Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 585

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 585

Episode 585

It took only one hour for the Red Geonhoe to be erased from the Sea Gate.

In just one try, the Jeokgeonhoe, which supplies workers to the entire Haimen, was completely destroyed.

At the time of the collapse, the number of warriors in Jeokgeonhoe was 400, including 200 workers. However, all four hundred people lost their lives.

Jeokgeonhoeju Il-seok Yoo also could not escape death.

Yoo Il-seok was found dead with his throat cut.

No other wounds were found.

No matter who the opponent was, it cut off Yu Il-seok’s breath at once.

It was the only stone that divided the hegemony of Haemun along with the Sea Dragon Ark before the appearance of Tarha.

The news that he was so great that he was not far behind Jang Ha-mun of the Sea Dragon’s Ark in terms of martial arts skills and was killed without much resistance shocked people.

Pyowol looked at the inside of the Jeokgeonhoe with cold, sunken eyes.

It was half an hour before he heard the news of the massacre of the Jeokgeonhoe.

There was not a single survivor in the Red Army.

Except for those who went out to work at the docks, everyone was killed.

It was the worst case in Haimen history.

“What is this?”

“Four hundred people die in just one hour?”

“How can so many people…”

Yul Ah-yeon and Taemusang Geom-yeon put on a puzzled expression.

It was the first time all three had seen so many people die.

There were over 400 bodies in total.

It was not an easy task to collect and view four hundred or so corpses in one place.

In fact, some unmanned soldiers were gagging on the floor.

No matter how courageous a soldier was, most of them could not help but react that way when they saw this kind of scene.

Among them, only Pyowol and Soma remained calm.

Pyowol was the owner of a strong heart that would not blink an eye at most things, and Soma also boasted of a strong heart that was second to none.

Soma knelt down and examined the condition of the corpses.

“The wounds are all deep. Not only the flesh, but also the bones. It is a very powerful weapon. The sword is more powerful than the sword. However, if you look at the depth or location of the wound, it is shorter than Tao. It’s a scar like cutting firewood. A weapon that can leave scars like this is…”


“Not the godfather. If he had been the godfather, he would have cut himself into pieces. A smaller axe than that.”

“It’s a hatchet.”


Soma nodded at Pyowol’s answer.

All the warriors who ambush the Red Army used hatchets as weapons.

The hatchet is powerful, but has a short length. Instead, it was easy to hide.

The hatchet could be hidden by inserting it into the waistband and covering it with a long hem.

Perhaps the raiders of the Red Army would have approached with their axes hidden like that.

The moon went up to the top of the roof of the tallest building in the red-light gray area.

Standing on the roof, the topography of the area came in at a glance.

Jeokgeonhoe was at the point of Haemun.

It is located in the middle of a chaotic entanglement of boulevards stretching in all directions.

Thanks to that, Jeokgeonhoe was able to rapidly increase the number of people.

This is because workers can be quickly dispatched to where they are needed.

This time around, such an all-around position became a disaster.

Enemies would have approached along the tangled road like a spider’s web.

The people here would not have thought it strange at all as they approached naturally in groups of three or four.

Because there are usually many people on the streets here.

Those who came so naturally surrounded and infiltrated the Red Army in an instant.

It was a movement like a flash of lightning.

“It moved in perfect order. This kind of movement is impossible unless you’ve been working hand-in-hand for a long time.”

It was more like a soldier’s movement rather than an unmanned one.

It was a unity that only those who had lived in the same military camp for a long time and worked together could show.

Few groups could show this level of unity in the present powerhouse.

Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe formed a large force and often engaged in group wars, but the fighting itself was left to individual capabilities.

On the other hand, what happened here was strictly controlled.

It was a movement that could not be shown in the existing munpa.

Pyowol murmured.

“It’s a ghost fleet. I was here too.”

Few groups have been able to demonstrate this level of control and force. Among them, the Ghost Fleet was the only Munpa that could be active in Haemun.

Pyo-wol’s eyes turned to the inside of the Jeok-geon-hoe.

Numerous corpses were scattered randomly.

Looking at it from such a high place, I could clearly see how the soldiers of the invading Ghost Fleet had trampled on the Jeokgeonhoe.

“I drew attention from the front door and lured the people inside. And I dealt with the unmanned men running out of the way. Finally, I killed the warriors who remained in the backyard.”

In fact, the most damage was done in these three places.

There were too many dead bodies.

It was impossible to come up with such an operation without fully understanding the internal circumstances and structure of the Jeokgeonhoe.

‘When they invaded, they came in twos and threes and left no trace, but when they escaped?’

As many as four hundred people died.

To kill that many people at once, it was clear that the Ghost Fleet would have mobilized a considerable number of people.

It was impossible for such personnel to escape in an instant without leaving any traces.

There were so many people on the street, and it was impossible to avoid all their gazes.

Pyowol did not feel the need to be on the roof any longer.

He kicked off and landed lightly on the floor.

Soma and Geomyeon were right in front of them.

Pyowol asked Geomyeon.

“Where is the nearest sea from here?”

“Xiamen dock. That is the closest.”

“What is the fastest way to Xiamen?”

“I will guide you.”

Geomyeon took the lead as if it were natural.

He knew Haimen Street as if he were reading the palm of his hand.

Geomyeon took the lead, followed by Pyowol and Soma Taemusang.

They raced through Haimen Street at breakneck speed.

