Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 588

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 588

Episode 588

Dokgo Hwang glared at the man with cold eyes.

“Go Il-won?”


“I don’t know you.”

“Do you know if I say a ghost fleet owner?”

“A ghost fleet?”

Go Il-won did not miss Dok-go-hwang’s eyes trembling.

“You seem to know.”

“I have heard of it.”

Dokgo Hwang answered honestly.

Few people on land knew of the Ghost Fleet’s existence. However, the main stage of martial arts activities was the sea.

I couldn’t know if I didn’t know the ghost fleet.

However, what he hadn’t paid attention to was that he had never directly collided with the ghost fleet.

The Ghost Fleet did not touch the ships related to Mugeomryeon. Because of this, Dokgo Hwang did not waste his energy on the ghost fleet.

Ilwon Go said.

“How long are you going to keep it like this?”

“If there is no relationship, is there any reason why I should let you in? Outnumbered!”

Dokgo Hwang let out a cynical voice. Even so, Go Il-won’s expression did not change much.

“Why not have a relationship? We’ve been tied together for a long time.”


“You wouldn’t say you didn’t know about the impregnable prison, would you?”

In an instant, Dokgo Hwang’s expression hardened as if he had been covered with iron armor.

Ko Il-won laughed at Dok-go Hwang.

Dokgo Hwang glared at Go Il-won for a while and took a step back from the window.

“come in.”

“Good idea.”

Ko Il-won did not hesitate and pushed himself through the window.

It didn’t seem easy for the huge body to squeeze through the small window. However, Ko Il-won was eventually able to enter the cabin of Emperor Dok-go safely.

Ko Il-won looked around the cabin and said.

“It’s simpler than it looks.”

“Because I don’t like flashy things.”

“That’s like me.”

“Now tell me.”

“What do you mean? ah! Unforgettable prison?”


Dokgohwang’s voice calmed down.

The impregnable ball was one of his secrets.

When Kang-ho learns that he sent the death penalty, Yoo Soo-hwan, to prison, his morality suffers a fatal blow.

Even though the Great War between Gangho and Ho was in full swing, public sentiment in Gangho was not so easy that they blindly followed those whose morality had completely collapsed.

Dokgohwang asked.

“Did the Ghost Fleet have anything to do with the Fire Jade?”

“You can think of it as a different head with the same torso.”

“It’s a story about the same group.”

“If you dig into the roots, that is.”

“I didn’t know! To think that the Unholy Jade and the Ghost Ship had such a relationship…”

“Of course you shouldn’t know. Because it’s a secret.”

“How can you openly tell such a secret? Did I look that easy?”

“Because I trust you enough to share my secrets.”

“You believe me? That’s funny.”

“You don’t have to sharpen the blade like that. At least I am not your enemy.”

“How can you believe that?”

“I have a public enemy, so trust me.”

“Public Enemy?”

Dokgohwang’s eyes sank deeply.

“The moon!”


“I know you came all the way here after him.”

“What does that have to do with the moon?”

“He killed my father and grandmother.”

“You’re the enemy of Buddha’s Heaven.”

Dokgo Hwang’s eyes changed.

He, too, lost his grip on Pyo-wol.

Both of them had the experience of losing precious people to Pyo-wol.

Goilwon smiled.

“How is it? Is this trustworthy enough?”

“I will ask you one thing.”

“However much.”

“Are you sure the moon is here?”

“I am sure. He tracked me down and came here.”

“is it?”

Dokgohwang was silent for a moment.

He looked at Go Il-won without saying a word.

He was the first man I saw today. However, it is not unfamiliar because the spirit and appearance of Go Il-won resemble that of Jang Moo-geuk.

‘It doesn’t matter if it resembles Jang Wu-geuk. Join hands if available.’

Dokgohwang bit his lip.

If you really like it, just use it and throw it away.

Dokgo Hwang now is not the man he used to be.

He was a man who valued trust very much, but after losing to Wuji Zhang, he had a change of heart.

Anyway, Go Il-won also came to take advantage of him. So he had no hesitation in using him.

Dokgo Hwang held out his hand.

“good night! I will hold hands with you.”

“Good idea.”

Go Il-won held his hand.

Thus, a temporary alliance was formed.


Sogyeoksan drank the alcohol in a gulp.

He drank so quickly that he ran out of two bottles in an instant.

He looked drunk already, but Pyowol did not stop him.

It’s because I know that even if I’m drunk like that right now, if I set my mind to it, I can get rid of it in an instant.

When Pyowol did not stop, Sogyeoksan drank another bottle of alcohol.

Only then did Pyowol speak.

“Now wake up.”


“It is very late.”


Sogyeoksan stood up meekly.

My body staggered a lot, but it wasn’t to the extent that I couldn’t control it at all.

He left the inn and walked shoulder to shoulder with Pyowol.

“Why is the weather so nice again? The moon is filthy bright.”

Sogyeoksan grumbled at the awkward moon.

After losing the Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater Company, I never lived a day with a clear mind. I couldn’t bear the pain if I didn’t drink.

