Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 601

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 601

Episode 601


An old monk with a strong impression looked at a large mountain in the distance.

Wudang Mountain is a famous mountain that gives off magical energy at a glance.

Noseung’s victory was transportation.

He was an elder of Shaolin Temple and a monk called the first Shaolin.

As a priest of Unji, the master of Shaolin Temple, he was dispatched to stop the fight between the shamans and Yongcheongok.

Dozens of disciples followed behind him.

Everyone had a spleen expression because they knew the seriousness of the matter.

The Shaolin Temple knew that a great disaster would befall the river if the conflict between Yongcheon Valley and the shaman faction could not be prevented. That’s why they dispatched a transport called the First Circle of Shaolin.

“Amitabha! Amitabha! Please don’t be late.”

Hearing the news of the clash between the two factions, he hurriedly packed up his crew and set off, but the distance was so far that he was able to arrive only now.

Transportation said to the disciples.

“Everyone, give me a little more strength. Now Wudang Mountain is right in front of you.”


The disciples of Shaolin Temple answered in unison.

All of them were monks who possessed outstanding military strength among the great disciples of Shaolin Temple.

Their hearts were as urgent as transportation.

Although it is said that there is little traffic due to the distance, the shaman faction and the Shaolin Temple have been close since before.

This is because both factions had a history of more than a thousand years and had many experiences of working hand in hand against foreign threats.

They saw each other as rivals, but at the same time as partners to be had.


At that time, the transport that was walking in the lead suddenly stopped with a puzzled expression.

“Is there a problem?”

The first disciple in the back looked at the transportation with a puzzled expression. However, Transportation instead of answering looked at the front with a frown between his brows.

Where his gaze was directed, there was an elderly man sitting on a rock.

The moment he saw the elderly man, he felt the blood in his whole body go cold.

It was because it felt like seeing a well-forged sword.

It was not an ordinary sword, but a rare sword.

Just looking at it made me feel like my whole body was going to be hacked to pieces.

Transportation said hello with a class president.

“Amitabha! The small monk is said to be the transportation of Shaolin Temple. Who are you, and are you blocking the road like this?”

“As expected, Shaolin sent you.”

“Do you know the small monk?”

“How can you not know the first book of Shaolin?”

“You know the small monk, but the small monk doesn’t know you, so it’s really unfair.”

“ah! I guess you don’t recognize me because I look different than before. I am Jang Cheonhwa.”

“Are you saying that you are Lord Cheonmujang?”


“That figure… is it possible that he was in a half-roofed state?”

“I was lucky.”


In response to Jang Chun-hwa’s answer, Song-song unknowingly squeezed the captain.

The impact of the word banrohwandong is that great.

The state of being young again by going backwards in time.

It was a legendary state that all warriors wished for even in their dreams.

The transportation also wanted a half-way transfer, but it was only a long way off.

If anyone else had said this, I wouldn’t have believed it. However, transportation thought that the opponent in front of him would be the real Zhang Tianhua.

It was because the momentum and atmosphere felt in his whole body overwhelmed him.

There were only two men in the world who could radiate the momentum to overwhelm him.

It was Jang Chun-hwa and Lee Chung.

It was a transportation that was fearless in the world and even arrogant, but at least these two people acknowledged it and made a concession.

“Amitabha! I don’t think it was a coincidence that I met Jang Dae-hyeop here. Is that correct?”

“Right. I have been waiting for you.”


“Why do you think it is?”

“Amitabha! It’s called the good, the good, the bad…”

“It’s a truth that will never exist again.”

Zhang Tianhua smiled and stood up from the rock.

In an instant, transportation and Shaolin Temple disciples took a step back.

The momentum emitted by Chang Chun-hwa pushed them away.

The gaze of transport has changed.

“Amitabha! Could it be that the reason Jang Daehyeop is doing this is related to the shaman group or Yongcheongok?”

“Both are related.”

