Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 594

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 594

Episode 594

Ko Il-won frowned.

It was because the thunderbolts exploded less than he expected.

The entire city should have been destroyed by now. However, the area destroyed was not that large.


Ko Il-won raised the senses of his whole body. Then, the whole situation flowed into my mind at a glance.

The sound of people breathing, shouting, screaming, and even fighting among warriors were completed in my head.

An alien presence intervened in the finished painting.

It was the kind of feeling that makes people feel bad, like when they get stuck under their fingernails.

Ko Il-won focused more on feeling. Then, a little more clearly, I felt those who had a heterogeneous presence.

“Is it an assassin?”

It wasn’t just one or two.

Hundreds of assassins were scattered all over the sea gate to ambush his men.



The guardsmen of the Ghost Fleet, who were vigilant, collapsed helplessly under the ambush of the assassins.

Maybe it was because I didn’t expect the assassins to intervene at this point. Even most of the warriors didn’t even know that the assassins were involved.

As such, the movements of the assassins were both stealthy and swift.

They ambush without giving the ghost fleet unmanned time to respond or contact each other.


A light of anger flashed on Go Il-won’s face.

It was a situation where everything was going back to the picture he had drawn.

Mugeomryeon attacked Haewonjang, and in the meantime he destroyed Haemun while keeping Pyowol in check.

If given a little more time, he could have driven Haemun into an unrecoverable state. If that was the case, the confusion in the world would have increased and the ghost fleet would have been able to use the gap to expand its power.

All of those paintings were shaking due to the intervention of mere assassins.

“The assassin is the problem.”

It wasn’t enough that he lost his father and grandmother to the assassin Pyo-wol, and his entire plan was shaken.

This was also the first time Go Il-won experienced it.

Ilwon Go turned around.

In the distance, he could see Pyowol running towards him.

Even though he moved while erasing his traces, the leap was to accurately pinpoint his location.

I didn’t know if it was because he was an assassin or if Pyowol had that ability.

I suddenly felt that I was bored.

The desire to end the friendship with Pyo-wol raised his head right here.

“OK! If you want to die like that, I will kill you.”

Ko Il-won raised his life.

Killing only the Pyowol would have been easier than flipping the palm of the hand to kill the rest of the assassins.

It was then.


Pyowol’s presence disappeared as if he had sensed Go Il-won’s murder.

“Are you going to ambush? me?”

It was so absurd that I couldn’t even laugh.

He had Surana.

The eyeball of vision made in the West can be seen at night as well as in broad daylight and does not miss any secret movements.

Ambush doesn’t work for him who has learned to study, which can be said to be the natural enemy of assassins.

I was really annoyed at Pyowol for making such a foolish choice even though I had already experienced it once. He was annoyed at his own foolishness in judging Pyo-wol as his lifelong adversary and enemy.

“OK! let me kill I’d rather kill you quickly and sort this situation out.”

Ilwon Ko focused his energy on his eyes. Then, even in the dark, his eyes scattered intense glare.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when Suraan was opened in a polarized way.

Ko Il-won operated Sura-an and looked around.

However, no movement has been detected so far.

Ko Il-won naturally thought so.

There was no way that an assassin who had reached the same level as Pyowol would reveal his presence hastily.

He is probably hiding somewhere and observing himself.

‘It’s like playing hide and seek.’

The one who hides and the one who needs to be found.

It was Pyowol and himself now.

Pyo-wol was hiding and aiming at him, and he was wide-eyed to find him.

‘Anyway, I’m surprised. How can the four demons be defeated so easily?’

The Four Great Demon Kings were never easy beings.

Their inaction was so strong that even Go Il-won could not belittle it. However, Pyowol cleaned them up in an instant.

It was proof that Pyowol’s inaction was stronger than Ko Ilwon had thought.

‘Even if so, it’s just an assassin.’

Ko Il-won did not acknowledge the assassin.

If you are an unmanned person, no matter how disadvantageous you are, you have to face it head-on.

Kill Pyo-wol at once and destroy Hae-mun. After that, he finds his wayward half-brother and punishes him.

That was the thought that dominated Ko Il-won’s head at this moment.

It had been a long time since I had such intense longing.

It was the first time I had felt this way since the first time I took charge of the Ghost Ship.

So I was more willing.


A thread-like qi was released from his body and spread throughout the area.

The skein of energy, invisible to human eyes, spread and took control of the area like a spider’s web.

There was no lethal force, but even the slightest movement could not escape the thread of his qi.

Suraan and the spool of energy spread out like a spider’s web.

At this level, it was impossible to secretly approach him even if it was not the death god but the death god’s grandfather.

We did everything we could to detect the approach of the moon.

It was a battle of patience from now on.

Does Pyowol’s patience run out first, or is he impatient and moves?

Ilwon Ko was confident in this kind of fight.

At least in a battle of patience, I’ve never lost a single one.

Time passed relentlessly.

In the meantime, there were three or four more explosions.

No matter how many assassins were put in, it was difficult to retrieve all the thunderbolts.


One of the thunderbolts that Soma and the assassins missed exploded right in front of Goilwon.

A storm of fire blew right up to Goilwon, and I felt the hot heat.

It seemed that the living fire would devour Go Il-won at any moment. In fact, Go Il-won’s face was red from the high heat.

