Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 570

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 570

Episode 570 Chaotic

times give birth to heroes.

The battle between the Jincheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe gave birth to numerous new stars.

In the Geumcheonhoe, young warriors called the Four Great Warriors stood out, and in the Eunryeonhoe, the equipment called Eunryeon Saik (銀聯四翼) went unnamed.

Storm Dancer Shin Moo-young.

Wind Spirit Swordsman Ki Han-seong.

Wolhayugaek (月下流客) Eunsoo-ryun.

Jeon Moo-yeol, the Magician Dogaek.

Yulsanyeong of the Black Wing Swordsman.

Statue of General White Wings.

Cheongik Bieung (靑翼飛鷹) Dark.

Eunik Seonja (銀翼仙子) Go Yeon-hwa.

These eight could be said to be the best young warriors created by the Great War.

They showed their presence on the fierce battlefield and made numerous feats.

It has emerged as a threat to those who previously had a reputation.

The most surprising thing is that they are completely unknown soldiers.

The strong people cheered at the progress of young warriors who had not been noticed until now.

Although it could not be compared to the owners of Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe, the appearance of new equipment was enough to inject new vitality into Kangho.

Then a new warrior appeared.

A one-armed man who suddenly appeared on Mt. Okhwa.

The lack of an arm was a fatal flaw for warriors.

It wasn’t just a story about being uncomfortable with no arms.

The human body is very sensitive, so even a slight imbalance would break the harmony.

Without arms, it is difficult to balance the body and the power of martial arts is halved. Above all, it is difficult to perform martial arts for a long time because the flow of inner energy is not smooth.

Despite such shortcomings, the eldest man showed great inaction.

It was an overwhelming force against the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe at Mt. Okhwa.

During his one stroke, Jeon Mu-yang was killed, and twenty of his subordinates were killed or injured.

Among the martial artists who recently went to Gangho, there was no one who presented a more shocking first stage than this.

Those who heard the rumors gave the one-armed middle-aged man a nickname of Dokbi Kwon King (獨臂拳王).

It was half awe, half ridicule.

Some were in awe, saying it was a human victory, while others dismissed it as a one-armed idiot.

The epithet “Dokbi Kwon King” had both meanings.

In this way, Hwang Bo-chi-seung, the king of poison, became a warrior that Kang-ho pays attention to.

At the Geumcheonhoe, Hwangbochiseung was named publicly at once. It was because he lost dozens of his subordinates at Mt.

It was Jeon Moo-yeol, one of the Four Great Martial Artists, who was one of the 4 Great Martial Arts.

Jeon Moo-yeol was the older brother of Jeon Mu-yang, who died at the hands of Hwang Bo Chi-seung.

The death of his younger brother angered him and inflamed his enmity towards Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

However, Hwang Bo Chi-seung was completely unaware of this fact.

Hwang Bochiseung entered the Li River south of Lake Poyang.

Yeogang was an area where neither the Eunryeonhoe nor the Geumcheonhoe were firmly in control.

Eunryeonhoe took control first, but Geumcheonhoe came in later and it was a place where a fierce battle took place.

Hwang Bo-chi-seung, who was looking around the streets, soon found a large inn and went in.

Perhaps because of the ambiguous time, there were few customers in the inn.

“Are you there?”

The owner of the inn, who had been dozing off, woke up startled by Hwang Bo Chi-seung’s voice.


The owner of the inn hurriedly ran out.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung told him.

“Are there any rooms left?”

“of course. How many days will you be staying?”

“I’m thinking of staying for a day or three. Are you okay?”


The owner of the inn smiled brightly.

Hwang Bochiseung paid him a hermit in advance and sat down.

“Please bring me something to eat and a bottle of alcohol.”

“Wait a little. I will bring it soon.”

The owner of the inn quickly ran to the kitchen.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung, who was left alone, took a seat by the window.

From his seat, he could see the vast Poyang Lake at a glance.

