Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 568

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 568

Episode 568

Lee Moo-ik’s nickname was Yukbisura (六臂修羅).

Like the nickname Sura with six arms, he was a master of handicraft.

The appearance of him spreading his handicrafts as if he had six arms led to a part of the Namhae Murim.

Lee Moo-Ik entered the martial arts training at a young age and made a success, eventually becoming Dokgo Hwang’s closest aide.

Moo-Ik Lee murmured as he looked at the residence of Hwang Dok-go.

“I hope the wounds aren’t too big.”

Dokgohwang lost miserably to Jang Mu-geuk.

He thought that the gap with Zhang Wu-geuk wouldn’t be that big, but it didn’t take long to realize that it was a mistake.

Zhang Mu-geuk’s Jin-shin martial arts were on a different level.

Moo-Ik Lee did not see the fight between the two. However, after the fight, he saw Dokgo Hwang’s wounds and mental state and realized that their fight was one-sided.

Dokgo Hwang was literally out of his mind.

My mind couldn’t collapse like that simply because there was a certain amount of gap.

Shocked by how much he was shocked, Emperor Dokgo went into his residence and did not come out.


Lee Mu-ik sighed.

It was not comfortable to watch the lord he served be horribly defeated and left behind.

“You must overcome, lord! If you overcome this defeat, your lord will be able to soar higher.”

Originally, a hero is the law to stand up after overcoming trials.

Lee Moo-Ik hoped that Dok-Go-Hwang would do the same.

Even though the shock of defeat is great, if you overcome it, the dokgohwang will be stronger.

Moo-ik Lee came out of the Geumcheonhoe, sincerely wishing that it would happen.


After coming out of Geumcheonhoe, he walked down the street.

It was late at night, but there were quite a few people on the street.

Most of them were warriors belonging to the Geumcheonhoe.

they were moving briskly. Some were waiting to get on the boat, while others were moving in perfect order under the guidance of the conductor.

A three-day truce does not mean we are giving up.

The armistice was an optimal time to prepare for a larger war.

The Geumcheonhoe was preparing for a major war by moving unmanned soldiers or deploying new forces according to a set plan.

It was the same with Union Reunion.

Under the leadership of Namgungseol, they were also preparing for the war three days later by moving soldiers or redeploying troops.

Moo-Ik Lee stopped for a moment and watched the unmanned people move.

‘It’s boring now.’

It’s been a while since I came to Poyang Lake.

In the meantime, the number of warriors who died at his hands was numerous.

Recently, together with Dokgo Hwang, he raided Solgawon and killed the assassins.

I couldn’t even count how many people’s blood was on his hands.

With the dream of Cheongwoon, he followed Dokgo Hwang into Gangho. However, what he wanted was not such senseless slaughter and a huge war.

A romantic strongman with style and courtesy.

That was the strength Lee Moo-Ik wanted.

But no such stronghold exists.

Now I know that my wish is just an empty dream. So now I wanted to go back to Namhae.

I wanted to live peacefully while looking at the endless sea.

But he knew what a futile dream it was.

It was a dream that could only come true if Dokgo Hwang, the lord, made a decision to return to Namhae. And the Dokgohwang he knew was never someone who would return to Namhae without any income.


He sighed as he looked at Lake Poyang, then moved on.

There was no particular destination.

I just moved as far as I could.

As I walked like that, I came to a back alley where people were rare.


Lee Moo-ik frowned slightly and looked around.

The streets felt especially dreary.

It was time for Moo-Ik Lee to take a step back.

that buck! that buck!

A woman from the other side was walking toward him.

It was a woman in a red dress.

It was dark and far away, so I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell from the curvy body exposed through her clothes that she was quite beautiful.


Moo-Ik Lee forgot all his anxieties from a while ago and looked at the woman.

As the woman got closer, her face became clearer.

Moo-Ik Lee’s breathing quickened without even realizing it.

Because her face was as beautiful as her body.

Lee Mu-ik could not take his eyes off the woman’s face. The woman lifted her head and looked at him, perhaps feeling Lee Mu-ik’s hot eyes.

The woman looked at Lee Moo-ik and smiled.

Lee Mu-ik was stunned and continued to look at the woman.

Finally the woman reached in front of him.

The woman bowed slightly to Lee Mu-ik and passed by.

For some reason, I felt like I would regret it for the rest of my life if I missed it.

Moo-Ik Lee took the woman’s hand as it was.



The woman opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Even that look was enchanting.

Lee Moo-ik let go of her hand and made an excuse.

“I’m not a bad person. I…”


At that moment, Mu-Ik Lee felt a burning pain in his lower abdomen.

I looked up in amazement and saw that a dagger was lodged in his abdomen. It was the woman who was holding the dagger.


Moo-Ik Lee opened his mouth wide in surprise.

At that moment, the woman’s expression changed completely.

The shy and innocent expression disappeared, and the eyes and expression changed to cool.

It was only then that Moo-Ik Lee realized that the woman was not the wife of a woman.

“Could it be an assassin?”

He hit the woman with the palm of his hand. But the woman backed away and lightly dodged his attack.

Lee Moo-ik jumped after the woman and shouted.

“Reveal your identity, Assassin!”

He tried to perform Gwangfengsu (狂風手), a season of Jinsin. But at that moment, the energy was cut off.


A puzzled look appeared on Lee Moo-ik’s face.

I have been practicing martial arts for a long time, but I have never been like this.

The cause was a dagger stuck in the abdomen.