Still, Ilwon Go didn’t blink an eye or move.

He stood there, as if he were a stone statue.

After a while, the flames that had reached his immediate vicinity died out. Although he escaped from the crisis, Go Il-won’s expression did not change.

His face was expressionless, as if he were covered in iron armor, but countless thoughts were running through his head.

‘Even though it was the best opportunity, it didn’t move. why?’

In fact, he thought that Pyowol would surprise him when the explosion occurred a moment ago.

It was because the moment when the firestorm, shock wave, and fragments of the thunderbolt attacked was the best opportunity for an assassination.

So he was fully prepared to respond at any time. However, contrary to his expectations, Pyowol did not show any movement.

‘Couldn’t it be that he’s not here?’

Suddenly, I had such a doubt.

Contrary to expectations, if Pyo-wol wasn’t here, he was just fooling around.

If his ankles were tied to check the non-existent Pyowol, his appearance would be ridiculous.

Ilwon Ko shook his head and denied his suspicions.

‘no! He’s definitely here.’

Although he hadn’t confirmed the reality of Pyowol, he was definitely aiming for him around here.

It wasn’t something you had to see with your own eyes to know.

His intuition was telling him so.

‘I believe in me.’

It was called the Suspicious Dark Ghost.

The moment you doubt, the devil grows in your heart.

The devil that grew up like that takes control of the mind in an instant and makes you disbelieve yourself.

Go Il-won saw countless unmanned people and people that were broken like that.

I knew very well how miserable their end was.

‘If it’s a fight with patience, I’ll accept it.’

Ko Il-won won Surana.

If the opponent didn’t move, Suraan was useless.

Rather, it was a hundred times more useful to strengthen the senses spread like a spider’s web.

He closed his eyes and focused more on the feeling.

Time passed.

Ko Il-won forgot even the flow of time and focused on the movement of Pyo-wol.

So far there has been no movement.

‘Did I get it wrong? Is he not here?’

Suddenly, that suspicion reared its head again.

It was then.


Something caught his gut.

For a moment, a faint smile appeared on Go Il-won’s lips.

It was because he judged that Pyowol could not stand it and moved.

I faintly felt the movement of something in the senses spread out like a skein of thread.

It was a ghost-like movement that I wouldn’t have known if Ko Il-won hadn’t raised his senses to the extreme.

The moon came slowly, little by little.

Ko Il-won still did not move so that Pyo-wol would not know that he had noticed.

Pyowol was the strongest assassin in the world.

Even a slight change in breathing rate, a change in body temperature, and you will know that you have felt him.

I had to keep all my vital signs the same to keep him from noticing.

It was a very difficult task, but it was not too difficult for Ko Il-won.

It was then.


Another thunderclap exploded not too far away.

Unlike before, I was away from the full power of the explosion for a while.

But, unexpectedly, Pyowol seemed to be agitated, and the movement changed rapidly.

See it!

The sharp puncture sound was caught in Ko Il-won’s ears.

Ko Il-won opened his closed eyes and fired a punch towards the place where the blast sound came from.


A tremendous energy emanated from his fist.

“This is my victory. A leap!”


Along with Ko Il-Won’s cry, his one hand fired at the being that was secretly attacking.

The opponent who attacked him turned into a blood cell and bounced back without even screaming.

A heavy feel in the hand.

The attack went right.

However, Go Il-won’s expression turned rather dark.

It was because the repulsive force he felt from his fist was worse than he expected.

If it was the symbol he knew, no matter how much he allowed a blow, he had to emit a stronger reaction force than this.


It was then.

Suddenly, a black shadow arose behind Ilwon Go.

The shadow that arose without sound or presence was the eclipse moon.


Pyo-wol inserted the two ghost tombstones he was holding in his hands into Ko Il-won’s waist and back.


Ko Il-won hurriedly performed an anti-tangling technique at the feeling of a blade digging into his muscles.


The pyowol bounced off as it was during the semi-column period. But since I had already prepared for it, I wasn’t too shocked.

Pyo-wol stepped back for five chapters and looked at Go Il-won.

Ko Il-won frowned and looked at Pyo-wol.

The ghost rain was still stuck on his back. Still, not much blood came out.

It was because the moment the ghost rain dug in, he tightened his muscles to stop the bleeding.

Conflicting emotions of shame, anger, and doubt coexisted on Ko Il-won’s face.

The very fact that Pyo-Wol allowed an ambush hurt his pride.

On the other hand, he was curious about the person he made with blood cells.

I thought it was the moon, so I couldn’t even recognize its shape.

Pyowol answered him.

“An assassin under my command. It looks like you came here not knowing I was hiding.”

The assassin who was looking for the thunderbolt came here without even knowing that Pyowol and Go Ilwon were confronting each other.

He didn’t even know the identity of Ilwon Go and thought he was the one to kill, so he attempted an ambush.

Pyowol was watching the whole scene clearly.

But I couldn’t stop him.

This is because the moment a warning is sent by sending a telegram, not only he but also his hiding place can be discovered.

Thanks to an assassin who accidentally intervened, Go Il-won revealed a loophole, and Pyo-wol was able to inflict great damage on him.

That was enough.

Ilwon Go, who learned the circumstances, was furious.

“This coward…”

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