Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 577

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 577

Episode 577

Oh Jin-ui brought the three into his room.

Her living quarters were very modest.

There was nothing but a clunky desk and bed closet. It was a desolate landscape, but neither Pyowol nor Salno thought it strange.

As Pyowol and Salno sat down, Oh Jin-eui spoke cautiously.

“Thank you for coming this far. I’m just worried that I may have made a fool of myself.”

“The decision is ours. All you have to do is tell what you saw.”


At Salno’s words, Oh Jin-ui closed his eyes for a moment and searched for his memory.

Pyowol and Salno gave her enough time to recall her memories.

After a while she opened her eyes and began to tell what she had seen.

“It was a while ago. I had a group of guests. But from the first time I saw it, I thought something was strange. It’s because I didn’t get along with Poyang Lake.”

“What did you see and make that decision?”

“It just felt that way overall. I don’t know if the environment makes people, but the people in Poyang Lake have a unique atmosphere. Even if you come from another place, if you stay here for a long time, the atmosphere and other things change similarly.”

The gisaengs who stayed here for a long time could instinctively distinguish between the warriors of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe and those who did not belong to it.

“The guests who came that day were definitely not warriors from the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe. We disguised ourselves as ordinary merchants and talked there, but something was strange.”

“How strange is that?”

“I talked about the situation at Lake Poyang and said that I was worried about transporting goods and talked about countermeasures… It was like I was saying it from memory, not because it was really urgent.”

“Do you memorize it?”

“yes! I just felt like I was conscious of the eyes of others and trying to plant false information.”

“That’s interesting! Go on.”

Salno’s eyes flashed.

Pyowol and Soma also listened to Jinui Oh with their arms crossed.

“They I saw were more like sailors than merchants. Even the clothes smelled of salt. It was a smell that merchants who usually come and go by the river couldn’t smell. It is impossible to have that much salt in the body without living in the sea for a long time.”

“is it?”

“I think it could be that far. There’s no law saying that a merchant shouldn’t live on the sea. But when you look at their bodies, you can’t really think of them as merchants.”

The men came to Giru to quench their desires and slept with natural prostitutes. Oh Jin-ui also slept with the head of the merchants.

“It was not the body of a merchant. It was the body of a warrior with muscles, body shape, and martial arts. It must have been learned in a rather desperate way.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because he was stronger and more imposing than Deung Cheol-woong.”

Deung Cheol-woong was a sub-human horse, but possessed quite strong martial arts. Because he had been trampled on for a long time, Oh Jin-ui was well aware of the extent to which a trained warrior’s body was.

Because of that, he noticed that the merchants were not ordinary people, but unmanned. So I watched them more carefully and listened to what they had to say.

The merchants stayed in Giru for two days and then went.

“Usually, being conscious of the gisaengs’ eyes, they talked about where they got their goods from and where to sell them to maximize profits. When strangers hear it, it sounds plausible, but I knew the moment I heard how absurd it was.”

Usually, rice grown in the plains is sold to the mountainous regions.

No matter how much the mountains are cultivated and cultivated, it is impossible to catch up with the amount produced in the plains. But merchants said the opposite.

The terrain they mentioned was an area where rice could not be mass-produced. Nonetheless, the merchants said that they made a great profit by going to the plains and selling the rice grown there.

“So I decided they weren’t merchants. Also, I thought they were people who were not used to the Gangho situation.”

Oh Jin-ui thought that they were not merchants, but were sent by some other group.

Salno asked.

“What made you decide they were the people we were looking for?”

“They had tattoos on their bodies.”


“yes! However, tattoos are not common in rivers and continents. It was a tattoo from an unknown country. The colors of the dyes used for tattoos were also colorful. It is not easy to find such dyes in Gangho.”

At Jinui Oh’s words, Pyowol and Salno looked at each other.

Until the incident occurred on Lake Poyang, the Ghost Fleet was mainly active in the Great Sea or a distant foreign country.

It wasn’t strange at all to get a tattoo there.

They were sure that Jinui Oh had pointed out correctly.

Pyowol asked.

“So where are they now?”

“I left.”


“You don’t have to be disappointed. I know where you are going.”


“There was a place name that kept popping up in their stories.”

“Where is that?”

“It was Haemun.”


“People tend to repeat things that are really important. No matter how much you lie, you can’t completely hide that tendency.”

Oh Jin-ui had the gift of distinguishing the truth and lies of the other person like a ghost.

“They said they would soon have a big base at Haimen.”


Pyowol frowned.

Haimen is not a small city.

It was an important gateway city located at the junction of the Yangtze River and the sea.

“If their stronghold is really in Haimen, it makes sense that they couldn’t find it in the Yangtze River.”

In the meantime, Pyowol and Salno used Salmoon and Haomun to track down the ghost fleet. However, no trace of them was found anywhere in the Yangtze River. If they were hiding in the sea gate, it made sense that they couldn’t be found until now.

“Haimen is the place where the sea and the Yangtze River meet. There are numerous inlets and docks. There are many large ships that come and go across the ocean, so it’s no wonder that we couldn’t find them if they were hidden there.”

“Isn’t that like hiding a tree in a bush?”

“yes. And they sent unmanned soldiers disguised as members of the guild here to figure out the trend.”

“You are as cunning as a fox.”

“that’s right!”

Pyowol nodded.

Looking at Go Il-Won’s appearance, it seems that he will rush recklessly without hesitation, but in fact, he even has the mentality of a fox.

“It’s Haimen… I happen to know someone there, so that’s good.”

“Have you ever been there?”

“I stopped by once.”

In Haimen, there are Yul A-Yeon and Tar-Ha, who came from the Mara Dharma Department.

