Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 597

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 597

Episode 597

The man had clear, deep eyes.

Although his complexion was haggard, his eyes were shining deeply and gracefully like stars shining in the night sky.

The moment he met his dizzy eyes, Dokgohwang felt a bad memory come back.


“Long live the priest!”

The man who answered calmly was Yu Su-hwan, the brother-in-law of Dokgo Hwang.

Dokgo Hwang was genuinely surprised by Yoo Soo-hwan’s appearance.

“How is the death penalty here?”

“Why am I not supposed to come?”

“I thought I would be hiding…”

“Why should I be hiding? Even the priest who committed the immorality of torturing his master walks proudly.”

“what? Master…”

In an instant, Dokgo Hwang’s eyes shook.

It was a secret only to him that he locked his master in the basement and tortured him.

If the fact is known to the outside world, Dokgo Hwang’s reputation will fall to the ground and he will have no place to stand in the stronghold. That’s why I put more effort into keeping it a secret.

Yoo Soo-hwan said.

“No matter how much I hate you, you are my master, so torturing me like that. Heaven will not forgive your wickedness.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Are you torturing your master?”

“her! Are you going to deny it?”

“It appears out of nowhere and makes a noise about catching floating clouds. No time for bullshit with the death penalty. Get out of the way.”

“Hwang! How did it happen? You cannot cover the sky with your palms.”

Yoo Suhwan looked at Dokgohwang with sad eyes.

Those eyes made Dokgohwang miserable.

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“gibberish? Do you think I appear out of nowhere and talk nonsense?”

“What is that…”

“Think carefully. Why did I appear now?”


Dokgo Hwang looked at Yoo Soo-hwan in silence for a moment.

It was because my mind was confused and no thoughts came to my mind.

Then, suddenly, his gaze turned to the dock.

There were several ships of Mugeomryun in the dock. It was a ship carrying the follow-up troops who had come to Haimen to support him.

“Could it be that you came from Mugeomryeon?”



In response to Yu Su-hwan’s answer, Dok-go-hwang unconsciously gritted his teeth.

Because it was such a shocking story.

He put a lot of effort into finding Yoo Soo-hwan. However, I gave up because I couldn’t find Yoo Soo-hwan’s trace anywhere.

Dokgo Hwang thought that Yoo Soo-hwan had gone into seclusion to avoid being tracked.

It was true that Yoo Soo-hwan had great inaction as the death penalty of Dokgo Hwang. However, Dokgo Hwang was firmly in control of Mugeomryeon.

There was no longer a group of supporters of Yu Su-hwan in Mugeomryeon. This is because Dokgohwang removed all of them.

In such a situation, the best option was to hide away from Mugeomryeon. But what if Yoo Soo-hwan stabbed him and went back to martial arts training? So, if I had saved my master, I could understand why he appeared now.

“Have you met the master…?”

“okay! You kept it hidden But I was able to get it before it was too late.”

There was anger in Yoo Soo-hwan’s voice.

When he rescued his master, Jeon Moo-ok, his details were so gruesome that he couldn’t open his eyes.

All his limbs had been cut off, and he was barely breathing.

If Yoo Soo-hwan had been delayed even a little bit to save him, he would have stopped breathing.

Yoo Soo-hwan hurriedly called Shinui to treat Jeon Moo-ok.

Thanks to that, Jeon Moo-ok was barely able to save his life.

Even though he became a disabled person, Yeonju of Mugeomryeon was still Jeon Moo-ok.

Yoo Soo-hwan took control of Mugeomyeon with Jeon Moo-ok at the fore.

Even those who resisted at first were shocked to see Jeon Mu-ok’s condition.

They didn’t even know that Dokgohwang made Ryunju in this shape and imprisoned him.

Dokgo Hwang was an unscrupulous man who robbed the yeonju position without due process.

On the other hand, Yoo Soo-hwan was the successor recognized by Jeon Moo-ok.

Both the justification and the initiative were held by Yoo Soo-hwan.

Those who rebel were not given even the slightest justification.

Most of the warriors swore allegiance to Yoo Soo-hwan. All of Dokgo Hwang’s henchmen who rebelled were overpowered and imprisoned.

In this way, Yoo Soo-hwan completely took control of martial arts training and became the new training master.

Jeon Moo-ok, who had become a disabled person, officially handed over the position of Yeonju.

“The death penalty ruins my dreams.”

“Too many people have become unhappy for your dream.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It is the law of the strong that the strong have everything and rule. If there is anything wrong with me, it is only being faithful to the law of the river.”

“Who said there was such a law? Who said that you have the right to rule over the weak because you have power? The strong must have the minimum dignity and humanity. Otherwise the world will turn into hell.”

“It’s that b*stard’s nagging again.”

Dokgo Hwang raised his life.

It is said that Yu Su-hwan took control of Mugeomryeon, but if he wins, his subordinates will change their minds and follow him.


Yoo Soo-hwan suddenly sighed.

Seeing Dokgo Hwang, who refuses to admit his mistakes and commits suicide, made my heart feel frustrated.

“okay! You used to be this kind of guy. That’s why he must have committed the immorality of torturing his master and put me in a prison of infidelity.”

“Even if I go back to the past, my decision will not change.”

Dokgo Hwang raised his sword and aimed it at Yoo Soo-hwan.

His life pierced Yu Su-hwan’s forehead.

Yoo Soo-hwan also took out his sword.

There was no reason to talk any more.

The sword will tell you everything.


The two clashed with spirit.


When the two collided, the area was swept away by a storm and became a mess.

While they clashed, Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an barely regained some energy. The two hurriedly hugged Salno and escaped from power.

