Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 576

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 576

576 Ki

Han-seong opened his eyes and looked at the small ship that was running away.

It was a boat with only three people on board.

A young man, a young boy, and finally an old boatman rowing.

About a dozen soldiers were killed by only three people.

All of them were promising warriors in the Geumcheonhoe. Among them was Gihan-seong’s favorite henchman.

His death turned Ki Han-seong’s eyes upside down. For that reason, he left the Emotional Han and the soldiers of the Unryeonhoe on the Unmado River Line and set out to pursue them.

Since they were isolated on the broken Unma Riverboat anyway, they had nowhere to escape. So, it was the deadline calculation that he just had to deal with those who killed his subordinates and return.

He had his men drive the ship at full speed.


The huge boat split the current at high speed.

Salno rowed as hard as he could, but he couldn’t match the speed of a huge ship with full wind in its sails.

In an instant, the distance closed, and the huge ship came close enough to touch the stern.


Waves rushing from the huge ship rocked as if the ship with the leopard was about to capsize at any moment.

Salno said to Pyowol.

“sorry. It just seems like it would be hard to get over it.”

“I can’t.”

Pyo-wol turned his head and looked at the huge ship that followed closely.

If possible, I wanted to visit Jinui Oh quietly. But I couldn’t just get over it.

Pyowol pressed the cap on his blood jacket even more deeply.

Soma and Salno knew best what that meant.


Three people kicked the boat at the same time and threw themselves.


In an instant, the boat they were riding on was crushed by the huge ship and disappeared into the water. If it was too late to escape the boat, the three of them would have been sucked into the water.


Soma landed lightly on the bow.

At the appearance of a boy who seemed to be about seven or eight years old, the warriors on board looked puzzled.

“What are you?”


It took some time for the warriors to realize that Soma was aboard the wrecked boat.

Meanwhile, Soma moved.

“Hi-Hi! i won’t kill Because the old man told me not to kill people carelessly.”

Soma grinned and rushed at the warrior in the lead.

There was fear in his hands.


The sword drew a sharp trajectory.



The unmanned screamed and collapsed.

There were deep cuts on their thighs and ankles.

Soma intentionally avoided the upper body and only attacked the lower body.

No one expected a child like Soma to attack so sharp and merciless. As a result, the response was delayed.

In the meantime, three or four warriors were knocked down by Soma.

Soma’s sword attack was very powerful.

It was further developed while being taught by Jinin, a swordsman of the shaman faction, in addition to the existing martial arts of Soroeumsa.

The one-sword Jin-in did not teach Soma the martial arts of the shaman faction. Instead, he passed on his enlightenment.

With that alone, Soma’s achievements have risen by leaps and bounds.

Also, many of the side effects of the Dafa that Soma received at Soroeumsa were removed.

The swordsman Jinin said to Soma.

“Now maybe you can grow taller.”

If that were the case, I wouldn’t have to live as a child like I do now.

Come to think of it, I felt like I was a bit taller than when I met Jin-in. But it wasn’t certain yet.

Still, Souma thought of the one swordsman as a benefactor.

It was because, except for Pyo-wol, there was no one who cared for and thought of him as much as Il Geum Jin-in. So, when non-partisan guru’s requested to be dispatched to Poyang Lake, he readily accepted it.

Tae-won, the second great disciple, and Yun-gwang and Han-gwang, the third great disciple, died at Poyang Lake.

The warriors of the shaman faction asked Soma to find the beast that killed them and punish them.

Originally, I intended to set aside some time to investigate the truth about their deaths. But there was no need.

Because Pyowol already knew the truth.

The one who killed the three people was Go Ilwon of the ghost fleet.

All winter, Pyowol tried to find the whereabouts of the ghost fleet, and now he finally got a clue to track them down. However, at the Geumcheonhoe, he was holding on to his ankles.

Soma couldn’t forgive them.

Even if it didn’t kill me, I had to inflict pain enough to make me want to die.

Take a break!



Soma’s sword inflicted continuous wounds on the bodies of the warriors of the Golden Heaven.

“what? Who is that little b*stard?”

Ki Hanseong opened his eyes and glared at Soma.

Soma was showing off an incredible amount of inaction for a young boy.

Numerous unmanned soldiers on the deck were being swept this way and that way because of one soma.

It was like watching a flock of sheep cornered by wolves.

It was unbelievable that the elite members of the Golden Heaven were shaken so mercilessly by a young boy.

Gi Hanseong shouted at the henchmen who were right next to him.

“What are you doing? Come on, don’t catch him.”


Normally, the answer should have come right away, but for some reason no one answered.

With a strange feeling, Ki Han-seong looked around.

All of his men were lying on the floor, and he saw an old boatman standing beside them.

Gi Han-seong noticed that the old boatman was the old man who had driven the small boat they had broken.

“You… Kuck!”

Gi Han-seong, who was about to burst into anger, suddenly grabbed his neck.

Because something was gripping his neck.

Something invisible bit into his neck.


Gi Han-seong realized that it was a gift to strangle him.

I tried to loosen the gift with both hands, but to no avail.

No matter how much gong energy was injected, the gift did not stop.

In the end, Ki Han-seong gave up on cutting the gift with his hand and drew the sword from his waist and swung it into the air.


