Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 590

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 590

Episode 590

Sobok was a fortune teller at Changpa Gaekjan.

Changpa guest cup is a fairly old guest cup and was located outside the Haemun.

The inside of the inn, which would normally be crowded with customers, was quiet.

The footsteps of the guests were cut off, and the guests staying in the room were stuck in the room and did not come out.

It’s been years since I’ve been working as a jeom soi, but this is the first time this has happened.

“What the hell is this all about?”

Sobok was not only curious, but also had a deep friendship with Geomyeon.

Even after Geomyeon became Tarha’s disciple, they kept in touch.

“Something out of the ordinary is obviously happening.”

It was the tip of someone who had been rolling at the bottom for a long time.

Sobok took off her apron and left the inn.

“Inseok! Where are you going?”

The owner’s voice could be heard from behind, but Sobok didn’t care.

“I’ll look around and come back.”

“Come back soon. You never know when the guests will come again.”

“all right.”


Sobok closed the door and looked out into the street.

Not a single ant cub could be seen on the street.

Although this place is remote from Haemun, there was definitely a problem with people not being seen this far.


Sobok involuntarily spat out a curse.

It was because he had an intuition that something unusual was happening.

At that time, Sobok’s eyes caught a suspicious movement.

Someone dressed as a sailor was walking in an alley not far from the inn.

It could have been someone passing through the alley, but Sobok didn’t just pass by.

Sobok killed as much as possible and cautiously approached the alley.

In the alley, the person he saw had already disappeared.

“what? I have seen it.”

Sobok looked around with a puzzled expression. But nowhere did he see the person he had seen.

“Did I see a ghost?”

It was then.

Sobok smelled something burning.

His face twisted involuntarily at the pungent smell that stimulated his olfactory senses.

“F*ck! what?”

Sobok looked around to find the source of the smell.

After a while, he found an object the size of a fist deep in an alley.

A long thread was attached to the round object, which seemed to be made of iron. And the end of the thread was burning.

The musty smell he smelled was that of burning thread.

Sobok instinctively sensed an ominous aura.


All I could think about was cutting the burning thread. He took out the small dagger he usually carried and tried to cut the thread.


In fact, what kind of material it was made of made only a metallic sound, but it was not easily cut.


Sobok wrote a dragon to die.

Only then was the thread barely cut.

“Hey! What the hell is it? Why did you leave this?”

The cold feeling in his hand felt eerie.

I just thought I shouldn’t pass it on.

Immediately, Sobok ran towards Haewonjang with an iron orb.

Geomyeon asked him to let him know even if something strange happened.

“What’s up bro?”

“Where are you running like that?”

The nearby fortune tellers who saw Sobok running peeked their heads out the window.

Sobok looked at them and said.

“To give this bead to the swordsmith.”

“what is that?”

“I don’t know! The end of the thread was burning. Just in case, you guys should find out if there are more like this.”

“Is it important?”

“I think so.”


“ah! If the thread is burning, don’t forget to cut it.”


Leaving Jeomsoi’s answer behind, Sobok ran with all his might. But not long after, I saw a huge group heading to Haewonjang.

It was Dokgo Hwang and Mugeomryun warriors.

They were advancing toward Haewonjang, killing everything in their way.


Sobok immediately changed direction and took a shortcut.

The road was so narrow that only children could pass, and it was dirty, so adults wouldn’t approach it.

It was a path that only Sobok and a few fortune-tellers knew.

Sobok penetrated the shortcut and arrived at Haewonjang in an instant.


“What are you?”

The warriors guarding the front gate of Haewonjang made a puzzled expression when they saw the sudden appearance of Sobok.

Sobok took a breath and said.

“I’m a former Geomyeon friend.”

“A friend of Confucius Geomyeon?”

“yes! I urgently need to meet with Geomyeon.”

“what brings you here?”

“I have something to tell you. This one.”

Sobok shook the iron ball he was holding in his hand.

The warriors looked at the iron ball with a puzzled expression.

“Now is not the time to be like this. Some unmanned people are coming towards this place.”


“Is that true?”

“yes! I saw at least a hundred more. They’re just coming killing people.”


The warriors never overlooked Sobok’s words.

Even if it wasn’t, it was in an emergency because of the enemy.

They hurriedly knocked on the little bell hanging by the front door. It was an emergency bell.

Dang dang dang!

In an instant, the bell rang in the Haewonjang.

“You go inside. The second room in the first building that comes out after going all the way is the room of Confucius Geomyeon.”


Sobok left the warriors behind and ran inside.

“Come on, move.”

“It’s an assault.”

Hearing the emergency bell, the soldiers of Haewonjang rushed to the front gate.

They passed by without even paying attention to Sobok.

Sobok also passed them and arrived in front of the room the front door attendant informed.

Just then, Geomyeon was coming out.

He, too, heard the emergency bell ringing and ran out.

“uh? What is your brother?”

Geomyeon, who found the suit, hurriedly approached.


