Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 580

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 580

Episode 580

“Who! You won’t be easily defeated.”

“I also don’t want a true man to fall easily.”

At Jang Chun-hwa’s awe-inspiring words, Ilgeom Jin-in closed his eyes for a moment.

My heart was beating more violently than ever.

But my head was cold, as if I had fallen into icy water.

It was a situation where passion and reason coexisted.

‘I will die.’

I don’t see any chance of winning.

Even if the martial arts were equal, his physical condition was the worst.

It is because he suffered a deep internal wound in the confrontation with Yonggeomsan.

If he competed with Jang Chun-hwa in this state, he would be defeated.

But I couldn’t back down.


Ilgeom Jin-in opened his eyes with a sigh.

There was no fear in his eyes.


He took out the long sword that was worn around his waist.

The scabbard was completely abandoned.

It was the will to make a life-or-death decision.

Zhang Tianhua answered his will.


He also drew his sword.

It was a sword given to him by his master, Goh Geomwol.

For the first time, I took out the sword that I hadn’t shown to anyone else for decades.

The appearance of the sword was plain. However, it was a famous sword that harmonized strength, balance and sharpness.

Jang Chun-hwa said while aiming the sword at the true man.

“With your death, the chaos will begin.”

“I am grateful that this old man is highly regarded, but it is hard to believe that a difficult world will begin with just this one life.”

“What do you think it would be like if we added the life of Yonggeomsan to the life of Jinin?”

“what? Why does Yonggeomsan die? He is already returning to Yongcheongok.”

“Because the warriors of the nonpartisan faction ambush him as he returns home wounded.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. How could the disciples of the shaman faction from far away in Buwoncheon-ri attack Yonggeomsan Mountain by surprise? Even if I were here, that wouldn’t happen.”

“Who knows? Are they really non-partisan guru or not…”


The one-sword Jinin couldn’t stand it and let out the lion’s roar.

It was only then that he realized Jang Chun-hwa’s intentions.

Cheonmujang’s soldiers disguised as disciples of the shaman faction ambushes and kills Yonggeomsan Mountain, which is returning after being wounded by one sword Jinin.

Then, of course, the angry warriors of Yongcheon Valley would attack the shamans.

The strength of Yongcheongok and the Shaman faction was equal.

The number of masters was much higher in the non-partisans, but the number of general soldiers was much higher in Yongcheongok.

In the end, the nonpartisans would win, but it was clear that they would suffer great damage.

“Wicked… I cannot forgive you. Even at the cost of this life, I will stop your evil deeds.”

One sword, Jinin, kicked the ground with the lion’s roar.

Originally, a senior should concede a player, but the opponent is Jang Chun-hwa.

It was not an existence that could win by taking care of the situation.

I had to give up face and do my best.


His sword created a powerful sword steel.

It was a win from the start.

Zhang Chunhua also swung his sword against him. However, his sword was not young, let alone strong.


Even so, his sword was intact.

Even though it clashed with the sword.

It was a sight that denied Kang-ho’s common sense.

Zhang Tianhua said as he vigorously swung his sword.

“For the past several decades, I have been studying Gwangmumun’s projections. Gwangmumun’s first Munju, Lee Gwak’s Cheonsaldo rather maximized its power by concentrating its energy inside rather than releasing it outside.”

“Did you steal Gwangmumun’s martial arts?”

“It is a further development.”

“Because he was born a fraudster, he steals martial arts to learn.”


Even at the moment of having a short conversation, they clashed dozens of times.

Ilgeom Jin-in unraveled all his thoughts.

The young sword was dizzyingly cutting through the air.

To put it bluntly, Il Sword Jinin was a storm.

It blew strong enough to engulf the world.

On the other hand, Chang Tianhua was a cold fire.

It was burning fiercely, but strangely calm.

It wasn’t just the swordsman, but the atmosphere and eyes.

So it felt even scarier.

Their fight quickly reached a climax.

In that brief moment, Ilgeom Jin-in vomited all of himself.

A thousand years of non-partisanship has been released like a thread, but no herbivore has been able to hit Jang Cheon-hwa.

Jin-in’s face turned black.

At some point, the tension that had been forcibly carried on was cut off by strands.

In a confrontation between absolute masters, Il Gum Jin-in knew very well what it meant to lose his vitality.

It was at this moment that the word defeat popped into his mind.


Zhang Chunhua’s sword extended sharply.

The speed, the anticipation, and the will contained in it were on a different level than before.

Ilgeom Jinin bit his lip.

It was because he realized that no matter what he did, he could not stop it.

‘It’s over.’

When his life is over, there will be no regrets like this.

The problem is that it is clearly visible that the shaman’s downfall will begin with her own death.

Fighting Yongcheongok would not immediately destroy the shaman, but it was inevitable that the downfall would accelerate.


At that moment, Chang Chun-Hwa’s sword pierced Jin-in’s heart.

Ilgeom Jin-in knelt down vomiting blood.


A Songmun high sword lay beside him.

Jang Chun-hwa looked down with his sword inserted into Jin-in’s chest.

“I’m sorry. I thought you could hold out a little longer.”

“Huh! I’m sorry.”

“First, go to the underworld and wait. If you wait a little bit, the disciples of the shaman group will come and make sure you don’t feel lonely.”

“Now… you will never achieve your will. Even if the shaman perishes…”

“I don’t know what you believe, but the only one who can stop me in Gangho is Gwangmu Munju Lee Chung. And I think I’ve already surpassed him.”

“no. Ha…I have more.”


“Now… there is one more person to stop you.”

“Who is he?”

