Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 600

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 600


Wudang Mountain has always been crowded with people because it is a sacred place for Taoists.

Even when I was in the middle of the day, people didn’t stop coming. This is because it is believed that even if people do not directly climb Wudang Mountain, they can experience the spirit of Wudang Mountain just by being nearby.

So, even when the shaman faction guarded the gate, Gyunhyeon, right below him, never ceased to have visitors.

As the shamans unlocked the door, the number of visitors increased.

Thanks to this, Gyunhyeon was always full of energy. But today was different.

Gyunhyun, who was always noisy with people’s voices, was quiet.

As if someone forced silence.

People on the street entered the house and locked the door, and visitors were stuck in the inn and did not come out.

Even wild dogs wandering the streets had disappeared somewhere, and silence hung over Gyunhyeon.

The only people moving on Gyunhyeon Street were swordsmen wearing uniforms.

Hundreds of Taoists were walking along Gyunhyeon-daero.

They were the true masters of the shaman faction.

At the forefront was Cheongjin Jinin, a long-time writer.

To his left and right, elders such as Unjin Jin, Jeongjin Jin, and Sangjin Jinin were walking.

Hundreds of disciples were following him.

Their expressions were spleen.

Even when there was no Bongmun, it was rare for so many non-partisan disciples to come down to Gyunhyeon.

It was the law of the shaman faction to train their martial arts and minds in Wudang Mountain, except for those who had business in the river.

For this reason, it was extremely rare for such non-partisan figures to come down the mountain all at once.

Furthermore, those who appeared in Gyunhyeon were all elite members of the shaman faction.

Excluding the three great disciples and the Dodongs, it was as if all of the practical powers had come out.

Chongjin Jinin, a long-time writer, left only the minimum number of troops to protect the shaman faction.

He entrusted the responsibility to Gongjin Jinin, his priest and the best friend of the shaman faction.

It was because he thought that even if all the Taurus who left the shaman faction suffered misfortune, as long as Gongjin Jinin was alive, he would be able to rebuild somehow.

That’s why today he came down Wudang Mountain with solemn determination.

It was the same with the elders and the great disciples.

Chongjin Jinin said to the elders.

“Everyone, prepare your mind firmly. By now, the warriors of Yongcheon Valley should have almost arrived in Gyunhyeon.”

“Don’t worry, the long death penalty!”

“We are already fully prepared.”

“Even if the opponent is Yongcheongok, we will never lose.”

The elders ignited their fighting spirit.

Among them, the life of Sangjin Jinin, the first swordsman of the shaman, was unusual.

He was the one who was the most angry when he heard the news that Sasukin Ilgeom Jinin was in trouble.

Il Sword Jinin was the person he admired the most.

So far, the shaman faction has been able to survive, thanks to the true swordsman.

He was the spiritual leader of non-partisan disciples.

One sword, Jin-in, went alone to block the advance of Yongcheongok and suffered a catastrophe. He did not dare forgive Yongcheongok for killing Jinin.

On the subject of killing Jin-in with a sword trick, Yongcheongok clamored that they were the victims. And rather, they were attacking the shaman faction with a conclusion that they were evil beasts.

Jeokban Hajang was also an oil fountain.

No matter how much you are a member of the three groups, the history of Yongcheongok is only about 200 years. On such a subject, to attack directly with a non-partisan faction that has reigned at the top of the powerhouse for over a thousand years.

Sangjin Jinin could not forgive such Yongcheongok.

It was then.


“The soldiers of Yongcheon Valley.”

A disturbance arose among the great disciples.

Sangjin Jinin, who came to his senses, looked up and saw a large army approaching with countless flags flying.

They were the warriors of Yongcheongok.

The warriors of Yongcheongok had as indignant expressions on their faces as the warriors of the shaman faction.

At the head of them were warriors carrying large coffins.

The coffin containing the body of Yonggeomsan Mountain is carried by the best warriors of Yongcheongok.

