Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 567

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 567

Episode 567

“Meet the benefactor.”

Oh Jin-eui took a big bow to Pyo-wol.

Her face was swollen from how much she cried.

Pyowol told her.

“I haven’t done anything. It was all done by Salno. Do it to him to thank him.”

“Noya has already thanked you. Noya said so. In the end, all of this was possible because the Most High moved.”


“Noya said you can call me that.”

At Oh Jin-ui’s words, Pyo-wol slightly frowned.

This is because the title of the highest is only used within the Salmun, and is not something that people outside would say.

As Pyowol looked up, Salno answered.

“The truth has decided to become our eyes and ears from now on.”

“Tell me in detail.”

“I’m trying to give her the foundation for the blood room.”

“Is there anything left in the Blood Room?”

“yes! Even in the middle of being chased by the top of the paper, the net exhaust assets were stolen. I am going to leave some of them to Jinui.”

The assets stolen by Deung Cheol-woong were truly enormous.

Assets made by squeezing the blood of the common people with Yeomwangchae still remained in various places in Poyang Lake.

It was Salno’s plan to entrust one of them to Oh Jin-ui.

Oh Jin-ui said carefully.

“Now I have nothing left. There is no energy left to live. If there is any hope left, it is to live for the highest and the best.”

“It is dangerous.”

“I know.”

“I’d rather just shake it off now and live the rest of my life in peace.”

“It is a meaningless life. Since Salmun saved me, I will also live for Salmun.”

Oh Jin-ui said calmly.

Pyo-wol looked at Oh Jin-ui’s face without saying a word.

His gaze was burdensome, but Oh Jin-ui did not avoid it and looked at him.

“I am confident that I will not regret it. Please give me a chance to live for the sake of living.”

Salno, who was beside him, whispered in a small voice.

“Please allow me. If not accepted, there is a high probability that he will take his own life.”

Salno wasn’t just saying this with a lot of acknowledgment.

He was the coldest of all.

However, he judged Oh Jin-eui to be a very useful being for the investigation. If done well, with a small investment, you will be able to make the eyes and ears of Salmun here in Poyang Lake.

It was an investment worth making.

Pyowol nodded.

“Do it.”

“Thank you for listening.”

“It won’t be easy.”

“I am prepared.”

Oh Jin-ui answered with a determined expression.

Pyowol waved his hand. Then Jinui Oh held a ceremony once again and went outside.

Salno said.

“She will do just fine. Because that’s what she wanted.”

“Take care of me for now.”

“I will.”

A smile formed on Salno’s lips.

Pyowol asked, frowning slightly.


“Because you seem warmer than you look.”

“Sounds useless.”


Salno smiled sinisterly.

After assisting Pyo-wol up close, I now have some understanding of his tendencies.

He was like a god of death to his enemies, but he was quite tolerant of those on his side. Unless you make a big mistake, you don’t even bother pointing it out.

Maybe it’s because it’s annoying, but he was an easy person to serve as a subordinate.

Pyowol then asked.

“What about the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe?”

“To commemorate Roh Tae-tae, we have agreed to a ceasefire for three days.”

“three days?”

“yes! The funny thing is that even though they announced it externally, they are concentrating their forces on the front. When Roh Tae-tae’s memorial is over, there will surely be a fight that is incomparably bigger than before.”

“Poyang Lake will be stained with blood.”

“Many people will die.”

A dark shadow fell over Salno’s face.

It was Salno who made it a business to kill others.

It wasn’t openly active like the bloody blood, but there were a lot of people who died at his hands. However, when he grew old and was about to die, he developed something called compassion.

It’s funny.

It is not that he regrets or denies his life, but he had a wish that the world would be as peaceful as possible while he was alive.

Of course, he did not think that his wish would come true.

Gangho is a cold place, and there was no way to avoid the wind and blood that started to blow.

“Keep an eye on their movements.”

“All right.”

“How is the training of the assassins going?”

“It is going smoothly.”

“Who died?”

“It hasn’t come out yet, but it may come out a little bit in the future.”

“Are you looking to increase the intensity of your training?”

“yes! There were so many people who didn’t have the basics.”

“Take care of that part yourself.”

“All right.”

Salno bowed his head deeply.

Pyowol waved his hand, and Salno quietly left his residence.

Left alone, Pyowol opened the window. Then, the scenery of the village where darkness fell came in.

Pyowol thought as he felt the wind blowing through the window.

‘I have to find Ilwon Go and the ghost fleet.’

The war between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe was not a matter of what he could do.

The flow of the times and powers were forcing war, and the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe existed at the forefront.

It was impossible to solve it in a normal way because the silver wishes of many munpas were entangled like wild horses.

In the end, all that was left was war.

Pyowol also knew that fact, so he tried not to intervene in the war between the two powers if possible.

It was impossible to change the flow of the river by himself.

Instead, he turned his attention to Ko Il-won and the ghost fleet that fueled the turbulent flow.

Anyway, Go Il-won’s goal was Pyo-wol.

Pyowol was the enemy of him and Bulgong Daecheon.

Their war will not end until one of them dies. And there was one more person to deal with.




The huge stone statue shattered in one blow from Dokgo Hwang.

Zhang Wu-geuk looked at the scene with his brow furrowed.

It was a stone statue made by a craftsman with great care.

Apart from the price, it was so beautiful that Zhang Wuji often visited to see the stone statue.

