Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 592

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 592

Episode 592


With an explosion, fireworks soared high into the night sky.

It was a sight that would applaud as beautiful if someone who did not know the circumstances saw it.

Ko Il-won looked at the flames that lit up the night sky beautifully with his arms crossed.

Fires were raging all over the sea gate.

In the middle of the night, people who had been sleeping peacefully ran out into the streets in surprise.

People panicked as they watched the streets collapsing and burning.

Explosions erupted one after another as if a war had broken out, and flames soared high into the sky.

The premiere of Mekehan paralyzed people’s senses of smell, and people suffered burns or injuries one after another.

Residents couldn’t make good decisions.

They instinctively decided they needed to get away from the flames and ran blindly through the streets.


“help me!”

As many people temporarily gathered in a cramped alley, people were crushed to death one after another.


The sound of bones breaking and people screaming echoed at the same time.

There was no other road to hell.

People were driven to death without knowing why this happened.

Ko Il-won watched the whole scene.

It was quite a distance from where he was, but the whole sight was clear to his sea-trained eyes.

It was a disaster of his own making.

Because of his instructions, so many people died and lost their livelihood. Still, Go Il-won did not blink an eye.

His world was a place where it was natural for the strong to trample on the weak and take everything.

I was raised that way from a young age and I thought it was natural.

It was thanks to that mindset that I was able to raise this much by taking charge of the ghost fleet at a young age.

“Pyowol! How long are you going to hide?”

Originally, after taking full control of Haemun, he tried to find Pyowol. But knowing that Pyowol had already entered Haemun, I couldn’t just let it go.

I plan to seize Haemun and hunt Pyowol at the same time.

Fortunately, as Dokgohwang and Mugeomryeon tracked down Pyowol and entered Haemun, planning became easier.

If you have a lot of hands to mobilize, it’s easy to plan.

Ko Il-won used all the cards he could mobilize.

The result was the misery of Haemun.

Innocent civilians were fleeing from the flames. But even in the direction they fled, a thunderbolt exploded.


A storm of fire swept through the area with screams.

People who were swept away by the explosion could not even scream and turned to charcoal.

It was a truly brutal death.

The warriors of the ghost fleet were faithfully carrying out Goilwon’s orders. They were driving Haemun into even greater confusion. However, Ko Il-won did not look at the scene any longer.

His eyes were looking somewhere other than the devastation.

For a moment, his eyes moved dizzy.

Pupils shaking terribly as if an earthquake had occurred.

Go left, then right, then up again. Then the pupils dilated greatly and then constricted again.

In an instant, a small smile crept across his lips.

“You’re here!”


As soon as he could finish his words, a faint roar rang out.

In an instant, a translucent film formed in front of Ilwon Go.


Immediately after, something was blocked by a translucent membrane and bounced off.

The object that bounced off was a gift that was so thin that it was difficult to distinguish it with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

The gifts were scattered like a mirage in the air.

It was a suhonsa, a thread made of flags.

Pyo-wol was the only warrior who could hold a marriage ceremony in Gangho.

The moon broke through the darkness and appeared.

Ilwon Go said.

“You found me too. You would have known that.”

“Go Il-won!”

“How is it? Isn’t it gorgeous? Maybe it was like this when the new moon field collapsed?”

“Is it revenge for destroying the New Moon Field?”

“plural? No, this is a return.”

Go Il-won answered Pyo-wol’s question with a smile.

Ko Il-won hadn’t undone his arms yet.

Pyo-wol thought that Go Il-won was a threat.

Just a while ago, he attacked Ilwon Go with a wedding ceremony. However, Il-Won Ko raised his self-defense flag and defended it exactly at the moment when the Suhonsa was released.

Not only that.

He sensed the movement of the secretly approaching Pyowol in advance and prepared for it.

Until now, no master had noticed Pyowol’s secret approach. However, for the first time, a master who grasped his movements in advance appeared.

When he sensed the movement of Pyowol, Go Il-Won’s pupil movements were unusual.

His pupils obviously moved along Pyowol’s movement.

“It looks like you’ve learned a special eyeball?”

“Everyone has a trump card hidden from them.”

Go Il-won replied indifferently.

In fact, he saw the moon exactly.

I didn’t just notice his approach with a feeling, but I prepared for it by seeing it with my eyes.

Surana (修羅眼) is an eyeball.

The eyeball of vision made in the West does not miss any secret movements.

You can see it at night as well as in broad daylight, and you won’t miss any fast movements.

It was a study that could be said to be the natural enemy of an assassin.

Go Il-won’s words continued.

“Assassin, you are the last. Feel your helplessness with your whole body and watch as this place collapses.”

“You are full of confidence.”

“confidence? No, it’s my confidence.”

Ko Il-won sincerely believed that he was stronger than Pyo-wol.

The epitaph is obviously strong.

He deserved to be in the ranks of absolute masters of Gangho.

Just looking at the warriors he killed so far could tell the extent of his inaction.

As an assassin, Pyo-wol was obviously in an incredible state, but everyone has a natural enemy.

The Surana that he learned was a martial art that became the enemy of the assassins.

After completing Surana, Pyowol was no different from the monkey in the Buddha’s palm.

It was then.


With a strange sound, four In-Young appeared around Go Il-Won.

They were monks dressed as Westerners.

The one in the front was covering his eyes with a cloth, and the second monk was wearing a rosary the size of a child’s fist around his neck and wrists. The other two each held a huge captain and a blue dragon sword.

