Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 571

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 571

Episode 571

The fight between Hwang Bo Chi-seung and Jeon Moo-yeol caused a great stir in Gangho.

If Jeon Moo-yeol had won, there would have been no scandal.

This is because it is the natural result that most people expect.

The problem is that the winner of this fight was a one-armed Kwonwang named Hwangbochiseung.

After twenty seconds of fighting, Hwang Bo Chi-seung overpowered Jeon Moo-yeol.

Jeon Moo-yeol escaped with great wounds, and the winner was Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

If you’ve made it this far, there’s no problem.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung would have become a hero and people would have worshiped him.

Because a warrior without one arm won a victory against one of the four martial artists.

It was truly a model of human victory.

The problem was in Yulsanyeong’s reaction immediately after Hwangbochiseung’s victory.

Yul San-young forced Hwang Bo-chi-seung to join the union association.

It was judged that a master like Hwang Bo Chi-seung would be of great help to them if they were on their side.

It had to be.

It was because he had confirmed the tremendous inaction of Hwangbochiseung with his own eyes.

If it was an inaction that beat Jeon Moo-yeol, he could not guarantee a match.

As it was originally, I had to work hard for a long time while doing polite manners. However, Yul San-yeong pushed ahead.

Although he won the fight against Jeon Moo-yeol, Hwang Bo-chi-seung also suffered considerable injuries.

Tired and injured, I thought I couldn’t refuse. So Yul San-yeong forced Hwang Bo-chi-seung to make a choice.

However, contrary to Yulsanyeong’s expectations, Hwang Bochiseung resolutely rejected his offer.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung was an upright man.

He was not one to be shaken by just that much of a threat.

When Hwangbochiseung refused, Yulsanyeong tried to subdue him with martial arts. He was confident that Hwang Bo Chi-seung was injured, so he would be able to subdue him easily.

However, Hwang Bo Chi-seung had a force that exceeded his expectations.

The two punches caused Yul San-yeong to suffer serious internal injuries.

In return, Hwangbochiseung also paid a considerable price.

When Yulsanyeong was injured, the warriors of Eunryeonhoe, who had followed him, attacked Hwangbochiseung.

It was difficult to deal with all of them with an injured body, and above all, Hwang Bo Chi-seung, who did not want to fight with the Union Association for no reason, chose to run away.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

Chiseung Hwang held on to a large tree and took a deep breath.

His complexion was very pale.

It’s because he suffered a lot of internal injuries.

As I tried to put things in my hands, my internal air flowed backwards, deepening my inner wounds.

“I was in too much of a hurry.”

Bochiseung Hwang shook his head.

Greedy to find Pyowol, he came to Poyang Lake, but showed his inaction too early. Because of that, the flies were attracted.

I didn’t want to make the matter bigger, so I tried to keep the matter in my hands, which rather angered me.

“stupid! I have been away from Gangho for a long time, and I have lost all my senses.”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung blamed himself for his stupidity.

It’s a mistake I wouldn’t have made in the past.

It was clear that his head was rusty as he practiced far away from Gangho.

“This way.”

“He ran away this way.”

People’s voices were heard everywhere.

It was the voice of the unmanned men chasing him.

It’s not just the Unryeonhoe unmanned people that are being tracked. Even the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe joined.

There was no opening like this.

The warriors of Eunryeonhoe and Geumcheonhoe fought among themselves while chasing Hwangbochiseung.

Then, when Hwangbochiseung’s trail was discovered, the act of tracking it was repeated.


Hwang Bo Chi-seung sighed and ran away again.

His weakest point was light engineering.

Originally, it wasn’t fast, but after losing an arm, it became even slower.

Especially when I was wandering through the rough mountain roads like now, I felt sorry for not having my arms.

It was then.

“this guy!”

Suddenly, with an angry voice, a powerful match flew to Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung was not taken aback and turned around and threw a fist.


Hwang Bo Chi-seung’s body shuddered with the heavy drinking.


Blood flowed down his mouth.

It was proof that he had suffered considerable internal injuries.

It was as if he had been hit by a large rock.

It had such a strong power.

At that time, the person who attacked Hwang Bo-chi-seung appeared.

“Are you a kid who says you’re a poison king?”

It was an old man with a cane.

Her hair was all white, and her skin was cracked like an old tree, making it impossible to guess her age.

The moment he saw the old man, Hwang Bo Chi-seung felt a strong sense of crisis.

It was because the presence felt by the elderly was unusual.

“Who is the old man?”

“You wouldn’t know even if I told you. Because Nobu rarely worked in Gangho.”

“You seem to be a hermit? Then you stay in seclusion until the end. Did you come to Gangho to get something to eat?”

“You are carelessly saying that he has a pierced mouth.”

“Then, please reveal your identity.”

“good night! My name is Apostle Moon.”


“Yes. Right now, I entrust myself to the Golden Temple.”

“It’s a golden round. If so, did you come to avenge Jeon Mu-yeol?”

“Yes. Furthermore, if you entrust yourself to the Union Association, won’t the Geumcheonhoe be at a disadvantage?”

“It’s like they’re going to mow grass.”

“He’s smart, so it’s easy to talk.”


Hwang Bo Chi-seung sighed.

At that moment, Sadomun sent tension to Hwangbochiseung again.


Fortunately, Hwangbochiseung was able to avoid Sadomun’s attack with a narrow gap.

A large pit was dug at the place where Hwang Bochiseung had been. It was a tension of formidable power.

“good night!”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung shouted loudly and focused his energy on his fists. Then, an unusual haze shook his fist.

