Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 579

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 579

Episode 579


Dragon Sword Mountain knelt down, vomiting blood.

Crimson blood stained the snow-covered ground red.

“God master!”


The voices of the subordinates could be heard from afar.

The mind that had been lost for a while came back.

‘Did I… lose?’

Dragon Sword Mountain bit his lip.

There were large wounds on his side and thigh.

It was a place where the sword of one sword was allowed.

Fortunately, the one swordsman, Jinin, was able to save his life by putting circumstances in his hands, but it was an obvious defeat for him.

“Are you okay?”

I heard the voice of the swordsman Jinin.

When he looked up, he saw the face of the swordsman Jin-in, who was looking at him with a worried expression.

The Ilgeom Jinin’s behavior was also not very good.

He was seriously injured as much as Dragon Sword Mountain. However, he stood firm on his two feet, and Yonggeomsan Mountain was kneeling.

The difference was great.

Ilgeom Jinin was victorious and Yonggeomsan was defeated.

The fierce battle of half a day ended with a narrow victory for Jinin with one sword.

Even if it was only half a second, losing is losing.

Yonggeomsan humbly accepted his defeat.

However, the response of the warriors of Yongcheongok was different.

“The grain master was beaten.”

“Protect the grain lord.”

They ran like crazy to protect Dragon Sword Mountain.

Some attacked Jin-in with one sword.

It was then.

“Everyone stop.”

Dragon Sword Mountain gathered the remaining strength and shouted loudly.

The warriors who ran after his lion hesitated.

Yonggeomsan barely got up and scolded them.

“How much more do you want to embarrass me? I fought to the best of my ability and have no shame in my defeat. So everyone back off.”


“Honorable name!”

The warriors of Yongcheongok had no choice but to stop at his abstract scream.

Only then did Dragon Sword Mountain let out a light sigh.

“phew! I lost.”

“It was a good fight. If you had been a little more calm, I would have lost.”

“You don’t have to comfort me. The senior was stronger and I lost because I was weak. Any hasty consolation is rather an insult to me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Okay. What more can the loser say? I’ll keep my promise, so don’t rush to comfort me.”



After sighing for a moment, Yonggeomsan looked back at his subordinates.

It was embarrassing to see the faces of the subordinates. But he mustered up the courage to speak.

“As you can see, we lost in the confrontation with our seniors, so we return to Yongcheongok. But this won’t be the end. We will adjust our posture and return to Gangho again. Until then, we take care of ourselves and build strength. Do you understand?”


The subordinates answered in one voice.

“let’s go!”

Yonggeomsan turned around and walked without regret.

The warriors of Yongcheon Valley followed suit.

Ilgeom Jin-in silently looked at their backs as they walked away.

stood like that for a long time

Finally, when the warriors of Yongcheongok disappeared from sight, the new type of swordsman Jinin stumbled.


Ilgeom Jin-in barely stood with the Songmungogum as a staff.


Blood trickled from his lips and trickled down.

Although he suffered internal injuries as deep as those of Yonggeomsan, he did not want to show his weak side, so he had suppressed it until now.

“I am too old. If I had been a decade younger, I would have conquered it so effortlessly.”

Ilgeom Jinin thought that the passing years were heartless.

No matter how much martial arts fail, if the body does not follow, it will not be able to exert ten percent power.

“Anyway, the urgent fire was barely put out.”

Now that the warriors of Yongcheongok have returned, their intended purpose has been achieved.

It was rewarding to lead the nogu and run to this place.

Ilgeom Jin-in sat down in place and did a fortune-telling.

It was impossible to completely heal internal and external injuries with a single cloud injury, but he recovered enough to be able to move.

Ilgeom Jin-in put the Songmungogum on his waist again and moved on.

“When are you going to Wudang Mountain again?”

Even though he grumbled inappropriately for his age, Jin-in with one sword worked hard.

It was when I got out of the plain where I had a confrontation with Yonggeomsan.

Suddenly, Ilgeom Jinin’s expression hardened.