Pyowol said to Geomyeon while running.

“Think about it from their point of view. At least 100 to 200 or more unmanned soldiers moved. Think about what route would be best for that many people to move unnoticed.”

“Then this is it. There is a place where a large mansion is being built, but recently the construction stopped and people were cut off.”

Geomyeon immediately turned.

As I ran a little further, I saw a mansion whose construction had stopped.

Because the construction site was so dizzy, people did not approach.

‘This is it.’

The moon made her eyes shine.

There were traces of many people running on the floor.

There were numerous footprints.

After passing the mansion, there was a small forest and a dark trail.

Branches of trees and blades of grass around the trail were bent mercilessly. It was proof that the unmanned soldiers of the Ghost Fleet had passed through this place.

Geomyeon said.

“If you go this way, you will see the outskirts of the Xiamen dock.”

“Go quickly.”


The sword test accelerated even more.

He ran down the trail, moving swiftly like a squirrel.

As I passed through the trail, the blue horizon caught my eye.

the sea appeared.

In an instant, Pyowol jumped out at the forefront.

Since we had almost reached our destination, there was no reason to follow the examination any longer.


With the sound of light footsteps, his figure moved away in an instant.

“Go with me.”

Soma followed.

Although it was slightly behind Pyowol, Soma’s light technique was also very fast. On the other hand, Taemusang and Geomyeon had no choice but to fall further and further behind.

It was because it hadn’t been that long since he learned martial arts no matter how much he studied under Tarha.

Pyowol and Soma ran at terrifying speed.

As Geomyeon said, the place that appeared was the most remote place in the Xiamen dock.

The water was deep, but the waves were so rough that it was a place where ships had nothing to dock unless it was urgent.

Even now the waves were crashing pretty hard.

However, there were about a dozen small boats floating on the dock where the waves were rushing.

The small boat packed ten people and made its way through the waves.

The waves were raging, but the boats were exquisitely balanced. It was proof that the ability of the ship’s masters was excellent.

‘It’s a ghost fleet.’

The moment I saw them, I intuitively felt that they were soldiers of the Ghost Fleet.

When Pyo-wol set foot on the dock, the last boat had sailors on board.

When they found the moon, they shouted.

“It’s a tracker.”

“The tail got stuck. Go first.”

They shouted at the boats in the sea.

The boats floating in the sea rowed away from the dock as if they understood what they were saying.

Pyowol frowned.

It was already too late to pursue them anyway.

Even those who were still left had to be captured.



The sailors threw their hatchets without hesitation.

It is to throw a hatchet from the beginning to subdue the initiative.


The hatchet flew at a frightening speed.

If it was a normal person, he would have died with an ax stuck in his forehead without reacting much. Unfortunately for the sailors, however, Pyo-wol was not an ordinary person.

Pyowol stretched out his hand and snatched the two flying axes.

An ax appeared in his hand as if he had been holding it from the beginning.

The moon flew straight at those who threw the axe.




With an intense firing, the unmanned soldiers flew back.

They all had hatchets stuck to their heads.


“Everyone be careful.”

The remaining sailors took out hatchets and shouted.


Pyowol flew bloody wind and quickly got closer to the sailors.

The faces of the sailors were distorted by Pyowol’s light technique, which approached in an instant as if shortening the space.

A black bloody coat flapping like a bird’s wing.

Skin as white as snow.

And the red light that is softly in the eyes.

Although the face was changed to a reverse bone ball, the features of the pyowol still remained. And the sailors recognized such an epitaph.

“It is a death god.”

“He’s been tracking you.”


The sailors ran toward Pyowol without showing any signs of fear.


Eight hatchets hit Pyowol.

In an instant, Pyowol put her hand on her waist.

He reappeared and held eight daggers in his hand.

It was a newly made ghost rain.


Eight blades left Pyowol’s hand.

Eight ghost rains, each flying in a different orbit.



The sailors swung hatchets and tried to knock down the ghost rains. However, the trajectory of the ghost rains changed just before they hit the axe.


Ghost rain pierced the bodies of the sailors with intense firing.

Some died and others suffered only minor injuries.

Those who saved their lives by luck came to their senses and tried to attack Pyowol. However, the mark was much faster than their reaction.


When Pyo-wol waved his hand, the male bride was released.

The suhonsa extended like a spear and pierced the forehead of the soldier in the lead.


The unmanned man died with a single scream.

At that sight, the barely surviving unmanned people froze.

At that moment, Soma came in.

Take a break!


“100 million!”

Horror cut through their bodies.

Pyowol said to Soma.

“Leave one guy alive.”


Soma answered and twisted his sword.

In a matter of seconds, fear passed through the neck of the last sailor.


A thin line of blood formed on his neck, and blood flowed down. Even so, his life seemed to be unaffected.

The sailor who barely saved his life looked at Soma.

The little goblin was laughing at himself.

For a moment, the captain also laughed.



“Do you think I will be alive and spitting up information?”


The captain smiled and bit off the dogma he hid in his mouth.

In an instant, the father’s face turned black and he died.

“Crazy b*stards!”

Soma looked at the corpse of the old man who had bitten the dog with an expression of astonishment.

Pyowol frowned and looked at the sea.

Thanks to the remaining sailors buying time, dozens of ships were away from the dock.

Jo Pyeong-rak, who was on the boat, waved his hand while looking at the moon.

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