Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 602

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 602

Episode 602

Shamans and Yongcheongok have an idea of both sides.

Both factions suffered heavy damage and suffered numerous casualties.

The one that suffered more damage was Yongcheongok, which had come on an expedition.

It was a fight that took place in the territory of the shaman group, not his own territory. Of course, no support could be expected.

The longer the fight, the more disadvantageous Yongcheongok was. Nevertheless, the warriors of Yongcheon Valley fought against the shamans without retreating an inch.

Both Yongcheongok and the shamans had no intention of backing down, so they did their best. As a result, a huge number of victims came out.

More than a thousand people on both sides were killed or injured.

It was truly unprecedented damage.

It was the first time that both factions suffered such great damage in a hundred years.

The warriors of Yongcheongok rushed without hesitation to avenge the enemy of Yonggeomsan, the owner of the grain. However, he could not overcome the disadvantages of the expedition.

In the end, they had to retreat without finally crossing the wall of shamanism.

They managed to drive Yongcheongok away, but the shamans also suffered great damage. In particular, the great disciples of Il-i made great sacrifices.

Of course, the spirit of the shaman faction was greatly damaged by the sacrifices of the disciples who were to lead the future.

Fortunately, the Three Great Disciples and Dodongs were able to avoid sacrifice because they were left behind in the shaman faction. However, it was inevitable that it would take a considerable amount of time for their work to fill the vacancy of the great disciples.

In the end, the fight ended with heavy damage to each other.

Both factions suffered greatly, and it took decades to restore their original vigor.

The warriors of Yongcheongok collected the bodies and wounded soldiers and returned to Yunnan Province, while the shamans locked the prose.

It was a choice I had to make because the damage was so great that I couldn’t do outside activities.

In this way, the two Munpas, who played a large part in Gangho, completely stopped their outside activities.

This wonderful news soon spread throughout the river.

Kang-ho, who was confused by the Haemun incident, was thrown into even greater confusion by the news.

People talked about the arrival of a dark age that could not see the future.

In fact, it was.

The two munpas had the greatest influence and power in the northern and western regions of Gangho. As the two factions sealed the gates at the same time, thieves were rampant in the area.

The balance of power has completely collapsed.

So Kang-ho was entering the worst dark period ever.

“Amitabha! Amitabha!”

Master Unji, head of Shaolin Temple, was sitting in front of a Buddha statue and rolling a rosary.

Even though I had already read through the Buddhist scriptures, my mind could not easily find peace.

“Why is my heart so anxious? Amitabha! Amitabha!”

It was then.


A young monk’s voice was heard outside.

“What’s going on?”

“You should come out now and see.”

“What is it?”

“Jigyeong Sasuk has returned.”

“How far is it?”

A puzzled expression appeared on Ambassador Unji’s face.

Ji-kyung is a former disciple of Shaolin Temple, and he belonged to the Mediation Foundation sent to the shaman faction this time.

“Did you return alone?”

“That’s right.”


Ambassador Unji hurriedly got up from his seat and came out.

Because I felt a bit ominous.

I saw many monks gathered in front of Daeungjeon.

“Chief executioner!”


The monks of Shaolin Temple recognized Master Unji and bowed their heads.

“Where is the border?”

“Here it is.”

Noseung replied.

In his arms was a young monk covered in blood. It was to the point where it was sent to the arbitration foundation.

Ji-kyung passed out and was breathing heavily.

Ambassador Unji asked the old monk who was holding him.

“What happened?”

“Wait a minute. First aid was given, and he will come to his senses soon.”

The old monk who answered was Master Unhae, a priest of Master Unji and a member of the Shaolin First Academy and a doctor.

He hurriedly administered the elixir to Ji-kyung, who had returned to death, and waited for the effect to spread.


After a while, Ji-kyung came to his senses.

Ambassador Unji asked him urgently.

“Are you okay? border.”

“Bar manager.”

“okay! grow. What happened? What about the others?”

“Huh! They are all dead.”


“yes! Everyone is dead except me.”


Ambassador Unji lost his words at such shocking words.

Ji-gyeong continued.

“All of this was the conspiracy of Cheonmujangju Jang Cheonhwa.”

“What is it?”

“He was the one who conspired to have Yongcheongok and the shamans collide, and he was the one who killed the transport crew and the crew.”

“Is that true? Aren’t you wrong?”

“I am speaking only of what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears.”

“Amitabha! oh my god!”

“I wouldn’t have been able to return alive if it wasn’t for Wen’s help. I risk my life and there is no lie in what I say.”


Ambassador Unji let out a quiet voice.

It was such a shocking fact that I would never have believed it if anyone else had told it.

He knew very well that Ji-kyung was not a person who would ever lie. Even if a knife was inserted into his throat, he was the only one who spoke the right words.

Master Unji said to Master Unhae, the priest.

“Come on, take Ji-kyung to his room and treat him.”

“Okay, death penalty!”

Ambassador Unhae answered right away.

Ambassador Unji looked back at the elders and said.

“Gather everyone in my room.”

“yes! execution.”

“All right.”

The elders followed the lines of Unji with answers.

The faces of Master Unji and the elders who were walking were full of worry.

Ambassador Unji muttered.

‘It’s really me. What shall I do with this?’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with an answer.

If, as Ji-kyung said, Cheonmujang Jang Cheon-hwa conspired, Shaolin Temple’s strength alone could not handle it.

‘I need help.’