Sobok hurriedly held out the object he was holding in his hand.

“what’s this?”

“It’s something a suspicious person hid near our inn. I extinguished the burning end of the thread.”


Geomyeon accepted the iron ball.

“What is this?”

Geomyeon looked at the iron ball, but failed to find out its identity. He, too, had never seen anything like this before.

Then someone’s voice was heard.

“That’s a thunderbolt.”

The owner of the voice was Pyowol.

Soon enough, he was approaching him.

Geomyeon widened her eyes.

“Is this a thunderbolt?”

“Yes. Where did you find this?”

Pyowol asked Sobok.

“A suspicious person left it near our inn.”

“How many more of these things are there?”

“I don’t know. First of all, I ordered other fortune tellers to find it.”

“This is a very dangerous item. If the wick burns and explodes, five to ten sheets of Bangwon are thoroughly destroyed.”

“oh my god!”

Sobok’s face went white.

Pyowol said to Geomyeon.

“I don’t know how many wall grenades they have hidden. You and the children find the thunderbolt and remove the wick.”

“Ah, okay.”

“It is dangerous. Be careful.”

“Do not worry. My brother will go with you.”


Geomyeon hurriedly called Taemusang and explained the situation.

The face of the great warrior also turned pale like a sword.

He hurriedly left the Haewonjang with Geomyeon and Sobok.

Right after they left Haewonjang, there was a commotion at the main gate.

“What kind of guys are they?”


I wondered if I could hear the voices of the soldiers at Haewonjang, but soon there were metal sounds and screams.



“It’s an assault.”

Pyowol looked toward the front door and disappeared in an instant.


There was an uproar at the front gate of Haewonjang.

Martial arts warriors came in.

They attacked Haewonjang soldiers without any warning or communication. The soldiers of Haewonjang collapsed helplessly in their wave of attacks.

In an instant, dozens of soldiers died or collapsed and groaned.


The front gate of Haewonjang was broken with an explosion.

Martial arts warriors came through the open front door.


At that moment, an angry voice resounded in the Haewonjang.

The owner of the voice was Tar.

Tarha appeared with Yul Ah-yeon.

Behind him were the warriors from Mara’s court.

Tarha glared at the warriors of martial arts training with angry eyes.

A terrifying life force was already exploding from his whole body.

“What kind of b*stards dare to commit a slaughter on the main field?”

“I came to know that Pyowol was here. give him up.”

Dokgohwang stepped forward and answered.

His appearance with his hands behind his back was clearly an act of disrespect for Tarha.

His refusal to observe even the minimum courtesy of John made Tarha even more angry.

“How dare you intimidate me?”

“Did you tell me? Give me the table moon.”

“Is it a ghost fleet?”

“Don’t compare Mugeomryun with such miscellaneous things.”

“It was swordless. To think that Mugeomryun, who is famous all over the world, would do such a cowardly thing. How shameless.”

Tarha fiercely criticized Dokgo Hwang. However, Dokgohwang’s complexion did not change.

“Huanmuccira? What could be more shameless than hiding an assassin? This is not shameful, it is to achieve justice. Gangho’s comrades will rather praise me.”

“How could you be so twisted? To commit such a slaughter without clear evidence. Even so, how can it be called a prestigious school?”

“What does it change just because others praise you as a prestigious school? done. I don’t want to care about other people’s eyes anymore.”


Tarha let out a sigh at Dokgohwang’s answer, which seemed to have been deafened.

Giving up the table is just an excuse.

Now that he has invaded like this, Dokgo Hwang will never leave Haewonjang alone.

The best way to hide one’s faults is murder.

The killing spirit flowing from Dokgohwang was evidence that Dokgohwang had already harbored a desire to kill himself.

Dokgohwang murmured.

“If you kill everyone, the moon will come out.”

He gestured to his subordinates.

At that moment, the soldiers of Mugeomryun jumped out and attacked the soldiers of Haewonjang.


“Stop it.”


Soldiers from both sides clashed with desperate cries.

The warriors of Mugeomryun were truly terrifying.

They cut down the soldiers of Haewonjang as if they were harvesting in mid-autumn. When the situation became like this, the urgency became tar.

Tarha said to the warriors from Mara.

“I guess you guys should step up and give it to me.”

“Please leave it to me.”


“Do not worry. Because the enemy of Jangju is also the enemy of the Mara court.”

The head of the warriors dispatched from the Mara court took off the cloth he was wearing on his head. Then, a shiny bald head appeared.

Other warriors had the same bald head.

They were military men in charge of protecting Mara’s court. Long hair interfered with the fight, so they were poisonous to the point of being pushed away.

“ohm! I hope!”

They chanted strange mantras and jumped into battle.

As the warriors of Mara’s court jumped in, the situation began to fluctuate greatly.

At that time, Emperor Dokgo approached Tarha.

Now it was time for the bosses to fight each other.

Tarha gathered energy in his fists and looked at the backs of the martial arts warriors.


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