Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 598

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 598

Episode 598


Dokgo Hwang let out a low moan.

A sword was stuck in his abdomen.

The owner of the sword was Yoo Soo-hwan.

It was a fierce battle.

In terms of pure martial arts, Dokgo Hwang was one step ahead of Yoo Suhwan.

Even while Yu Su-hwan was imprisoned in the prison of fire, Dok-go-hwang continued to work hard and was able to reach a higher level. However, he was quite exhausted from a series of fierce battles before fighting Yoo Soo-hwan.

The battle with Tarha Salno Hong Ye-seol’s brain brought him not light wounds and exhaustion of stamina.

On the other hand, Yoo Soo-hwan was able to fight in the best condition while preserving his physical strength.

The difference made the difference between winning and losing.


Blood flowed down the blade that had pierced Dokgo Hwang’s abdomen.



“Don’t look at me with those eyes.”


“I have no regrets for my actions. So, there is no reason to receive such a pitying glance from the brother-in-law.”

“okay! You used to be that kind of guy.”

“exactly! that’s me So have no pity on me.”

“I get it.”

Yoo Soo-hwan shook his head.

He pulled out his sword stuck in Dokgohwang’s abdomen. Then a huge amount of blood flowed out.


Dokgohwang could not stand it any longer and knelt on the floor.

His vision grew increasingly blurry.

Right before he died, the person he remembered was Pyo-wol.

‘No way. Just because of an assassin…’


Dokgohwang collapsed like a puppet whose thread had been cut.

Yoo Soo-hwan’s heart was devastated as he looked at Dok-go’s body.

No matter how much he committed a mortal sin, he still had only one priest left. The fact that he had killed such a priest with his own hands made his heart ache.


Yoo Soo-hwan sighed deeply and looked around.

The room was calming down to some extent now.

All of the Mugeomyeon soldiers who had previously followed Dokgohwang surrendered.

The hall was still cluttered, but the fight seemed to be over.

It was then.

“Here you are.”

Someone’s voice came from behind.

Turning around, Yoo Soo-hwan checked the other person’s face and smiled.

“Top Daehyeop!”

The person who appeared without a sound was Pyowol.

Yoo Soo-hwan was also surprised to see Pyo-wol, who had become bloody from dealing with Go Il-won and the soldiers of the ghost fleet.

“Are you all right?”

“There is no hindrance to movement.”

“Fortunately, the.”

“Is it Dokgo Hwang?”

Pyo-wol looked at Dok-go-hwang, who was lying behind Yoo Soo-hwan.

Yoo Soo-hwan replied with a bitter expression.

“yes! I am a priest.”

“It ended up like this.”

“This must also be destiny.”

“It looks like you’ve taken control of martial arts.”

“yes! I also saved Master.”

“Now you will become a martial arts master.”

“Somehow it happened.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“First of all, we have to organize those who followed Hwangi. Those who can be reaped should be reaped after being punished according to the seriousness of their sins.”

“It must be difficult.”

“It’s a tough job, but it has to be done. Because of Hwang, Mugeomryeon’s spirit has declined a lot.”

After Dokgohwang seized power, many things in Mugeomryun collapsed without knowing it.

All loyalists who followed Jeon Mu-ok died or were exiled.

Their place was taken by Dokgohwang’s henchmen.

At least, discipline was followed when Eom So-so was alive, but discipline completely collapsed after she was killed by Pyo-wol.

Dokgo Hwang, who was supposed to rule Mugeomryeon, took only the elite and stayed at Geumcheonhoe, so there was nothing to notice.

Yoo Soo-hwan was saddened and angry at the appearance of Mu Geom-ryun, which had been ruined in just a few years.

He mercilessly punished those who were eating away at Mugeomryeon and established discipline first.

“It’s easy to build a castle, but hard to maintain. Now, Mugeomryeon is like that. It will probably take years to get back to the old movies and power.”

“You must be in a lot of trouble.”

“Still, I’m glad I stopped at this level. It’s all thanks to Daehyup Pyo. I will never forget this grace.”

“it’s okay! It wasn’t something I did to get something in return.”

“But what about things between people? Lee Soo-hwan Yoo will do his best to help Pyo Daehyup.”

Yoo Soo-hwan’s will was firm.

Pyowol passed him and said.

“We will talk about that later. For now, we need to fix this place first.”

Haemun as well as Haewonjang suffered great damage.

Yu Su-hwan’s intervention prevented further spread of the damage, but too many people were killed or injured. And many mansions were destroyed.

It was clear that it would take a long time to repair this damage.

“yes! I will.”

Yoo Soo-hwan followed the symbol with the answer.


The damage suffered by Haimen in just one war was truly enormous.

At least a hundred mansions were destroyed or burned, and hundreds of civilians were killed or injured.

Haewonjang also suffered great damage, and Tarha, the chieftain, was also seriously injured. Fortunately, Yul A-yeon, the granddaughter of Tarha, is safe.

Yul Ah-yeon started rebuilding Haewonjang and Haemun on behalf of Tarha.

The enormous wealth he had accumulated so far was scattered to compensate the families of the dead and restore the destroyed streets.

Thanks to her determination, Haimen quickly regained stability.

It would take a long time to fully recover from the damage, but people were relieved that Haewonjang was centered and carrying out restoration activities.

When everyone was happy, there was a person who spat out swear words alone.

“Shit! Shit!”

He was Jang Ha-mun of the Sea Dragon Ark.

He looked around the inside of the Sea Dragon Room with a nervous expression.

