Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 575

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 575

Episode 575

It was a boat of a shape not often seen on the river.

A streamlined hull, tall sails, and numerous masts designed to navigate the ocean.

At a glance, there were many differences from the ships that mainly operate on the Yangtze River.

A flag symbolizing martial arts was fluttering on top of the mast of the huge ship.

Because the ship was so large, even though it was sailing from a distance, rough waves came up to the ship with the Pyowol and the like.

Every time the waves hit, the ship Pyo-wol was riding rocked as if it would capsize at any moment.

Salno hurriedly used internal strength to stabilize the swaying boat. However, the big wave did not end with one passing, but continued to come in ifa and sampa.

Eventually, Soma came out and took the oars before the boat was able to find stability.

In the meantime, Mugeomryun’s boat passed by the boat carrying the Pyowol and others and disappeared far away.

Salno held the oars and opened his mouth.

“Fortunately, I don’t think they saw us.”

“The ship is so small and so far away, so it could be that you didn’t see it or you didn’t think it was a big deal and just passed by.”

“Or it could be because something urgent happened. Anything is good for us.”


Pyowol nodded at Salno’s words.

A ship of that size would have well over a hundred men on board. There was nothing good about colliding with such a huge ship in the middle of the Yangtze River.

I don’t know what happened, but it was a good thing for Pyowol and others. Because they didn’t care.


Salno picked up his strength again and started rowing.

The ship cruised on the current again.

Only then did Salno let out a sigh of relief.


Navigating the Yangtze River in a small boat was not an easy task.

If it wasn’t for going with Pyowol, Salno wouldn’t have taken on such a difficult task.

Anyway, thanks to Salno, the boat went down the Yangtze River safely again. It was when I went halfway down like that.


Soma, who had been watching the front, called out to Pyowol.

As Pyo-wol looked up, So-ma pointed her finger at the front of the Yangtze River.

“There’s a corpse…”

“A corpse?”

Pyowol looked in the direction Soma pointed.

A few corpses floating on the water caught my eye in the distance.

Salno drove the boat to where the body was.

Pyowol said while examining the color of the corpse floating on the water.

“The soldiers of the Union Federation.”

“It looks like there was a water fight. You can see the body over there too.”

The place Salno pointed out was the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

A body was also seen floating there.

Soma said her thoughts.

“It looks like you’re fighting the Union Union ship somewhere not far away?”

Poyang Lake was not far away.

It wouldn’t be strange if the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe were fighting. The problem is that they are fighting where the moon passes.

Salno asked Pyowol.

“What should I do? Shall we go back?”

Since we had just entered the canyon terrain, there was no good place to dock our boat.

The only way to avoid the collision between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe was to go back the way they came.

Pyowol shook his head.

“No, just go.”

“All right.”

Salno said no more and rowed.

The further we went downstream, the more bodies were floating on the water. And finally, I saw two ships colliding in the middle of the river.

One was the martial arts boat I had seen just a moment ago, and the boat facing me was the Unma Dogangseon, a common sight on the Yangtze River.

The two boats collided in the middle of the river as if in a contest of strength.

The extreme!

As the huge hull collided, the sound of trees breaking was heard even to the ship Pyowol was riding.

The extreme!

Mugeomryun’s boat was holding down the bow of the Unma Dogangseon. Since the bow of Mugeomryun’s ship was so high, the Unmudo Gangseon was naturally sucked under it.

Those who operated the Unmado Riverboat tried to escape, but to no avail. The ship was gradually sinking. At this rate, it was clear that sooner or later it would sink completely.


“Cross to the other boat”


The soldiers who were on the sinking Unma Dogangseon threw themselves into Mugeomryun’s boat. However, the soldiers of Mugeomryun faced the soldiers of Union League who came up with their defenses firmly on their feet.

The advantage was the martial arts martial arts.

Because he occupied a high position and there was nothing urgent. On the other hand, the soldiers of the Union Federation had to venture out to escape from the sinking ship.

Since I was in a hurry, my hands and feet naturally became dizzy.



Psychological atrophy prevented me from displaying my skills.

The soldiers of Eunryeonhoe, who were trying to get on the ship, were hit by the soldiers of Geumcheonhoe and crashed.

Those who were injured and drowned struggled. Those who survived struggled to pull them up onto the Unma Riverboat. However, raising the injured above the sinking ship was not a fundamental solution.

A young soldier in a blue uniform gritted his teeth.

The name of a man with impressive hawk-like eyes and a strong jawline is Dark Han.

Byeolho was one of the Eunryun Saik, Cheongik Bieung (靑翼飛鷹).

shouted the dark one.

“Everyone, keep your senses straight.”

He was in charge of the Unmado River Line.

The Unma Dogangseon was full of young warriors who wanted to join the Union Association. However, the Geumcheonhoe knew how and sent a boat operated by Mugeomryeon to surprise them.

Standing on Mugeomryeon’s boat was a young warrior of the same age as Eumjeonghan.

Muin’s face was an unusual smile.

The eyes were so small that the pupils could not be seen, and a smile formed on the corners of the lips.

Countless people were dying before his eyes, but the young smile on his face did not disappear.

The man’s name is Gihanseong.

