Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 573

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 573

Episode 573

Namgungseol frowned and looked at his subordinate.

“What did you say just now?”

“They said that all troops sent in pursuit were annihilated.”

“You want me to believe that now?”


Subha lowered her head with an apologetic expression.

“Who was leading the tracking team?”

“It’s Go…Yeonhwa Sojeo.”

“What happened to her?”

“Not found.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying the body wasn’t found? Or are you saying you’re not dead?”


Subha lowered her head once again.

When he arrived, everything was over.

All the warriors of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe were dead, and Ko Yeonhwa disappeared without a trace.

I sent people who were good at tracking to find Go Yeon-hwa, but there was no result.

I couldn’t even find a trace of it rising into the sky or sinking to the ground.

In the end, they gave up looking for Ko Yeon-hwa and returned.

“Did he say he was Hwangbochiseung?”

“That’s right.”

“Tell me. Is he a master enough to annihilate the elites of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe?”

“We found Sadomun’s body. The entire upper body was blown away in a single volume.”


Namgungseol sighed at the words of his subordinate.

Sadomun was a nogoe belonging to the upper rank in the Geumcheonhoe.

If the master’s upper body was blown off in a single shot, it was enough to guess Hwang Bo-chi-seung’s inaction without further words.

“It means he was a master at that level.”

“I’m sorry to say this, but I wonder if the Yulsanyeong Small Cooperative was in too much of a hurry.”

“ha! That person…”

A moment of death passed across Namgungseol’s face.

He knew that Yul San-young of the Black Wing Swordsman was a lighter person than he seemed from the outside. However, I trusted him because he was strong in martial arts and gained popularity, but I did not know that he would create such a sadal.

Yul San-yeong, who returned with internal injuries from Hwang Bo-chi-seung, said that he had been harmed by a cowardly move. And he denigrated Hwang Bochiseung.

He may be strong in martial arts, but his personality is bad and his hands are cruel, so he is suitable for magic.

That was the decisive reason for forming the tracking team.

“A warrior enough to blow Jeon Moo-yeol in one shot is using male and female against Yulsan-yeong So-hyeop? It makes no sense. Then investigate the situation closely.”

“All right.”

The subordinate withdrew with an answer.

Namgungseol, who was left alone, murmured.


Not only Eunryeonhoe but also Geumcheonhoe warriors were massacred.

It was impossible for Hwang Bo Chi-seung alone.

There is a supporter. And Namgungseol had already guessed who he was.

“Pyowol! That’s him.”

According to the report posted by the subordinate, all the dead soldiers were wounded with fatal blood.

It was a typical trace of an assassin’s ambush.

One or two assassins couldn’t kill all the elite members of the Golden Heaven and Silver Lotus.

It was clear that at least dozens of assassins were mobilized.

Pyowol was the only one who could mobilize this amount of assassins in the area of Lake Poyang, the current river.

“I didn’t leave either. I was sneaking around here.”

Last winter, she mobilized her subordinates to search the area. However, no traces of the moon and the assassins were found anywhere.

Because of that, many people said that Pyo-wol left Poyang Lake, but she had a different idea.

It was her expectation that Pyo-wol would not leave and that he would surely be hiding somewhere. And this made it clear.

Pyowol was sneaking somewhere close to them.

Namgungseol, who had gathered all his thoughts, stood up from his seat.

The place she headed to was Lee Geom-han’s residence.

There were several gates, but no one stopped Namgungseol.

Namgungseol was the most influential person in the Eunryeonhoe.

Lee Geom-han left all the practical work to her and was training in the training room closed.

Because of that, almost no one saw Lee Geom-han’s face except for Namgungseol throughout the winter.

Namgoongseol took a step and looked around.

People who met him greeted him warmly.

After taking control of the union association, Namgungseol filled the leadership with his own people.

They all had absolute loyalty to Lee Geom-han and her. There was no reason to doubt their loyalty.

The problem is that some of the existing fighters left as they took over the union association.

They were all talented people who could be useful if you had them by your side. Since those talented people left on their own, it was bound to be a painful loss.

At first, I didn’t think much of their absence. He thought he could fill it up with just himself and his subordinates. However, as time went by, I regretted their absence.

I especially missed my younger brother, Namgungwol.

Namgungwol was the center of the existing martial arts.

Because of him, the existing Unryeonhoe warriors were able to unite as one without being scattered.

I could tell from the fact that he lost his cohesiveness as he walked out of the union meeting on his own.

In order to make the Union Reunion stronger, he had to bring Namgungwol even now. However, she hesitated because her pride did not allow her to bow her head to Namgungwol.

Above all, after leaving this place, Namgungwol’s whereabouts were mysterious.

He sent a person to find out, but he said he stopped by thousands of times and then disappeared.

“Aren’t you by his side?”

Namgoong Seol bit his lip.

It was unlikely, but if your guess is true, the problem becomes serious.

thump thump!

Namgungseol knocked on the door of Lee Geomhan’s closed training room.

“It’s me Seol!”

As soon as she revealed her identity, the door to the closed training room slid open.

Namgungseol hurriedly entered the closed training room.

The inside of the training room was very spacious.