There was not a single common fishing boat in Poyang Lake, where many boats would normally float.

No matter how cold the weather was, it didn’t make sense that there were no fishing boats operating.

It was a phenomenon that occurred as the clash between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe intensified.

Death could not be avoided if the ship was floated for no reason and was caught up in a fight between the two sides. In fact, there were a lot of fishermen who died like that.

The fishermen gave up fishing altogether as the boat floaters sank or died.

Lake Poyang, which is not visited by people, no longer looked beautiful.

Some called Lake Poyang the Lake of Death.

Because so many people died here.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung also heard rumors while coming here and knew the circumstances.

“I really didn’t know that Lake Poyang under the world would be so lonely.”

I didn’t expect the scenery of boating, but I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t see a single skiff.

The war between the two powers was devastating the entire river.

Not only Lake Poyang, but the whole river is adversely affected.


It was when Hwang Bo Chi-seung unknowingly let out a sigh.

“The food is out.”

The owner of the inn set the drink and food down on his table.

“Thank you!”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung thanked him and lifted the bottle.


Pour a drink into a glass and put the bottle down.

He picked up the glass again and poured it into his mouth. Then he picked up the bottle and poured it into his glass.

Since he only had one arm, a series of movements were cumbersome. Hwang Bo Chi-seung still did not complain.

It was because I was able to sense it just by having one intact arm attached to it.

It was when Hwang Bo Chi-seung drank three cups of alcohol in a row.

“Daehyeop, Hwang Bochiseung, the king of poison, right?”

Someone opened the door of the guesthouse and walked in front of him.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung put down his drinking glass and looked at the approaching person.

They were a man and a woman who appeared to be in their late twenties.

The man was wearing a black uniform and had a very elegant appearance, while the woman in a silver uniform had an alluring appearance.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung asked.

“I am Hwang Bo Chi Seung, who are you?”

“My name is Yulsanyeong, and this is Go Yeonhwa Sojeo.”

“hmm! Black-winged swordsmen and hidden-wings?”

“It is just a lie. Compared to Hwangbo Daehyeop, it falls short.”

“So, what are the two of you, Eunryun Saik?”

The two of them were the famous Unryeon Saik.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung also heard a lot of rumors about them after coming to Poyang Lake.

Because of that, I was a bit curious.

‘I see…’

Hwang Bo Chi-seung admired inwardly.

Because the prayers of the two were very outstanding.

The momentum of Yulsanyeong was well refined. It meant that he knew how to perfectly control the flow of internal energy.

The achievement of Go Yeon-hwa was not inferior to Yulsan-young at all.

To achieve this level of accomplishment with a woman’s body was truly remarkable.

Yulsanyeong said carefully.

“May I sit down?”

“If you’re thinking of telling me to join the union association, just go back.”

“hmm! It is just as I have heard.”

Yul San-yeong frowned slightly.

As soon as he heard the story of Hwangbochiseung from Daemyung Geum, he immediately ran to embrace him.

On the other hand, Ko Yeon-hwa was with him purely out of curiosity.

He was curious about the identity of the warrior who earned the nickname of the King of Poison Fist with just one fight.

If the words of Daemyeong Geum were true, it was clear that Hwang Bo Chi-seung was the owner of formidable martial arts. It would be very reassuring if such a talented person joined the Union Association.

Yul San-yeong asked again.

“Can you reconsider? The only place to respond to that wicked Geumcheonhoe is the Eunyeonhoe.”

“I don’t know about that. I am not interested.”

“How can you be born as a captain and be indifferent to worldly affairs?”

“Everyone has circumstances. Finding my lord is the most important thing to me.”

Then someone’s cold voice interrupted the conversation.

“I wonder who your lord is. Will he really mourn your death?”


The owner of the voice opened the door of the inn and came inside.

The moment they saw him, Yul San-young and Ko Yeon-hwa’s expressions hardened.