The interior of the Sea Dragon Room was cluttered as unmanned men and workers loaded the wagons.

“Hurry up. There is no time to rest.”

Wu Gunchang, the commander-in-chief, encouraged his subordinates.

Jang Ha-mun muttered while biting his nails.

“To think the ghost fleet was defeated. Shit!”

Of course, he cooperated, knowing that the ghost fleet would destroy Haewonjang. However, the result was the exact opposite.

The Ghost Fleet was thoroughly destroyed, and Haewonjang was alive and well.

I couldn’t stay at Haemun anymore.

If Haewonjang found out that Haeryongbang cooperated with the ghost fleet, he would never let him go.

Before they knew the truth, they had to leave the sea gate in haste.

So I was in a hurry.

“Come on, hurry up. Pack your things quickly before they know.”


The warriors of the Sea Dragon Room moved more hurriedly with the answer. However, in Jang Ha-mun’s eyes, their actions seemed very slow.

“late! It’s too late.”

It was when he, who had been shaking his feet alone, tried to shout again.

“Is that Jang Ha-mun from the Sea Dragon Ark?”

Suddenly, a ghastly voice came from behind.

Jang Ha-mun’s spine stiffened and goose bumps all over his body.


“It looks right.”

The voice of courtesy came from behind again.

Jang Ha-mun could not answer.


It was because the gift suddenly tightened his neck.

The one who whispered behind his back was Sa-Young, one of the Ten Bloods.

Sa-yeong strangled Jang Ha-mun with the gift she held in both hands.

There were numerous unmanned people right in front of them. But none of them noticed that Zhang Xiamen was dying.

It was because he was distracted from carrying the luggage, but more than anything, it was because Sa-young thoroughly hid his presence.

‘Turn it off!’

Jang Ha-mun’s face seemed to be turning white, but he lowered his head.

it’s obvious

Sa-yeong carefully laid Ha-moon Jang’s body on the floor so that no sound would be heard.

“Ark! All luggage has been loaded.”

General Woo Gunchang, who had been encouraging his subordinates for a while, turned around and said, But all he could see was the dead body of Jang Ha-mun.


Wu’s face went white.

It was when he was about to scream.


His body was lifted up into the air like a fish caught on a hook.

A noose made of silver thread was also hung around his neck.

Wu Gunchang tried his best to get out of the noose, but to no avail.

After a while, his body limp in the air.

It was right after that that the servants and workers of the Sea Dragon Room found him.


“The super-general?”

“The ark is dead too.”

Following Woo Gun-chang, the commander-in-chief, Jang Ha-mun, the owner of the ark, was also found dead.

The warriors and workers in the Sea Dragon’s Room felt extreme fear.


“help me!”

“I don’t want to die.”

In a panic, they threw all their belongings and fled.

I didn’t even dare to take revenge.

Ark, the top head of the Sea Dragon Room, and the commander-in-chief lost their lives in the blink of an eye. It was also in the same room as them, but no one noticed.

If the one who killed the ark and the governor had a will to live, killing them was easier than flipping the palm of your hand.

No matter how loyal he was to the Sea Dragon Room, he didn’t want to be killed by a dog.

“help me!”

“Everybody will die here.”

They all left the Sea Dragon Room without looking back.

In an instant, not a single ant cub was left in the sea dragon room.

The sea dragon room was empty, and two black figures quietly appeared.

They were Sayoung and Noeahn.

Two of the Ten Bloodslayers came forward and assassinated Jang Ha-mun and Woo Gun-chang.

He said as he looked around the empty sea dragon room.

“I guess we can use this place for a while.”

“The Most High will like it.”

Sayoung also nodded.

It was Pyowol who ordered the two to kill the sea dragon ark and the commander.

This is because the damage has increased as Haeryongbang helped the ghost fleet.

Just by killing the two people, the Haeryongbang collapsed.

Their bond was as weak as a grain of sand.

The walls of the empty sea dragon room were very high and solid.

The assassins who came to Haemun had the best environment for rest.

What’s more, there was an enormous amount of wealth left behind by the sea dragons.

After a while, the assassins gathered in the sea dragon room one after another.

Silently, the assassins gathered in the Sea Dragon Room cleaned and maintained the interior in perfect order. And as if they had lived here for a long time, each of them settled down in their proper place.

In that way, the Dragon’s Room was quickly transformed into a haven for assassins.

After everything was sorted out, Pyo-wol entered the Haeryong room with Hong Ye-seol and Salno.

“Meet the Most High.”

The assassins who were guarding Sayoung, Brain, and the sea dragon’s room all knelt down on one knee.

Pyowol motioned for him to get up and said.

“Good work everyone.”

“no. Supreme!”

“I’ll stay here for the time being, treat the wounded, and repair the power.”

“I have already taken care of it.”

Pyowol nodded and looked at Salno.

Salno was lying on a stretcher, passed out.

Fortunately, Hong Ye-seol took action in time to save her life, but it was not at the stage of being relieved.

To save Salno, he had to be treated by a proper doctor.

“A member of parliament?”

“Haewonjang has decided to send the best lawmaker.”

“Tell them to hurry.”

“yes! I will go there myself.”

With the answer, the brain flew out of the sea dragon room.

Pyowol spoke quietly to Salno.

“do not die.”

“Not yet… dead.”

Salno struggled to answer with her eyes closed.

“okay! I still need you.”

“You want to retire now?”

“It is never too late to retire even after death.”

“You’re really toxic. Don’t you hate seeing this old man play comfortably?”



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