“Is it possible that the reason they collided was because of Jang Da-hyeop?”

“Contrary to what you see, you have a pretty clever brain.”

A smile crept across Jiang Chen’s lips.

On the contrary, the face of transportation was drawn.

It was an involuntary thought.

I thought it was ridiculous, but I didn’t expect that Jang Cheon-hwa would answer so readily.

Transportation ordered the disciples.

“All great disciples listen to the captain.”


“Lee’s disciples, escape this place right now and return to Shaolin. You must inform the manager. That the main culprit of the world upheaval is Jang Chun-hwa.”


With the answer, the two disciples flew out like locusts in all directions.

There was also a way to stay and fight to the death. However, all the disciples of this generation chose to run away.

It wasn’t because he was cowardly, and it wasn’t because his life was precious.

Above all else, he chose to run away because he knew that it was important to convey Zhang Chunhua’s conspiracy to the Shaolin Temple.

At least one person had to live to tell the Shaolin Temple about this incredible fact.

That’s why they spread light air while shedding bunru.

Zhang Chunhua did not take any action even when he saw the disciples of Yi Dae fleeing.

Even if he doesn’t do anything, not a single one of them will make it to Shaolin Temple alive.

This is because the area is already occupied by those who follow him.

Zhang Chunhwa said to Transport.

“I don’t have time. Let’s finish quickly.”

“It won’t go the way Jang Dae-hyeop wants.”

“I’ve wanted to see Shaolin’s martial arts for a long time.”

“You will never be disappointed.”

“I hope so.”

Transportation’s eyes trembled at the sight of Zhang Chunhua’s arrogance.

Jang Chun-hwa was an absolute master.

Transportation is called the first realm of Shaolin, but compared to that, there were many inferiorities.

I didn’t have the confidence to handle him in a head-to-head confrontation.

“Unfold the Eighteen Arhats.”


A group of disciples surrounded Jang Cheon-hwa and aimed their sticks at the captain.

It was the unfolding of the Eighteen Arhats, one of Shaolin Temple’s most powerful temples.

Shaolin Temple had desperate measures to prepare for the incursion of an unmanageable enemy.

The most famous among them was Baekpal Nahanjin.

This ecstasy performed by 108 Arhats boasted absolute power.

It was known that it was impossible for any absolute master to destroy the 100 Eight Arhats. However, it could only be unfolded after a hundred and eight monks had to be mobilized and they had to coordinate their hands and feet for a long time.

Because of that, it was not easy to demonstrate its true power. So, the 18 Arhats was made to replace the 108 Arhats.

It was the Eighteen Arhats that was evaluated as having reached the highest peak with the method of fighting against one person.

Originally, one great disciple had to be the main axis. However, transportation abandoned its pride and chose to become the main axis of the Eighteen Arhats.

Chow ha ha!

Transportation and Buddhist monks rotated at high speed with Chang Tianhua at the center.

The faster they rotated, the more pressure Zhang Tianhua felt.

When the pressure is at its peak, a full-scale offensive will begin.

Chang Chun-hwa said as she pulled out the sword she was wearing at her waist.




At that moment, the Eighteen Arhats unfolded.



With screams, one of the two great disciples of Shaolin Temple lost his life. The people who killed him were the soldiers of the Jeokmyeodae (寂滅隊), the bodyguard of Jang Cheonhwa.

The leader of the Jeokdeokdae was the Jeokhon.

They systematically hunted the two disciples of Shaolin Temple who were fleeing.

Three or four monks of Shaolin Temple attacked each one, so there was no way to defeat them.

They were used to hunting like this.

The two disciples of Shaolin Temple escaped by using light or stealth techniques, but they could not shake off the enemies.

“These guys!”

One of the two great disciples roared and swung a staff.


Bongyoung (棒影) filled the air and attacked the enemy soldiers.

The enemy soldiers did not collide head-on.

Shaolin Temple’s technique was evaluated as one of the strongest.