The smile that did not disappear even after suffering deep internal injuries disappeared like a lie.

Where his gaze was directed, there was a rock as wide as a normal table.

A man was sitting cross-legged on a rock.

It was a tall man who seemed to be in his early to mid-thirties.

I felt an unknown sense of intimidation from the elderly man wearing a dark red long robe.

It was extremely rare for a master who reached the same level as a true swordsman to feel intimidated by others.

If there is, it is only when you meet an unmanned person who has reached a level similar to or surpassing you.

So, it was clear that the mature man now sitting cross-legged was an absolute master who had reached at least the same level as a true swordsman.

The problem is that the identity of the elderly person is unknown.

Most masters who have reached a level similar to his own know this, but the man in front of him was a face he had never seen before.

Ilgeom Jinin sighed.

“after! Those who are good do not come, and

those who have already come are not good.

Just as the sudden appearance of himself in front of Yonggeomsan Mountain did not come with a good purpose, the man in front of him must not have been waiting for him with a good purpose.

Just like Yonggeomsan, Ilgeom Jinin first asked the man’s identity.

“Looks like I’m waiting for this old man. What’s the name of John Sung?”

As if responding to his voice, the elderly man opened his closed eyes and looked at them.

The moment he met the eyes of the mature man, Jin-in of the Ilgeom unknowingly flinched. The opponent didn’t do anything, but he felt threatened with just his eyes.

The old man opened his mouth.

“My name is Chang Chun-hwa.”

“Jang… Cheonhwa? haha! Are you the lord of heaven? But the appearance is very different from what I knew. Have you ever had a half turn?”



At the answer of the elder, Cheonhwa Jang, the swordsman Jin-in let out a quiet voice.

The Jang Chun-hwa he knew was not like this.

It was clear that he had reached an unimaginable level if he had really gone halfway.

It could be that the man in front of him was lying. However, Ilgeom Jin-in thought that what he said was true.

It was because of the presence and airiness felt in Jang Chun-hwa.

He had seen Zhang Tianhua once and remembered the Qi wave he was radiating at the time.

Even if you regain your youth with Banrohwandong, the unique energy wave does not change.

Ilgeom Jin-in asked.

“But what are you doing here? A person who is too busy running Cheonmujang.”

“Then what are you doing here? The oldest of the shamans.”

“Didn’t you see it all already? You prevented Yongcheongok from intervening. With your help, we could have stopped it a little easier. Did you just watch?”

“Because I’m in a position where I want them to intervene.”

“What do you mean?”

At the unexpected reply from Jang Chun-hwa, Il Sword Jin-in’s expression hardened.

“As you have heard. I am in a position to welcome Yongcheongok into Gangho.”

“How could the Cheonmujangju say such a thing?”

“Chunmujangju, why can’t you say such a thing?”


Ilgeom Jin-in hesitated, unable to find a suitable answer. Then, a ray of smile appeared at the corner of Chang Chun-hwa’s mouth.

The ice-cold smile was a sneer.

He loosened his cross-legged position and raised himself. Then, momentum like a mountain rose up and put pressure on Jinin with one sword.

The sage’s complexion turned pale.

The internal wounds that had been suppressed with great effort were fueled by Jang Chun-hwa’s formidable momentum again.

Ilgeom Jinin was one of the best masters in the world.

Although his body was deteriorating, the insights and formidable inner strength he had gained so far were enough to support his weak body. Even so, he felt that he was being pushed back by Chang Chun-hwa’s momentum.

Momentum is the outward expression of a person’s temperament, mindset, and accumulated studies.

You could tell what kind of person he was just by looking at his momentum.

Zhang Chunhua was showing what kind of person he was with his momentum.

What are your achievements like?

How did you feel when you came here?

what is the final purpose.

Without saying a word, he was showing it all with just his momentum.


Goosebumps rode up on Jinin’s forearm.

Even he could not dare to fathom the extent of Zhang Tianhua’s ambitions.

Il Sword Jinin had never seen anyone with such huge ambitions.