Chang Chun-hwa showed curiosity for the first time. However, instead of answering, Ilgeomjin looked up at the sky and shouted.

“Shaman, shaman…”


his head fell

it’s out of breath


Jang Chun-hwa clicked his tongue when he saw such a sword.

It was because the words of the Ilgeom Jin-in caught my heart. However, he soon forgot the words of the Ilgeom Jinin.

It’s because I’ve come too far to care about these little things.

“Now is the beginning.”

Zhang Chunhua murmured quietly.


On the way back to Yongcheongok that day, Yonggeomsan and his subordinates were attacked by warriors dressed as shamans.

In that fight, Yonggeomsan lost his life.

This shocking news quickly spread to Gangho.

People didn’t believe it when they first heard the news. That’s because it was a completely unrealistic story.

Even if you think about it with common sense, there was no reason for the shamanists to attack and kill Yongcheongokju.

However, the atmosphere quickly turned around when it became known that Ilgeom Jinin, the oldest member of the shaman faction, had a dance with Yonggeomsan.

Ilgeom Jinin and Yonggeomsan literally fought with all their might, and in the end, Yonggeomsan was defeated and lost its troops.

The reason why the shamans raided the returning Yongcheongok warriors was unknown.

In response, the non-partisan faction explained that there was no such thing.

This is because, in fact, no disciples of the shaman sect have ever left Wudang Mountain, except for the one-pointed swordsman.

They tried to clear up the misunderstanding with Yongcheongok.

The atmosphere changed when the body of Ilgeom Jin-in was discovered.

The body of Ilgeom Jin-in was found on the outskirts of Seolwon where they had a confrontation with Yonggeomsan Mountain.

The students of the non-partisan faction who had lost the most laughable adult in the middle of the day were naturally angry.

Many of the disciples of the shaman faction insisted on a fight against Yongcheongok.

There were disciples who said to be careful, but their voices were drowned out by the voices of those who insisted on a decisive battle.

The warriors of Yongcheongok changed their direction to the shaman faction, and the shaman faction also prepared for war.

The whole country, which had been confused by the Gangho War, fell into a thick fog where it was impossible to see even an inch ahead.

In response, the Shaolin Temple, which had been silent until now, opened the San Gate and sent the monks out for mediation.

As Shaolin Temple intervened in Kang Ho-il, the whole country became more confused.

This news reached Pyo Yue, who was going down the Yangtze River in a boat.

Salno rowed and told Pyowol the news.

“The above is what has happened so far.”

Pyowol frowned at Salno’s words.

It happened in just a few days.

While he was staying at Poyang Lake, the world was changing rapidly.

“The one sword of the shaman faction, Jinin, is dead?”

“I am sure.”

“The cause of death?”

“They said he died of a pierced heart.”

“Are you saying that an absolute master like a true swordsman was pierced through the heart and died?”

“Judging from the scars, they say it looks like it was struck by a sword.”

The expression of Salno who was reporting was also dark.

As soon as they received the information that the body of the swordsman Jin-in was found, they mobilized all information networks.

Thanks to this, it was possible to determine the state of the body and the cause of death when the body of Il Gum Jin-in was found.

“Grandpa died?”

Soma, who was sitting by Pyowol’s side, stared at the river in awe.

Thick tears were streaming down his large eyes.

Excluding Pyowol, the one who gave him the greatest grace was Ilgum Jinin.

If it wasn’t for him, as a side effect of the Dafa he received at Soroeeumsa, he might have ceased to be a person in this world, or he might have gone mad and died.

It was all thanks to the one swordsman that he could live this sane life.

When I was in the non-partisan faction, we always quarreled and fought.

The swordsman Jinin tried to teach Soma the rules and principles of the human world, but Soma rebelled against it, thinking it was oppression. However, Ilgeom Jin-in always accepted Soma’s complaints with a warm smile and a benevolent heart.

Having been together for such a long time, I listened to what I felt comfortable with.

Even when he came down Wudang Mountain and came to Poyang Lake, he had only feelings of coolness, but as the time away from him increased, he missed Jinin.

At that time, I would spend time alone with myself.

Soma thought that one day he would return to Wudang Mountain to see the swordsman Jinin. But now it has become an impossible dream.

The Ilgeom Jinin no longer existed in the world.

I wanted to see it, but I couldn’t see it.

Soma murmured, clenching his fists.

“I will kill you. will kill I will kill you.”

He didn’t name who he was going to kill. But both Pyowol and Salno knew who he was talking about killing.

Soma raised her head and looked at the moon.

“Brother! Will you help me?”

Pyowol nodded his head wordlessly.

Ilgeom Jin-in was also an important person to Pyo-wol.

Anyway, thanks to the grace he bestowed on Soma, we were able to be together like this.

Salno opened his mouth.

“Who is it? Could it be the work of the ghost fleet?”

“It could be, but somehow it doesn’t seem this time.”

“Is there any reason you think so?”

“It just feels right.”

“All right.”

Salno nodded at Pyowol’s answer.

he knew

If it is the premonition of a master who has reached the level of Pyowol, it is almost likely that he will hit the target as it is.

Pyowol said.

“Let’s solve the problem in front of us first. Non-partisan work comes next.”

“All right.”

Salno answered and rowed.

Kiki! Kkik!

The sound of rowing echoed across the quiet river.

Pyowol, Soma, and Salno were speechless.

In the meantime, the scenery around us has changed.

Suddenly, the width of the river suddenly widened, and I felt salty.

The stale air and salt that is unique to the seaside.

It reached the water area where the Yangtze River meets the sea.

A large city was visible in the distance.

The huge city where numerous ships were anchored was Haemun.

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