middle-aged writers were not highly regarded in the Jeokgeonhoe, they were displaying their abilities to the fullest as soon as they belonged to Haewonjang.

His ability was so outstanding that Yu-gun thought he wanted to recruit him. However, he did not know what kind of disadvantage he would face if he recklessly took out a person who was moderately employed at the Haewonjang. So I had to be patient.

In the meantime, it was time to unload the ship of the Seventh Generation.

A middle-aged writer assigned workers.

“Send the goods off this ship to the seventh warehouse. Check it out there and give it to the Seventh Generation.”


The workers jumped onto the boat with the answer.

After a while, the workers unloaded the cargo they had brought in from the West Station.

The merchants of the Seventh Stage looked at them with wide-eyed eyes to see if their luggage was being unloaded properly.

In the meantime, Yoo Yu-gun cautiously approached the middle-aged writer.

“Hello. Let’s say that the child is the soldier of the Chilhyeondan.”

“ah! You are the Lord of the Seven Stars. The lower person is said to be Haewonjang, Gampyeong-hyeon.”

“You must have felt great.”

“Just call me the housekeeper, please.”

“All right. Persimmon Lord! Can I ask you one favor?”


“We were in a hurry to come to Haimen, so we couldn’t form a proper team.”


Gampyeonghyeon sighed.

All the goods brought in from the West Station were rare items that were difficult to obtain. To transport these treasures to distant places, they had to be escorted by warriors.

Originally, the Chilhyun Foundation also had its own Ho Sangdan. But due to unavoidable circumstances, I couldn’t bring them.

It seemed that the goods brought from the West Station could somehow be carried. The problem was unmanned people to protect things.

“So, can you recommend some reliable unmanned soldiers?”

“Are you talking about soldiers who will replace the Ho Sangdan?”



Gampyeonghyeon was lost in thought for a moment.

It was not uncommon for merchants entering Haimen to make such a request.

In trade ports such as Haemun, there were ronin or warriors to escort the upper ranks. So, it was not difficult to grant this request.

However, the case was different this time.

This is because many unmanned people were swept away through a series of incidents.

All the halfway ronin escaped, and all the warriors who were at the level died.

It was not easy to supply and supply proper unmanned people.

“ah! You can do that.”

Gampyeonghyeon suddenly clapped his hands and shouted.

Yoo-gun asked with a smile.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“There are people who are heading towards Hanam. I think you should go with them.”

“Are their martial arts strong?”

“It’s not just strong. With them, there would be no risk at all.”

“Are there such people? How much would I have to pay to hire them?”

“I don’t think I can be sure. I will ask them directly.”

“Then please.”

“Wait in the warehouse of the Chilhyun Foundation. If things go well, I will send them to the warehouse.”

“Could you please tell me who they are?”

“That is troublesome. Even if it makes sense to accompany them, don’t ask.”

“All right.”

At this point, Yuu-kun couldn’t help but notice.

It means that the people Gampyeonghyeon says are really great martial artists.

‘Who are they?’


The seventh warehouse was huge.

This warehouse was used jointly by several guilds as well as the Chilhyeondan.

Fortunately, only items from the Chilhyeon Foundation came in today, so the warehouse was quiet.

The people of the Chilhyun Foundation waited for news from Gampyeong-hyeon while loading the goods from the boat onto the cart.

“Could it be that the story didn’t go well?”

If so, it would have had to rescue the unmanned people on its own. However, it was not easy to find a proper unmanned person.

An unidentified unmanned person could turn into a bandit during transportation.

It was a time when Yumu’s anxiety was gradually amplified.

Four people appeared in front of the seventh warehouse.

It consisted of two adult men, a young boy, and a woman whose face was covered with a cotton thread.

The moment he saw them, Yoo-gun felt the blood in his whole body go cold. Instinctively, they realized that they were not ordinary military men.

Those who appeared in the seventh warehouse were Pyowol, Hong Ye-seol, Soma, and Hong Yu-shin.

Pyowol slightly changed his face with a reverse bone ball to hide his identity. But, like a seasoned merchant, Yuu saw through that Pyowol was the core of this group.

He spoke cautiously to Pyowol and the others.

“Are these the people the head of the family recommended?”

“That’s right.”

It was Hong Yu-shin who answered.

Hong Yoo-shin smiled kindly and approached Yoo-gun.

“I was on my way to Henan on business, but just in time, a request from the Chilhyeon Group came in. What is it? Isn’t this a relationship? Don’t worry, we will escort you safely to Henan.”

“Ah yes!”

“Anything will be resolved between me and that guy.”

The person Hong Yu-shin pointed to was Soma.

