Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 578

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 578

Episode 578

Steel Dragon (鐵覇龍) Dragon Sword Mountain stopped in place and looked ahead.


When he opened his mouth, white breath flowed out and dispersed in the air.

They say that spring has arrived, but it seems that the chill of winter is still here.

A vast plain stretched out in front of him.

On the plains, the snow that had fallen all winter had not melted and was still piling up.

If you think about it, the cold wave this winter was terrible.

Sometimes it snowed for three days, and it piled up to waist height and did not melt.

Because of that, it took a long time to leave Yunnan Province and come here, and it caused numerous casualties.

The cause was the cold and snow.

Yunnan Province, where Yongcheon Valley was located, was warm throughout the year.

There was no need to prepare separate winter clothes, and people lived in bare clothes because it was convenient.

It was late autumn when Yonggeomsan went to Poyang Lake in anger over the death of his son Yong Ha-sang.

At the time, I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

In Yunnan, there was no snow in winter, and even in late autumn, the temperature was only slightly lower than in summer. So most of the warriors went out to Yongcheongok in light clothes.

Until then, they hadn’t thought that great hardships awaited them.

His priority was to avenge his son, so it was a failure to send out without proper preparation.

Not long after leaving Yunnan Province, they soon faced severe cold. Like a lie, the season changed to winter and heavy snow fell.

At that time, I should have gone back to Yongcheongok. He should have returned to the sanctuary and prepared himself and waited for the winter to end, but the choice of Yonggeomsan was a head-on breakthrough.

He made a forced march without thinking about the safety of his subordinates.

It was too thin to endure the cold and heavy snow of midwinter. As a result, many people suffered from frostbite or collapsed because they could not stand the severe cold.

On the way to Poyang Lake, Yonggeomsan tried to get winter clothes and put them on his subordinates. However, it was impossible to obtain thousands of thick clothes at once to overcome the cold.

By the time the soldiers of Yongcheongok bought winter clothes and put them on, many soldiers had already collapsed.

In the end, Yonggeomsan Mountain had to stop the forced march and borrow a large manor to spend the winter. I wasted months like that.

Time was wasted without any gain.

When the snow stopped to some extent, Yonggeomsan Mountain left the manor and marched again. Fortunately, this time, the subordinates wore winter clothes and packed supplies.

Despite all the preparations, the march was not easy. This is because the snow has not completely melted yet.

No matter how skilled the martial arts were, going through the waist-deep snow consumed a lot of stamina.

Because of that, even though they hadn’t come in a while, all the warriors of Yongcheon Valley were quite tired. However, no one could step forward and tell Yonggeomsan to take a break.

It’s been several months since Yong Ha-Sang’s death, but Dragon Sword Mountain’s anger still hasn’t abated.

The moment anyone mentions a break to him, his throat will fly off.

Everyone was dying because of it.

I muttered as I looked at the snowy field of Yonggeomsan Mountain in front of me.

“The road to see my son is so rugged and long? Still can’t stop my feet. I will seek out and tear to shreds all those involved in my son’s death.”

It was when he took a step toward the snowfield.


Something caught his senses.

Someone was approaching from across the plain.

Its presence was clearly felt even though it was ten miles away.

There were only a handful of warriors in the world capable of exuding such a sense of presence. I had to climb at least to the level of Yonggeomsan to emit such a strong presence even from a distance.

So, it was clear that the person approaching from the other side of the plain now had a level of innocence equal to that of Dragon Sword Mountain.

Yonggeomsan looked ahead with his eyes narrowed.

I saw a small dot in the distance.

The dots were gradually expanding.

It’s getting that close.

Yonggeomsan’s face grew cold.

The objects that were too far away to appear as dots were actually humans.

A dwarf old man wearing a uniform with a five-hundred-three-year-old man.

“Is it a guru?”

Although his uniform was so shabby that he resembled a beggar, the energy and spirit that flowed through his whole body was so desperate that it could not be ignored.

