Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 596

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 596

Episode 596

: Quaaa!

A storm raged.

The blade of the wind tore everything in the area like an animal’s claws.

Huge palaces and high walls could not withstand the storm and were shattered.


“100 million!”

“Buy and save…”

The people at the forefront of the storm were swept away by the wind and disappeared into thin air.

The fierce storm engulfed and destroyed everything like that.

“iced coffee!”


Those who were lucky enough to survive collapsed on the ground as their legs gave out. They looked at the surrounding scenery that had turned into ruins and were grateful to be alive.

It was sheer luck that they survived.

Anyone who wasn’t as lucky as them died or disappeared without a trace.

It was hard to believe that all of this happened because of just two people clashing.

If I hadn’t seen and experienced it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

The sight in front of my eyes was shocking.

It was a scene in which their common sense that they had so far was completely denied.


‘Who won?’

People widened their eyes and looked at the place where Pyowol and Goilwon were presumed to be.

It was covered in dust and ash, and visibility was not secured. So I don’t know who won.


A wind blew from the sea as someone swallowed dry saliva, unable to bear the tension.

The thick dust and ash powder was blown away by the wind and slowly disappeared.

Only then did people know the outcome of the fight.


someone exclaimed.

He was the unmanned crewman of the Ghost Ship.

Ko Il-won was on one knee, breathing heavily. The moon in front of him was in the same pose.

Both were covered in blood.

Even though they were covered in blood and breathing heavily, they glared at each other.

The first to speak was Go Il-won.

“The moon!”


Pyowol did not answer.

Because my intestines were shaking, I couldn’t even open my mouth.

Pyo-wol looked at Go Il-won with bloodshot eyes.

At that moment, Ilwon Go stood up.

Even if it wasn’t, the large body seemed even more gigantic.

Even though he was wounded and bloody, his formidable presence was still there.


“Did you win?”

The soldiers of the ghost fleet thought that Ilwon Ko had won.

It had to be.

Go Il-won got up on his own, but Pyo-wol was still on his knees.

Ko Il-won looked at Pyo-wol with eyes filled with complex emotions.

“Pyowol really… looked like the god of death.”


“This is true. For the first time in my life, I felt fear. You were the first to make me feel this way. And it will be the last.”

Suddenly, Ko Il-won’s eyes shook violently as if an earthquake had struck.

Pyo-wol stared at Go Il-won’s face.

Fu Chemistry!

A fountain of blood gushed from Go Il-won’s body.

Blood gushed from all over the neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms and legs and scattered in the air.

It was a wound penetrated by the Black Thunder Sagang.


Ilwon Go staggered, coughing up blood.

“Sweet Lord!”


Only then did the soldiers of the ghost fleet realize that Ilwon Ko had been defeated.

They rushed to Pyowol without hesitation.


Then someone jumped in and blocked the Pyowol.


It was Sa-Young, one of the Ten Bloods, who wielded a sword to protect Pyo-Wol.

The warriors of the Ghost Fleet who rushed at Pyowol with the sword he wielded collapsed in blood.

Ko Il-won looked at his subordinates who were being killed by Sa-yeong with empty eyes. However, it soon shifted its gaze to Pyowol.

In the meantime, Pyowol, who had suppressed the congestion, stood up.

Even though he suffered the same shock, Pyo-wol was alive thanks to the blood wind created by Dang So-chu.

Although the blood wind vanished as powder, it saved Pyo-wol’s life in a desperate situation.

Pyowol opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Go Il-won!”

“You won. But I didn’t even give up.”


“The seeds I sow have already germinated. It’s a pity that I can’t harvest, but I still have no regrets.”

Go Il-won smiled, exposing his blood-stained teeth.

Pyo-wol stared at Go Il-won’s face. and said

“That seed will never grow to the end. I will uproot it.”

“Try it. It will never be easy.”

“Nothing I’ve ever done has been easy. Still, they all made it in the end. It will be like this again.”

“Gwang…Oh Han… But it suits you well.”

Ilwon Go laughed.

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked into the air.

A pitch-black darkness filled his eyes, where not even the stars could be seen.

That was the last scenery Ko Il-won saw while alive.

Then came true darkness.

Ko Il-won stumbled and collapsed like an old tree.


It was then.

“Sweet Lord!”

A man came running madly.

He was Jo Pyeong-rak, the captain of the captain’s ship, which Ko Il-won usually rode on.

Jo Pyeong-rak hugged Il-won Ko, who had stopped breathing, and shouted.

“Rise up, my lord! Please…”

But Ilwon Go did not answer his cry.

Only then did Jo Pyeong-rak accept Go Il-won’s death.

He shouted while holding Ilwon Go in his arms.

“Everybody kill the author. He is the enemy of sobriety.”

His cry echoed through the sea gate.