Ambassador Unji hurriedly gave an order to one of the elders.

“Immediately put a pipe in Gwangmumun and inquire about Pyo Daehyeop.”

“Pyo… If it was Daehyeop, would you buy it?”

“Yes. Why is there a problem?”

“But he’s just an assassin…”

“How long will he be indulging in delusions and obstinacy? What if it’s an assassin and what if it’s not? Now we are not in a position to cover things up.”

“Sorry Death penalty! We’ll find out soon.”

The elder who had expressed his opinion hastily apologized.

Ambassador Unji closed his eyes and thought.

‘Can we overcome this predicament with these complacent people?’

It had been peaceful for so long that the monks of Shaolin Temple were not wild.

Ambassador Unji needed a martial artist with sharp senses and wildness.


‘These crazy b*stards!’

Sogyeoksan muttered as he looked at the people gathered in the Sea Dragon Room.

Inside the Sea Dragon Room, assassins following Pyowol were lined up everywhere. They said they belonged to the black world.

I didn’t even know that the assassins all over the world would follow Pyo-Yue, much less expected that they would be so sincere and devoted to Pyo-Yue.

‘It’s a group that all the assassins of Gangho belong to.’

Being an assassin himself, he knew their attributes all too well.

How insidious the assassins were and how selfish they were. And what a strong anti-bone temperament they had.

Even the young assassins who were raised in an underground cavity by the Blood Spirit group split sides and confronted each other.

If that were the case with young assassins, it was almost impossible for adult assassins with established egos to swear absolute loyalty to someone.

He thought it absolutely impossible to see such a sight, at least while he was still alive.

But then it happened.

Sogyeoksan was something I thought would be absolutely impossible.

All the assassins in the Sea Dragon Room had their own established positions in the assassin world. He was a ruler with a few to dozens of subordinates.

All of them showed absolute loyalty to Pyowol.

Sogyeoksan Mountain was a foreign scene that I had never dared to imagine.

It was so foreign that he wondered if it was the world of assassins he knew.

‘Is this really possible?’

I saw it with my own eyes, so there was no way I wouldn’t believe it.

Sogyeoksan shook his head in the feeling that his common sense was being denied.

If someone other than Pyowol had done this, he would not have believed it.

‘You’re really crazy. To think I was going against a guy like this.’

Pyowol was a much bigger man than he vaguely thought.

Around him, the sand-like assassins were uniting as one, and they called themselves the Black Territory.

The power of the united black world was processed into thread.

They showed off their mighty insolence against the ghost fleet and the warriors of the martial arts who had invaded the sea gate.

Dozens of assassins flocked to kill, and no one dared to stop them.

Night was the time they ruled.

Pyo-wol, who had allied the assassins, was the undisputed ruler of the night.

Sogyeoksan now clearly recognized that fact.

‘Now he’s gone up beyond my reach.’

However, there was no feeling of envy.

Pyowol was the one who saved him from losing everything and being imprisoned in the prison of fire. If he was jealous of such a mark, he wasn’t even human.

No matter how much an assassin was, he had to do the minimum.

Sogyeoksan went straight to Pyowol’s residence.

All the way to his residence, he could feel the eyes of the assassins.

No one gave a separate order, but the assassins took care of themselves and guarded the place of Pyowol.

It was an excellent stealth technique that would not be noticed unless it was an assassin who reached the level of Sogyeoksan.

If other people other than Sogyeoksan approached it without their permission, they would have been killed without the knowledge of the ghost.

‘He who is the god of death really has become the god of death.’

Sogyeoksan thought so and knocked on Pyowol’s door.

“I’m a minor mountain.”

“come in!”

Sogyeoksan opened the door and went inside. Then he saw Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol sitting across the table.

A steaming teacup was placed on the table.

Pyowol said to Sogyeoksan.


“Give me a drink.”

Pyo-wol nodded and took out an empty glass and poured us some tea.

The fragrant smell of tea made Sogyeoksan feel its mind clear.


“The room in the sea dragon ark is full of rare tea.”

“You must have surprisingly high taste?”

“Thanks to you, I am getting stronger.”

“okay! I got out How can we, who endured by eating insects in an underground cavity, drink such luxurious tea?”

At Sogyeoksan’s words, Pyowol smiled.

Because it reminds me of things from the past.

In order to survive, they ate unknown moss and ate insects. After spending so many years of perseverance, he saw the light and struggled countless times to come this far.

Looking back, it was a miracle that he was still alive.


At that time, Guia crawled out of Pyowol’s arms.

It’s been a long time since I woke up and resumed my activities.

In the meantime, the small horns on Guia’s head grew more, and the scales were even redder.

The scales glowed red like burning jewels.



Sogyeoksan and Hong Ye-seol burst into exclamations at the same time.

Both of them had seen Guia before, but Guia had become much more beautiful than then.

Now, it seemed that even a mysterious spirit was felt.


Gwi-a did not pay attention to the gaze of the two people and played by spinning between Pyo-wol’s fingers.

It was as if he was communicating with Pyowol.

Pyo-wol also looked at Gwi-ah with a smile on his lips.

Hong Ye-seol frowned slightly as he saw that.

‘I never thought I would become jealous of snakes.’

It was when Hong Ye-seol was grumbling inwardly.


An assassin called Pyowol outside.

Hong Ye-seol was the one who answered.

“What is it?”

“A visitor came from Haomen.”


“My name is Hong Youxin, the chief inspector of Haomen.”

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