Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 583

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 583

Episode 583

“This is the worst time ever. Is it big enough?”

Taemusang proudly introduced Jeokgeonhoe to Soma.

The front door of the Jeokgeonhoe was wide open. Men with red hoods on their heads diligently went to and from the Red Geonhoe.

It wasn’t like this before.

Jeokgeonhoe was very closed, and the door was never left wide open like this.

Yu Il-seok of Jeokgeonhoeju consolidated his power by monopolizing the workers at Haemun’s docks. However, after being defeated by Tarha and becoming a subordinate, his power shrank as it shrank.

Even so, Yoo Il-seok had to be sensitive. At least Tarha was kind enough to keep the position of the red-haired head, otherwise he would have had to do chores like the workers in the red hood.

Soma marveled at the size of the meeting.

“Awesome. You mean we send workers to all the docks in Haimen?”

“huh! Without going through this place, the work of the wharf will not work.”

“Then, are you clear about the situation here?”

“yes. Because there is no place to go anywhere. Why do you want to know something?”

The pair’s eyes shone.

It was the same with Geomyeon.

The two of them thought that Pyo-Wol had greatly favored them. If it wasn’t for Pyowol, he wouldn’t have been able to become Tarha’s disciple and would still be living a life in the gutter.

Thanks to Pyowol, he was able to save his life and live a life worthy of a human being. So, I promised myself that I would always return the favor.

“He wouldn’t have come to Haimen for no reason. Because he always has a clear purpose.”

“We will do anything we can to help. Just talk.”

Following Taemusang, Geomyeon also said the same.

Soma looked at them for a moment and smiled.

It was because I thought that their faces were very similar to my own.

Like herself, they were prepared to do anything for the sake of transcendence. If so, I thought I could ask them.

Soma opened her mouth.

“My brother is chasing the ghost fleet.”

“A ghost fleet?”

In an instant, the complexion of Taemusang and Geomyeon changed.

“I see you know?”

“I’ve experienced it before.”

“Then it would be easier to say. My older brother thinks that the ghost fleet has been hiding here at Haemun.”

“Is it really? A fleet of ghosts came here?”

“Probably disguised as a normal boat. We need to find that ship. can you do it?”

“If you’re sure you’re in here, we can find it.”

When a ship arrives, a worker from the Red Geonhoe is always dispatched.

Whether it is unloading or replenishing food, the help of workers is essential.

At least here in Haemun, there is no place to avoid the eyes of Jeokgeonhoe.

As Soma said, if the ghost fleet entered the sea gate, he was confident that he would find it.

“I will mobilize all the enemy groups.”

“thank you!”

“Thank you? It’s something you have to do, of course.”

Taemusang smiled at Soma.

Soma also smiled at him.

Then Geomyeon intervened in the conversation between the two.

“wait for a sec! You said it was a ghost fleet right now, right?”



The two looked at Geomyeon with puzzled expressions.

Geomyeon frowned and said.

“I don’t know if it’s related to the ghost fleet, but there are rumors that strange people are often seen in the inn lately.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The kids at the inn tell me that people with unknown identities are often seen these days.”

Geomyeon was from Jeomsoi.

Before becoming a disciple of Tarha, he worked as a fortune teller and had thick bones. He maintained a friendly relationship with the jeomsoi who currently work at Haemun’s inn.

If there was anything strange, the jeomsoi informed Geomyeon first.

Taemusang asked Geomyeon.

“Your identity is unclear? Aren’t most people arriving by boat from a foreign country like that?”

It was a sea gate through which dozens of ships came and went every day.

Many of them were ships arriving from the West or foreign countries. The identity of all the people on the ship could not be ascertained.

Geomyeon refuted.

“I don’t know your exact identity, but you can roughly guess which boat you came from, right? But there are people who are not even clear.”

“Really? But why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought it was no big deal.”

“okay. Let’s investigate them first.”

“Shall we gather the children of Jeomsoi?”

“Don’t make it too conspicuous, collect it quietly for now. How much time can you give me?”

“It doesn’t take that long.”

“good! Start right away.”


Geomyeon ran to downtown with the answer.

Looking at Geomyeon’s back as Soma walked away, he spoke loudly.

“be careful!”


Geomyeon turned around and waved her hand. Then he ran again.

Taemusang laughed and said.

“don’t worry. Because your eyes are like ghosts. If it seems dangerous, I will avoid it.”

“They’re not normal guys.”

“We know from experience. Don’t worry about Geomyeon and let’s do our job.”

Taemusang led Soma into the Red Geonhoe.

Soma nodded and followed him.


When Pyo-wol opened his eyes, Yul Ah-yeon was nowhere to be seen.

It quietly slipped away before dawn.

Even knowing that fact, Pyowol did not hold on to Yul Ayeon.

They had a hot time, but they had no intention of restraining each other.

Pyowol was not a person to settle down in one place, and Yul Ah-yeon did not have the confidence to handle such a Pyowol.

She thought it was just about right. That’s why I quietly left Pyowol’s room at dawn.

Pyo-wol also had no intention of obsessing over Yul-ah-yeon.

He was a man who couldn’t settle for any one woman.

