Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 584

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 584

episode 584

, there is a list of ships that entered and exited the sea gate.

Once the ship entered the sea gate, every ship was recorded. As workers were dispatched to the ship, they naturally began to record.

I recorded for a long time, so there were a lot of entry and exit lists. For this reason, the Jeokgeonhoe made a separate warehouse to store only the access list.

Soma and Taemusang stayed up all night in the warehouse where the entry and exit registers were kept.

I sat on a chair on one side of the warehouse and checked the entry and exit lists all night.



Soma sighed as he closed the last entry list.

My eyes hurt from reading the entry and exit lists all night.

It was the same with the twins.

Both eyes were bloodshot red and tears flowed.

However, there was no income gained compared to the pain.

The ships listed on the entry and exit list entered the sea gate through the normal route. There was no doubt about their course or their actions.

Taemusang said to Soma.

“Let’s go out. There is nothing more to be gained here.”


Soma nodded and stood up.

The two left the warehouse shoulder to shoulder.

Then there was a middle-aged man approaching them.

It was Yoo Il-seok, the owner of the Jeokgeonhoe.

Yoo Il-seok asked Taemusang.

“Have you had any success?”

“I couldn’t find anything.”

Taemusang shook his head.

Yu Il-seok, a red-haired hoe, sincerely devoted himself to Tar-ha after giving in.

Originally, he was very ambitious, but he realized it after fighting Tarha. How many strong people are there in this world. The fact that there are many among them that he could not dare to look at.

Tarha was such a being.

He was an unrivaled strongman and an opponent that Yoo Il-seok dared not do anything about.

If it was a strong person who could not be matched, going under it was a way to maintain wealth and fame.

That’s why Yu Il-seok became a subordinate of Tarha and was still loyal to him.

Taemusang said to Yoo Il-seok.

“Once we go back. If you notice anything strange about the dock, please contact us.”

“Don’t worry. Because what happens at the dock cannot escape the eyes of our enemy group.”

“I believe.”

Taemusang came out after taking a hug from Yoo Il-seok.

Taemusang and Soma walked shoulder to shoulder to the street where the inn was located.

No matter how much martial arts they learn, their stamina is said to be superior to that of ordinary people, but in the end, they were also human.

If I stayed up all night with my eyes open, I was bound to be tired.

They walked down the street rubbing their eyes.

Then there were people passing by them.

They looked like sailors, but the moment they passed by, a fishy smell came out.

Taemusang was so used to it that he thought nothing of it, but Soma was unfamiliar with the fishy smell and was naturally impressed.

Soma looked back.

The sailors were moving away in the direction he and Empress had walked. For some reason, Soma couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“what’s the matter?”

As Soma couldn’t take her eyes off them, Taemusang asked.


“let’s hurry. Geomyeon will wait for you.”


Soma nodded and followed Taemusang.


“Young guys are pretty good.”

The old man with a shaggy beard suddenly looked back.

I could see the backs of the boys who had just passed by.

The boys who disappeared among the people walking on the street were Soma and Taemusang.

“If it bothers you, will you handle it?”

The stern-looking sailor who was beside him spoke in a whisper.

The shaggy sailor shook his head.

“No, we have more important things than that.”


“Everybody calm down.”

“All right.”

To the words of the shaggy captain, the other captains answered quietly.

Suddenly, a man with a shaggy beard looked sideways from the corner of his eye.

Even where his gaze was directed, a group of sailors were moving their steps. They walked without even giving a glance, as if they had nothing to do with the group of sailors led by a man with a shaggy beard. But the direction they were walking was the same as the crowd led by the shaggy sailor.

There weren’t a lot of people like that on the street.

A large group was moving like a group of ants returning to their nest, but no one on the street noticed it.

Finally, a group led by a shaggy sailor arrived at their destination. It was the enemy meeting.

A group of shaggy sailors paused for a moment and looked at the red gun hoe.

The front door of the Jeokgeonhoe was wide open.

There were guards at the main gate, but the overall defense was lax.

Even those guarding the front gate were distracted and didn’t notice that a group of sailors were right in front of them.


Even at that moment, a group of other sailors gathered around the Jeokgeonhoe.

It was only after dozens of groups surrounded Jeokgeonhoe that the soldiers guarding the main gate noticed that a change had occurred.

“What is it?”

“F*ck! What are these again?”

At that moment, the shaggy sailor pulled out a hatchet from his waistband.

It was an ax used for boating.

It was an object used to cut tangled sail lines or cut fish into pieces.

It was a necessity that every sailor had at least one.

cried the shaggy sailor.

“let’s go!”

He ran toward the red gun with all his might, holding a hatchet.


The sailors ran after him.


“Aww! damage!”

The warriors guarding the front gate of the Jeokgeonhoe were terrified and fled inside.

Thanks to this, the sailors were able to enter the Jeokgeonhoe without any obstruction.

The number of sailors who came to the red ship club exceeded two hundred.

Few people noticed until so many sailors gathered together.



The hatchet in the master’s hand split the head of the red-haired soldier.

Screams and blood splattered in all directions.

“Why are the sailors?”

“F*ck! Are these b*stards crazy?”

The warriors of the Jeokgeonhoe who saw this came running brandishing their swords.

It was a Jeokgeonhoe, where the relationship with the usual sailors was not so good.