Heavenly King’s Three Powers.

A fist that contains all the essence of the fallen Hwangbo family.

There were only three herbivorous foods, but each herbivore had the power to exalt the world. However, as the family collapsed, all essences disappeared, and they fell into mediocre martial arts.

Hwangbochiseung tried to restore the Three Powers of the Heavenly Kings while training in the closed hall. And his efforts were not in vain, and he was able to reproduce the old power to some extent.


Hwangbochiseung held the first ceremony of the Three Kingdoms of Heaven.


Power filled with formidable energy aimed at the breath of Sadomun.

“No way.”

Sadomun snorted and released tension.


With a loud explosion, the new type of Apostle Gate flew backwards.

The power of the Three Powers of the Heavenly King surpasses his strength.

A look of bewilderment appeared on Sadomun’s face.

“Oh my…”

My bones were shaking and my muscles were about to tear.

It was the first time he faced such a powerful punch.

A sly light flashed across Sadomun’s face.

As soon as he landed on the floor, he raised his hand. Then, unmanned people appeared from all over the forest.

They were the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe he had put on standby.

The Apostles gave the order.

“Everybody attack him.”

At his command, the elite members of the Golden Temple rushed at once.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung stepped back and shouted.

“It is cowardly to say that it is joint work. Aren’t you ashamed? Can you still pretend to be a strong master?”

“joy! The one who survives no matter what they do will eventually have everything. It doesn’t matter if you curse at me for being cowardly. I will kill you and enjoy great fame. Khehehe!”

Sadomun laughed, revealing his yellow teeth.

In the meantime, the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe attacked Hwangbochiseung with pincers.



They attacked Hwangbochiseung with all their might as if they were Cheolcheon enemies.

It was then.

“It’s here. There are Hwang Bo-chi-seung and Geum-cheon-hoe.”

A new group appeared from one side of the forest.

They were the warriors of the Unryeonhoe who had been tracking Hwangbochiseung.

As soon as they found Hwang Bo Chi-seung and the Geumcheonhoe warriors, they attacked them.



“100 million!”

The sound of weapons slicing the air and the screams of warriors mixed in a mess.

The peaceful forest quickly turned into a mess.

“What is this?”

Ko Yeon-hwa opened her eyes and looked at the battlefield.

She set out to pursue Hwangbochiseung with the soldiers of the Union Association.

She had no choice.

Even if she didn’t like it, Yul San-young was her colleague. Yul San-young was injured, and he had to take revenge.

Because of that, I had no choice but to join the tracking team.

There was a bit of guilt on the other side of my heart, but I made an excuse that it was unavoidable.

Because of that, she was the only one who was hesitant when everyone attacked Hwangbochiseung and Geumcheonhoe warriors.




Hwang Bo Chi-seung saw three or four warriors flying away in blood.

Every swing of his fist resulted in casualties. Then, the soldiers of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe stopped fighting and joined forces.

They joined forces in front of a huge enemy.

It was something that even Hwang Bo-chi-seung hadn’t expected.

I didn’t know that the two forces, who were no different from Cheolcheon’s enemies, would join forces.

“Dig to the left.”

“Attack his blind spot!”

They attacked Hwang Bo-chi-seung’s left side in unison, as if they had polished the passing camp for a long time.

Since he had no left arm, Hwang Bochiseung’s response was slow.

In the end, the wounds began to increase all over Hwang Bo Chi-seung’s body.

It was the apostle gates who led all of this.

He set up other warriors as a shield and attacked Hwangbochiseung from behind. Because of that, Hwang Bo Chi Seung’s wounds were increasing.

‘You’re cowardly!’

Ko Yeon-hwa shook her head at the sight of these warriors and hardened her expression.

Because I felt something strange.

Apparently, Hwangbochiseung and the warriors were fighting fiercely. But strangely, I couldn’t erase the feeling of being quiet.


Ko Yeon-hwa looked back.

Undoubtedly, the warriors of the Union Federation were waiting behind her. But none of them were visible.


Go Yeon-hwa’s eyes fluttered.

The wind was blowing.

It was a shady wind that I had never felt before.

A strong sense of crisis overtook Ko Yeon-hwa.

‘Something is happening.’

It was when Ko Yeon-hwa grabbed the handle of the sword.


Suddenly, I heard someone’s suffocating scream from the side.

Ko Yeon-hwa hurriedly looked in the direction from which the screams had come. But at that time, no one was seen screaming.



Screams were heard everywhere.

Those who screamed disappeared.


Ko Yeon-hwa hurriedly raised her internal energy. Then, as the senses were activated, they even detected sounds they had not heard before.


A faint sound was heard.

It sounded like thousands of insects moving in unison.

Suddenly, goose bumps ran down her spine.

Something was moving in the swaying bushes.

They were heading to the place where a long battle was taking place while dealing with the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe from the outskirts.

However, the warriors of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe were preoccupied with attacking Hwangbochiseung and did not know that fact.

Ko Yeon-hwa hurriedly tried to warn them. But then someone spoke to her.

“hi! sister.”


Ko Yeon-hwa was startled and looked in the direction the voice came from.

A boy who looked to be about six or seven years old was standing where her gaze was directed.

The moment she saw the boy, Ko Yeon-hwa felt a sense of fear.

“Who the hell are you?”

“sister! My name is Soma.”


“huh! I don’t want my sister to draw her sword. Still, noona seems like a nice person. Let’s have a look around here.”

Soma smiled, showing white teeth.

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