Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 595

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 595

Episode 595

Pyo-wol’s expression did not change even at Il-Won Ko’s words.

To an assassin, being cowardly was the highest compliment.

That was also true of Pyowol.

It was the duty of an assassin to approach and assassinate an opponent regardless of means and methods.

Even though it was unintentional, if it was possible to sacrifice the life of one assassin to drive two daggers into Ko Il-won’s back, it was a remaining business.

Immediately, he tightened his muscles to stop the bleeding, but it was only a temporary measure.

Humans were the type of people who couldn’t exert their full power with just a small thorn stuck under their fingernails. Not to mention, there were two daggers the size of a child’s palm embedded in his back.

Even with such an injury, he couldn’t show his full potential.

It didn’t seem to have any effect right away, but it was clear that it would eat away at Goilwon as time went on.

That alone was enough for Pyowol.

Ilwon Go ran his hand through his messy hair.

The two eyes that had been hidden by the hair were exposed and shone brightly.

Not only did he lose the battle of patience, but the fact that he was hurt made him furious.

I can’t even remember when I was hurt like this.

“You make me do my best. good! It should be like this.”

Ilwon Ko stretched out his fist as big as the lid of the pot. Then, a haze rose from his whole body.

Pyo-Wol glared at Go Il-Won while operating the Black Lightning.

Ambush was meaningless now.

It didn’t work, and since it was revealed, I couldn’t try again.

All that remains is a head-to-head confrontation.

I felt a tingling sensation as the brain power ran through the nerves of my whole body.

In addition, his field of vision narrowed.

The other background is erased and only Goilwon is visible.

It was a phenomenon that appeared when a high degree of concentration was expressed.

It was the same with Go Il-won.

Just like Pyowol, he was also raising his concentration.


The air around the area was shaken by their confrontation.



Go Il-won took a deep breath for a moment, then kicked the ground.

His figure as he terrifyingly charged forward with his huge body was like that of a bison.

Go Il-won, who shortened the distance in an instant, swung a fist full of condensed air power.


Pyo-wol avoided Go Il-won’s fist by a hair’s breadth.


It was Agwido’s reading technique, which accurately synchronized breathing and life reactions with the opponent.

It reads the opponent’s breathing and minute muscle movements and responds in real time. It was a skill that could never be performed without the support of Black Lightning.


Pyo-wol retreats as Go Il-won approaches.

As it contains formidable gong power, even just brushing against it is the least serious injury.

No matter how strong you are and how confident you are in your martial arts, it was right to avoid it.

However, Pyo-wol really avoided Il-Won Go’s attack by an inch.

The appearance of such a Pyowol was like a ghost.

Goilwon’s eyebrows twitched.

He was angry at Pyowol’s provocation for daring to use this tactic against himself.

“Are you playing this prank on me?”


Suddenly, Ko Il-won spread his palms wide toward Pyo-wol.

At that moment, a tremendous suction power pulled Pyowol.

As Ilwon Go clenched his fist, the pulling force became stronger.


Pyo-wol was dragged by Go Il-won as if he was tied to a rope.

A deep furrow was formed in the ground where they were stepping.

There was no use even if he stretched out his superficial muscles.

To attract an absolute master like Pyowol with the skill of Heo Gong Submul, it required a tremendous amount of effort.

Ko Il-won had near-infinite air power.

That’s why even when he pulled Pyowol with Heo Gong Sub, his complexion didn’t change.

Pyowol loosened his cervical vertebrae.

Because I knew there was no point in holding on.

Rather, he surrendered to the power of suction and spread both hands wide.

Chow ha ha!

Ten lines of suhons reached out to Go Il-won.

Ten lines of suhonsa flying in different trajectories.

Even if it wasn’t, it was so thin that it was hard to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye, but it was dark.

A normal unmanned person could never detect a suhonsa. But Go Il-won was different.

In the darkness, his eyes spewed red light.

He opened Surana.

His eyes accurately caught the bridegroom, and his body reacted in an instant.


In an instant, a self-defense device was created around Ilwon Ko’s body.

The suhonsa could not penetrate the self-defense technique and bounced out.

Ko Il-won did not miss the gap and attacked Pyo-wol.


A tremendous energy passed through Pyowol’s temple.

Pyo-wol, who avoided Go Il-won’s attack by a hair’s breadth, took out Sasa-gang.


Go Ilwon’s Kwon Kang and Pyowol’s Sasa Gang collided.

Both energies had strong energy.

One of the highest realms that a martial artist could reach was Kang Qigong (罡氣功).

It was a stage that could never be reached unless one had to build up tremendous inner strength and was not free to use one’s inner strength.

If you are a master who has reached the absolute level, you can of course use strong qigong, but that doesn’t mean you can use it without any restrictions.

Because the consumption of internal power was enormous. So, he only practiced strong qigong when absolutely necessary or in desperate moments.

The two of them took out and used the strong qigong casually.

Pyo-wol carried the black thunder when the Sasa River did not pass through.

It is to unleash the Black Thunder Saga Gang loaded with brainpower.


Every time Pyowol wielded the Black Thunder Sagang, thunderbolts colored the night sky brightly.

It was as if there was a thunder god wielding a whip.