It had to be.

The sailors considered the workers of the Jeokgeonhoe as parasites.

They don’t go to the distant sea like they did, and they think they can easily make money by simply unloading their luggage.

Because of that, Jeokgeonhoe also had a lot of conflicts with the sailors in the early days. There were also many casualties.

However, as the years passed, they recognized each other and now there was little chance of conflict. However, it is embarrassing to see the sudden attack of the sailors.

“Correct it for now.”

“These f*cking things.”

The warriors of the Jeokgeonhoe were confident that they could easily subdue the sailors.

It was thought that no matter how strong the sailors were, they would not be able to control the warriors who had learned martial arts. But their thinking was wrong.




The soldiers of the Jeokgeonhoe were wounded by the ax of the sailors and screamed.

The warriors of the Jeokgeonhoe who fall like branches in front of a storm.

Only then did the warriors realize that those who invaded Jeokgeonhoe were not ordinary sailors.

“These are the guys who learned martial arts.”

“Everyone beware!”

The hands of the sailors wielding hatchets without hesitation were brutal.

With a small hand axe, he slaughter the soldiers of the Red Army without hesitation.

It wasn’t something an ordinary sailor could do.



A sailor with a shaggy beard cut off the head of a young red-haired soldier.

Even as he watched the young soldier fall down, the shaggy beard did not change his expression.

The real name of the shaggy beard is Jo Pyeong-rak.

Jo Pyeong-rak was not an ordinary sailor.

His affiliation is the Ghost Fleet.

Among them, he was the captain of the captain’s ship leading the fleet.

The ghost fleet owner, Go Il-won, is taking on the heavy responsibility of operating the ship.

It was impossible without the trust of Ilwon Ko.

The sailors who followed him were all soldiers of the ghost fleet.



The soldiers of the Ghost Fleet were unstoppable.

They killed the Red Gun Society soldiers using only hatchets.

Seeing them chopping up people as if they were cutting fish into pieces, the soldiers of the Red Gun Society felt extreme fear.


“Where on earth are these people…”

The flesh spirits who suddenly break into the enemy party and commit slaughter.

He was dressed as a sailor, but there was no way that a normal sailor would have such an inaction.

“What kind of fuss is this?”

Then, a middle-aged soldier broke through the people from behind.

It was Yoo Il-seok, the owner of the Jeokgeonhoe.

Yoo Il-seok glared at the unmanned ghost fleet committing slaughter with both eyes wide open. However, the soldiers of the ghost fleet did not even pay attention to Yoo Il-seok.

“These b*stards… what are they? you!”

Yoo Il-seok screamed and attacked the unmanned ghost fleet nearby.


However, his attack did not end the life of a warrior. It was because Jo Pyong-rak intervened in the middle and deflected his sword.


Yoo Il-seok grabbed his wrist and made an impression.

Because it hurt like my wrist would break.

The reaction force felt in the palm of my hand was incredible.

The power contained in Jo Pyeong-rak’s blow was enormous.

Cho Pyong-rak asked as he whirled the hatchet in his hand.

“Are you Yu Il Seok of Jeokgeonhoeju?”

“Yes. Who are you?”

“Isn’t it about time you noticed this?”

Yoo Il-seok frowned for a moment at Jo Pyeong-rak’s words.

Suddenly, I remembered that Taemusang and Soma had visited. It naturally reminded me of the ghost ship.

“Could it be the ghost fleet?”

“Still, it doesn’t look like the head is decorated.”

“Why did the ghost fleet attack the Red Army? We certainly won’t have any money.”

“You don’t have to have Eun-won to fight. My lord wants to erase the Jeokgeonhoe from Haemun.”

“A ghost fleet owner?”

“Yes. He does not want Haewonjang and Jeokgeonhoe to exist in this land.”

Yoo Il-seok’s face crumpled terribly at Jo Pyeong-rak’s words.

I never expected that the ghost fleet would attack in broad daylight like this.

Never before has the Ghost Ship been shown so openly. So it was even more unpredictable.

‘To think that a fleet of ghosts had really entered Haemun.’

It was more frightening that no one noticed that he had entered the sea gate. It was because it was said that he was naturally mixed with others.



Even at that moment, the soldiers of the Red Army were dying.

The soldiers of the Jeokgeonhoe fought back with their swords, but were unable to overcome the small hatchets wielded by the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet.

“These guys! Can’t you stop?”

Yoo Il-seok could not hold back his anger and attacked Jo Pyeong-rak.


A blue glimmer shimmered on his sword.

However, Jo Pyeong-rak did not look frightened at all.


He threw the hatchet with all his might.


The hatchet and Yoo Il-seok’s sword collided and a metal sound exploded.

Cho Pyong-rak did not miss Yoo Il-seok’s body shaking with shock.


Before he knew it, he was hearing the curved sword that was worn around his waist.

Cho Pyeong-rak, who approached Yoo Il-seok in an instant, cut his throat with a curved sword.


Drops of blood soared into the air with an eerie cutting sound.

Yoo Il-seok’s neck was split by a curved sword.

It was just unbelievable speed.

“You, you…”

Yu Il-seok stumbled, regurgitating blood bubbles.

Jo Pyeong-rak looked at him with a cold gaze.

“You’ve survived so far with just that much skill.”

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