“It is poison! You wicked b*tch.”

Only then did Moo-Ik Lee, realizing the cause, screamed out loud, but there was no strength in his voice.

It was because the poison in the dagger had melted his intestines.


Moo-Ik Lee, whose legs were weak, fell to his knees.

He barely raised his head and looked at the woman.

“What do you mean you have a grudge against me?”

“You didn’t attack us because you had a grudge, did you?”

The woman responded calmly and approached Mu-Ik Lee.

Now that Moo-Ik Lee knew that he could not fight back, he boldly approached.

At the woman’s words, Lee Moo-ik searched for a while.

“Sol… Gawon. You are an assassin who was there.”

“that’s right! My name is Hong Ye-seol. The assassins you and Dokgohwang attacked and killed are all my number.”


Moo-Ik Lee made a desperate expression.

Hong Ye-seol looked at Lee Moo-ik with a cold smile.

I don’t know if Lee Moo-Ik died, but she put in quite a long time and effort for today’s ambush.

After targeting Lee Mu-ik, I did a lot of research.

Lee Moo-ik’s weakness, tendency, and the likes of a woman.

Among them, what Hong Ye-seol paid attention to was Lee Moo-ik’s favorite female fragrance.

People’s tastes don’t change easily.

It was the same with the female figure I liked.

He himself is not sure, but the image of a woman he likes has always been the same.

He liked to dress in red clothes with a dark body and an innocent face.

Hong Ye-seol perfectly grasped Lee Moo-ik’s taste and came out decorating it. Then, pretending to be a coincidence, I ran into him, and it was a perfect ambush.

“Wicked… B*tch!”

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”


“Don’t be too lonely. A few more will follow you.”


“You guys touched the wrong person. He’s just not something you can do anything about.”


Moo-Ik Moo-Ik Lee coughed up blood and collapsed. And never moved again.

Hong Ye-seol indifferently turned around.

There was no trace of guilt or pity on her face.

I was just happy that I was able to return to Pyowol’s side now that I had completed my mission.

It wasn’t just Moo-Ik Lee who died that day.

An unmanned man named Do Ham-gyeong also lost his life.

He was also a key military officer of Mugeomryun who assisted Dokgohwang.

Their deaths made Dokgohwang, who was still struggling with the aftereffects of defeat, fall into more despair.


The circumstances behind the deaths of Moo-Ik Lee and Ham-Kyung Do were not known at first.

Although the two are important figures in martial arts, it is because they were not widely known externally.

Furthermore, Geumcheonhoe was in a state of emergency ahead of a big fight.

Because of that, most people didn’t care about their deaths. At the Geumcheonhoe, if possible, I tried not to attach much importance to their deaths. However, the truth of the death was known through the mouths of martial arts warriors.

It is said that Mugeomryun raided the base of the assassins, and the vindictive assassins retaliated.

The martial arts leadership tried to cover up this fact, but they couldn’t keep everyone’s mouth shut.

Eventually, this incident became widely known, and it made people realize once again how tenacious and terrifying the assassins were.

As this happened, Pyowol was the one who stood out again.

The man standing at the apex of the assassins was Pyowol. When people talk about assassins, it is natural to mention Pyolwol.

At first, only strong people mentioned it, but later, ordinary people also talked about it.

“If he puts his mind to it, he will be able to easily cut the head of Geumcheonhoeju or Eunryeonhoeju.”

“No matter how thoroughly we defend ourselves, it is useless. There is no one that a god of death cannot kill with his mind.”

“If you have been damaged by the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe, send a request to Pyowol. Then he will avenge you.”

“It is also Pyo-wol who brought the supplies of King Nangwang Gu Jin. He took revenge after receiving a request from the Jewon Corps.”

“The request fee was one coin.”

Rumors like that spread rapidly.

Of course, it was an unpleasant rumor for the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe.

The appearance of an assassin with a higher status than Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of Geumcheonhoe, or Lee Geom-han, the owner of Eunryeonhoe. Naturally, the two forces tried to put the rumors to rest. But I couldn’t shut everyone’s mouth.

Rumors about Pyowol grew one after another.

In the end, both forces had to give up on putting the rumors to rest. And an incident occurred that made them unable to care about Pyowol any more.

After the three-day armistice, Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe clashed in the middle of Lake Poyang.

The Geumcheonhoe mobilized about 20 ships, and the Eunryeonhoe mobilized a similar number of ships.

Encountered in the middle of Poyang Lake, they attacked each other regardless of who came first.


Ships collided with ships with the sound of trees breaking.

Not just one or two, but dozens of boats bumped into each other in the middle of Poyang Lake and became entangled, creating a small island.


“Move over.”


Soldiers from both sides climbed over the railing and jumped onto the other’s ship.

It was at this time that the most damage occurred.

Those who were killed while attacking recklessly without knowing the opponent’s level appeared one after another.

But that was only for a moment.

Soon, the warriors chose an opponent that matched their level and fought.




The sound of clashing weapons and screams erupted from everywhere.

Those who died or were injured were thrown into Lake Poyang.

The waters of Lake Poyang were stained red with their blood.

The fight between the two factions continued for almost half a day.

In the meantime, the number of people killed or injured was close to a thousand on both sides.

It was the highest death toll since the Great War broke out.

The number of people who died in just one day was unbelievable.

So many people died that it took more than a day for the blood-stained water surface to return to its original state.

Starting from this incident, the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe fought fiercely without retreating an inch.

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