Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 574

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 574

Episode 574:

Ko Yeon-hwa’s expression hardened as if she had been covered in iron armor.

Whatever the circumstances, she was a soldier belonging to the Union Association. On the other hand, Namgung-wol was just an outsider who voluntarily left the Union Association.

I couldn’t tell Namgungwol, an outsider, information about the union association. Not to mention that she was disappointed in the federation.

“sorry. You cannot tell an outsider what is inside.”

“It’s okay. I must have asked too much.”

“Why is Confucius Namgung here? Did something happen in thousands of episodes?”

This time, Ko Yeon-hwa asked.

She sincerely wondered why Namgoongwol was here.

Namgoongwol’s answer to that was simple.

“It was nothing.”


“It’s a problem because nothing has changed even after I’ve been there.”

Namgungwol sighed lightly.

He came here only a few days ago.

Over the past year he has stayed in the thousands.

There, he persuaded his father and older brother and eventually turned their will over.

In the process, Namgungwol went through great hardships.

My body and mind were very broken and I needed a place to rest.

It was this place that came to mind then.

Pyo-wol was a cold-hearted person, but he knew that he would not easily throw away those who came to him. So it was difficult to come here.

I’ve been resting here for the past few days.

It was okay not to catch a single fish.

Peace came to my heart just by casting a fishing rod and looking at the surface of the water.

For several days, Namgoongwol healed his heart.

As a result, his expression improved a lot.

Ko Yeon-hwa looked closely at Namgung-wol’s expression.

Even when he was at the union meeting, his face was dying. But now his complexion had returned and he seemed relaxed in his gestures.

I wondered what made him so relaxed.

The two walked along the pier shoulder to shoulder.

Suddenly, Ko Yeon-hwa opened her mouth.

“Dozens of Unryeonhoe unmanned people lost their lives. All of the Geumcheonhoe warriors were also killed. They were all killed by assassins here.”

“I see.”


Namgoongwol replied indifferently as if it were someone else’s business. Such an appearance of Namgung-wol made Ko Yeon-hwa puzzled.

‘Are you saying I don’t have any regrets left?’

It could have been.

It’s because he gave all of the eunryeonhoe he’d grown so painstakingly to Lee Geom-han and Namgung-seol.

However, human emotions are not something that can be clearly cut out as if cutting tofu with a knife.

There will definitely be a strong lingering lingering feeling somewhere in your heart.

Gao Yeon-hwa continued to stimulate the lingering feelings in his heart.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“They are all warriors recruited and raised by Confucius Namgung. They lost their lives to the assassins here.”


“Is that so?”

“Whoops! Do you think I should be outraged at their deaths?”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“Why do you think it is natural?”

“That’s it…”

Ko Yeon-hwa was speechless at the moment.

Seeing Yeonhwa Ko like that, Namgungwol laughed and continued.

“Of course, I feel sorry for their deaths. But that doesn’t mean I have to mourn their deaths. It was their own decision whether they remained in the union meeting. I can’t be responsible for their decision, can I?”

“What made Namgung Confucius like this? Did he even brainwash Confucius Namgung?”

“Brainwashing? What does Go So-jeo look like? Do you think I am really brainwashed into doing this?”


“It’s my decision to leave the federation, and it’s my own decision to stay here.”

“Is there any particular reason?”

“Watch and you will find out. Why am I doing this?”

“Is that why you let me live?”

“Right! I wanted someone to watch this fight with a cold gaze.”

“Why me?”

“Still, it’s because I judged that Go So-jeo had the most objective gaze and thinking among the soldiers in Poyang Lake.”

“It is difficult to understand. Can you explain it a bit easier?”

“If you stay here, you will naturally find out. After all, it’s pretty good to live here. I think I will settle down here when I retire.”

Namgoongwol looked around the village and smiled.

Ko Yeon-hwa thought his smiling face was unfamiliar.


“What is high softening?”

“Confucius Namgung is taking care of it.”

Salno politely answered Pyowol’s question.

“Please make sure there is no inconvenience while staying here.”


“What about Hwang Bo Chi Seung?”

“I made a place for you. He said he would heal his internal injuries while flying.”

“Take care.”

“sure! Of course you should care.”

Salno laughed softly.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung was being treated as a big player in Gangho.

In a mocking sense, he is called the King of Poison Pills.

Having one arm is a major weakness, but with only one remaining arm, he possessed the power to be called the King of Fist.

Joining such a person was bound to be a great force.

Baek Guryun and the Assassins were obviously a great force. However, they had a restriction that they could not be openly active in the white week.

On the other hand, Hwangbochiseung was an authentic martial artist who performed great feats even in broad daylight.

He has already proven his own incompetence by defeating Brother Jeon Moo-yeol and Sado-moon. In addition, he regarded Pyowol as a benefactor and served him as his lord.

It was clear that his joining would be a great help to the Pyowol camp.

Salno looked at Pyowol with a pleased expression.

Over the past winter they have stayed here to prepare themselves.

Pyowol and Black Slaughter took turns training other assassins.

It was then.


A bird’s cry was suddenly heard in the air.

Pyowol and Salno looked up at the sky.

I saw a falcon circling in the air.

Salno raised his hand and the falcon darted down.

The hawk, which had been shot down terribly, stopped right in front of Salno, spreading its wings, and landed lightly on his forearm.

A small barrel was tied to the falcon’s ankle.

Salno calmly untied the barrel from the hawk’s ankle. Inside the small box was a rolled up letter.

Salno respectfully dedicated the letter to Pyowol and said.

