Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 582

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 582

Episode 582

Tarha treated the Pyowol party with utmost hospitality.

The Taemusang Geomyeon brothers quickly got along with Soma.

They had no idea how surprised they were to learn that Soma was older than he looked.

In the past, they wouldn’t have believed Soma’s words, but after learning martial arts, their knowledge increased dramatically. So I knew that there was nothing impossible for Kang-ho.

Far from rejecting Soma, they liked it more.

Thanks to the brother’s kindness, Soma was able to shake off her gloomy heart a little.

Taemusang and Geomyeon took Soma out of the manor.

Tarha tilted a glass with Salno.

Pyo-wol remained alone in the living quarters and looked out the window.

I could see the dock attached to Haewonjang through the window.

A huge ship that seemed to come from the West Station was moored at the dock.

The number of sails and the shape of the boat were very different from those of Jungwon.

It was then.

“Can I come in for a minute?”

Yul Ah-yeon’s voice was heard outside the door.

“come in.”

The door opened carefully and Yul Ah-yeon entered.

Yul A-yeon looked at Pyo-wol’s back with blue eyes and then walked lightly.

I stood beside Pyowol and looked at where he was looking.

Ayeon Yu said.

“It is called the Cheonryongseon. It is the treasure of the Mara court.”

“It sure looks big and solid.”

“I don’t have a stomach to fight hard. If you crash into that huge hull, most ships can’t stand it and will break.”

“Why did Mara’s treasure come here?”

“The Chief Beopju knew that we had settled here and sent support for a while. To give thanks for the work of reclaiming Mahon-do.”

Mara has three law lords under the chief law lord.

Among them, the Three Beopju sold Mahondo, the treasure of Mara, to the ghost fleet.

As a result, Mara’s court suffered a great blow.

Fortunately, thanks to Pyowol, he was able to safely retrieve Mahondo, but the Mara court was alerted.

Chief Beopju supported the Cheonryongseon for Tarha and Yul Ah-yeon, who settled in Haemun.

Although the premise was attached for the time being, the Cheonryongseon and the elite were dispatched until the two settled down perfectly.

Thanks to this, Haewonjang could easily become the loser of Haemun.

Pyowol asked.

“If so, did the warriors of the Mara court also come here?”

“yes! Thirty people are currently staying at Haewonjang.”

“But I can’t see you.”

“They don’t like to be seen in public.”


“yes! I prefer to work in secret. Because of that, few of Haewonjang’s family members have even seen their faces.”


“By the way, what is Pyo Daehyeop doing here?”

Yul Ah-yeon turned her head and looked at Pyo-wol.

Pyowol’s face filled her blue eyes.

“A fleet of ghosts has come in hiding here.”

“A ghost fleet? Is that true?”

“It’s still just speculation.”

“Why do you think the Ghost Fleet is here?”

In response to Yul Ah-yeon’s question, Pyo-wol told what had happened.

What happened at Shinwoljang caused Go Il-won, the owner of the ghost fleet, to hold a grudge against him. He spoke without hesitation about the fact that he killed Yong Ha-sang and instigated the conflict between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe.

“Certainly there is no room in the Yangtze to hide such a huge ship.”

“The forest is perfect for hiding trees, and to hide a huge ship…

“that’s right!”

“But I haven’t seen a ship that I think belongs to the Ghost Fleet yet.”

“It must have been disguised as an ordinary merchant ship.”

“all right. I’ll solve the red flag and find out if there are any suspicious pears.”

“thank you!”

“I have nothing to be thankful for. Pyo Daehyeop is a benefactor to us.”

Yul Ah-yeon smiled slightly.

Even otherwise, she had a mysterious appearance, but she looked even more beautiful in the light filtering through the windows.

Especially her blue eyes shone mysteriously.

Her eyes, shining like sapphire, possessed magical powers that fascinated people the more I looked into them.

Yul Ah-yeon stared at Pyowol with blue eyes.

The epitaph was not so dull that he did not know what it meant.

Pyowol stretched out his hand and wrapped it around Yul Ah-yeon’s ant-like waist.

Yul Ah-yeon was startled, but did not withdraw.

Pyowol tightened his hand and pulled her closer. And he kissed her red lips.


Yul Ah-yeon took a deep breath and greeted Pyo-wol.


The Sea Dragon’s Ark Jang Ha-mun drank alone.

The moonlight pouring through the window made him even more lonely.


He poured a drink into his mouth and looked out the window.

The sea dragon room was so quiet that it was even desolate.

It’s partly because it’s late at night, but it’s more affected by the shrinkage than before.

After Haewonjang was established, Haeryongbang shrank to the extent that it could no longer be called Haewonmun.

At Haewonjang, there was a master of taxation named Tarhara.

Jang Ha-mun’s martial arts was obviously great, but it couldn’t be compared to Tar-Ha.

In addition, the Jeokgeonhoe, an organization of Haemun workers, took the side of Haewonjang.

In the end, Haeryongbang was hit here and there, and its power was reduced. Many of the disciples had left, and it was quiet in the Sea Dragon Room.

“If this continues, the Sea Dragon Room itself will disappear. What do you have to do?”


He threw the glass he was holding against the wall.

Fortunately, it didn’t break, but the remaining drops of alcohol in the glass splattered everywhere. Even so, Jang Ha-mun did not blink an eye.

It was then.


The voice of the commander-in-chief Woo Gun-chang was heard.

She was startled by the commotion in the room and came running.

He hurriedly opened the door and came in.

