Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 581

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 581

Episode 581

Haemun, like a gateway city to the sea, has many ships anchored there.

The size of each ship was enormous, comparable to that of a small island. It was an inevitable choice to part the sea with waves as high as the house.

The larger the ship, the greater the probability of safety.

Because of this, most of the ships sailing the distant sea had no choice but to be this large.

The dock at Haemun was full of ships that had sailed far away and returned. The appearance of dozens of ships tightly packed reminded me of a huge fleet.

A small ship came in between the huge ships.

Pyowol and his party were on board the small boat.


The boat finally reached the dock.



The people who worked at the dock looked at the boat with the Pyowol lanterns on it with curious expressions.

Because the ship was too small to dock here.

There was a separate place for small boats to dock. It had been a long time since such a small ship entered the docks where huge ships were docked.

At least the sailors here don’t make this mistake. That means they are people from out of town.

A fisherman who was arranging his net approached Pyowol and others.

“Where are you guys from?”

The fisherman’s eyes were full of warning light.

It was a natural reaction to see strangers suddenly appearing on a small boat.

Not only the fisherman, but other people also looked at the three people with caution.

It was then.

“Why is it so noisy over there?”


Suddenly, a group of people approached from one side of the dock with a loud noise.

They were men with red hoods on their heads.

At their appearance, the complexions of the fishermen and workers turned pale.

The fisherman said as if making excuses.

“No, there are suspicious people here…”

“A suspicious person?”

The men in red hoods made a puzzled expression.

Their eyes turned to the moon.

It was suspicious to anyone.

At that, the expressions of the men in red hoods turned ferocious.

“Who are you guys?”

“Is this the enemy party?”

Pyowol asked in a low voice.

The men in red hoods were startled at the word red-gunhoe.

Jeokgeonhoe (赤巾會) was an organization created to protect the rights and interests of workers at the port.

When the port was first built here, workers were exploited for a bargain. For that reason, one of the workers who had mastered martial arts came forward and made Jeokgeonhoe.

The Jeokgeonhoe protected the merchants from ransoming the workers and assigned workers to ships entering the port.

Most of the workers at the port belonged to the Red Army, so no one dared to ignore the Red Army.

The Jeokgeonhoe went beyond a mere collection of workers and developed into an armed group. The workers belonging to the Jeokgeonhoe all worked with red hoods on their heads. Their status at Haimen was great. No one dared to ignore them as odds-on workers.

“Are you from Haimen?”

Of course, people from Haimen knew about Jeokgeonhoe.

Because it is closely related to their lives.

Pyowol shook his head.

“I am not a Haimen person.”

“By the way, how do you know the enemy group?”

“Are you invincible?”


In an instant, the eyes of the men of the Red Army shook.

It was because he knew the name mentioned by Pyowol.

“Tell me to come in the middle of the day. Or guide him.”

“What is your relationship with him?”

“A fairly close friend.”


At Pyowol’s answer, the men of Red Geonhoe let out a silent voice.

Taemusang was one of the rising stars in the current sea gate.

He was a young warrior who was said to be unmatched in the Haemun area because he became ill after receiving Gi-Isa of Kang Ho as his master. Taemusang was also closely related to Jeokgeonhoe.

Since the other person mentioned Taemusang, I couldn’t treat her carelessly.

The eldest said cautiously.

“I’m going to put a flue on Tae Gongja, so wait a moment. If you’re lying, you better be prepared?”

“Okay, so stop talking and call me.”

“Okay! I see.”

The leader gestured to the subordinate. Then, the subordinate hurriedly ran toward the downtown area.

Pyowol and Soma Salno each sat comfortably and waited for their subordinates to return.

how much time has passed As I was feeling bored, I saw someone running from the main street.

As soon as I checked their faces, the complexion of the men of the Red Army changed dramatically.


“Are all the martial arts brothers coming?”

The people running to the dock were boys whose Attie hadn’t gone yet.

The slightly older boy’s name is Taemusang.

The little boy’s name was Geomyeon.

People called them the Mugum Brothers after the two boys.

Taemusang arrived at the dock first and asked the men of the Red Gun Society.

“Is someone looking for me?”

“That’s right. That person…”

The men of the Red Geonhoe pointed at the Pyongwol with their fingers.

The moment he saw the moon, Taemusang frowned.

It was because Pyo-wol had pressed the cap on the Pipungui, so the original face could not be recognized.

Taemusang approached Pyowol with a puzzled expression.

“Who was it that found me?”

“It’s been a while.”


At Pyowol’s words, Taemusang slightly frowned.

It was a voice I had heard somewhere.

He approached Pyowol and looked up at his face.

A familiar yet strange face appeared.


It was when Taemusang tilted his head.

[Don’t be surprised. I am the moon.]

The electric sound penetrated his ears.

For a moment, Taemusang was unknowingly happy. However, like a quick-witted child, he did not make the mistake of revealing Pyowol’s name.

Geomyeon approached him.

“Brother, what’s wrong? Someone I know.”

Taemusang pulled the sword lead and whispered into his ear.

“Don’t be surprised. He is the Pyowol.”

In an instant, Geomyeon widened her eyes. However, as he was quick-witted, he quickly calmed down his expression.

Taemusang said calmly.

“Are you Brother Gong? long time no see.”

Together with Geomyeon, he calmly led the Pyowol group.

The people of Jeokgeonhoe did not dare to inquire into Pyowol’s identity and looked at Pyowol’s back.