One of the four great martial artists, Poongryeong Swordsman (風靈劍客), was his true identity.

Gihanseong looked at the dark man and said.

“You die here today. Dirty!”

“Due date!”

Emotional Han vomited his anger and threw himself toward Gihanseong. The warriors of the Union Federation followed.


A blue sword rose from the dark sword and attacked Gihanseong.


Momentarily, Ki Han-seong sneered and punched. A haze was rising from his fist before he knew it.

It unfolded the authority.



Along with the heavy drinking, the moody Han was again thrown into the Unma River Line.

Although they suffered similar blows, the dark-hearted, who had no place to rely on, suffered a greater loss.


The dark-skinned one hurriedly got up and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

There were traces of blood on his mouth.

will be injured

But I couldn’t sit back and relax.



It was because the soldiers who flew after him were falling with screams.

The dark one shuddered.

“These cowards!”

“Either cowardly or whatever, as long as you win, that’s enough.”

Gihanseong replied calmly.

His eyes glowed with life.

It was he who led this raid.

The strategy of approaching the Unma Dogangseon without a sound on a Mugeomryeon ship and crushing it as it was was effective.

It was a possible operation because Mugeomryeon’s ship was much larger and stronger than the Unmado Gangseon.

The Unmado Gangseon, which was hit by a sudden attack, sank, and the soldiers on board were on the defensive.

Unless another ship comes and rescues them, all the soldiers of the Union Association will be drowned.

It was then.

“What? There is a ship approaching.”

The subordinate who assisted him pointed upstream with his finger.

A small boat was actually coming down from upstream.

It was such a small boat that it was called a one-lobe skiff. No matter how many times I rode it, it seemed that it would sink if there were five or six people on it.

Under normal circumstances, I would have just let it pass. But today I couldn’t.

It was a golden opportunity to annihilate Chung-Ik-Bi-eung Eum Jeong-Han and the elite members of the Eun-Ryeon Association. I couldn’t leave even the slightest possibility of their escape.

Gihanseong gave orders to his subordinates.

“Take care of it.”



As soon as Ki Han-sung’s order was given, a small boat was lowered.

There were dozens of unmanned people on board the small boat.

They rowed and approached the boat on which the leopard was riding.

Five out of ten men rowed together.

Every time they rowed, the little boat stretched out at terrifying speed.

In an instant, they caught up with the boat on which the leopard was riding.


The soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe shouted as they intercepted Pyowol’s ship.

Salno clicked his tongue.


“They told me to stop the boat.”

The Geumcheonhoe warriors shouted loudly again.

Ignoring Salno, they tried to avoid their ship. However, the Geumcheonhoe warriors changed direction and blocked their way again.

“How dare you disregard orders and run away? They are suspicious. Deal with them all.”

The man leading the unmanned men on board gave the order.



The warriors responded and flew towards the ship Pyowol was riding.

They were holding their swords before they knew it.


Their swords flew towards Pyowol and Salno.

It was spread from the beginning of the year without any identification.


At that moment, it was too young to live in Salno’s eyes.

He was angry at the warriors who dared to spread it to Pyowol from the beginning of the year.

I didn’t want to attract other people’s attention at all, but I couldn’t let go of this one.

Salno swung the paddle he had been dipping into the river at the soldiers who spread the weed.


Spray rose into the air and covered the eyes of the attacking warriors.




At that moment, countless silver needles came out through the water barrier.

It was impossible to distinguish the silver needle mixed with water with the n.a.k.e.d eye.



The unmanned soldiers who were spreading grass fell to the surface with a scream.

Their faces and chests were full of feather tips as thin as cow hair.

“It’s an ambush.”

“Everyone beware!”

The unmanned people who were still on board were shocked.

In particular, the head warrior was so surprised that his eyes popped out.

This is because they know how difficult it is to pierce the spray with a thin feather tip.

To break through the water barrier with feather needles that fly away even with a light breeze, formidable aerodynamics had to be supported.

I didn’t expect that the old man who rowed the oars would have such a deep inner workings.

“Everyone be careful…”

It was the moment he was about to warn his subordinates.




Again, the feathers flew by the wind, and the men screamed and fell into the river.

The drones that fell to the surface never moved again.

All of them are desperate.

It didn’t make sense for her to stop breathing so quickly just because she was hit by a feather needle.

“It’s poison too.”

It was also tainted with a terrible poison.

Only then did the chief warrior realize that they were unusual beings.

“Run away too!”

He hurriedly gave orders to his subordinates. However, there were only three warriors standing intact, including the head.

Ten people came, but in an instant, seven of them were killed by a downpour.


At that moment, the boat they were riding in rocked violently.

When they came to their senses, Salno was landing on their boat with an oar.

“This Nogoe…”

The chief warrior and his subordinates tried to attack Salno. But Salno swung the oars across the road faster than they did.


An eerie cutting sound echoed over the ship.

“Turn it off!”

The head warrior grabbed his neck with both hands and opened his eyes. Red blood flowed through his fingers.

It was the same with other subordinates.

They stumbled and fell straight into the river.

everyone is out of breath


It was when Salno snorted at them as they turned into corpses.


The huge ship on which the Geumcheonhoe warriors were riding turned this way.

Salno shook his head.

“It must have gone well.”

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