Go Il-won realized that it was not easy to deal with Pyo-wol with his bare hands.

He stretched out his hand and performed the exquisite art of the void submerged.

Then, an iron spear lying nearby flew into his hand.

It was the weapon of an unknown soldier.

The weapon’s owner had already died and became a deceased, but his weapon was given a new life in the hands of Go Il-won.


The spear trembled, and then he vomited the spear.

On top of the almost one piece of spear, three pieces of spear length were added.


Ko Il-won shouted his spirit and swung the spear covered with Changgang.

Cuckoo coo!

The rain of the Changgang poured down on Pyowol.

Pyo-wol did not back down an inch and spread the black thunder attack.


The Changgang and the Black Thunder Sagang collided in the air, causing countless explosions.

Countless clusters of lights exploded like stars exploding.

Still, the two continued to attack each other without batting an eye.


Pyowol’s blood wind was parted.

It was a bloody garment made by Dang Sochu with great care.

It was made by mixing special silver thread with Cheonjamsa, so it did not get a single scratch on a sword, let alone blood and fire.

Even with such equipment, Go Il-won’s Changgang couldn’t stand it.

No, it’s just that much of a piece of equipment, so at least it protects Pyowol that much.


The stone wall was cut like tofu by the strong wind that bounced off it.

The entire area was completely destroyed in the confrontation between the two.

Buildings and houses that were barely holding their shape collapsed, and dust rose like fog.

In addition, the embers that bounced off the site where the thunderbolt exploded moved to the trees and started a big fire.

The confrontation between the two beyond human limits was clearly visible even to those who were far away.

The Taemusang brothers who were moving with Soma also saw the scene.


“Does that make sense?”

The incompetent brothers couldn’t even think of closing their mouths that were wide open in surprise.

It was like a battle between a thunder god and an evil god.

Every time they waved their hands, a cloud of light flashed and exploded. Each time the area was thoroughly destroyed.

It was an act beyond common sense.

Taemusang and Geomyeon were so overwhelmed that they didn’t even dare to move.

“Come on, come to your senses. Is it when you are admiring it?”

It was Soma’s cry that woke them up.

Soma was also astonished at the two’s inaction.

I was well aware of Pyo-wol’s actions, but Go Il-won’s actions were also out of the ordinary.

The two of them were performing in such a way that it would not be strange whoever came out victorious.

It was an unstoppable confrontation. However, Soma forced her eyes to look away.

He believed in transcendence.

Now I had to trust him and find the thunderbolt and remove it.

The soldiers of the Ghost Fleet were still hiding bullets all over the sea gate.

There were many things I found and removed, but there were quite a few that I couldn’t find.

Although he had already suffered great damage, he had to find it in order to prevent further damage.

Fortunately, the assassins joined them.

Even at this moment, the assassins were scattered all over the sea gate and were assassinating the soldiers of the ghost fleet.

The time they earned was not to be wasted.

“Let’s move quickly.”



Taemusang and Geomyeon apologized and followed Soma.


At that moment, a group of warriors blocked the three of them.

They were the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet.

They noticed the existence of the three people who were trying to find and remove the thunderbolts and stopped them.

It was time for Soma and the Taemusang brothers to respond.


There were people who moved before them.

Black shadows suddenly appeared on the left and right of the ghost fleet soldiers and attacked them.




In an instant, several soldiers lost their lives to the black shadows.

The survivors spat out a guard.


“They are assassins.”

Those who raided the unmanned ghost fleet were the assassins who followed Pyowol.

It is for them to step in and remove the obstacles blocking Soma’s path.

The assassins did not say anything to Soma even while dealing with the ghost fleet. However, their will was sufficiently conveyed to Soma and the Taemusang brothers.

Beep! Beep!

A whistle rang through the streets.

It was the signal of the unmanned ghost fleet.

The whistle announces that an assassin has appeared.

As the battle between the ghost fleet and the assassins began in earnest, Haemun turned into Hell.

The streets were overflowing with corpses, and people’s screams continued.

Even though the damage was minimal, it was this much.

If everything went as Koilwon intended, Haemun would have become a ruin where people could no longer live.

Go Il-won’s face was distorted.

Even in the midst of fighting Pyowol, he noticed that the situation in the area was not going the way he wanted.

Screams were heard everywhere.

There were also screams of assassins mixed in, but most of them were uttered by his minions.

The warriors of the ghost fleet are being pushed back by the assassins.

‘I looked at him too funny.’

Ko Il-won frankly admitted his mistake.

Pyo-wol’s inaction is great, but his own mistake of assuming that those who follow him will not notice much.

If this continues, the ghost fleet will suffer enormous damage.

Ilwon Go gritted it.

The best way to reverse the situation was to kill Pyowol, the leader of the assassins.


Ko Il-won raised all his remaining energy. Then, not only the spear but also his body were swallowed up by the light.

Seonggang celestial fire.

The strongest herbivore that attracts and burns the energy around it.

“The moon!”

Ko Il-won rushed in, calling Pyo-wol by name.

He cast a long tail of light and became a meteor.


Pyowol took a deep breath.


Dozens of black raspberry thorns wrapped around his body.

Like that, Pyowol became a black thunderbolt and collided with the flying meteor.


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