“Has there ever been a Taoist in Jianghu that reached this level?”

While he was retrieving his memory, the guru approached at a fairly close range. It seemed to be walking slowly, but in fact, it was shortening the space by expanding the sky.

Yonggeomsan looked at the plain where Nodosa had passed.

There were no traces of his passing, let alone footprints, in the snowfield.

It was a light technique with no scars.

A painstaking light technique that leaves no traces even when stepping on snow.

There were not many warriors in the world who reached this level.

The awareness of Yonggeomsan Mountain grew even more.

Finally, Nodosa stopped in front of Dragon Sword Mountain.

The old master of Dangu said with a grin.

“How are you? Dragon grain wine.”

“Do you know me?”

“How can you not know? Flags symbolizing Yongcheongok are flying all over the place.”

Nodosa’s eyes were on the warriors of Yongcheon Valley.

In the hands of the warriors at the forefront, there were huge flags symbolizing Yongcheon Valley.

Yonggeomsan looked at the flag for a moment and then glared at Nodosa.

“It’s not fair that you know me and I don’t know you. How about revealing your identity at this point?”

“I really didn’t reveal my identity. This guy’s crazy hair. Anyway, when you get old, your gun will run out and you will wear it. My real name is Ilgeom.”

“One sword?”

Yonggeomsan frowned.

There was a trembling in his eyes as he searched for a moment.

It was only now that he realized the identity of Nodosa.

“Are you from the shaman?”


“What kind of relationship do you have with Chungjin Jinin, a long-time writer?”

“It’s embarrassing, but it becomes his private residence.”

“You’re one share higher than the current shaman faction leader? The master of the previous generation has come.”

Yonggeomsan’s eyes changed sharply.

A terrifying light exploded from his narrowed eyes.

Despite the intense eyesight that few people would dare to face, the swordsman Jin-in did not erase the smile on his lips.

Yonggeomsan said.

“Since you’re one share higher than me, I’ll call you senior.”

“If you treat me like a senior, I’ll be grateful.”

“Why did you come here, senpai? I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

“I’m here to convince you.”

“Who are you going to convince?”

“Who is it? I’m here to convince you.”

“under! Did you come here alone to convince me?”


Ilgeom Jinin nodded.

Looking at Yonggeomsan Mountain, his face was filled with a pitiful light.

He was a father who had lost a child.

He too felt uncomfortable blocking the path of his father, who had set out to take revenge with his own hands. But Ilgeom Jinin also had no choice.

Even if it wasn’t so, he was a strong man who was ruined by the war between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe. If Yongcheon Valley gets involved, the situation will escalate out of control.

It was unknown how many people would lose their lives if Yonggeomsan Mountain and Yongcheongok were taken into strong lakes.

So he came down the Wudang Mountain, where he was single.

He could have come with a non-partisan force, but he didn’t.

This is because it could lead to a fight between Yongcheongok and the shamans.

I had to solve it alone.

That was the only way to minimize the damage.

Ilgeom Jin-in said while taking a fist on Yonggeomsan.

“The Nodo Ilgeom asks the Dragon Daehyeop for instruction.”

I deliberately excluded the words shamanist and Yongcheongok.

It was to confine it to a confrontation between individuals rather than a confrontation between the shaman faction and Yongcheongok.

Realizing the true intention of the dragon sword mountain, his eyebrows wriggled.

“Is there any reason why I should accept your challenge?”

“No. But…”


“Isn’t it unmanned? You and I… Do we need more reasons than that?”

“Maybe it’s because he only lives in Wudang Mountain, so it’s still romantic. Unfortunately, there is no such romance left in the current river.”

“I know. Nevertheless, this old man has no choice but to force himself. It’s because I believe that it reduces the damage to a minimum.”

“Anyway, I won’t fight with you.”

“If I do, I will have no choice but to mobilize the strength of the shaman faction.”


“Let’s just calmly decide everything with a confrontation between you and me. If you win, the shamans will not intervene in Yongcheongok’s actions.”

