Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 599

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 599

Episode 599

The news of the cataclysmic disaster at Haimen quickly spread throughout Jianghu.

Rumors spread throughout Gangho that Dokgohwang of Mugeomryeon and unknown bandits called the Ghost Fleet joined hands to plunder Haemun and were instead massacred.

People didn’t believe the rumors at first.

It is because there is no reason for Dokgohwang of Mugeomyeon to plunder Haemun, and most of the people who have heard of even the ghost fleet for the first time.

In particular, the Geumcheonhoe completely denied this rumor.

There was no one who did not know that Dokgo Hwang belonged to the Geumcheonhoe.

It was also the second person following the owner, Jang Moo-geuk.

If it turns out that such a person joined hands with bandits to plunder Haemun, the morality of the Golden Heaven will be dealt a fatal blow.

Because of that, the Geumcheonhoe desperately denied the connection between martial arts training and the ghost fleet.

The Geumcheonhoe tried to put down the rumors by mobilizing all the related munpa. However, the rumors did not seem to dissipate as their efforts were in vain.

Instead, it spread like wildfire at a terrifying rate.

There were also testimonies that supported the rumors.

People from Haemun said that it was true that Dokgo Hwang and Mu Geomryon attacked.

If one or two people said it, I could just dismiss it as nonsense and move on, but since hundreds of people said that, there was no way I wouldn’t believe it.

At that time, Yu Su-hwan of the martial arts team made an official statement.

[Dokgohwang, a traitor of martial arts, committed an immoral act of imprisoning and torturing his master, Jeon Moo-ok.

He also committed the crime of plundering Haemun by joining hands with pirates called the Ghost Fleet.

In response, I, Yu Su-hwan, who is the second son of Mu-ok Jeon, the master of martial arts, punishes him and re-establishes the broken law.

The crime committed by the priest, Dokgohwang, was the crime of martial arts training.

In response, I, Yu Su-hwan, apologized for Dok-go Hwang’s crimes and wanted to compensate Hae-mun.

Again, this is clearly the fault of Dokgohwang and Mugeomryeon.

I bow my head and apologize to my fellow students.

―Compensation for the new martial arts master Yoo Soo-hwan.]

It was a statement issued by the new martial arts master Yoo Soo-hwan, not anyone else.

This dealt a fatal blow to the morality of the Geumcheonhoe.

Due to a series of events, the Geumcheonhoe was greatly shaken, and the Eunryeonhoe got a chance to counterattack.

Accordingly, Geumcheonhoe stopped its external activities for a while and began to innovate the atmosphere inside.

It is because the morale of the unmanned people has fallen to the floor.


It wasn’t just ordinary unmanned people who were demoralized.

Zhang Wuji also lost his energy and let out a sigh.

“He acted as he pleased, and in the end he had a serious accident.”

I couldn’t even figure out how to fix it.

The accident that Dokgo Hwang committed was so great.

To think that the representative of the martial arts team would join hands with the ghost fleet and attack Haemun.

In Haemun, there was not a single faction that changed.

There were Haeryongbang, Jeokgeonhoe, or Haewonjang, but all of them were far from strong hegemony.

The fact that Mugeomryun entered such a place without permission was itself a problem.

Mugeomryeon was a faction with tremendous power enough to be classified as one of the three troupes. The fact that the elite of such a clan entered Haemun all at once was tantamount to revealing their impure intentions.

In fact, Haewonjangju Tarha was seriously injured by Dokgo Hwang.

Even with ten mouths, there was no excuse.

“The problem is how to deal with this situation…”

Wuji Zhang frowned.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with the right way.

If Dokgo Hwang were still alive, I would pass the responsibility on to him, but I couldn’t do that because he was already dead.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in such a benign situation.”

I laughed because it was so absurd.

Zhang Wu-geuk smiled coldly and approached the window.

Through the window, the scenery of Geumcheonhoe came into view at a glance.