Yonggeomsan, who was seriously injured by one sword Jinin, lost his life after being attacked by shamanists on his way back to Yongcheongok.

The fury of the warriors of Yongcheongok, who watched the scene right in front of them, pierced the sky. They declared revenge and got a sarcophagus nearby and brought the body of Yonggeomsan Mountain to this place.

There was nothing left for them now.

The ruler, Yonggeomsan, and the owner of small grain, Yonghasang, all lost their lives.

All they have left is evil and vengeance.

that buck! that buck!

A middle-aged man walked out among the soldiers of Yongcheongok.

The mature man who radiated extraordinary momentum was Go Yeong-hwan, the bugok owner of Yongcheon-gok.

Go Yeong-hwan went to the shamanist guru with full of life.

“I am Go Yeong-hwan, the bugok owner of Yongcheon-gok. I am here today to avenge Gok Lord.”

His lion’s roar resonated throughout the area.

In the shaman faction, Chongjin Jinin came to the fore.

“Let’s say Nodo is Chungjin, a long-time shaman. It’s a pity to meet the late Bugokju like this.”

“joy! Don’t say anything you don’t mean. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have sent a swordsman and hurt Gok-lord.”

“Don’t speak carelessly. Even the non-partisan faction lost one of the most smiling adults, Ilgeom Sasuk.”

“joy! What does the death of that old man mean? Our Yongcheongok lost Gokju.”

“Didn’t you have a grudge against the defeat over there and attack and kill Sasuk with one sword?”

“Don’t say that it is a pierced mouth. Our Yongcheongok is not cowardly like the shamans.”

The non-partisan guru was outraged at Ko Young-hwan’s fierce criticism.

“You dare to criticize the main faction because you didn’t dare kill Sasukjo.”

“They are really shameless.”

The warriors of Yongcheon Valley reacted violently to the fierce criticism of the non-partisan guru.

“Gok Lord admitted defeat. But you non-partisan masters attacked and killed such a grain lord.”

“Aren’t you shamans ashamed to look at the sky?”

The lives of the warriors on both sides of the confrontation increased.

Chongjin Jinin, who was in the lead, frowned.

Because I felt like the conversation was going nowhere.

Both sides were saying their own things, but something was strange. So, I tried to solve it through conversation, but the atmosphere became more and more threatening.

I couldn’t have a proper conversation because of this.

‘There are obviously hidden twists and turns. On the day Ilgeom Sasuk passed away, not a single guru left the headquarters. But did Yongcheongokju lose his life to a disciple of the main school? It’s clear that someone impersonated them.’

Right now, their emotions are raging and they are radiating the desire to live with each other, but if they talk, the hidden darkness will surely be revealed.

Chongjin Jin-in shouted at the non-partisan disciples.

“Everyone be quiet…”

It was then.


Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.

“It’s dangerous, the death penalty for long sentences!”

Sangjin Jinin was the first to sense the threat and stood in front of Chungjin Jinin.


His sword hit something and it fell to the ground.

The object that fell to the ground was a memorandum.

Sangjin Jinin widened his eyes.

“You wicked b*stards!”

The memorization must have flown from the place where the Yongcheongok warriors are.

If Sangjin Jinin didn’t react in time, Chungjin Jinin would have been seriously hurt.

It was thanks to Jinin in Chungjin that the current shaman faction can enjoy this level of prosperity. It was obvious what would happen to the shaman group if he died.

“Yongcheongok b*stards blew memorized words.”

“How dare you aim for a long-time master.”

The eyes of the non-partisan soldiers who witnessed the ambush of Chongjin Jinin turned over.

The non-partisan fighters attacked the Yongcheongok fighters without saying anything first. It was the same for the warriors of Yongcheongok.

“It’s their own play.”

“The Taoists are framing them.”

“Sweep it away!”

Even if it wasn’t, the feelings for each other were the worst.

The drones on both sides attacked each other without a second thought.




There were shouts and screams of evil.