They thought of Pyo-wol and the others as simply guests of incomparableness.

When they arrived at a place out of sight of people, Taemusang and Geomyeon completely changed their expressions.

“No, what happened? No contact.”


Geomyeon grabbed Pyowol by the waist and smiled broadly.

Pyowol tousled Geomyeon’s hair and said.

“Are you both doing well?”

“sure! I learned martial arts from Master and holds a high position in the Jeokgeonhoe.”

“I am also learning martial arts diligently.”

Taemusang and Geomyeon looked up at Pyowol with bright eyes.

The two boys were both orphans and wandered the back alleys of Haimen. Pyowol was the one who saved them.

Thanks to the Pyowol, he was able to save his life and become a disciple of Tarha.

After becoming a disciple of Tarha, everything changed.

The status of the boys at the bottom of the sea gate rose vertically and was envied by many.

At least in Haemun, there was hardly anyone who could threaten the two boys.

Pyowol asked.

“Are your master and Yul Ah-yeon well?”


“Take me to them.”

“Just follow us. Master and sister will be very happy.”

The two did not even inquire into the identities of Salno and Soma. They thought that since they were Pyowol’s company, they must be trustworthy.

To that extent, their belief in the sign was blind.

The place they took Pyowol and the others was a huge manor near the sea.

It was a huge manor with a dock where you could dock a boat.

A huge ship was moored in the dock.

The shape of the ship was quite different from that of Jungwon.

It was a ship that operated mainly from West Station.

Pyo-wol looked at the ship and turned his gaze to the signboard of the manor.

On the signboard hanging at the main gate, there were three letters, ‘Haewonjang (解原莊)’ written in bold handwriting.

thump thump!

Taemusang approached the Haewonjang without hesitation. Then, the soldiers guarding the Haewonjang bowed their heads to greet him.

“Are you here? Confucius!”

“What about Master?”

“He is with Yul Sozer.”

“Open the door. Because I brought an honored guest.”

“A noble guest?”

Mu-in looked at Pyo-wol with a puzzled expression.

He had seen the leap moon. However, Pyo-wol changed his face with a reverse bone ball, so he could not recognize him.

I was curious about Pyo-wol’s identity, but I had to be polite because I was a guest of Tae-Musang. So I couldn’t figure out his identity.

Geomyeon chased him down.

“Come on, open the door.”

“All right.”

Unmanned opened the door.

Pyo-wol and his party followed the Mu-gum brothers and entered Haewonjang.

The interior of Haewonjang has a foreign atmosphere.

From building styles to various ornaments and trivial items, they were items that could not be easily seen in the central court.

It felt like I was in the West Station rather than the Jungwon.

Just then, a man and a woman appeared from inside.

It was an old man with a yellow beard and a blonde, blue-eyed woman.



Taemusang and Geomyeon ran after seeing the two.

“Are you here?”

An old man with a yellow beard greeted them with a smile, and a blue-eyed woman looked at the moon with a puzzled expression.

“Who is that?”

she tilted her head.

It was because the atmosphere of Pyowol was somehow familiar.

At that moment, Pyowol took off the hat he was wearing on his head.

He then released the reverse goal ball.


The true face of Pyolwol was revealed with the sound of bones.

The woman and the old man who saw Pyowol’s face shouted at the same time.

“Pyo Daehyeop?”


The two approached with wide smiles.

Pyowol told them.

“Long time no see.”

“If you come, we will talk.”

“How did you not contact me once?”

The two people who welcomed the moon were Tarha and Yul Ah-yeon.

Two people who came to Gangho to find Ma Hon-do, the guardian of Mara’s Buddhist priesthood, and ended up sitting down.

Pyowol helped them find Mahondo, which had been plundered by the ghost fleet, and because of that, the two thought Pyowol was their benefactor.

Tarha did not return to the Mara Department of the West Station even after finding Mahondo.

He thought that settling down here would be better for his granddaughter Yul Ah-yeon.

So he made Haewonjang and accepted Taemusang and Geomyeon as disciples.

In addition, the Jeokgeonhoe was completely subjugated and placed under his command.

Indeed, he has risen to the absolute position of Haemun.

Originally, the ruler of Haemun was a breakwater called Haeryongbang. However, after Tarha established the Haewonjang, their forces rapidly shrank and were barely maintaining their lives.

Those who made the biggest contribution were Taemusang and Geomyeon, whom Tarha accepted as his disciples.

The talents of Taemusang and Geomyeon were truly amazing.

They have accomplished amazing things in a short time. And I worked for Haewonjang, wandering around Haemun like my own house.

Sometimes he fought with the warriors of the Sea Dragon Room and also fought with the groups that threatened the Jeokgeonhoe.

As they fought every day like fighting dogs, the reputations of Taemusang and Geomyeon resonated through the sea gates.

It was to the extent that the nicknames of the two were light fighting dogs.

Tarha’s gaze turned to Soma and Salno.

He noticed at a glance that the level of the two was great.

Tarha said to Pyowol.

“I see you’re with them, so why don’t you introduce them?”

“This is Salno and this is Soma. They are my colleagues.”

At the introduction of Pyo-wol, Salno smiled and came forward.

“Nice to meet you! Say I live.”

“Tell me to tar. I am very happy to meet my peers. It’s fate that we met like this, but let’s share a drink with a crooked nose today.”

“Heh heh! That’s good.”

The two of them got along.

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