Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 593

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 593

Episode 593



Explosive sounds and choked moans rang out.

The owner of the moan was tar.

A look of dismay was evident on Tarha’s face.

It is also because he suffered a loss in the confrontation with Dokgo Hwang.

No matter how much Dokgo Hwang is said to be the master of the heavenly high school, the number of years of learning martial arts is markedly different.

He, too, made a name for himself in the western region as a skill of the heavenly high school, and achieved high achievements after decades of hard work. Of course, I was confident that I would be able to overcome Dokgo Hwang. However, the result was different from his expectations.

Dokgo Hwang’s inaction was never inferior to that of Tarha. Rather, he terrifyingly pushed Tarha with his youthful spirit.

For the first hundred or so seconds, they fought evenly, but as time went by, Tarha was overwhelmed.

Simply in terms of martial arts, Tarha was much higher than Dokgohwang.

The problem was his body, which had entered a period of decline.

The aging body did not move as intended.

His aged body was unable to absorb or dissipate the cumulative impact. As the shock piled up, his movements were bound to slow down.

On the other hand, Dokgo Hwang, who had reached his peak physically, put pressure on Tarha with his youth.

“Let’s end this now. gaffer!”


Dokgo Hwang pulled out the sword he was wearing at his waist.

His nickname was Dragon Sword.

He was a martial artist whose sword was his name. Even so, without using the sword, Tarha was driven into a corner.

It was truly an amazing feat.

The moment Dokgo Hwang drew his sword, the atmosphere changed again.

Tarha made a determined expression.

‘Anyway, today will be the anniversary of this old man’s ancestral rite. But even if I go when I go, I will never go alone.’

I had no regrets in life because I had lived enough to live anyway.

If there was any lingering attachment, it was Yul Ah-yeon, her granddaughter.

‘He’s a smart kid, so he’ll be able to live a wonderful life without me.’


A golden haze bloomed on Tarha’s fists.

It is to spread the beginning of the Sura Golden Hwangwon.


Dokgo Hwang spat out a spirit and rushed at Tarha.

Wedge liquid!

His sword pierced Tarha’s throat.

Tarha threw a fist at Dokgo Hwang’s sword with a young sword.


Geomgang and Sura Golden Hwangkwon clashed.

In an instant, Yul Ah-yeon shouted.


She screamed and threw herself.

In the direction she flew, Tarha, who had become blood, was flying.

Yul Ah-yeon accepted Tarha out of thin air.


Yul Ah-yeon called out to Tarha in her arms, but there was no answer.

The paralysis of Tarha, who had become blood, was severe.

It seemed like he was about to stop breathing, but if he didn’t get treatment right away, his life was in danger.

Even Dokgo Hwang was not safe.

He too suffered minor injuries and was bleeding. But he was still standing on his two legs.

There is a clear distinction between winners and losers.


Yul Ah-yeon hurriedly took out the Yo Sang-dan from her bosom and tried to take it. But Dokgohwang did not let him do that.

“Die together. girl!”


It was the moment Dokgo Hwang swung his sword at the two of them.


Salno jumped in and blocked Dokgo Hwang’s sword instead.

He said to Yul Ah-yeon.

“Come on, take him and avoid him!”


“I can’t stop it for long. Hurry and avoid it.”

Yul Ah-yeon came to her senses at Salno’s cry.

She let Tarha take the upper level and hurriedly retreated.

In the meantime, Salno stopped Dokgohwang.

“Get out of the way! gaffer.”

bang! Kwaaang!

Dokgo Hwang mercilessly attacked Salno.

Salno was helplessly pushed back.

It was unreasonable to fight Dokgohwang in a head-to-head confrontation.

Every time he blocked Dokgohwang’s blow, his body seemed to break.

Bloodstains appeared on Salno’s lips.

He too was pushed to the limit.

Salno looked at Yul Ah-yeon with a sidelong glance.

Yul Ayeon also had a sense of humor, so she ran away with Tarha without hesitation.

The problem was getting his body out.

Dokgo Hwang was attacking him with overwhelming force.

‘I think it’s wrong to get out safely…’

I had to decide at this point.

It was then.

“Do you think you will miss it again?”

Hwang Dokgo understood Salno’s intentions and attacked more fiercely.

Young energy wriggled like a dragon in his sword.


Salno’s eyes widened.

This attack was too fierce, and he completely blocked the defense he could avoid. I couldn’t see how to get out of the body or reduce the power.

‘Is it the end?’

It was when Salno intuited his end.


Something wrapped around his waist and pulled him.

Salno flew through the air and landed on the roof behind him for a long time.

After landing on the roof, I realized what had happened.


It was Hong Ye-seol who grabbed him by the waist and pulled him. A familiar face appeared beside her.

“In the brain! Are you here too?”


Even while answering, he did not take his eyes off Dokgo Hwang.

His and Hong Ye-seol’s bodies were drenched in sweat.

It was because he sensed the movement of Dokgo Hwang late and ran with all his might.

As evidence of that, intense heat was radiating from the shoulders of Hong Ye-seol and Brain.

They glared at Dokgohwang, breathing heavily.

When the two appeared, Dokgo Hwang made an annoyed expression.

“Having two more worms on board doesn’t change anything.”

Hong Ye-seol slightly frowned at his mad words.