“It was sent from the truth.”


Pyowol nodded and read the letter.

Seeing his expression change slightly, Salno asked cautiously.

“What does it say?”

“They caught it by the tail.”

“Is that true?”

Instead of answering, Pyo-wol showed the letter to Salno.

After reading all of the correspondence, Salno unknowingly exclaimed.

“her! I thought it was poisonous, but he really wasn’t a normal child.”


“Are you thinking of going to Lake Poyang?”

“I have to go.”

“If so, who are you planning to bring?”


“I want to serve you this time.”

“Baek Guryun?”

“Even if it’s not me, Ye Seol or Brain will run it well. It won’t be long before we can move freely, so we have to follow the Supreme.”

“If you do, I’ll be angry and go with Soma.”

“Hehe! I will tell Soma myself.”

Salno smiled and went straight to Soma.

Left alone, Pyo-wol went into Mo-jak.

There was a spacious flat with a blanket made of wool in the fur house he had used as a lodging the previous winter.

Pyo-wol opened a large box lying next to the table.

Inside the box, various tools and weapons needed for assassins were tightly packed.

All the items in the box were made and sent by Dang Sochu himself.

What Dang So-chu sent was not only the goods of Pyo-wol.

He personally made and sent the weapons of the Black Slaughter Team and the Ten Blood Slayers to escort Pyowol.

The assassins who received his weapon couldn’t help but admire.

The weapons Dang Sochu made far exceeded the quality of the weapons they used so far.

Moreover, the weight and balance were excellent, as if they were perfect for each body type.

Salno and the assassins received the weapons sent by Tang Sochu and were unable to speak for a while. It was just right for them.

So the assassins here were armed with the weapons sent by the Dangsochu.

Pyowol wore a leather belt around her waist.

A dozen daggers were stored in a leather belt.

They were new ones made after the ghost rain that was used in the past.

Dang Sochu paid special attention to it, and its strength and sharpness were superior to those of the ghost rain used in the past.

What was worn after the ghost rain was a pair of Vambraces.

It was used previously, and there were hidden secrets including gifts inside.

Pyowol did not particularly enjoy using memorization. But there was nothing wrong with being prepared in advance.

Finally, I put on the blood wind and went outside.



Outside Mo’s house, Soma and Salno were already ready and waiting for him.

They, too, were ready to go out like Pyowol.


Pyowol opened the reverse goal ball and slightly changed his face. Just by slightly adjusting the facial muscles, the mood changed dramatically.

Soma and Salno didn’t feel the need to disguise themselves.

This is because not many people know Soma’s face, and her face is not known to Gangho.

The three of them went out to the pier and boarded a small boat.

Since the fishing village itself is connected to a tributary of the Yangtze River, taking a boat was the most effective.

As Pyowol and Soma played, Salno took the oars.


Each time Salno lightly rowed the oars, several boats moved forward.

After a while, they left the village and joined the Yangtze River.

Navigating the Yangtze River in such a small boat was tantamount to committing suicide.

Although the flow of the Yangtze River seemed slow, it was actually very rapid and strong. Even small boats capsized or crashed in an instant.

For that reason, even experienced sailors were extremely reluctant to go to and from the Yangtze River in single-lobe skiffs. However, Salno fearlessly entered the Yangtze River.


At first, the boat rocked as if it would capsize. But soon the turbulence of the boat disappeared and it became calm.

It is thanks to Salno’s exquisite rowing.

It conforms to the flow of water without resisting it.

Accurately grasp the flow of the water, raise the boat on top of it, and row only enough to keep it from shaking.

Thanks to this, the boat moved stably even in rough water.

Although he could be nervous from rowing, Salno smiled without any sign of it.

Standing on the bow, Pyo-wol looked at the flowing Yangtze River.

Not a single common boat was seen on the vast Yangtze River.

Normally, three or four large ships would have met. However, after the Gangho War, the ships stopped visiting the Yangtze River.

This is because not one or two ships were sunk due to the fighting between the two sides.

Occasionally, the only ships that come and go are those belonging to the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe. Even on the ships that come and go like that, unmanned people from both sides are always on standby.

This is because Geumcheonhoe attacked Eunryeonhoe’s ship, and the opposite happened frequently.

Due to the circumstances, quite a few ships did not dare to cross the territory where the two powers were fighting.

Even the fishermen gave up fishing, so they didn’t see another boat even after coming down the Yangtze River for a long time.

Salno, who had been rowing for a while, opened his mouth.

“It’s nice to be free, but it’s a bit dreary.”

Just one boat sailing on the vast Yangtze River was nothing more than a one-lobe skiff that could be filled with only three people on board.

I felt good because it seemed like I had rented the Yangtze River, but on the other hand, I thought it was a waste.

As the fighting between the two powers intensified, the Yangtze River was cut off, causing chaos in other areas.

As Unma riverboats and cargo ships going to and from the Yangtze River were cut off, the supply of goods was not smooth.

Merchants transported goods by land, but it was incomparable to transportation by water. There were many people who needed goods, but the transportation capacity was extremely insufficient.

As a result, the supply of goods was not smooth, and the price of goods in Gangho was skyrocketing.

Even the waters of Sichuan, far away from here, were shaking, so I could see how great the negative impact was.

The longer this war lasted, the more ordinary people died.

“I hope this war ends soon…”

Salno muttered.


Suddenly, the calm waters rippled loudly.

It was a phenomenon that appeared when a large ship passed by.

I turned my head and saw a huge boat cutting through the current.

“What about that boat?”

“It’s a martial arts ship.”

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