Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 589

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 589

Episode 589

“This is Chief Haewon.”


Hwang Dokgo asked a question about the subordinate’s report.

“This is a Munpa who has recently emerged as the ruler of Haemun. Unusually, it has its origins in the West.”

“West station? Do you mean that someone who is not even a member of the Central Plains dared to open a door at Haemun?”

Dokgo Hwang’s face was filled with anger.

People who live in Gangho are free and have a preconceived notion that they will live while communicating with outsiders.

But in reality, there weren’t that many cases.

Rather, there were more cases of ostracizing foreigners than anyone else.

Even after fighting among themselves, if a military man other than a strong man stood out, they would stick together and be hostile.

The trend was the same in Namhae Moorim.

Namhae Murim was also in a position to be ostracized from rivers and lakes. It is because they are in the same midfield but on the periphery.

On such a topic, Dokgo Hwang, the ruler of the Murim of the Namhae, also looked down on the uninitiated.

They do not see people who are new to their territory and build their own territory.

I already have such a tendency, but when I heard that the owner of the Haewonjang was not a member of the Central Plains, but a new person, I got even more angry.

“Are you sure Pyowol is at Haewonjang?”

“I haven’t confirmed it myself, but it seems certain from the circumstances.”


“yes! Recently, it has been confirmed that strangers have entered Haewonjang. Two of them match the looks of those we are after.”

“A boy and an old man?”

“That’s right.”

“Then I’m almost certain.”

Dokgohwang shook his head.

Pyowol was an assassin.

Changing the face wasn’t too difficult for him.

It wasn’t strange at all no matter what appearance he changed.

Dokgo Hwang gave the order.

“Prepare the kids on the boat.”

“Aren’t you waiting for the support ship?”

The servant asked with a puzzled expression.

A support ship with follow-up troops from Mugeomryeon was coming. It seemed like it wouldn’t be better to wait for them.

“How far have you come?”

“I’m probably almost there.”

“Blow Jeon Seo-eung and have them watch the ghost fleet. So that if they betray us, we can immediately subdue them.”

“ah! All right.”

“They are not trustworthy.”

Dokgo Hwang did not fully believe in Ko Il-won and the ghost fleet.

It will be the same anyway.

“Go Il-won does not know that we have a follow-up force. You have to make sure they don’t notice until the end.”

“I will keep it in mind.”

The servant lowered his head and answered in a loud voice.

The unmanned men who were still on board began to disembark.

The area around the dock was already firmly occupied by unarmed warriors.

Those on other ships were locked in cabins, and workers were herded into nearby warehouses to prevent information from escaping.

Because of that, not a single ant was seen at the Xiamen dock except for them.

Dokgohwang looked around for a while.

The salty smell of the sea penetrated his nostrils.

To some, it might feel like a disgusting fishy smell, but to him, it was the smell of his hometown.


Dokgo Hwang smiled coldly and moved on.

A group of warriors of martial arts followed behind him.

Now that I knew where the moon was, I didn’t have to worry about the eyes of the people around me anymore.

Suddenly, Dokgo Hwang’s gaze turned to the outskirts of the dock.

There was someone watching them there.

The unmanned person of the ghost fleet that had made a secret agreement remained as a contact point.

One of Dokgo Hwang’s men ran to him. And he explained all the details.

The soldier of the ghost fleet nodded as if he understood and disappeared from sight.

He is going to report to his master, Ko Il-won.

Seeing this, Dokgo Hwang murmured.

“I wish they would show up in time…”

If Ko Il-won had a brain, he would show up in time and attack, and if not, he would foolishly waste time.

Dokgo Hwang thought that Go Ilwon would show up on time.

In any case, if you are distributing and planting enough to notice that you have come and visit in person to make a secret agreement, you will never miss this opportunity.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t show up.

It was because he was confident that he would be able to wipe out Haewonjang at once with the power he had led.

Dealing with Pyowol, of course, was another matter.

The only warrior in the area who could subdue Pyowol was himself. And he was confident of defeating Pyowol.

It was when Dokgo Hwang and Mu Geomryun soldiers left the Xiamen dock and entered the downtown area.

“for a moment! what is there?”


A group of unmanned soldiers blocked their way.

They were the soldiers of Haewonjang.

Those who were watching the streets under Tarha’s orders saw the strangers and stopped them.

The price was severe.


Some of the soldiers behind Dokgo Hwang attacked them.



The soldiers at Haewonjang lost their lives without even being able to respond.

There was a huge gap between the Mugeomryeon Martial Arts and the Haewonjang Martial Arts.

At most, there could be a vast difference between Haewonjang, who was aiming for the loser of Haemun, and Mugeomryeon, who wanted to be the loser of the world.

The warriors of the martial arts were unstoppable.



He relentlessly attacked the unmanned soldiers of Haewonjang and killed them all.

The bodies of the soldiers of the Haewonjang were scattered on the floor, and silence fell on the streets.

There were many people on the street besides the unmanned. But none of them made a loud noise.

It was because the warriors of martial arts were glaring at them.

The life they radiated took over the entire street.