It was a thief in his early thirties, wrapped in a blood-red cloth.

The long scars across the face and sharp eyes made the viewer shrink.

“I… have no fever?”

“To think that the Demon King is coming directly.”

Yul San-young and Ko Yeon-hwa recognized his identity and were wary.

The newcomer to the inn was Jeon Moo-yeol, one of the four great martial artists of the Geumcheonhoe.

Jeon Moo-yeol came straight to the table where Hwang Bo-chi-seung was.

Unlike Yulsan-young and Ko Yeon-hwa, he was full of life.

He glared at Hwangbochiseung with eyes as if he were looking at the enemy of life and death.

Chief Executive Officer said:

“Answer me. Will your lord mourn over your death?”

“no! He is not one to shed tears over the death of others.”

“Are you still willing to pay your allegiance?”

“Because I was blessed.”

“Can that grace be exchanged for your own death?”

“Yes. I can lay down my life to repay the favor.”

“It’s too bad.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because I died before I could repay the favor.”



Hwang Bo Chi-seung looked at Jeon Mu-yeol with his eyes narrowed.

The eyes of Jeon Moo-yeol looking at him were clearly full of life. It was an impossible gaze without resentment.

“Do you have a grudge against me?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“The sheep you killed at Jade Hua Mountain is my younger brother.”

“Executive Director?”

“You say you don’t remember even though you killed it with your own hands at Jade Volcano?”

A formidable life force radiated from Jeon Moo-yeol’s body.

Jeon Moo-yang, who was killed by Hwang Bo-chi-seung’s hand at Mount Okhwa, was his younger brother. As soon as he heard that the enemy who killed his younger brother, Hwang Bo Chi-seung, had appeared here, he ran without hesitation.

The man in front of him was his brother’s enemy.

His status or martial arts were not that important to Jeon Mu-yeol.

Yul San-yeong and Ko Yeon-hwa looked at the two with puzzled expressions.

Originally, the moment I met Jeon Moo-yeol, I should have fought with all my might. Whatever the circumstances, they were warriors representing the forces of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

In fact, they fought with all their might whenever they met. Even though I couldn’t win.

Jeon Moo-yeol did not even pay attention to those two.

His eyes were fixed only on Hwang Bo Chi Seung.

The resentment for losing his younger brother is so great that he doesn’t even pay attention to those around him.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung sighed and replied.

“phew! I don’t know who your brother is, but the ones who attacked me first were the Geumcheonhoe warriors. I was just defending.”

“You want me to believe that?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. Because what I say is true.”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung did not waver at all.

His unshakable appearance in front of a master named Jeon Moo-yeol reminded us of a huge rock.

Even though he had no arms, he couldn’t see any loopholes. However, such images did not enter the eyes of Jeon Mu-yeol, who was consumed by anger.


Jeon Moo-yeol took out his sword and held it.

Ko Yeon-hwa, who saw this, whispered to Yul San-yeong.

“How do I do it?”

“Let’s watch.”

“yes? But…”

“If you get into trouble, let’s save it then. Then you will not be able to turn down our recruitment offer.”

“Is it really necessary?”

“I know how Go So-jeo feels, but now is the time to be calm. We need at least one more master. This is a great opportunity to recruit him.”

“But he said he already had someone serving him…”

“If you watch it, you’ll understand. How firm is his loyalty.”

Yulsanyeong snorted and looked at Hwangbochiseung.

Then, Jeon Moo-yeol said in a loud voice.

“Reveal your lord. I will cut off his head and send it to his lord. And I will cut off your lord’s neck as well.”

At that moment, Hwang Bochiseung raised his magnificent body.

He raised his one and only fist and aimed it at the front row.

“The death god Pyowol! This is the lord to whom Hwangbochiseung swore allegiance. I can tolerate insulting Me, but I cannot tolerate insulting Him. Come on! You arrogant warrior.”

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