It was impossible for an assassin to settle down, as would be the case with an ordinary soldier. The moment he settles down, a weakness arises and his enemies will exploit it.

Assassins are destined to live alone all their lives and go alone.

Pyowol had no intention of rejecting his fate.

Pyowol got up from his seat and put on his clothes.

He came out only after wearing cuffs and wearing blood jackets.

“Did you sleep well?”

It was Salno who greeted him first.

There was an incense wafting from Salno’s mouth.

“It looks like you drank all night?”

“That friend of Tarha spoke better than I thought.”


“We’re about the same age, so we decided to just be friends.”

“Second to Faith?”

“It happened. It’s not too long before everyone goes anyway, right? I don’t have many days to live, but I just decided to live comfortably.”

Salno shuddered.

Pyowol thought that Salno was getting better as Nucksal went by.

I didn’t know if it was because I really thought I was going to live soon, or if it was because the Pyowol felt so comfortable.

Either way it wasn’t too bad.

No matter how my personality changes, I just had to do my job well. And the Salno he knew was a person who understood his intentions better than anyone else and took care of things.

That was enough.

Pyowol and Salno walked inside the Haewonjang.

The beach in the morning sunlight was very beautiful. It was so exotic that I felt as if I was in the West Station.

Pyowol and Salno walked slowly inside the Haewonjang.

Just then, a group of people approached from the other side.

They were dressed in Western-style clothes that covered their heads and bodies at the same time.

As soon as Pyowol and Salno saw them, they realized that they were soldiers dispatched by the Mara Ministry of Justice.

It was because the atmosphere and airwaves were similar to Tarha.

When they saw Pyowol and Salno, they slightly lowered their heads and pretended to know each other. But no one opened their mouths.

It was like watching an assassin.

Pyowol and Salno also bowed their heads slightly.

So they casually passed each other.

As they disappeared, Salno spoke in a low voice.

“I feel a very strong prayer. They say that they are the elite of the Mara court, so their reputation is indeterminate.”

Salno couldn’t hide his expression of admiration.

Pyowol nodded without saying a word and moved on.

At that time, there were people approaching the two of them.

“Has it come out?”

“Did you have a good sleep?”

It was Tarha and Yul A-yeon.

Yul Ah-yeon treated Pyo-wol with a calm expression, as if asking what had happened the night before.

Pyowol only nodded slightly.

Tarha said to the two of them.

“Everyone should have a meal, but let’s start with a meal.”

He led both of them to patronage.

There was a large table in the beautiful backyard, and on it was a generous table of food.

The four of them sat at a table and ate.

“How would you like a drink?”

“No, you drank enough yesterday.”

Salno shook his head at Tarha’s invitation to drink.

Actually, I didn’t drink that much yesterday either.

No matter how much he agreed to become friends with Tarha, he did not forget his duty as an assassin.

The moment an assassin indulges in pleasure, including alcohol, his senses begin to dull. Salno knew very well what the numb assassin was saying.

Tarha said with a laugh.

“I knew it. Then just eat.”

He ate without further encouragement.

Pyowol suddenly opened his mouth.

“Can’t you see the children?”

“I went out and never came back. There will be no big deal. If there was a problem, the report would have already come up.”

The one who answered was Yul Ah-yeon.

Tarha helped.

“Everything that happens in Haimen is heard in our ears. So don’t worry.”

It was a confident tone.

He was confident that he had complete control of Haemun.

Although the Haeryongbang still remains, they have not been able to compete with Haewonjang.

If a few years pass like this, it will completely lose its influence in Haimen and disappear into history.

Of course, I don’t know if anyone will remember that.

Pyowol nodded without saying a word.

It was extremely rare for Yul Ayeon and Tarha to be this confident. It meant that he was so confident.

Yul Ah-yeon asked.

“What are you going to do after dinner?”

“I want to go for a walk.”

“A walk? Are you thinking of moving yourself?”


Pyowol nodded.

Even if you are still, information will come in.

Haewonjang, Jeokgeonhoe, Soma and the children are moving, so any suspicious movement will be detected immediately.

Pyowol did not have to move so hard. Nevertheless, Pyowol preferred to collect information by moving directly.

Pyowol’s idea was that no matter how good quality information came in, it was not as good as judging by seeing it with your own eyes.

Yul Ah-yeon said with a smile.

“Then I will guide you.”

“You don’t have to. Because I know Haemun well.”

“It has changed a lot from when Pyo Daehyeop was short-lived. It won’t be easy to find your way alone.”

“Let it be. It’s not the old Haemun. It will be easier to maneuver with Zinc.”

When Tarha joined in, Pyowol could not refuse any more.

“Do that.”

“Good idea. I will gather as much information as possible.”

“thank you!”

“You say everything. How much help have you received so far? I’m glad I was able to repay the favor like this.”

Tarha’s eyes looking at the moon were very warm.

He was cold-hearted towards his enemies, but he was infinitely generous towards his friends.

Moreover, Pyowol did him a great favor.

I could have done more than this for him.

“If you need anything, just tell me. I will go to the ends of hell and save you. Your enemy is my enemy. I swear that the warriors of the Mara court will not let anyone who opposes you.”

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