They had been helped by Pyowol.

He said he would repay the favor, so if Pyowol asked for it, he would surely help.

Pyowol asked Jinui Oh.

“When did they leave?”

“It’s been two days.”

“Two days should be enough to catch up.”

Salno asked cautiously at Pyowol’s words.

“Are you going to pursue it right away?”

“Give me time and I will hide somewhere again.”

“All right. Then, I will prepare to leave immediately.”


When Pyowol gave permission, Soma and Salno immediately got up and went outside.

Oh Jin-eui asked Pyo-wol.

“Was my information helpful to you, Master?”

“a lot.”

“I’m glad.”

Oh Jin-ui smiled brightly.


The man with a gloomy atmosphere glared straight at his prostrate henchman.

“Tell me again. How did it go?”

“Gihanseong and his henchmen have been killed.”

“To whom?”


The henchman hesitated for a moment. Then the impression of the gloomy man changed even more gloomy.


“I’m not sure, but I think it’s a table moon.”

“The moon?”

“yes! There were numerous unmanned people on board, but no one noticed that Gihanseong was dead. Only Pyowol is the only one who possesses that level of killing in the current stronghold.”

“Pyowol pyowol! After all, spring has come and it crawls out like a snake that has woken up from hibernation.”

The gloomy man gritted his teeth.


The servant looked at the man and bit his lip.

Last winter his master changed.

Originally, he had a personality that couldn’t be said to be bright, but he wasn’t so gloomy.

The name of the man with a gloomy atmosphere that makes you feel spooky just by looking at him was Dokgo Hwang.

The fifth disciple of Haewanggeom Jeon Moo-ok and the de facto ruler of martial arts training was the man in front of him.

The man who was more exciting than anyone else had turned so gloomy like a lie.

All of that was a change that took place after losing to Zhang Wu-geuk.

It was broken so badly by Jang Mu-geuk that there was no room for excuses.

It was Dokgo Hwang who was confident that he would follow Wu-geuk Jang with grace, but would never lose to him in terms of skills. However, his pride was shattered the moment he competed with Zhang Wu-geuk.

It was a complete defeat with no excuses.

At that moment, his steely mental strength also crumbled.

Zhang Wu-geuk dealt a decisive blow to his mental strength, which had been cracked after he lost his footing to Pyo-wol.

The shock caused Dokgohwang to confine himself to his residence.

When Zhang Wujie asked for it, he sent his subordinates, but he himself was stuck in the corner of the room and did not come out.

In the meantime, the exciting impression had disappeared, leaving only a gloomy atmosphere.

A chilly anticipation flowed in Dokgo Hwang’s helpless eyes.

It was a change that occurred as soon as I heard the name Pyowol.

His servant was not too happy about such a change.

It was good that Dokgo Hwang was free from lethargy all winter, but it was because his madness was clearly visible.

Dokgohwang stood up from his seat and asked.

“When will additional troops arrive?”

As the fight with the Union Association intensified, the warriors he brought with him were severely consumed. At the request of Zhang Wujie, soldiers were dispatched, and as a result, the number of soldiers brought with them was reduced by half.

For that reason, Dokgohwang sent a letter to Mugeomryeon last winter requesting the dispatch of additional troops.

The word was a request, but it was practically an order.

This is because his master, Jeon Moo-ok, was imprisoned in an underground prison and he had complete control of the martial arts practice.

The servant replied.

“Not too long ago, news came that we were passing through the Jusan Islands. It would have been further north than that by now.”

Troops departing from Haenam-do, of course, come by boat. It is to use a boat to go north along the southern coast of Gangho.

Ships were the most efficient means of transporting troops, and Mugeomryeon had many huge ships to go through the high waves of the sea.

Dokgo Hwang said in a gloomy voice.

“If you have passed the Zhoushan Islands, you will arrive at Haimen sooner or later, right?”

“yes! In time, that is to be expected.”

Haimen was the gateway to the Yangtze River from the sea. When I arrived at Haemun, it was a short walk to Poyang Lake.


Dokgo Hwang’s face became lively after a long time.

When additional troops arrive, he can command more than five hundred men.

All five hundred of them were the elite of martial arts training and were great masters.

It was truly a great force.

If you simply judged the quality of troops, no other group of the Geumcheonhoe could follow.

I don’t know if Cheonmujang’s soldiers will join, but Zhang Wujie hasn’t brought a large-scale army yet.

‘coon! It must be an ulterior motive to preserve the troops of Cheonmujang intact.’

Having been confined to a small room all winter, Dokgo Hwang became intolerant and suspicious.

Numerous delusions and anguish made it so.

In the past, I thought that Zhang Wu-geuk, who did not borrow the power of Cheon-mu-jang, was manly, but now it seems that he is trying to preserve his power, and it feels disgusting.

Furthermore, Zhang Mu-geuk did not like Dok-go-hwang’s obsession with Pyo-wol. Because of that, I used a sword and pressed myself with force.

Dokgohwang was no longer equal to Jang Mu-geuk.

It has degenerated into an existence that receives the orders of Zhang Wu-geuk.

That fact made him miserable. And it was Pyowol who provided the cause.

“Find his whereabouts secretly.”

“Are you saying you want to keep it a secret?”


“Sorry. I will follow orders.”

“If the one who had been hiding all night has reappeared, he must have a legitimate purpose. We must find out the purpose of his appearance.”

“Okay. I’ll execute my orders.”

The confidant bowed his head deeply and replied, but Dokgo Hwang was no longer looking at him.

A panoramic view of Poyang Lake came into view through the window.

“The moon!”

Thinking that there was a moon somewhere here, blood seemed to spurt backwards.

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