Wu Gunchang realized what had happened by looking at Jang Ha-mun’s behavior and the drinking glasses scattered around the room.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay!”


“Would you like a drink too?”


“Come along. I have no one to drink with.”

“All right.”

Woogunchang had no choice but to sit in front of Janghamun.

Jang Ha-mun filled his wine glass.

“You are in trouble.”


“How are things these days?”

“The Sangmun dock was completely taken away. sorry.”

Woogunchang lowered his head.

In Haimen, there are Sangmun, Jungmun, and Xiamen docks.

The upper gate is the largest, and many ships are anchored there. Also, because of the deep water, most large ships anchor at Sangmun Wharf.

Because of that, the stake was the biggest.

Xiamun and Jungmun wharfs together were less than half of the interests of the Sangmun wharf alone.

For that reason, Haeryongbang paid the most attention to the Sangmun dock. However, when I heard that the Sangmun dock was completely taken away, I was sick of it.

“I guess it was taken away by Haewonjang as well?”

“I couldn’t stand it because the enemy gangsters didn’t cooperate.”

“You are miserable.”

Jang Ha-moon put down his drink.

Even Woogunchang couldn’t bear to drink.

That was when the two looked at each other without speaking.

“You seem to be in trouble.”

Suddenly someone’s voice was heard.

“Who are you?”

“What kind of guy…”

Jang Ha-mun and Woo Gun-chang stood up in shock.

Their faces were full of wariness.

This was the Sea Dragon Room.

Hearing a stranger’s voice in the Sea Dragon Room meant that the guard had been breached.

At the Haemun, there was only one warrior who could break through the boundary of the Sea Dragon Room and enter the interior.

It was Tar, the owner of Haewonjang.


Thinking Tarha had come, they drew their weapons. However, contrary to their expectations, the man who appeared in front of them was not Tarha.

It was a huge man wearing a long robe made of animal skin.

Jang Ha-mun and Wu Gun-chang broke into cold sweats at his appearance.

It was because of the unusual momentum felt in the man.

I felt a tremendous amount of pressure, as if I was facing a huge whale.

They had never seen anyone with such momentum.

“Who are you?”

“Did you ask? Are you in trouble?”


“You’d better answer honestly. Depending on your answer, my actions will also change.”


Jang Ha-mun let out a quiet voice.

I wanted to draw my sword and attack right away. But now he couldn’t move a finger.

Even breathing was difficult, as if I had been crushed by a huge boulder.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this way.

It was the same for the commander-in-chief, Woo Gun-chang.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

‘It’s not our opponent. Why is such an expert here?’

Wu Gunchang hurriedly looked at Jang Xiamen.

At the same time, Jang Ha-mun was also watching Woogunchang.

Jang Ha-mun was asking how to respond with his eyes. However, there was no way that it could be a sharp spear.

To them, the man in front of them was like a disaster.

The moment you disobey his words, all life in the Sea Dragon Room will be wiped out.

I had such a strong feeling of foreboding.

At that moment, Jang Ha-mun opened his mouth, perhaps organizing his thoughts.

“you’re right. You are in trouble.”

“What is the cause?”

“It’s because of the chief.”

“If you do, can you get out of trouble if you just get rid of Haewonjang?”

“That’s right.”

Jang Ha-mun answered honestly.

There was nothing more to hide.

“You mean if you erase Haewonjang, you can definitely take control of Haemun, right?”


“Then I’ll erase Haewonjang.”


Jang Ha-mun was surprised and raised his head.

Anyone who knew even a little about Haewonjang could not have said such a thing. Tarha’s armament was so strong that there was no warrior in the whole area that could defeat him.

Still, the man said he would erase the Haewonjang without hesitation. If anyone had seen it, they would have thought it was some crazy bullshit. However, the momentum that flowed from the man’s body made him agree without even realizing it.

“Who are you saying you want to erase Haewonjang?”

“It is a ghost that wanders the sea.”

“ocean? Ghost?”

In an instant, two words came together in Jang Ha-mun’s head.

“Then the ghost fleet?”

“Yes. I am the owner of the ghost fleet.”


Jang Ha-mun unknowingly sat down on the floor.

It was the same with Woogunchang.

It was relatively recently that they learned about the Ghost Fleet.

Recently, a ship traveling between Haemun and another country was attacked and killed by an unknown fleet offshore.

Only one survivor.

He was a sailor working on deck.

The sailor tripped and fell into the sea when he was attacked by the ghost ship.

The crew did not notice that the sailor had fallen into the sea and were unable to rescue him.

it saved his life

He clearly watched as the ship he was on was instantly wiped out at sea.

The fast-approaching ships surrounded him like a school fish. Numerous unmanned people came across from the ships that built a siege in an instant.

They brutally killed the sailors on board and threw them into the sea.

The sailor closed his mouth and watched the scene.

The sea was immediately stained with blood, and school fish that smelled the blood rushed in and bit the corpse.

It was a miracle that the sailor survived.

In the meantime, the fleet that plundered the ship the crew was on disappeared in an instant. The largest ship in the fleet had a flag with the words “Ghost” written on it.

The sailor was rescued by a boat passing nearby while holding a wooden barrel that had fallen from the ship.

The existence of the ghost ship was known to the sailors through the mouth of the sailor.

Rumors had circulated that there was a fleet plundering ships before, but this incident was the first to reveal the truth.

“My God! The owner of the ghost fleet.”

Go Il-won, the owner of the ghost fleet, continued.

“Instead, Haeryongbang has something to do for me.”

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