In order to install the thunderbolts, the ghost fleet soldiers scattered around the sea gate gathered.

This time Sayoung shouted.

“Everyone keep the highest.”

At his command, the scattered assassins gathered in Haemun.

Assassins gathering like black clouds.

They blocked the front of the moon.

Jo Pyeong-rak shouted.

“Kill it!”


“Avenge your lord’s enemies.”

The soldiers of the ghost fleet shouted and ran to Pyowol.

Against him, the assassins moved.

They didn’t shout or move riotously like the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet.

It literally moved silently like a black cloud and fought against the unmanned ghost fleet.

Cagaga River!

The sound of their clash echoed across the battlefield.


“Oops! Huh!”

Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an Salno breathed heavily.

Their bodies were stained with blood.

Dokgo Hwang’s martial arts was processed with thread.

Even though the three best assassins in Gangho worked together, they could not capture it.

He received several minor wounds, but he was still in good health.

Dokgo Hwang’s face was full of annoyed light.

This is because even after tens of seconds, the assassins could not be completely stopped.

I never thought I’d be wasting so much time on a mere assassin.

One of the things he hated the most was wasting time like this.


Dokgo Hwang sighed.

He was mad at himself for wasting so much time on an assassin.

-Everyone be careful. The atmosphere is unusual.

Salno sent a telegram to Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an to warn them.

It was when the two nodded in silence.


Suddenly, fireworks exploded on the dock.

Dokgo Hwang’s gaze turned to the dock.

In an instant, a smile appeared on his face.

This is because there were many ships in the dock.

Flags symbolizing martial arts were fluttering on top of the mast of the ship.

The martial arts reinforcements had finally arrived.

As long as reinforcements came, there was no reason to join hands with the ghost fleet.

Dokgohwang thought it was good.

If you take this opportunity to wipe out the moon, the assassins, and even the ghost fleet, your position in the Golden Heaven will rise again.

“Feel so good. good!”

Dokgo Hwang smiled and raised his sword.

A terrifying spirit radiated from his whole body.

Salno and Hong Ye-seol trembled at the feeling that thousands and tens of thousands of awls would pierce their bodies.

I felt a different atmosphere and pressure than before.

‘I must risk my life.’

Salno gritted his teeth.

There was no regret in life.

Having been raised as an assassin, it was a miracle that he survived until now.

There was no regret that he would lose his life now.

However, Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an were different.

was still young The number of days to live was far greater than the number of days lived.

I had to protect them somehow.

Salno raised all his power and glared at Dokgohwang.

At that moment, Dokgo Hwang swung his sword and rushed in.

His sword had sharp blades like dragon teeth. Even Sword Gang was spinning fiercely on top of the sword.


Extermination of dragon hoe (龍牙廻殲滅)

It was the strongest herb food he had ever learned.

The destructive power created by the rotation of the sword sword exceeded the power of other strong martial arts several times.

The sight of the blade spinning in front of him was terrifying.

Even Salno, who had lost the emotion of fear a long time ago, felt as if his heart was racing.

“I will erase you from this world.”

Dokgohwang shouted loudly and annihilated the dragon hoe.


The air around the area was twisted by the annihilation of the dragon hoe.

The air twisted into a spiral became a storm and hit the area.

At the center were Salno and Hong Ye-seol’s brain.

I couldn’t see any place to escape.

The three of them did their best to show off their strongest herbivores.

His three career paths created a storm, and he faced the upcoming annihilation of the Dragon Society. They wanted to hold out for a while, but their careers were soon swallowed up by a huge storm.





All three screams rang out at the same time.

They flew helplessly and crashed to the ground like fallen leaves swept away by a storm.

The sight of them rolling on the floor was truly gruesome.

In particular, the details of Salno, who was directly hit by Dokgo Hwang’s attack from the front, were serious.

His right arm was blown off and his left leg was also missing.

His side was also torn and blood was pouring out.

Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an couldn’t help it even when they saw it. Because they too were seriously injured.

At least Salno blocked most of the impact, so it was this much. If it wasn’t for him, their lives would have ended right away.

Hong Ye-seol lifted his head with difficulty and looked ahead.

Her eyes were red and bloodshot from bursting blood vessels. It looked like it was about to spill blood.

Dokgo Hwang was approaching with a long sword.

‘Looks like it’s over.’

Hong Ye-seol intuited the end.

He no longer had the strength to resist.

At that moment, Dokgohwang raised his sword high into the sky. Then, he lowered his sword at the three of them.

It was then.


Someone blocked the three of them from Dokgo Hwang’s attack.


An explosion occurred in front of the three of them. However, no shock was conveyed to the three of them.

This is because the one who blocked Dokgohwang’s attack absorbed most of the shock.

Dokgo Hwang’s face twisted.

“Sah… brother?”

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