Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 587

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 587

Episode 587:

The collapse of the Jeokjeon Association has dealt a heavy blow to the Haimen economy.

Ships loaded with cargo are constantly arriving, but workers to unload the cargo cannot be found.

The Red Army was massacred, but not all of its workers died. Rather, compared to the total number of workers, those who died in the Red Army were only a small fraction.

However, this situation has occurred because there is no leadership to control the workers.

I had to send an appropriate number of workers to the dock and assign a warehouse to store the unloaded luggage, but as the leadership evaporated, it was completely out of control.

Thirty people came to a place where even ten workers were enough, and some warehouses were flooded with goods.

As a result, unloading from ships was stagnant, and ships floating on the sea had no choice but to wait endlessly for other ships to unload.

The economy of Haimen suffered greatly as people and cargo were not unloaded from the ship.

It could be said to be the greatest crisis in Haemun in a hundred years.

Because of that, Haewonjang, who had been quiet until now, started directing the workers.

It was an inevitable choice for Tarja.

Since I settled in Haimen, I had to somehow make the economy work.

As many unmanned soldiers were mobilized to fill the gap in the Jeokgeonhoe, the number of people available for Haewonjang was reduced by half.

At least, if it weren’t for the warriors dispatched from the Mara Department, they would have fallen into a much more difficult situation.

Pyowol left Haewonjang alone.

It was because the Haewonjang was so cluttered that it made my head dizzy.

I needed a quiet space to organize my thoughts.

Soma stayed at Haewonjang to help Taemusang and Geomyeon.

Pyo-wol walked alone on the streets of Haimen.

It was a place he had already been to, so Jiri knew it well.

Pyowol went into an inn with a view of the sea.


Jeomsoi welcomed Pyowol.

“Bring me something to eat.”

“yes! Please wait a moment.”

Jeomsoi ran to the kitchen with the answer.

Pyowol took a seat by the window and sat down.

A vast horizon was visible through the window.

Boats waiting to unload at the sea gate were lined up in the sea.

In a way, it was even spectacular.

Pyowol had never seen such a scene with so many boats lined up. I had been to Haimen before, but not so many ships had gathered close to the dock.

After a while, Jeomsoi brought food.

“Soujaeo and rice made with the fish caught today. Eat before it gets cold.”



Jeomsoi smiled and went back to her seat.

Pyowol ate with chopsticks.

The Suja fish was very tasty.

Haimen has long been famous for its fish dishes. Naturally, a variety of recipes developed, and Suja was one of them.

While Pyo-wol ate Suja language little by little, he had other thoughts in his head.

‘Why is it so rare?’

It was understandable that he had to break down the Jeokgeonhoe to cover the eyes and ears of Haewonjang.

If Jeokgeonhoe is in good shape, he will not be able to work freely in Haimen.

The problem is that their existence was revealed by attacking the Red Army.

Right now, Haimen is in chaos, so I don’t dare to look for them, but when I calm down to a certain extent, I will do my best to find them. Then it was only a matter of time before their lair would be revealed.

No matter how vast the coastline of Haemun is, if you search for it, you will eventually find a hiding place.

‘I’m sure they don’t know about that too, right?’

Pyowol frowned.

Something caught on it, like a small fish bone stuck in my mouth.

The natural expression of the moon also hardened as if it had been covered with iron armor.

It was then.

“Hehe! What are you so worried about? It doesn’t match…”

Suddenly, a gloomy voice pierced Pyowol’s ears.

Then someone sat in the front seat of Pyowol.

It was a hunchback with a slight curve at the waist.

The moment he checked his face, Pyowol’s expression widened.


“Why are you worrying so much that you don’t even notice people coming? If I were your enemy, you would have already lost your life.”

Sogyeoksan was the one who naturally sat in front of Pyowol.

Pyowol smiled.

“If you showed even the slightest intent to kill, you would have lost your life before entering the inn.”

“A unlucky baby.”

That’s what he said, but Sogyeoksan didn’t have a bad expression at all.

The appearance of Sogyeoksan was surprising even to Pyowol.

Pyowol asked.

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard that you came from Taizhou.”


Pyowol put on a puzzled expression.

Taizhou was a city that appeared hundreds of miles up the Yangtze River from Haimen.

Although it is a fairly large city, it was far from the activities of Mt. Sogyeok.

Sogyeoksan, who read Pyowol’s thoughts, said with a smile.

“I found traces of Guryongsalmak there.”

“Guryongsalmak? Are you sure?”


Sogyeoksan gave a confident answer.

He lost his family-like Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Theater Company to Guryongsalmak.

Sogyeoksan, who swore revenge, tracked down Guryongsalmak on his own.

“I found traces of them in Taeju. I don’t know what he did there, but he must have stayed there until a month ago.”

“You mean you’re not there now?”

“They are newcomers. It looks like its tail can be caught, but it doesn’t.”

Sogyeoksan let out a sigh.

Shinwoljang was destroyed by Pyowol, but Guryongsalmak’s power was not completely blown away.

Remnants of the Guryongsalmak still remained in various places in the river.

Sogyeoksan was tracking them.

After relentlessly tracking, they came to Taeju, where they obtained information that Pyowol had come to Haemun.

Sogyeoksan came to Haemun like that.

he asked.

“Why did you come here? The Jeok Geonhoe suffered a lot of trouble. Is it related to you by any chance?”

“It’s the work of the ghost fleet.”

“What if it’s a ghost fleet?”

“okay! One of the organizations of the Guryongsalmak. I don’t know if it was related to the remnants of Guryongsalmak that you were chasing in Taeju.”