Seeing Souma, who looked only about ten years old, Yuu-kun remained silent for a moment.

I couldn’t believe that such a young boy could have such inaction. However, the moment he saw the boy’s eyes, Yoo-gun changed his mind.

It was because the moment I saw Soma’s eyes, I felt a chill.

Soma’s eyes were so frightening that the goose bumps on his forearms wouldn’t subside easily.

Before coming to Haimen, Soma looked only six or seven years old. However, in just a few days, he grew taller and now looked like he was about 10 years old.

Time, which had stopped for him, began to flow again.

It was a miracle that happened because Ilbo Jinin removed the side effects of Dafa.

Seeing the miracle that had happened to her, Soma cried for a long time. I cried even more sadly at the thought of Jin-in.

If it had not been for the Ilgeom Jinin, this miracle would never have happened.

Soma vowed to avenge the one sword, Jinin. Maybe that’s why there was a subtle life flowing in his eyes.

Yuu-kun also had thick bones in Gangho, so he had a thick stomach, and he shrank just by looking at Soma’s eyes.

Yu-gun said to Hong Yu-shin cautiously.

“I will give you a wagon for your party.”

“It doesn’t matter if I just walk.”

“no. I am escorted by great people, so I have to give this much.”

“thank you. Instead, we will make it safely to Henan. haha!”

Hong Yushin smiled broadly.

It was a long road of more than a thousand li to the destination.

It was nice to be able to travel such a long distance in a comfortable carriage.

Hong Yu-shin quickly climbed into the driver’s seat. Soma sat beside him, and Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol sat inside.

As soon as they were all seated, the Chilhyun Team departed.

Yuu-gun shouted.

“Hurry up. We should arrive at Zhengzhou in Henan Province within ten days at the latest.”

Zhengzhou was a large city close to Songshan, where Shaolin Temple was located.

The base of the Chilhyun Group was right in Jeongju.

That’s why Pyowol accepted the request of the Chilhyun Foundation.

Pyowol opened the window and looked outside.

I saw three people standing in the distance.

Yul A-yeon, Salno, and Tar.

Yul Ah-yeon looked at Pyo-wol with deep eyes, and Salno expressed regret that he couldn’t go with them.

It was an inevitable choice for Pyowol.

Taking Salno, who was not in good health, could delay the journey. Above all, a trustworthy person had to manage the assassins of the Black Territory.

It was something only Salno could do.

So, Pyo-wol had to leave Salno at Hae-mun.

Salno bowed his head to Pyowol while on crutches.

Pyo-wol also nodded slightly and closed the carriage window.


When the window closed, Hong Ye-seol opened his mouth.

“I’m glad though. There was an upper section heading towards Jeongju. It’s good that you asked Yul Sojeo.”

It was Hong Ye-seol’s idea that he wanted to find a guild heading to Henan.

Pyowol was already a big player in Gangho.

In a situation where many people were paying attention to him, if he moved with his real face, he had no choice but to be noticed immediately.

The best way was to blend in with the procession of the representative group or the headquarters of Henam, like the Chilhyeondan.

Pyowol asked.

“What is your estimated time of arrival?”

“Anyway, it will take a little longer because there are a large number of people moving. Wouldn’t it take at least a fortnight?”

“It’s 15 days…”

“That much is the minimum calculation. If you get caught up in an unexpected event, it may take longer.”

“I guess so.”

Pyowol shook his head.

As the river was wide, it was impossible to predict when an incident would break out.

Looking back, Pyo-wol always encountered unexpected accidents on the way to Kang-ho.

I didn’t even know that incidents and accidents were happening because of the existence of Pyowol.

Pyo-wol hoped that this would not happen this time.

Hong Ye-seol said.

“Heukgye will be well maintained by Salno, so all we have to do is pay attention to our next steps.”


“By the way, what was Zhang Chunhua thinking of doing this?”

“Originally, when you have power, what you want to write is a person’s heart.”

“Even though you’ve already achieved everything?”

“There is Gwangmumun.”


“One river in the world is better than two rivers in the world.”

“You mean all of this was aimed at Gwangmumun?”

“I think so.”


Hong Ye-seol let out a quiet voice.

This is because Pyowol’s words made sense.

It was then that I suddenly had a strange thought.

“But why is Gwangmumun so quiet?”

Along with Cheonmujang, it was Gwangmumun, which is called the River of Heaven.

He must have been closely watching the movements of the Cheonmujang.

It was strange that such people did not respond to Chang Chun-hwa’s movements.

The only person active in Gangho was Lee Geom-han, the owner of Somun, and the others were stuck in Gwangmumun and did not show any movement.

“Am I just sitting by the sidelines?

“Maybe it’s both.”

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