Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 591

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 591

Episode 591

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this!”

Salno thought as he pulled the mask up to below his eyes.

Since I had only a few days left to die, I tried not to kill myself if possible.

Assassin’s murder was a very delicate operation, and the slightest miscalculation would ruin everything. That’s why when you get older, you retire as an assassin.

It seems like you can hold on with your experience and age, but it’s because your old body doesn’t follow your heart.

For ordinary warriors, that level of aging would not be a big deal, but it was a fatal flaw for assassins who had to endure for days and days and wait for the best moment to commit murder.

So, Salno retired from the field and raised Heuksaldae.

Even after that, he occasionally killed people, but he was not as sophisticated as he was when he was on the job.

I thought my life as an assassin was completely over, so I focused only on assisting Pyowol. But that idle time is now over.

Haewonjang was precarious.

The warriors of Mara’s court came forward and put out the urgent fire, but it was pushed back overall.

Someone had to step in and create an opportunity for a reversal. So Salno went back to being an assassin.


Like a ghost, he silently approached the back of the martial arts fighter at the rear.

The warrior did not notice at all that a stranger approached behind his back. It was because he was completely focused on the fight in front of him.

Salno covered the warrior’s mouth and cut his throat with a dagger.


With an eerie cutting sound, the warrior’s throat split.

A warrior who trembles and sheds blood.

But no screams came out.

It was because Salno’s strong hand was covering his mouth so that not even a scream could leak out.


A suppressed scream lingered in his mouth before disappearing.

By that time, he had already died.

Carefully lay him down to make no sound, and moved in search of other prey.


An eerie cutting sound rang out from the rear of the armed warriors.



By the time the martial arts warriors noticed the change, it was after dozens of people had already lost their lives at the hands of Salno.

“An assassin.”


Salno hid his presence as much as possible and practiced stealth, but some keen senses noticed his presence.



They attacked exactly where Salno hid.


In the face of the fierce attack, Salno had no choice but to reveal itself in the end.

Caang! kang!

Salno swung his dagger and blocked the attack of the warriors.

‘I’m old too.’

Salno smiled bitterly and fought against the warriors.

It was then.


Beyond the fence of Haewonjang, in the downtown area of Haemun, there was a tremendous explosion and flames soared high into the sky.

“What is it?”


Taemusang and Geomyeon looked at the front with dazed faces.

One mansion, which had been intact just a moment ago, was blown away in an instant and turned into ruins.

“What is this?”

“oh my god!”

An explosion occurred right in front of them.

If they had come any closer, they would have been swept away by the explosion and lost their lives.

“Did the thunderclap explode?”

“Isn’t there still plenty of time left?”

“That… I don’t know.”

Geomyeon shook her head at Taemusang’s question.

Calculated by the length of the wick attached to the thunderclap, there should have been time left before it exploded. However, contrary to their expectations, the thunderclap exploded much faster.


“The house is…”

“There are people inside, what should I do?”

Surprised by the explosion, people who jumped out stomped their feet as they saw the ruins.

People’s limbs were visible through the broken wreckage.

There was no movement, so it was clear that he had already stopped breathing.

It was then.


Another explosion occurred not too far from the place where Taemusang and Soma were standing.

Again, huge fires and aftershocks arose and hit the area.

Not only the house where the explosion occurred, but also nearby houses collapsed or caught fire.


“help me!”

Surprised people screamed and ran as far away from the explosion site as possible.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Then another explosion occurred.

Fleeing people were caught in the blast and tossed in all directions.

The sight of them dying with their arms and legs grotesquely bent like broken dolls was enough to make people fall into fear.




Those around Taemusang and Geomyeon fell into a state of panic. They couldn’t even think of running away, so they sat down and sobbed.



Taemusang and Geomyeon were furious.

No matter how unstoppable a warrior was, there was a line that had to be followed.

Those who have now planted and set off the thunderbolts have clearly crossed that line.

There was no reason to protect Kang-ho’s morality against those who slaughtered ordinary people.

Taemusang said.

“They’re controlling the detonation time by varying the length of the wick. We have to catch the guys who install them.”


“If you find them, use your hands mercilessly.”


It was when Geomyeon nodded with a firm expression.

Sobok, who had been separated on the way, came running.

he shouted, pointing away.

“Geoyeon-ah! A thunderbolt was found over there.”


“I cut it once.”

“good job.”

At Geomyeon’s praise, Sobok nodded with a firm expression.

He, too, saw the explosion clearly.

It was clear that if the thunderbolts were left unattended, the entire sea gate would be devastated.