“What if the senior wins?”

“Take the elites of Yongcheon Valley and leave.”


Yonggeomsan erupted in Lion’s Roar.

The faces of the warriors in Yongcheongok were tired of his shouts filled with internal energy. However, the swordsman Jinin, who was in front of Yonggeomsan Mountain, did not change his expression and continued to speak calmly.

“I don’t mean to hold on forever. I just want you to wait until the Great War is over. Wouldn’t that be enough for you to accept?”


“It won’t hurt you too much. Rather, in the meantime, you can increase your strength and mature your anger.”

The words of Ilgeom Jinin shook the chest of Dragon Sword Mountain.

After weighing the gains and losses for a while, Yonggeomsan finally nodded.

“Good! I will accept your challenge.”

Anyway, a confrontation with Ilgeom Jinin was unavoidable.

Whether he accepts the offer or not, the one swordsman will never avoid it.

It was a problem even if I lost to Jinin, but it was a problem even if I won.

Because the non-partisans will not stand still.

If so, it would be better to accept the challenge of the one swordsman.

Yonggeomsan shouted at the warriors of Yongcheongok.

“Don’t let anyone intervene in the confrontation between me and my seniors. Do you understand?”


The warriors of Yongcheongok answered with one voice.

Yonggeomsan looked at the one-sword Jinin and burned his fighting spirit.

“Now you have done as you wished. Are you okay?”

“Thank you! For accepting this old man’s insistence.”

“There is nothing to be thankful for. Because I will definitely beat my seniors and advance to the stronghold.”

“If you beat me, the shamans will never intervene.”

“Don’t forget that promise.”

“I will definitely keep my promise.”

“Then let’s begin.”

Yonggeomsan raised its air power.


In an instant, the air around the area vibrated like crazy, and snowflakes piled up on the floor shot up into the air.

“Everyone back down.”

“Be careful. Gok-lord intends to do his best.”

The warriors of Yongcheongok hurriedly retreated.

They knew very well what kind of disaster would happen when Yonggeomsan was at full strength.

If I stood in a daze for no reason, I would be swept away in a fight and die in an instant.

Before that, I had to step back.

In an instant, around 30 rooms in the room were emptied around the two.

Ilgeom Jin-in sighed and took out the Songmun High Sword.

“after! I don’t know if this old body will move at will.”

I got enough of it, but the problem was my old body.

I don’t know if it’s a general master, but to deal with a warrior who has reached an absolute level like Yonggeomsan, not only the mind but also the body had to be perfect. But Ilgeom Jinin also had no choice.

If they couldn’t block Yonggeom Mountain here, there would be no force to stop them until Poyang Lake. Even if there was, they would not even know that Yongcheon Valley was approaching because they were distracted by the Gangho War.

If Il Sword Jinin had not read the heavenly gi, he would never have noticed that Yongcheongok was approaching from the west.

As soon as he read the uneasy spirit of heaven, he led the old man and ran to this faraway place and encountered the warriors of Yongcheon Valley.

The best he could do was to exclude the shaman faction and Yongcheongok and limit it to a confrontation between himself and Yonggeomsan.

“after! Come on. I have long wanted to witness the seasons of Yongcheongok.”

“Okay! I won’t make any concessions.”


Yonggeomsan kicked off the ground and rushed at Ilgeom Jinin.

It was said that the player must win.

The one who strikes first has a much higher chance of winning in the fight of the warriors.

The situation was not very different from the confrontation between absolute masters.


When Yonggeomsan threw a fist, a dazzling fist erupted.

In response, Ilgeom Jinin held out his sword.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A huge explosion occurred.

The entire area shook as if an earthquake had occurred due to the fight between the two, who were out of human limits.

“oh my god!”

“How can this be a human confrontation?”

The warriors of Yongcheongok watched the confrontation between the two with their mouths wide open.

The whole area turned upside down as if the end of the world had come.

The fight between the two continued for more than half a day.

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