I could feel people’s morale sinking.

The warriors of the Geumcheonhoe lost their laughter and vitality.

No matter how much it is for the purpose, it is said that it will not be able to take care of the fire, but I have no choice but to feel like I’m going to have a good time with people’s criticism.

“Is this because of that man? There’s no way Dokgo Hwang entered Haemun without any reason.”

In Gangho, the only existence that could cause Dokgo Hwang to lose his temper was Pyowol.

However, there was no rumor that there was a rumor or that assassins were involved.

Emperor Dokgo also kept it a secret from Jang Mu-geuk. It is because they know that Zhang Wu-geuk will be stopped if they say that they are chasing Pyo-wol.

“Even though the martial arts and the ghost fleet joined together, they suffered a crushing defeat? No matter how incompetent Dokgo Hwang is, it’s not that much.”

Dokgo Hwang is by no means an incompetent person.

In terms of martial arts alone, he had overwhelming capabilities that no other equipment in the world could follow.

The picture of him falling down after being beaten by Yoo Soo-hwan or Tarha was not drawn.

There will surely be secret stories unknown to the world.

“The man with the moon intervened.”

It wasn’t just speculation.

Circumstances were giving strength to his conjecture.

Zhang Mu-geuk’s eyes were deeply sunken.

It was a tangled coincidence with the moon, and nothing was properly resolved.

It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore him any longer.

“after! You’re pushing me this far I have no choice but to admit it. A leap!”

Because of Pyowol, Geumcheonhoe was cornered.

In terms of power, there was nothing to be pushed back by the Union Association. However, war was not carried out by force alone.

Kang-ho’s public sentiment also affected his morale.

If public sentiment turned this way, no matter how strong Zhang Mu-geuk’s will was, the Geumcheonhoe was bound to collapse.

There was only one way left for him.

“In the end, you’re a loser.”


Haimen quickly found stability.

Numerous workers were mobilized to rebuild the collapsed mansion and remove the bodies that filled the streets.

Tarha, the owner of the Haewonjang, was seriously injured and was not easy to move. So his granddaughter Yul Ah-yeon came to the fore and took command.

The soldiers of Haewonjang and the workers of Jeokgeonhoe were all mobilized. Taemusang and Geomyeon brothers helped her there.

It was a moment where her strong leadership skills shined.

The people of Haemun praised Yul Ah-yeon.

Haewonjang was able to completely take control of Haemun by turning a crisis into an opportunity.

At Haemun, there was no force to oppose Haewonjang.

Thanks to this, Pyowol and the assassins were able to stay in the sea dragon room and check the power.

“It seems that the crisis has passed. As long as you do it for a couple of months, your life will not be affected.”

The congressman said that to Hong Ye-seol while taking a salivary gland and a bundle of medicinal herbs.

He was a member of the council sent by Yul A-yeon.

He, who is said to have the best medical skills in Haimen, has taken care of Salno for the past ten days.

Thanks to this, Salno was able to survive despite losing an arm and a leg.

“What a relief.”

Hong Ye-seol let out a sigh of relief.

Salno smiled and replied.

“What is good? Even at this point, it looks like I’ll be doing housekeeping.”

“What do you think is karma?”


“Wouldn’t it be comfortable to think that way?”

“Isn’t it too easy to say that it’s someone else’s business?”

“What can I do? I was educated and raised that way.”


Hong Ye-seol patted Salno on the shoulder and stood up.

Salno gave him a slight impression.

It was because the wound had not completely healed yet, so even the slightest shock felt pain.

Still, Salno was satisfied.

Because the pain made him realize that he was alive.

Even though he lost an arm and a leg, he could do a lot if he was alive.

“Are you going to the Most High?”


“You must be very careful.”


“That Haewonjang’s Yul Sojour. The way he looked at Ji-Jon wasn’t normal.”

“I know.”