Taemusang said.

“I will mobilize all the children in Haimen to find the thunderbolts.”

“Okay bro!”

“If you miss even one, that many people will die.”

“The shopkeepers have already been mobilized. I will tell the other children about you.”

Sobok also knew the seriousness of the matter, so he answered quickly.

Finally, Geomyeon said a word.

“Everyone be careful. You must not be seen by those who planted the thunderbolts.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Sobok ran to tell the children the words of the matchless.

After he disappeared, Taemusang and Geomyeon also moved.

It wasn’t long after I started searching, I found a secretly hidden thunderbolt.


The wick of the thunderbolt was almost burning out.

“Turn it off quickly.”


The two hurriedly tried to put out the fire on the wick. However, when the fire did not go out easily, he swung his sword at all.


Fortunately, the wick was quickly cut off.

It was time for both of them to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I wondered why some of the wall-fire grenades didn’t explode, but there was a rat.”

A cold voice came from behind them.

Taemusang and Geomyeon looked at each other in surprise and saw three unidentified men standing there.

Taemusang instinctively realized that they were the culprits behind this situation. Because the smell of sulfur emanated from their bodies.

They were the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet.

It was they who planted the thunderclap in the vicinity. Of course, I knew better than anyone when the thunderclap would explode. However, even after waiting for a long time, some of them did not explode. That’s why I moved directly to grasp the truth.


Without hesitation, they drew their weapons.

Taemusang whispered to Geomyeon.

“be careful!”


It was the first real combat experience after learning martial arts from Tarha. There were many opportunities to perform martial arts, but this was the first time risking one’s life.

At least Taemusang was a bit better, but Geomyeon was hardened to the point where it was pitiful to look at.

It wasn’t a matter of incompetence.

It was his first time fighting for his life like this, so the pressure he felt was enormous.


The unmanned ghost fleet rushed at a frightening speed.

The weapons in their hands aimed at the breath of Taemusang and Geomyeon.

They didn’t make the mistake of neglecting them or neglecting them as children.

It was the law of the ghost fleet to do their best to fight any enemy they encountered.


Taemusang and Geomyeon also did their best to confront them.

There was a soft golden light on their fists.

Sura Golden Fist.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when Tarha performed German martial arts.

Both of them have learned more than three stars of Sura Golden Sphere.

It was an unbelievable achievement considering the period when he started learning martial arts in earnest.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A riot broke out.

Taemusang and Geomyeon did their best to spread the Sura golden throne.

The fist, imbued with golden energy, struck the sword with a long sword.



The unmanned crew of the ghosts raised their eyes.

Apparently, they clashed with bare fists without any weapons, because their weapons were cracked.

They didn’t expect that the young boys’ martial arts would be this powerful.

It would have been the same no matter who came, not them.



The unmanned ghost fleet was terribly pushed back.

The power of the Sura Golden Hwangwon was formidable.

The achievement of only three stars is overwhelmingly pushing the unmanned soldiers of the ghost fleet.

However, the warriors of the Ghost Fleet were veterans with a lot of experience.

Having lived and plundered at sea all his life, this experience was rich.

They slyly exchanged glances. However, Taemusang and Geomyeon were so preoccupied with attacking that they didn’t even see their eyes.

They lured the two to the place where the thunderbolt exploded a moment ago.

Debris piled underfoot.

These wreckage got in the way of the martial arts.

It was especially lethal to inexperienced unmanned people.


Geomyeon stepped on a stone and lost her balance for a moment. And the soldiers of the ghost fleet did not miss the opportunity.

Wedge liquid!

The sword was aimed at Geomyeon’s waist.


Taemusang saw his crisis and tried to help. However, it rather led to a breakdown.


The last soldier of the Ghost Fleet, who was only looking for an opportunity, attacked without missing the gap.


The pair’s face turned white.

It was because he couldn’t even save the sword, and he himself was in danger.

It was a time when there was no way out of the crisis.

“Both of you, wake up!”

With a cold voice, someone jumped into the battlefield.




He cut down the soldiers who were attacking Geomyeon at once.


The warrior who was attacking Taemusang was startled and stopped.

The man who killed his comrade was a young boy, probably about six or seven years old.

He was Soma.

Soma didn’t miss the last soldier’s hesitation and attacked, killing him in one breath.

Soma scolded Taemusang and Geomyeon.

“Keep your mind straight. Are you going to just get killed by a dog?”



Taemusang and Geomyeon finally came to their senses and answered.

Soma told them.

“Come on, find the thunderbolt.”

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