If someone else had such an ambition, they would have snorted and passed it on, but Chang Chun-Hwa was a warrior with the ability to fully realize his own ambition.

The mere fact that such an unmanned man had dangerous ambitions made the swordsman’s body tremble.

Ilgeom Jin-in asked with an effortless expression.

“Are you dreaming of unifying Kang Ho?”

“My son will take care of that.”

“If it’s your son, is it Jang Mu-geuk?”

“He’s a wonderful guy who swallowed up the Geumcheonhoe even though his father didn’t provide much support. If it’s him, he’ll be able to lead the river well.”

“Leave Kang Ho-Il-tong to your son? If so, what does Jang Dae-hyeop really want?”

Chang Chun-hwa looked up at the sky instead of answering.

“her! will be the sky Are you dreaming of becoming the best person in the world?”

“I have original sin.”

“Original sin?”

“The original sin of killing the master.”

“What is it?”

Ilgeom Jinin widened his eyes.

Because it was the first time I had heard of it.

He had never heard of Zhang Tianhua killing his master, and he did not even know who his master was.

From the point of view of a true swordsman, Jang Chun-hwa was a man who fell from the sky.

Decades ago, there was a fight that staked the fate of Kang Ho.

It was a great battle, commonly known as the Great War of the Demonic Heavens.

The super-powerful force called Shin Ma-ryun attacked Kang-ho, aiming for supremacy.

Shin Ma-ryunju Go Geom-wol was a super-strong master who was said to have reached the level of magic.

At the time of the new arrangement led by Goh Geom-wol, Kang-ho collapsed helplessly.

It was Lee Gwak, the first lord of Gwangmumun, who stepped out of the crisis.

Li Gwak engaged in a fierce battle with Shin Ma-ryun-ju Go Geom-wol and was barely able to subdue him. However, the person who killed Gogumwol was the wrong person.

Cheonmujang’s young Jangju was at the place where the two were fighting.

That’s when Chang Cheonhwa accidentally stabbed Gogumwol with his sword, which bounced in front of him.

That was the decisive sign.

Hyo-ung, who was aiming for the world, lost his life to a young boy, and the young boy was deeply imprinted on the heroes of the world because of this incident.

Although it was a deliberate effort, it was true that he took the life of an absolute warrior named Goh Geomwol anyway.

With this incident as an opportunity, Cheonmujang grew explosively, and the young boy grew up to be the absolute ruler of the world.

That was the history of Jang Chun-hwa’s life that Il Sword Jin-in knew.

I didn’t know anything more than that.

‘But do you mean there is something more than that?’

I felt somehow ominous.

‘Master Sabura… Master of Jang Cheonhwa? and original sin The original sin of killing the master…’

At that moment, Jin-in, the first swordsman, felt a shock as if he had been hit on the head with a sledgehammer.

Because suddenly a shocking assumption came to mind.

“no way?”

He forcefully bit his trembling lips and looked at Zhang Chunhua.

There was a deep shadow in Jang Chun-hwa’s eyes.

The moment he saw his face, Il Gum Jin-in instinctively knew that his assumption was correct.

He barely opened his mouth.

“Was Jang Dae-hyeop’s master Go Geum-wol, Shin Ma-ryun-ju?”

“exactly! I killed the master with my own hands and used his death as fertilizer to grow the current Cheonmujang.”

“oh my god!”

“It was something that Master ordered me to do, but it left a deep scar in my heart. A wound that never heals. That’s why I’m going to walk the road Master wanted to go.”

“Will that be the sky?”


“No matter how strong the Cheonmujang is, this is impossible. The sects of the world will not allow your ambition.”

“You know. But in the end, everything will work out according to my will.”

“You are crazy!”

In an instant, a cold smile spread across Jiang Chen’s lips.

It is because the words of Ilgeom Jin-in express him best.

Even if it was crazy, it didn’t matter.

It was okay to criticize it as a futile dream.

It is because they have endured endlessly until now and are now ready to soar into the sky.

“I don’t want this turbulent world to end like this. That’s why the one swordsman should die.”

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