Although they mainly use bladeless weapons to avoid killing, their power was by no means light.

When hit by a bar, it doesn’t stop at simply crushing flesh and breaking bones.

Knowing that fact, even the enemy soldiers did not collide head-on. They avoided a direct confrontation with the monks and drove them to a sheep hunt.

Like a herd of stray dogs, they turned around, persistently biting their loopholes. Driven into such a predicament, Master Lee’s hands and feet became dizzy and eventually allowed a fatal blow.


The enemy soldiers put their weapons all at once on the body of Daejeo Lee, who knelt down screaming.


The great disciple of Lee died as it was, and the Red Army moved in search of the next prey.

Most of the disciples of this generation lost their lives, and now there are only two left.

The two fled in different directions.

A group of enemies pursued those who fled to the left.

Daejeon Lee, who fled to the right, was also joined by four enemies.

The great disciple Lee fled with all his might, but was eventually caught up by the Red Army.


The name of the great disciple who caught up was Jigyeong.

Ji-gyeong spread out the bonbeop and fought against the enemy. However, he was quickly wounded by the pincer attack of the Red Army and was driven into a corner.

‘I have to tell Shaolin Temple about this somehow…’

A light of despair flashed on Ji-kyung’s face.

Giving up one’s own life was not a waste. However, the fact that he had to die without telling Shaolin Temple about this fact made him despair.


I heard the screams of the monk who had fled to the left.

After that, the only thing left was himself.

If he dies, the Shaolin Temple will never know the truth.

It was then.


An enemy sword cut through his side.


Ji-kyung knelt down on one knee in the fiery pain.

‘Is it the end?’

A dark light flashed across his face.



The enemy’s sword and sword flew in to cut off the breath of the jigyeong.

Ji-kyung couldn’t bear to look at her and closed her eyes.


An explosion erupted, and Ji-kyung’s body shook. Strangely, I felt no pain.

Ji-kyung carefully opened her eyes. Then he saw an amazing sight.

All the warriors of the Red Army who attacked him are pinned to the ground with their limbs bent in bizarre directions.


“Let’s go to Shaolin Temple.”

Then an unexpected voice was heard.

Suddenly, an old man with a deviant appearance appeared in front of him.

The old man was just Pungjon.

He intervened because he couldn’t see it.

“The old man?”

“Does my identity matter? Hurry up and run to Shaolin Temple and tell them that Chang Cheon-hwa is the culprit behind all this.”

“ah! Thank you.”

Ji-kyung thanked him and stood up.

He bowed his head once to Fengjon and quickly left.

Fengjon looked at the back of the scene as it receded, then moved on.

The place he headed to was the place where Zhang Tianhua and transportation etc. were fighting.


My footsteps were heavy, and I sighed involuntarily.

It was then.


A tremendous explosion erupted in the place where Zhang Chunhua and Transportation and others were fighting.

Poongzon’s steps quickened.

On the battlefield where they arrived, an amazing sight unfolded.

Except for Chang Chun-hwa, all the monks of Shaolin Temple are bloody and spread out.

Among them was transportation, the first book of Shaolin.

Transportation was desperate with both eyes wide open.

The expression on his face, stained with astonishment and fear, showed how shocked he was just before his death.

It was the same with the other great disciples.

Their faces, already dead, were filled with the light of fear.

Even though he exerted all his might, he was overwhelmed with fear when he could not do anything about Jang Cheon-hwa.

Despite the destruction of the Eighteen Arhats and the killing of all the disciples of the transportation department and the first generation, there was not a single scratch on Zhang Tianhua’s body.

Chang Chun-hwa’s martial arts has reached the state of entering the world.

Feng Zun carefully opened his mouth.

“older brother!”

“Your body smells like blood. Who did you kill?”


“Could it be that you killed the Red Army?”


“You are disappointing me more and more.”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it.”


Jang Chun-hwa’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Pung-jon.

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