“What can I do? It’s because that person is doing well. But it will not be taken away easily.”

“Hehe! Of course you should.”

“Don’t worry about me and just relax.”


Only after confirming that Salno closed her eyes did Hong Ye-seol come out.

Hong Ye-seol slightly frowned at the dazzling sunlight. However, that too soon moved to sponsorship.

Ha-mun Jang of the Sea Dragon Ark was a very greedy man. I also liked colorful things. So, he spent a lot of money on sponsorship that he only used and decorated it beautifully.

A pond large enough for boating, Gasan with all kinds of flowers blooming, an artificial island in the middle of the pond, and a bridge with beautiful patterns engraved on it.

Pyo-wol was sitting alone in a beautiful pavilion on an artificial island accessible only by crossing a pier.

Hong Ye-seol did not hesitate and walked across the bridge to the artificial island. And he went up to the pavilion where Pyowol was sitting.

Even though he clearly knew that Hong Ye-seol had come up, Pyo-wol did not even look at him.

He sat on the railing of the pavilion and watched the fish playing in the pond. The colorful fish were also raised as a hobby by Ha-mun Jang of the Sea Dragon Ark.

Hong Ye-seol followed the moon and looked at the fish.

Schools of fish swam to and fro in the pond, whether or not they knew they were looking.

As the largest fish in the lead moves, the herd follows.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“The attributes of Kangho are no different from those of these fish. Move without thinking as the boss leads. You don’t even know why you have to do this.”

“Because the fish in the back can never see what the leader sees.”

At Hong Ye-seol’s answer, Pyo-wol turned his head and looked at her.

His expression was still unreadable.

It was Hong Ye-seol who was told that he had a knack for penetrating others, but it did not work for Pyo-wol.

He was staring right in front of me, but I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. It didn’t feel too bad though.

Being raised as an assassin, one of the first things I learned was to identify body language, such as movements and facial expressions.

People live by exposing a lot of information unconsciously. Hong Ye-seol gathered such small information to find out what their weaknesses were and attacked them.

Moreover, Hong Ye-seol was born with a natural sense for that kind of thing. No one could hide their feelings in front of her.

That’s why their negative side and ugly side were clearly visible in Hong Ye-seol’s eyes.

Because of the circumstances, I couldn’t open my heart to anyone. So she did not give her heart to others.

But Pyowol was different.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t grasp Pyowol’s true intentions.

That rather reassured her.

Hong Ye-seol suddenly smiled.


For the first time, Pyowol put on a puzzled expression.

Hong Ye-seol hugged his forearm and said.

“I don’t mind having another woman.”


“Because you’re too good for me to monopolize. What kind of women would not be moved by the sight of you?”

It was a world where the three mothers and four concubines were not a flaw.

There was a pervasive perception that being a hero is, of course, okay.

Ordinary people, if they accumulate a little wealth, take a second wife or have a separate concubine and enjoy it.

Even more so, women had no choice but to be seduced by the warriors at the top of the river like Pyowol.

It was the same logic as bees being attracted to a colorful and beautiful flower.

Pyowol was an attractive presence to anyone.

In addition to martial arts that resonated all over the world, he had a more beautiful appearance than a woman.

If you didn’t shake at the sight of such a sign, you weren’t even human. Also, Pyo-wol was not one to reject the approaching woman.

He was not at all ashamed of being handsome.

So there was no choice but to have women around him.

Hong Ye-seol was also one of the many twisted women.

She tried to subdue her with beauty world, but in the end, it was she who was possessed by Pyo-wol.

Hong Ye-seol admitted that fact.

He passed on to Pyowol.

He would probably gladly accept even if Pyowol told him to go to Hell to assassinate him.

However, one thing had to be made clear.

“But… don’t ever give your heart away. If you give your heart to another woman, I will kill her. So, never give up.”

“There will be no such thing. Including you…”

“That’s a little sad. It’s okay though.”

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