Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 586

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 586

Episode 586

Pyo-wol kept his mouth shut and looked at the sea.

The ship carrying the captains of the Ghost Fleet was already far away from the dock.

No matter how outstanding Pyowol’s air defense was, he could not jump over that distance at once.

Pyowol looked at the small boats that were moving away.

High waves crashed incessantly on the sea. The small boats got through the high waves that seemed to capsize even the big boats.

All of the captains of the Ghost Fleet were excellent warriors and sailors.

Throughout the history of Gangho, such a group did not exist.

The Ghost Fleet was truly an unprecedented armed group.

The problem is that very few people know that such a group exists.

Pyo-wol watched all the way through the small boats that were disappearing among the wildly swaying waves.

“ha! ha!”

“Are you finished?”

Geomyeon and Taemusang, who arrived at the dock late, breathed heavily.

They were so short of breath that they could hardly speak. However, Pyowol and Soma did not even change their expressions even when dealing with the soldiers of the ghost fleet.

I could see how vast the gap between them was.

The pyowol turned around.

“let’s go.”



Geomyeon and Taemusang looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

“I didn’t see the ghost fleet owner.”

“What is it?”

“He’s not the kind of person who just sends his subordinates and sits by the sidelines.”

Pyo-wol only faced Il-won Go on only two occasions.

Even that, we faced each other through hundreds of streets.

It was a long distance where it was difficult to even recognize each other’s faces, but at least I was able to figure out what kind of class Ilwon Ko was.

If there is something to be solved, a person who directly moves and sees the end.

Go Il-won, identified by Pyo-wol, was of that type.

“For now, go back to Haewonjang. There is a high probability that he will attack you.”



Only then did Geomyeon and Taemusang understand the meaning of Pyolwol.

It was not strange for those who had destroyed the Red Army to target Haewonjang. This is because if you defeat Haewonjang, you can hold the hegemony of Haemun in your hands.

The four of them spread light air and headed for Haewonjang.

After crossing Haemun Street and arriving at Haewonjang, they sighed in relief.

Because it doesn’t seem to be a problem externally.

Taemusang and Geomyeon hurriedly opened the door and entered the Haewonjang.

“Why are you guys like this?”

Yul Ah-yeon, who was drinking tea in the garden, was surprised to see Geom-yeon and Taemusang drenched in sweat.

“are you okay?”


“under! thank god.”

Geomyeon let out a sigh of relief at Yul Ayeon’s ignorant attitude.

Yul Ah-yeon narrowed her eyes and looked at Pyo-wol.

is asking for an explanation.

“The enemy group has been annihilated.”

“what? Why is there a red flag meeting?”

“The ghost fleet attacked.”

“oh my god!”

Yul Ah-yeon finally realized what had happened and covered her mouth with both hands.

“Are you really saying that the Red Army has been wiped out?”

“I’m on my way to check it out for myself.”



“Stay inside.”

“I’ll meet you, so I’m thoroughly prepared.”

“all right.”

Yul Ah-yeon hurriedly moved along with the answer.

Geomyeon and Taemusang followed her.

Pyowol and Soma headed to Tarha’s residence.

“Are you here?”

Tarha greeted Pyowol with a serious expression.

He also heard the news of the massacre of the Jeokgeonhoe a while ago. However, the matter was so urgent that Yul Ah-yeon was not informed yet.

In front of Tarha, several of the warriors from the Ministry of Mara were sitting.

“I guess it’s because of the enemy meeting?”

“Were you prepared?”

“As soon as I heard the news, I secretly increased the number of people on the alert.”

“I ran for nothing.”

“No! thanks to you it’s good Thank you!”

“So what is the solution?”

“For now, the warriors from the Mara Department will be vigilant. In the meantime, I’ll have to find a way.”

“That means there is no star.”

“We don’t know where they are hiding, so we need to focus on defense first.”


Pyowol rose from his seat.

There was no reason to be here any longer, knowing that Tarha was planning a countermeasure.

Being confident for nothing will only confuse the command system. So, Pyowol came out without regret.


Soma greeted the moon.

“let’s go.”


“Let’s go to the enemy circuit. There might be some clues left to track them down.”


Soma nodded.

Earlier, time was too tight, so I couldn’t take a good look at the red gun.

More than a hundred people moved.

No matter how much it moves like lightning and erases the traces, there must be clues that remain.

The two exited Haewonjang and headed to Jeokgeonhoe.

People gathered around the red-light meeting.

They were all people who had heard the news that the Red Army had been devastated.

“To think that the enemy group was annihilated.”

“There were hundreds of people inside, but they were all dead.”

“oh my! What shall we do now?”


The streets were very noisy with people whispering and crying.

Those who died in the Jeokgeonhoe were the heads of certain families or reliable sons.

The streets were filled with the cries of the families who had come running after hearing the news of the catastrophe of the Red Army.

Pyowol and Soma jumped over the wall of the Jeokgeonhoe.

There were also many people inside the Red Geonhoe.

Most of them were the families of the workers who worked for the Jeokgeonhoe.

They wept while holding the bodies of their children or husbands.

The inside of the Jeokgeonhoe, which was otherwise a mess, was even more dizzy.

Even if there were clues left to track the ghost fleet, it was clear that they would all have been erased.

Pyowol let out a sigh.


“It will be impossible to find clues like this.”

Soma also shook his head.