The Four Great Demons.

They were subordinates who had followed Ilwon Ko from the West Station.

They didn’t show up for quite a while, but once they did, they destroyed everything.

They were the last bastion of the ghost fleet.

Go Il-won said to Pyo-wol.

“If you want to kill me, come through them. The sooner the better. The more you delay, the more people will die.”

“It won’t take too long. I promise.”


Go Il-won smiled and moved on.

See it!

Pyowol hurled Sasa River toward his back.

It was an attempt to injure him by surprise.

At that moment, a blindfolded monk appeared in front of Go Il-won.

It was the same movement as the unwritten legendary new law Dongbu Shinbo.


he clapped his hands

In an instant, a powerful shockwave occurred and blocked the Sasa River. In the meantime, the rest of the mounts attacked Pyowol.





A strong wind wave hit Pyowol.

Their offensive was so powerful that even Pyowol could not be easily countered. So, I spread my steps and stepped back.


Their offensive was concentrated in the spot where Pyowol had been, and a large pit was dug.


The second monk screamed and snapped his thumb. Then, beads the size of a child’s fist flew toward Pyowol like a cannonball.

Pyowol shook her head to avoid the beads.


With an explosion, a huge hole was punched in the back wall.

It was truly formidable power.

It was clear that if even one bullet was allowed to be hit, a hole would be pierced in the torso as well.


The second monk bounced the string beads.

The attack, which Pyo-wol calculated even the direction to avoid, reminded me of Mancheon Hwa-woo, the legendary memorization technique of Sacheondangmun.

‘There is no chance of winning by just avoiding it.’

Even the opponent’s martial arts are not easy in the numerical inferiority.

Once put on the defensive, it is difficult to regain momentum again.

Especially when dealing with veterans like them.


Their attacks mesh exquisitely like cogs in an organ.

When a blindfolded horseman wields a pair of spears, the second horseman launches beads. Aiming at the gap, the captain and the horsemen carrying blue dragon swords make a melee attack.

Their joint work had reached the realm of art.

It was understandable that Ilwon Ko believed in them.

However, the person they were dealing with was Pyowol.

The Four Great Demons were also out of Sangri, but it was the same with Pyowol.

Pyo-wol operated the Black Thunder.

As the brain power flowed through the nerves of his whole body, his body’s reaction speed increased several times.

In that state, Pyowol unfolded the Sasagang.

See it!

The river, compressed like a string, flew towards the horseman who fired beads.

“No way.”


The captain and the monk holding the blue dragon and moon sword blocked Pyowol’s attack instead.

Their weapons were also swaying with strong energy.

In order to block the Sasa River, they also created a river.

It was Kang-ho’s common sense that heavy weapons with more weight would have an advantage if they were of the same type.

They were confident that they would crush Pyo-wol’s body with Sasa-gang.

It was then.


A black thunderbolt suddenly appeared in the Sasa River.

Black thunderbolts rushed up the entire Sasa River in an instant.

The horseman who covered his eyes with a cloth shouted at the unusual feeling.

“Everyone beware!”

However, the clash between Sasa Gang and the two men’s weapons was faster than his cry.


At that moment, an eerie cutting sound rang out.

It was an unbelievable sound that the river and the river collided.



A strange sound flowed from the mouths of the captain and the horseman who was wielding the blue dragon sword.

Bloody foam was pouring from their mouths.



At that moment, the blue dragon and the captain broke in two and fell to the floor, puncturing their hearts with a hole the size of a needle’s eye.

It was not enough that Pyowol’s Sasa Gang cut off their weapons, which were young, and pierced their hearts.

The two horsemen whose hearts were pierced could not understand the current situation until the moment they died.

Why is it that even though it is the same river, only their own river was cut off unilaterally.

What Pyowol unfolded was the Black Thunder Sasa Gang (黑雷絲蛇罡).

Pyo-Wol’s unique method of reading poison that puts brain power on the Sasa River.

The power of the Sasagang, with added brain power, far exceeded that of a normal river.

“third! You are the youngest!”

The blindfolded horseman rushed at Pyowol in anger at the death of his younger siblings.


At least the second horseman kept his head and shouted, but it was too late.


The first horseman’s body was cut into pieces.

Pyo-wol had already spread out his silver net.

It was a natural result because he rushed head-on without knowing that fact.


The enraged second horseman repeatedly bounced the beads.


A rosary ball the size of a child’s fist was shot at Pyowol. But somehow, Pyo-wol did not avoid the beads.


Bead beads exploded in Pyowol’s body, and a hole the size of a child’s fist pierced.

“I got it…”


The words of the second horseman, who had been shouting loudly, did not follow.

It was because I felt a burning pain in the back of my back.

Two daggers were embedded in the Myeongmoon and the nape of the neck, respectively. The owner of the dagger was Pyowol.


The second horseman made an expression of disbelief.

He couldn’t understand why Pyowol, who should have been pierced by the rosary and died, was behind him in good shape.

At that moment, the new form of Pyowol that had been pierced by the beads disappeared. Only then did the second horseman realize that it was an illusion.

It was Ma Yeong-hwan, a development of Lee Hyung-hwan.

Even the presence and texture are reproduced as they are, so you can’t help but be dazzled.


That was the end of the second horseman.

Pyo-wol, who killed all four horses in an instant, looked around. But Go Il-won disappeared before he knew it.

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