Choking on life, they dared not even breathe loudly.

It seemed that even the sound of coughing would cause the martial arts fighters to attack. They couldn’t even swallow dry saliva and looked at the martial arts fighters.

straight up!

With Dokgo Hwang at the head, the martial arts warriors moved again.

The figures of unmanned people walking together as one seemed like one gigantic creature.

Those who lived in Haimen had never seen such a sight.

I had never even heard that hundreds of people could unleash such a tremendous amount of life.

People could barely breathe after they had moved away for a long time.


“I thought you were going to die.”


People looked at the direction where the warriors of martial arts were walking with pale faces.


“Mugeomryeon has moved.”

“What is your goal?”

“I am the chief of the sea. They say there is a death god there.”

“I was there too.”

At Cho Pyeong-rak’s report, Ko Il-won nodded as if he knew that.

“The martial arts team requested troops. What should I do?”

“Of course I have to let you go. Because I promised.”

“Are you sure you want to keep your promise?”

“When have I ever failed?”

“It’s not like that…”

“As promised, we will dispatch troops. However, our goals are slightly different.”


“Destroy the entire Sea Gate.”

Cho Pyung-rak was surprised by Ko Il-won’s unexpected words and couldn’t close his mouth.

“Simply killing him won’t solve my nature. By destroying the Haemun, we further increase chaos in the world.”

Ilwon Ko did not do this simply for revenge.

Revenge was only a byproduct.

His true purpose was to throw the world into chaos.

That was also the purpose of Guryongsalmak in the first place.

By throwing the world into chaos, he creates numerous opportunities and uses those opportunities to develop the outer edge of Guryongsalmak.

Guryongsalmak was destroyed by Pyowol, but Go Ilwon did not give up yet.

He will raise Guryongsalmak again the way his grandmother and father did. In order to do that, the chaos of the world was essential.

The flames of chaos are already soaring all over the world.

Clash between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

The war between the shamans and Yongcheongok.

If the cataclysm of Haimen was added to that, the chaos in the world would reach its climax.


“Honorable name!”

Cho Pyong-rak took a hand at Go Il-won and went outside.

The ships of the Ghost Fleet soon headed for the Haimen Wharf.

Dozens of ships all at once broke through the waves and entered the Sangmun dock.

The docks were occupied by ships that were already anchored.

As a normal procedure, you had to wait for the ships to leave the dock before coming in. But the ghost fleet was unstoppable.


The ships of the Ghost Fleet pushed the ships anchored in the dock without mercy. Then, the hulls of the anchored ships first cracked and broke.

“What is it?”

“Ouch! damage!”

“Jump down.”

The sailors on the boat jumped in panic.

Some jumped into the sea and others luckily landed on top of the dock.

Those who landed on the dock with a life of death had to see the ship they were riding on disastrously.

Quagmire! Kwajijik!

The ships of the ghost fleet pushed the ships that were anchored without mercy.

There was no comparison in size, height, strength, etc.

The ships that were anchored first eventually broke apart and sank into the sea, and the ships of the ghost fleet took their place.

“What is this?”

“These guys!”

A few people who couldn’t stand the anger approached the ghost fleet to protest.

At that moment, the ladder was lowered and the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet came down.

Those who tried to protest against their bloody spirit could not say anything and just kept their mouths shut.

My body froze the moment I saw the unmanned people from the ghost fleet.

The body recognizes and responds to their fears before the head. But even their heads were empty and they were unaware of that fact.


A cold sword blade shot above their heads.


“100 million!”

Those who tried to protest courageously died with screams.


“Even run away!”

The people who saw it scattered like locusts and ran away.

The ghost fleet unmanned did not pursue them.

They had a clear goal of destroying the Haemun.

There was no reason to waste energy on small things in front of a grand goal.

Snuggle Geek!

Items on board were tied to ropes and unloaded at the dock.

Three or four cartloads of items were tightly wrapped in tarpaulin.

The soldiers of the Ghost Fleet unwrapped the tarpaulin and began distributing the items inside. Their movements were extremely careful.

Ko Il-won looked at the scene from the captain’s ship.

The objects that were distributed to the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet were similar to thunderbolts. The only difference is that you can use the wick to control the detonation time at will.

The good thing about riding a ship is that you can freely travel to and from other countries, including the West Station, and plunder their ships.

Valuables were sold at high prices, but there were also items that could not be sold.

The thunderbolts they were distributing now were one of those items.

I don’t remember exactly which ship I robbed, but it was one of the ships operated by the royal family of the West Station.

Seoyeok has produced a lot of saltweed and sulfur, which have been used as materials for wall-fire coal since ancient times. Because of this, many weapons such as wall-fired bullets were developed.

The ship of the Ghost Fleet was loaded with thunderbolts made for the royal family to use.

It was something that had never been used so far, so it had been stored in the dock.

Originally, I didn’t want to use even the thunderbolt, but revenge and a grand plan intertwined, so I ended up using it.

The warriors who received the ration of thunderbolts soon scattered all over the sea gate.

Ko Il-won watched him with his arms crossed.

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