Suddenly, Sogyeoksan said to Pyowol.

“It’s not bad to walk like this with you.”

“A lot has changed.”

“Hehe! Because you can’t live without change. Rather, it is strange to live without changing like you.”

“is it?”

“You have always been like that. I’ve been doing nothing wrong that everyone else is strange and difficult. It may have made you who you are today, but at the time, I couldn’t understand you. You can form a group, but why did you spend so much time alone?”

“Because I thought that would be advantageous to survival.”

“Is it better for survival to move alone than to stick together? I can understand it to some extent now, but no one understood you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Because I don’t want others to understand. That thought still remains.”

“okay! If it changes, it is not a leap.”

Sogyeoksan smiled.

A human specialized in survival and assassination.

That was the identity of Pyowol.

In any case, that tendency of transcendence will not change.

At that time, the atmosphere of Pyowol suddenly changed.

The expressions and eyes were still the same, but the atmosphere had subtly changed.

Sogyeoksan did not miss such a change of Pyowol.

“What’s going on?”

“I see suspicious people on the street.”

“The suspicious ones?”

Sogyeoksan naturally looked around.

It was late in the evening, but there were quite a few people walking around the streets. It was a landscape unlike any other. However, I saw a few people whose behavior was suspicious.

Their actions were natural enough to be unrecognizable unless you had the level of Pyowol or Sogyeoksan.

Pyo-wol opened a reverse goal ball and changed his face in an instant.

“Look at this?”

Sogyeoksan raised internal energy and blew away drunkenness.

“Who do you think you are looking for?”


“I’ll track down what’s behind them.”

“I will be waiting for you at Haewonjang.”

“You won’t have to wait that long.”

Sogyeoksan naturally moved away from Pyowol.

Pyo-wol also moved his steps casually and looked around calmly.

I saw strangers on every street.

People who have lived in one place for a long time have a unique feeling. It was not for nothing that the natives recognized the strangers.

There were many foreigners in Haemun.

It is because there are many foreigners who come by boat. But they also had a similar feeling.

It was the unique temperament, atmosphere, clothing, and skin color that only those who traveled to and from the distant sea could have.

Strangers on the street now didn’t show that kind of atmosphere.

It was clear that they entered Haemun with a clear purpose.

‘Is it a ghost fleet?’

In this situation, the only group that could be considered was the Ghost Fleet.

Pyowol walked while imprinting each stranger’s face in his head. The appearance was so natural that strangers did not notice at all that Pyowol was observing them.


The number that Pyowol figured out was that much.

Pyowol did not roam all the streets, so there are likely to be many more left undetected.

“Have you been?”

When Pyowol returned, Salno greeted him.


Instead of answering, Pyowol released a reverse goal ball.

Seeing his true face, Salno asked cautiously.

“What’s wrong?”

“I made sure the strangers on the street were on the loose.”

“Is it a ghost fleet?”

“I’m not sure yet. Gyeoksan went to find out.”

“If it’s Gyeoksan, is it the friend you mentioned before?”

“that’s right!”

“Then you will have to wait until your friend returns.”

“Just in case you don’t know, tell Tarha to strengthen the defense of Captain Haewon. Because it doesn’t feel right.”

“All right.”

“What about Soma?”

“I am with my brother in law. Would you like to see it?”

“Call me to my place.”

“All right.”

Pyowol went straight to his place of residence.

Entering the room, Pyowol checked his equipment once again.

He even carefully checked the condition of the waistcoat and the ghost tombstone hidden inside.

It was then that Soma entered the room.


Soma, who entered the room, was surprised to see Pyowol’s actions.

It’s because it’s usually not a serious thing if Pyowol prepares this far.

“Are you enemies?”


“It looks like you’re still not sure.”

“Not yet.”

“Should I prepare?”

“Because everything is fine.”


Souma nodded, pulled out the dread from his waist, and began to wipe it with a dry cloth.

Originally, a wheel called Chilsangryun was his weapon, but he changed it to a sword while studying at a shaman.

One sword Jinin taught Soma how to wield a sword.

It was not that he passed on special martial arts or martial arts. He was just teaching some of his own insights.

Although she had learned sword fighting, which was far from the Law of Lun, Soma skillfully used swordsmanship.

If it was one law, it was all law.

Once you’ve mastered one, it’s not that difficult to learn something similar.

Of course, there were very few people who reached the extreme by taking such a different path.

Even Soma could not reach the extreme of swordsmanship. However, it was clear that he had begun to carve out his own independent territory.

After regaining his fear, Soma devoted himself more to swordsmanship.

He practiced while reflecting on the teachings of the Ilgeom Jinin.

Thanks to that, Soma’s martial arts improved dramatically compared to when he returned to the strong game.

While the two were grooming their weapons for a while, someone quietly came through the window.

It was Sogyeoksan who passed through the window without a sound.

He said.

“I found out who was behind them.”

“Where are you?”

“It’s martial arts. Dokgo Hwang moved directly.”

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