However, he couldn’t break the black gift that he swung with all his might, and rather bounced off.


The complexion of Gihanseong turned pale.

I didn’t know that even with a sword I couldn’t break the gift.

Even at that moment, the gift was digging deeper and deeper into his neck.

Fear came like a tidal wave along with excruciating pain.

‘Who the hell?’

Even if he died when he died, he wanted to know who he was dying to. However, the man holding his breath seemed to have no intention of showing himself.

He never showed up, and Ki Han-seong’s body was carried up into the air.

After a while, Gihanseong’s struggles subsided.

it’s out of breath


Only then did Ki Han-sung’s body fall to the floor.

Salno looked at Gihan Castle for a moment, then looked up at the top of the mast.

The pyowol was standing there.

The figure of him standing with the dark red bloody wind blowing in the wind reminded me of the death god.

The figure of Pyowol disappeared from sight.

Even with Salno’s eyesight, he couldn’t catch the disappearance of the moon.


Salno was dumbfounded and only let out a laugh.


At that moment, the sound of something crashing into the water came from the back of the boat.

Salno went to the stern and saw a small boat lowered to the surface. Pyo-wol lowered the small boat he was carrying for lifesaving purposes.

A pyowol was already riding on the boat.


Salno looked tired and jumped onto the little boat.

Until then, the soldiers on the ship were unaware of the death of Gihanseong and his henchmen.

It wasn’t until after a while that they noticed the leader’s death.

“What! what?”

“The qigong master is dead.”

“Unbelievable! All the leaders…”

The soldiers on board were speechless.

It didn’t take long for them to be swept away by the Soma and steal their attention. At the very least, it was only time to burn one incense.

In the meantime, Gihanseong and his henchmen were all killed.

Still, no one noticed his death. No matter how much attention was focused on Souma, the situation made no sense.

Furthermore, Gi Han-seong showed no sign of defiance.

It was clear that he had been killed without realizing it.

“oh my god! To think that one of the four great martial artists was defeated without even showing his martial arts skills.”

“Who the hell killed the Wind Spirit Swordsman?”

“It’s a death. The death god has gone!”


The moment someone mentioned the moon, the atmosphere on the ship cooled rapidly.

That’s how much the weight given by the nickname Shinigami was enormous.

When people came to their senses after a while, Soma had also disappeared.

Before I knew it, I jumped onto the boat that Salno was driving. However, the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe, who lost their leadership in an instant, did not dare to pursue them.

Meanwhile, Salno’s boat disappeared from their sight.


Salno drove the boat into the reed field.

No one knew that they had arrived at Poyang Lake because of the tall reeds.

The three of them hid the boat in a field of reeds and went out to the downtown area.

As it shows the atmosphere of Poyang Lake these days, there were few people in the downtown area.

Occasionally, the people I saw also moved often with their necks shrunken from the cold.

Winter was passing into spring, but the air was still cold. Occasionally, when the wind blew, I was fed up with the cold.

I didn’t even know that the streets were quieter because of that.

Thanks to this, Pyowol and his party were able to go to their destination without worrying about the gaze of others.

Their destination was a small Giru in the downtown area.

Giru, which was created recently, was popular because there were many pretty gisaengs.

Although the Gangho War was a long time ago, the warriors continued to search for Giru.

Even if it wasn’t, he was of a vigorous age, and he had learned martial arts. The desire was several times stronger than that of the average person.

Because of that, Giru was enjoying a boom.

The inn where Pyowol and the others were heading was also one of the places that were enjoying such a boom.

thump thump!

Salno knocked, and after a while the door opened slightly, and someone poked his head out.

He was the commander of Giru. he asked carefully.

“who are you?”

“I came from the Black World.”

In an instant, the commander’s complexion changed to an earthy color.

he said in a trembling voice.

“Come on in.”

He opened the door and let the three inside.

Pyowol asked Salno.

“Black world?”

“They call us that these days.”


As Pyowol frowned, Salno smiled and continued.

“Many now know that the Supreme has unified the world of Assassins. Since the lord did not name it, people call it Heukgye on their own.”

“It doesn’t sound that good.”

“It’s enough to intimidate me, though.”

Black World.

People were calling the world of assassins that were all over the moon that way.

I don’t know whose mouth it started, but now everyone who knows a little about the world of assassins calls it that.

It was understandable that the commander-in-chief was trembling.

For ordinary people, the black world was synonymous with death and fear.

This is despite the fact that Pyowol banned all private requests after completing the Assassin World.

The commander-in-chief did not even dare to look up at Pyowol.

Because I instinctively felt that he was someone I shouldn’t have seen.

The commander-in-chief took the three of them to the front of Rouge’s residence.

“Louju! A guest has arrived from the Black World.”

“Black world?”

A woman’s voice was heard from inside, and the door opened immediately. And a beautifully dressed courtesan appeared.

The gisaeng who saw the moon immediately jumped out.


The woman who bowed her head in front of Pyowol was Oh Jin-ui.

A woman who was forcibly kidnapped by Deung Cheol-ung and lived a humiliating life, but was saved by Pyo-wol and Salno.

She had become the Rouge of Giru.

Oh Jin-ui threw himself at Pyo-wol.

Seeing this, the commander-in-chief’s face turned white.

‘Then did he live? My God!’

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