“Calm down.”


It was a long way from the full power, but the aftermath of the clash still reached. But there was no time to escape to a safer place. Because Salno’s condition was too critical.

Hong Ye-seol took out a single pill from his bosom and hurriedly gave it to Salno.

It was the genus name I received from Pyo-wol not long ago.

No matter how severely wounded it was, it was a wise decision that only kept life intact.

Pyo-wol handed over the genus name list he had received from Shin-eui to Hong Ye-seol.

After taking Sokmyeongdan, Salno’s condition did not deteriorate any further.

The two hurriedly stopped the bleeding from Salno’s wounds and applied the golden spear medicine.

That barely prevented Salno’s wounds from getting worse, but to save his life, he had to find a doctor and get him treated.

Hong Ye-seol said to Noe-an.

“Come on, take Salno and go to the doctor.”


“I have to command the Black Slaughter Corps here.”

“I get it. Take care of yourself.”

“you also.”

Noe-an carefully hugged Salno and left the battlefield.

Only then was Hong Ye-seol able to breathe for a moment.

Zeng! Whoa!

Even at that moment, the fierce fight between Dokgo Hwang and Yu Suhwan continued.

Hong Ye-seol, who looked at the scene for a while, suddenly remembered Pyo-wol.

‘What happened to him?’



Pyowol sighed lightly and raised his head.

The inside of the body, which had been messed up in the fight with Ilwon Ko, was at best repaired to some extent.

Numerous bodies were strewn across the front.

All of them, all dressed in black uniforms, were oxidized assassins to protect him.

Numerous assassins died fighting against the unmanned ghost fleet to protect him.

Many assassins were still fighting to protect him.


Even when they were cut to death by the sword, the assassins did not let out a single scream.

Obviously, when they were born, they cried too, but when they died, they made no sound.

It was the fate of those raised as assassins.

The harsh training suppressed even the basic human instincts.

After looking at the corpses of the assassins for a while, Pyo-wol bit his lip gently.

The sight of the assassins willing to give their lives for him stirred his heart.


From his hand, an eight-stranded wedding thread was released.

Eight bags of ghost tombs were hanging at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Except for the two bags stuck in Go Il-won’s back, he took out all the remaining ghost monuments.

Pyo-wol jumped into the ghost squadron with eight ghost tombstones in the air.

See it!

Eight pieces of ghost tombstones criss-crossed the unmanned ghost fleet like living creatures.



The unpredictable movement of the ghost rain, the unmanned ghost fleet lost their lives without being able to respond properly.

In an instant, the entire line of the ghost fleet collapsed.

Even if it wasn’t so, his morale was greatly damaged by the death of Ko Il-won, but his heart was broken when Pyo-wol performed an unbelievable feat.

The flesh cracked and blood splattered.

The dead one after another and the seriously injured rolled across the floor.

When the assassins joined the unbelievable feat of leaping, the soldiers of the ghost fleet quickly collapsed.

“Don’t back down. Avenge the Dan Lord.”

Jo Pyong-rak shouted that his throat was about to burst.

Ko Il-won’s body was still in his arms.

That’s how he encouraged his subordinates until the end while holding his master.

As Pyowol jumped into the battlefield, the sacrifices of his subordinates were increasing, but he had no intention of retreating.

Even though Pyowol was showing great inaction, he thought he wouldn’t last long.

It was because the wounds suffered by Pyo-wol were just as serious.

In fact, the movement of Pyowol was slowing down little by little.

Now, with a little more attack, it seemed like he could take down Pyowol.

With such hope, Jo Pyong-rak encouraged his subordinates.

It didn’t matter how many subordinates died.

If they can avenge Ko Il-won through their deaths, that too can be said to be a valuable sacrifice.

“You just need to do a little more. Attack more.”

Cho Pyong-rak shouted at his throat. It was then

that the unmanned ghost fleet attacked with more strength



“That raid.”

Suddenly, a scream was heard from behind Jopyongrak.


Cho Pyong-rak was startled and looked back. Then, I saw unmanned soldiers attacking from behind.

“It is swordless.”

“They betrayed you.”

Those who attacked the rear of the ghost fleet soldiers were martial arts warriors.

From the point of view of the ghost fleet, which knew the secret pact between Go Il-won and Dok-go Hwang, it was like being hit in the back of the head.

“These b*stards!”

Cho Pyong-rak trembled with anger.

It was the worst.

Pyowol and assassins were attacking from the front, and warriors of martial arts from the back.

The unmanned soldiers of the Ghost Fleet were driven to the slopes.

Jo Pyong-rak did not know.

It means that the warriors of martial arts who are attacking them now are those who follow Yu Su-hwan, not those who follow Dok-go-hwang.

When Yoo Soo-hwan landed at Haemun, he instructed the warriors of Mugeomryun to help Pyo-wol.

The warriors of Mugeomryun faithfully followed Yoo Soo-hwan’s instructions.

When they joined forces, the war situation turned upside down in an instant.

The soldiers of the ghost fleet struggled to the end, but in the end, all but Jo Pyeong-rak collapsed.


Cho Pyong-rak burst out laughing.

When people are too dumbfounded or out of their minds, they laugh even in sad situations, but that was the case with Jo Pyeong-rak.


The moon came to him.

The appearance of Pyowol, covered in blood, approaching, did not look human at all.

Cho Pyong-rak wrote evil.

“Because of you… if it weren’t for you…”


At that moment, a veil stuck to his forehead. Pyowol had blown the ghost rain.

Still, Jo Pyeong-rak did not fall down right away and glared at Pyo-wol.


That was the end of Cho Pyeong-rak.

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