“I want to hear more.”

Sogyeoksan’s eyes were shining ferociously, like a beast preying on its prey.

After losing the Cheonhwa Miscellaneous Company, he became a vengeful pursuer.

Anyone who had anything to do with Guryongsalmak would never be left alone.

What surprised Sogyeoksan the most was that there were surprisingly many people related to Guryongsalmak. Even so, the fact that he was completely unknown to the world made him goosebumps.

Pyowol told Sogyeoksan what had happened.

After hearing all the stories, Sogyeoksan vomited his flagship.

“Shinwoljang was the base of Guryongsalmak. It’s really amazing.”

“That’s why it was so thoroughly disguised.”

“If so, did Sawyeowol escape safely?”

“okay! She must be gathering the remnants of Guryongsalmak.”

“I guess so. Because she is very ambitious. I should have killed her while I was in the underground cavity.”

“It wouldn’t have been easy. Because Song Chun-woo is always by her side.”

“I am not afraid of him. If I meet that b*tch, I will surely tear it apart and kill it with my own hands.”

“I hope so too.”


Sogyeoksan suddenly called Jeomsoi.


“Bring me a bottle of wine here. As the most venomous guy…”

“I see.”

Jeomsoi answered and brought the strongest drink from the inn.

Sogyeoksan poured the poisoned wine into his glass and gulped it down.

Pyo-wol looked at Sogyeok Mountain without a word.


A large ship was coming into the Xiamen dock.


“What kind of ship…”

The workers at the Xiamen dock were overwhelmed by the enormous size of the ship.

It’s been a long time since a ship this big came to the dock.

There were more than thirty pieces from the bow to the stern, and more than fifteen pieces of width. Adding a little lie, it seemed like a small island was approaching.

“No… it’s sword training.”

“oh my god!”

The workers were surprised to see the flag fluttering on the mast.

On the flag, three letters were clearly written: Mugeomryeon.

Above the deck, I saw unmanned soldiers radiating unusual momentum.

The workers swallowed dry saliva.

“Why did Mugeomryeon come here?”

“It’s been a while since Jeokgeonhoe was angry, but Mugeomryeon came. Isn’t this a really big accident?”

The workers at Haemun were also well aware of how great the martial arts were.

Mugeomryeon was the undisputed loser of the Namhae Murim.

Their base, Haenam-do, was a major route for numerous ships. Because of this, I couldn’t know.

There were many boats waiting to enter the Xiamen dock, but no one dared to say that the Mu Geomryun boat came in first.

If he hated Mugeomryeon, he had to give up sailing in Namhae altogether.

There was a man standing in awe at the bow of the martial arts training that was entering with such dignity.

The man’s body, looking down at the dock with his arms folded, exuded a hedonistic atmosphere.

The man was Dokgohwang.

Dokgo Hwang’s eyes were burning as if they were about to burn Haemun.

he opened his mouth

“You mean he is here?”

“I guess so.”

The servant carefully replied.

They followed Pyowol to Haemun.

To be honest, there was no evidence that Pyowol was at Haemun.

Pyowol did not leave any traces as he traveled by boat with the reverse goal ball open.

Because of that, Mugeomryun also had a hard time tracking him down.

At that time, what they heard was the disaster of the Jeokgeonhoe.

There was no evidence anywhere that leaping was involved. However, Dokgo Hwang was immediately convinced that Pyowol was involved when he heard about the tragedy of the Jeokgeonhoe. So, I went straight to Haemun.


Finally, the martial arts ship docked at the Xiamen dock.

Dokgo Hwang gave the order.

“From now on, everyone scatters and chases him. Don’t miss even the smallest clues and bring them all.”


The warriors of martial arts scattered all over the sea gate with the answer.

Dokgohwang looked at the situation for a while before returning to the cabin.

The bunk in his private cabin was lined with wool, and there was even a table with a bottle of wine on one side.

Dokgo Hwang sat down in front of the table and opened the bottle.

A thick perfume flowed from the spout of the bottle.

It was a solo liquor that was not commonly available in the market.


Dokgo Hwang poured the poisoned wine into his cup.

After drinking three cups in a row without snacks, the spirits of alcohol rose a little.

“Pyowol Jangmugeuk!”

When I got drunk, I thought of the two of them.

Both of them brought him an indelible humiliation.

Pyowol thought it could be.

Because they were never on the same side in the first place.

Pyo-wol had never walked a path like him from the beginning, only because he wanted to take him as a subordinate due to his own greed.

However, Jangmu-geuk was different.

He thought he was the most reliable colleague and would stand by his side even if the sky collapsed. I also thought it was an equal relationship.

Although he took control of martial arts with his help, he still thought that he and himself were of the same level.

That’s how proud I was of myself. However, his pride was shattered in a confrontation with Zhang Wu-geuk.

Zhang Wu-geuk had an armed force that was one level higher than that.

The reason they were able to be equal until now was because Zhang Mu-geuk was considerate of them, but not in reality.

That fact made him even more miserable.

The fact that he, and not anyone else, was being cared for by others is terrifyingly difficult to bear.

Dokgohwang drank more to erase the miserable feeling.

A bottle of poison soon ran out.

It was when Dokgo Hwang reached for a new bottle of wine on the shelf.

“I want to drink that drink with you.”

Suddenly, someone’s voice came from outside the window.

In an instant, Dokgo Hwang’s eyebrows twitched.

Outside his cabin was situated towards the sea. There was no place to set foot. But someone’s voice was heard.

Dokgohwang opened the window. Then, he saw a man with a great build, holding his fingers in the hull.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Go Il-won.”

the man answered.

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