The rectangular space with a side length of about a dozen was all made of stone, and Lee Geom-han was sitting in the center.

A sword was placed on Lee Geom-han’s lap as he sat cross-legged.

Before Namgungseol came in, he must have been training intensely, and his whole body was soaked with sweat.

Namgoong Seol apologized first.

“Black Han! sorry.”

“What’s going on?”

“It seems that the Pyowol man is hiding nearby.”

She told Lee Geom-han all about Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

Lee Geom-han frowned.

“Yulsanyeong is the problem.”

“There are many cases in which those who joined recently act recklessly, relying only on reputation. That’s why ruptures are popping up all over the place.”

“We need to find out the truth and act on it as soon as possible.”

“I have already taken action. The problem is that there is no central point in the union association right now.”

“Are you telling me to close the building?”

“If I have achieved some level of achievement, I would like to see myself in front of the public now. No matter what anyone says, you are the owner of the Union Federation.”

“I do! Because I have achieved some success.”

“sorry. It just made me nervous.”

“no! Even if it wasn’t so, I was getting tired of the close training. Now I have to fight the Geumcheonhoe in earnest. Perhaps Zhang Wujie is thinking the same thing as me by now.”

Like Lee Geom-han, Jang Mu-geuk did not appear last winter.

It was possible to know without having to visually check or collect information. It means that Zhang Wu-geuk is also training in the closed hall like himself.

Of course, the fact that Pyowol did not leave Poyang Lake and was nearby was beyond his expectations.

Lee Geomhan muttered.

“I wonder where he was hiding.”


Hwang Bochiseung looked around with a surprised expression.

Clearly the front was blocked by a cliff. However, following Pyowol and Soma through the cliff, a leisurely fishing village appeared like a lie.

“Is it true?”

Looking back, I could see no cliffs, only a thick mist.

It looked like a cliff only from the outside.


No matter how you look at it, it was just amazing.

There was another person who was surprised to see the fishing village.

“I thought there was a place like this near Poyang Lake.”

She was Go Yeon-hwa, a hidden profiteer.

Ko Yeon-hwa gained fame by siding with the Union League, but she has been disappointed in many things lately. One of them was Yulsanyeong.

He tried to persuade Hwang Bochiseung, but when it didn’t work, he changed his mind and attacked. Gao Yeon-hwa tried to stop him, but by then it was too late.

For that reason, he did not actively participate in pursuing Hwangbochiseung. Thanks to this, he was able to save his life even in the ambush of the assassins.

Above all, it was her will that followed her here.

He was curious about the base of the assassins who silently annihilated the elites of both the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe forces.

However, I didn’t know that the base of the assassins would be such a leisurely fishing village.

Looking at the outside, it couldn’t be seen as a base for assassins.

The base of the assassins she thought was somehow shady and tightly closed on all sides, not such an open space.

No matter how you look at it, it was too bright and open to be seen as a place where assassins live.

As soon as Pyowol and the assassins who escorted them entered the village, they each scattered to Mook.

Pyo-wol said to Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

“You go with me.”

“yes! Lord.”

Hwang Bo-chi-seung answered and followed Pyo-wol.

Ko Yeon-hwa, who was left alone in a daze, only licked her lips.

You want to say something, but you don’t know what to say.

Then Soma approached her.

“My sister, come with me.”

“With you?”


Soma smiled brightly.

Ko Yeon-hwa could not refuse his words.

Eventually, she followed Soma.

Soma headed to the wharf right in front of the fishing village.

On the pier, a man was casting a fishing rod.

Ko Yeon-hwa thought the man’s back was oddly familiar.

She looked at the basket next to the man.

There was not a single fish in the basket.

It must have been fishing for quite some time, but it was strange not to see a single fish.

Ko Yeon-hwa thought it was one of the two.

Either the man really can’t fish or he just isn’t interested in fishing.

Soma asked the man.

“Didn’t you catch even one?”

“You can’t get caught.”

“Anyway, my brother doesn’t seem to be good at fishing.”

“I know.”

“really! I brought my sister.”


Only then did the man put down the fishing rod and looked back.

The moment she checked the man’s face, Ko Yeon-hwa unknowingly exclaimed.


“Long time no see.”

“How am I, Confucius Namgung, here?”

Ko Yeon-hwa recognized the man’s identity at a glance.

The man who was fishing was Namgungwol.

Even though Namgung-wol hadn’t spent much time together at the union meeting, he remembered his face clearly.

“Didn’t it go back thousands of times?”

“It did.”

“But how is it here?”

“You’re back.”


“You just know that it happened.”

At Namgungwol’s explanation, Ko Yeon-hwa put on a confused expression.

In fact, it was.

It was like a tangled thread in my head, and I couldn’t properly connect my thoughts.

“Let me explain so I can understand…”

“Why don’t we walk for a while?”

“yes? yes!”

“Then let’s walk.”

Namgungwol smiled and rose from his seat.

He strolled through the village with Ko Yeon-hwa.

Ko Yeon-hwa still had a blank expression.

Namgungwol looked at her profile for a moment before opening his mouth.

“It’s been a while since I came here.”

“is that so?”

“How is the union meeting these days?”

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