If Salno’s life had not been in danger, she would not have appeared without any countermeasures.

Assassins show their true value when ambush.

Fighting head-on like this halves the power of an assassin.

Even more so, the opponent in front of them was Dokgo Hwang, a master of the highest level.

A monstrous warrior who could not be helped by Tarha and Salno.

No one wanted to go head-to-head against such a warrior.

So were the two of them.

If the one in danger had not been Salno, he would never have come forward.

Hong Ye-seol asked Salno.

“are you okay?”

“Why did you do that? I’d rather use this old man as bait for a surprise attack.”

“I don’t think that I can do anything about the author.”

“But what if we go out like this without any countermeasures?”

“Who said there was no countermeasure?”


Salno put on a puzzled expression.

Instead of answering, Hong Ye-seol glanced behind him.


For a moment, a faint smile appeared on Salno’s lips.


It was because I heard a faint sound behind my back.

It was the kind of sound that thousands of insects would make when they moved.

I knew the identity of the sound of living.

A similar sound was heard when the assassins moved in groups.

“Could it be that you mobilized all of the power of the Black World?”


“You are crazy. Do whatever you want with the supreme subordinate…”

“He will understand.”

“I will definitely ask you for the crime of mobilizing all your strength.”

“all right. I’ll sweeten it all up later. That b*stard’s nagging… What would he say even if he really saved me?”

When Hong Ye-seol got annoyed, Salno laughed.

Seeing the two of them, Dokgo Hwang exploded to live.

“Who are you talking about in front of you?”


Dokgo Hwang swung his sword and charged.

Hong Ye-seol sprayed him with memorization and smirked.

“Who is who? A person with a heart as small as a pea.”

“Let’s see if I can get away with it no matter where I cut my hair.”

“My neck is a bit hard, so it must be difficult.”

Hong Ye-seol replied without losing a word. Even so, he did not miss Dokgo Hwang’s movements for a single moment.

Noe-an and Salno joined forces with Hong Ye-seol to oppose Dokgo Hwang.


Mugeomryun’s unmanned Gu Jang-moon was in the middle of a fierce fight with Haewon-jang’s unmanned soldiers.

There were already three soldiers who died at the hands of Haewonjang.

In return, he was left with a lot of scars on his body.

It was the fate of a military man to pay the price if he killed others.

It was painful and difficult, but Gu Jang-moon fought with all his might to carry out his master’s orders.


Weapons collided and sparks flew.

It was an equal opponent.

Even after fighting for dozens of seconds, it was not easy to win.

The opponent was a soldier of Mara’s court.

He fought Gu Jang-moon on an equal footing with bizarre martial arts.

‘It can’t be done with ordinary methods.’

It was the time when Gu Jang-moon was about to unleash the trumpet he had hidden so far.


Suddenly, there was a sound like a rustling collar coming from behind.

Gu Jang-moon instinctively felt the crisis and tried to react. However, the warrior of Mara’s law department he was dealing with did not let him move freely.

While his hands and feet were tied by the Mara court martial, someone quietly approached him from behind.

It was an assassin dressed in black uniform from head to toe.

He came behind the back of the stadium gate like a ghost.

Gu Jang-moon also felt that fact, but he couldn’t use his hands because of the martial law of Mara.


The assassin swung his sword and wounded Gu Jang-moon at the back of his ankle.


The new type of stadium gate with its tendon cut staggered.

He hurriedly strained his legs and tried to balance himself, but to no avail. Because there was no strength in the legs.


The warriors of Mara’s court did not miss the loophole in the gate and inserted their weapons.



Gujangmun collapsed with a scream.

Blood was pouring from his chest, which had been punctured.

That was the end of Gujangmun.

Fights like this were taking place all over the Haewonjang area.

When the Mugeomryeon and Haewonjang fighters are fighting fiercely, assassins appear and attack only the Mugeomryeon fighters.

He didn’t even take his life.

There were only minor cuts to the ankles and back.

That was enough. The finish was done by the commander of the Haewon or Mara court martial.

The assassins were the subordinates of the moon.

Not only Baek Guryun, but also all the assassins he had subjugated were mobilized.

If Pyowol had only one ghost fleet to deal with, he wouldn’t have gone this far.

Whatever the situation, it wouldn’t have been difficult for Pyowol and Salno to lose weight.

However, if Dokgo Hwang and the elite of Mugeomryeon intervene, the story will be different.

No matter what anyone says, Mugeomryun was one of the strongest groups in the world.

Although only a few are said to have entered Gangho, the power they possessed was truly enormous.

It wasn’t for nothing that they survived as members of the trio.

In order to keep Mugeomryeon in check, the entire force of Salmun was needed. So Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an overreacted and brought most of the assassins.


The assassins scattered across the sea gate moved silently and hunted the unmanned ghost fleet.


“What is it?”

The warriors who had been lighting the wicks of the thunderbolts for a while fell under the attack of the assassins.


The brothers Soma and Taemusang, who came running late, noticed the assassins and raised their eyes.

Soma asked cautiously.

“Are you my older brother, Suha?”


Soma smiled broadly at the assassins’ answer.

“Great. There must be wall-fire bombs set up like this all over the sea gate. Find a wall-fire bomb and cut the wick.”


“It’s your brother’s order.”

“All right.”



With the answer, the assassins disappeared into the darkness.

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