Apart from understanding the grief of the bereaved, it was regrettable that all clues to track the ghost fleet had disappeared.

It was impossible to find something to chase the ghost fleet in this mess.

Pyowol said.

“let’s go.”


“I don’t think there’s any use in staying longer.”


Reluctantly, Soma nodded.

The two came out as quietly as they did when they came in. Pyowol muttered while looking at the sky.

“You got a good shot.”

It was an unexpected blow.

Not even Pyowol had expected them to move so quickly.

The loss of the enemy was very great.

It was as if he had lost half of his eyes and ears at the sea gate. Ko Il-won also knew that fact, so he raided and dealt with Jeokgeonhoe first.

It was a frighteningly quick decision and decisiveness.

I don’t know if it was Ko Il-won’s original temperament or if he had a great scheme, but either way was dangerous.


Kiki! Squeak!

The sound of rowing echoed powerfully through the sound of the waves.

Every time the boatmen rowed, the boat carrying Cho Pyeong-rak broke through the waves at a terrifying speed.

So did the other ships that followed.

After breaking through the rough waves and coming out to sea, I saw several huge ships.

It was the ghost fleet.

As the small ships arrived, a ladder made of rope came down from the largest captain’s ship.

Jo Pyeong-rak was the first to board the captain’s ship, followed by his subordinates.

Standing on the deck of the captain’s ship was an unmanned man with a unique presence. It was Ko Il-won, the sole owner of the ghost fleet.

Jo Pyong-rak and his subordinates knelt down in front of Go Il-won.

“I have returned after finishing my mission.”

“I have returned.”

Their voices rang out loudly.

Ko Il-won looked at them with deeply sunken eyes.

“There are a few missing.”

“sorry. An unexpected person appeared and attacked me.”

“An unexpected person?”

“The Pyowol guy was already in Haemun.”


“yes! Just before leaving the Xiamen dock, he came and lost his men.”

“It was unavoidable. everyone suffered Go in and rest.”

“no. I will check the boat.”

Jo Pyeong-rak was the captain of the captain’s ship.

It’s only been a day since I’ve been away, but in the meantime, I had to check myself to see if there was anything damaged or broken.

Go Il-won did not dissuade Cho Pyeong-rak.

All sailors had the same habit as Cho Pyeong-rak. Even more so, if you were a captain, not just a ship’s captain, you had to have a different sense of responsibility.

Moreover, Jo Pyeong-rak had infinite pride in being the captain of the captain’s ship.

As with any fleet, being a member of a captain’s ship creates a very special feeling.

Jo Pyong-rak and the sailors were like that.

They went back to their respective seats, and only Go Ilwon and a few of his henchmen remained on the deck.

Ilwon Ko looked in the direction of Haemun.

“The moon!”

A lifelong foe was across the sea.

It was such a short distance that it wouldn’t take even an hour to drive by boat.

“Awesome. Noticing that you are here and chasing after you.”

It was an enemy, but I couldn’t help but admire it.

The Yangtze River is said to be wide, but compared to the sea, it was nothing but a small stream.

Even if only one captain ship entered, it was bound to stand out. Naturally, there was nowhere to hide the captain’s ship.

For that reason, Ko Il-won planned to hide the ghost fleet at Haemun, where the Yangtze River and the sea meet. However, Pyo-wol noticed Go Il-won’s intentions and followed him all the way to this place.

He was truly the owner of a formidable mind.

If only the mind was strong, it wouldn’t have been a big problem. Because if you remove it, it will stop.

The problem is that Pyowol is equipped with formidable martial arts.

It was the most difficult class to deal with.

A small smile appeared on Go Il-won’s lips.

“Yeah, that should be enough. I would have been more disappointed if the person who killed my paternal grandmother had been a bad person.”

Due to a single Pyo-wol, Shinwoljang, the headquarters of Guryongsalmak, collapsed.

Of course, internal enemies such as So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo sympathized with him, but the fact that Pyo-wol was the biggest cause did not change.

“If you kill Pyowol, then you are Yeowol.”

In Go Il-won’s eyes, life came to mind.

He knew long ago that So Yeo-wol had a crush on Shin-wol-jang. After being sold to a group of assassins by her own mother, So Yeo-wol, who miraculously returned, became a completely different person.

Ko Il-won neglected her even after knowing the fact.

He thought he was in debt to his half-brother.

The fact that he couldn’t stop his mother from selling Soyeowol made him feel guilty.

So, even though he knew that So Yeo-wol had a negative attitude towards Shin-wol-jang, he did not impose any sanctions.

Of course, there was a part that I couldn’t help but spend most of my time at sea.

A problem arose while he was out at sea.

Pyowol attacked Shinwoljang by surprise, and Soyeowol aided, the strong iron fortress collapsed in an instant.

If it weren’t for So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo, Shinwoljang would not have collapsed like that.

After the collapse of Shinwoljang, So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu hid in a secret place with the remaining power.

“Perhaps the remaining forces of Guryongsalmak are subdued by now. But as long as I live, they will never truly submit to you.”

The ambitious half-brother didn’t know himself, but he didn’t know too much.

It’s about how much power you have and how much influence you have.

It was Go Il-won’s ability to grow the ghost fleet that started with a single ship.

I couldn’t even compare him to Soyeowol who stole other people’s things.

“I’ll give you all despair! Pyowol! Yeowol!”

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