I couldn’t feel good about such a stone statue being shattered in front of my eyes. However, he kept his mouth shut because he understood Dokgo Hwang’s feelings.

Dokgo Hwang opened his mouth.

“What did you say now? You said he came to the top of the jewon?”


“Then why didn’t you contact me?”

“I didn’t have time. It wasn’t even the case.”

Looking at the broken stone statue, Zhang Wuji replied.

It was impossible to restore the broken stone statue back to its original state.

In the end, Zhang Mu-geuk abandoned his lingering feelings and looked at Dok-go-hwang.

Dokgo Hwang’s face was like a yaksha.

Just by looking at his face, you could feel the malice and venom that he harbored.

After Eom So-so was killed by Pyo-wol, Dok-go-hwang couldn’t control his emotions and went out of his way like this.

I don’t know if it’s a different time, but seeing how he couldn’t choose the seriousness at such an important time made my heart feel frustrated.

When Dokgo Hwang heard that the pyowol had appeared at the top of the memorial, he hurriedly ran to it. But when he arrived, the moon had already disappeared.

When he couldn’t get anything in the end, Dokgo Hwang was venting his anger by destroying a stone statue.

Dokgohwang’s ugliness made Jang Moo-geuk miserable.

What he expected from Dokgo Hwang was a much more sober judgment and mature response. However, Dokgo Hwang was preoccupied with personal feelings and was unable to find reason.

Dokgohwang asked with a sigh.

“So you just sent him away?”

“Lee Geom-han was with me.”

“This sword? Master of Union Union?”

“Yes. It was a situation where I couldn’t move quickly.”

“What a disappointment. To think you just let him go just because of Lee Geomhan.”

“Don’t speak carelessly.”

“Am I wrong?”

“You should know that there are lines you can cross and lines you can’t. You are about to cross that line now. respectfully.”

Zhang Wujie politely warned.

Normally, Emperor Dokgo would have retreated from this point. Unfortunately, he was too excited to make a cool decision.

Dokgohwang screamed loudly.

“What line are you talking about? It’s disappointing that you’re trying to discipline me in this situation. No polarity!”

“Disappointment? Please know that I am very disappointed in you.”

Zhang Wu-geuk’s voice was as cold as the North Sea storm.

The moment he heard his voice, Dokgo Hwang felt his blood run cold. It was the first time Zhang Wu-geuk had treated him like this.

I was alert.

It’s because I know that Jangmu-geuk is scary at times like this.

At the same time, I also felt a sense of resistance.

He was not the old Dokgohwang.

Thanks to Zhang Wu-geuk’s help, he was able to become the ruler of martial arts practice, but he was not subordinate to Zhang Wu-geuk.

They were a colleague relationship with equal eye level.

Dokgo Hwang thought so.

Because of this, Zhang Wu-geuk’s admonition-like tone created a strong sense of repulsion.

“If you continue to admonish me like this, I will no longer help you. Keep that fact in mind.”


For a moment, Zhang Wujie let out a sigh.

A look of disappointment was evident on his face.

Dokgo Hwang was one of the few young warriors he recognized. That’s why he helped me when I was going through hardships at Mugeomryun and treated him kindly after that.

The result was this.

Zhang Muji’s eyes sank deeply.

In an instant, the air around the area changed.

Dokgohwang also sensed the changed atmosphere.

“No polarity?”

“I want you to put aside your personal grudges for a while and focus on the business of the Golden Thousand.”

“That… can’t be.”

“By the way, this is an order, not a request.”


The blood drained from Dokgo Hwang’s face.

Zhang Mu-geuk’s words hurt his pride.

Even the eyes looking at himself were not looking at his colleagues, but at his subordinates.

“Did you just say an order?”


“Weren’t we on equal terms?”

“I was going to treat you like that. But now I see that it shouldn’t have been.”

“No polarity!”

Dokgo Hwang screamed, and life arose from his whole body.

The scenery in the hall trembled as if an earthquake had struck him. However, there was no change in expression on Jang Mu-geuk’s face when he faced his murderous death head-on.

“My father emphasized. You have to make sure up and down. They say it’s human nature to cross the line when treated well. At the time, I thought my father was wrong, but now I see that he was right. After all, people need to clearly set the order.”

“So you want to fight me now?”

“I’m saying that I’ll definitely set the order.”

“good night! no polarity. I also wanted to make the order clear from before.”

Dokgo Hwang raised his gong power as if he had done well.

Zhang Mu-geuk looked at Dok-go-hwang and said,

“You’d better do your best.”


Dokgohwang burst into the lion’s roar and attacked Jang Mu-geuk.

In his hand, there was a sword that was manifesting sword power before he knew it.

Wedge liquid!

Zhang Wu-geuk walked towards Geomgang with his hands behind his back.

The blade of the sword blasted at his defenseless waist.


A shock wave exploded with an explosion.

All the scenery in the hall was destroyed, but Zhang Wu-geuk, who was hit by the sword, was fine.

A translucent film was formed on the waist area.

The anti-tangangi was focused only on the waist area.

Dokgohwang widened his eyes.

“Is it possible to apply anti-tank strength only to the desired area? Nonsense.”

“I’ll show you from now on. The gap between you and me…”

Zhang Wujiu raised his fist.

Suddenly, his fists were overflowing with formidable energy.

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