The shamans and the warriors of Yongcheongok spread out weeds at each other as if they were enemies of Cheolcheon.

In particular, Sangjin Jinin showed off his fierce inaction.

Sangjin Jinin was the absolute warrior who acquired the title of shaman first sword after Ilgeom Jinin.

In terms of simply the power of swordsmanship, he had a martial art that could be ranked among the top five in the world.

That’s why he was spreading the shaman faction’s sword attack with all his might.

Yongcheongok Bugokju Go Yeong-hwan also wielded his sword with all his might.

Although it was not revealed because of the absolute insignificance of Yonggeomsan Mountain, he also had the ability to become a second person in Yongcheongok, one of the three troupes.

Follow me!

Swords and swords collided fiercely in the air.

Their fight was so bloody that the nearby soldiers did not even dare to intervene.

“You are the Primordial Heaven.”

Chongjin Jinin looked up at the sky.

The sky was resentful as if this had happened in his generation.

The time to resolve it through dialogue has already passed.

Gyunhyeon, the gateway to the shaman faction, was stained red with the blood they shed.


Feng Zun looked at the man sitting across from him with deep sunken eyes.

The man who kept his youth unlike himself was his older brother, Jang Chun-hwa.

The two of them were sitting in an inn at the highest point in Gyunhyeon and having a meal.

The place where they were sitting was the window seat on the fourth floor of the inn.

The scenery of the whole area came in at a glance, so it was usually the most popular place.

But now, the only guests in the inn were Chang Chun-hwa and Pung-jon.

Jang Chun-hwa was eating the beef noodle in front of him.


He ate all the noodles in an instant and drank the broth.

Chang Chun-hwa set the empty bowl down on the table and looked at Fengjon.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

A bowl of beef noodles was placed in front of Poongjon. But Fengjon hadn’t touched his chopsticks once.

“I have no appetite.”

“Originally, the older you get, the better you should eat. Especially if you want to live longer.”

“What are you going to do with a longer life? I just want to live as freely as ever.”

“You are still dreaming in vain. If you don’t want to eat, bring it to me.”


Feng Zun pushed his beef noodle towards Zhang Tianhua.

Jang Chun-hwa stirred the beef noodles once with his chopsticks and brought it to his mouth.


Hearing the noodles slide into Zhang Tianhua’s mouth, Fengjon looked out the window.

Chae Chae Chae!



In the distance, the clash of weapons and screams were heard at the same time.

It was the sound of clashes between non-partisan fighters and Yongcheongok fighters.

As I focused my energy in my eyes, I could see the sight of soldiers from both sides fighting in the distance.


In my mind, I wanted to intervene in their fight right away.

Both Yongcheongok and Mudangpa were great pillars of Gangho.

As both sides were equal in strength, the fight naturally lengthened and the damage inevitably increased.

The fight intensified over time.

The damage to the shamans and Yongcheongok also increased exponentially.

Certainly, Zhang Chun-hua could see the sight of soldiers on both sides shedding blood. But he was eating beef noodles as if he couldn’t see anything.


In the quiet guesthouse, only the sound of him eating noodles could be heard.

It was then.

Suddenly, without a trace, a red shadow appeared and prostrated itself in front of Chang Tianhua.

He lowered his head to Chang Chun-hwa and said.

“I have fulfilled the order of the lord of the small soul and returned home.”


Chang Chun-hwa savored the soup instead of answering.

The enemy was one of Zhang Chunhua’s henchmen.

It was an unmanned person specialized in intrusion, hiding, confusion in enemy camps, and manipulation of information.

He naturally blended in with the warriors of Yongcheongok and came all the way here together. No one suspected it because he killed the original Yongcheongok warrior and used it as his face.

While coming all the way here with the soldiers of Yongcheongok, they spilled or manipulated false information so that the hostility towards the shaman reached its peak.

The result was a clash between Yongcheongok and the shamans.


Zhang Chunhua drank every drop of soup and put the bowl down.

A satisfied smile hung on his lips.


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