Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 564

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 564

Episode 564 Jang

Mu-geuk Lee Geom-han Jang Ho-yeon and Namgung-seol appeared, and the top of the Jewon was upset.

It was planned to quietly receive only condolences, but it was because more than imaginable big figures visited together.

What’s more, four people who couldn’t get along at all visited at the same time as if they had promised.

There was no choice but to take an emergency at the top of the specifications.

There was no choice but to go directly to Jewon Sangdanju Joo Joo-hwan.

he said, taking a hug.

“I am Jewon Sangdanju Joo Joo-hwan. You must be busy, but thank you very much for coming.”

“The big star of Gangho has set, so how can I not come and see it? Sorry for coming late.”

The first to answer was Lee Geom-han.

Namgungseol, who was by his side, said.

“Moreover, isn’t Roh Tae-tae the great-grandmother of Ju Seol-pung So-hyeop, a key figure in the plenary session? Such a person is noble, but how can we, the superiors, just pass by? Rest in peace.”

“Ah yes!”

Joo Ji-hwan put on a puzzled expression.

It was because there was no need to mention that Ju Seol-pung belonged to the Union Association.

Because of this, if Jang Moo-geuk of the Geumcheonhoe had a grudge against the top of the Jewon, it would be embarrassing.

Fortunately, however, Jang Moo-geuk and Jang Ho-yeon did not look very upset about this.

Jang Wu-geuk said while holding hands.

“This is Geumcheon Hoeju Jangmu-geuk. How much will you mourn when the oldest member of your family dies? I hope you go to a better place.”

“Thank you, Chang Hui-ju.”

“Today is purely to pray for the soul, so don’t mind us. At least there won’t be any riots here.”


“By the way, when do you expect to be buried?”


Joo Joo-hwan hesitated, unable to answer easily.

Then someone walked out of the crowd and said.

“I will not bury it until I avenge my great-grandmother.”


Everyone sighed at the unexpected reply.

The owner of the voice was Joo Seol-pung, the grandson of Joo Joo-hwan and the great-grandson of the late Roh Tae-tae.

The main snow wind looked at the four people with bloodshot eyes.

Jang Wu-geuk opened his mouth.

“I know King Nangwang Gu Jin is a beast, but is revenge possible? I can help you if you want.”

“He is a member of the Union Federation. If you’re helping me avenge it, I’ll do it, not you.”

Lee Geom-han stepped forward and kept Jang Mu-geuk in check.

If Jang Moo-geuk avenges Roh Tae-tae, Ju Seol-pung and the Jewon Sangdan will owe him. If that happened, it would be a huge loss for the union association.

Even if revenge was sought, the Union Association had to do it, not give the Geumcheon Association a reason to intervene.

Zhang Wuji said with a smile.

“Is there any reason to take your side in the face of revenge? Everything is his choice.”

“While I couldn’t see you, only your words increased. How can you make such sophistry casually?”

“You’ve become timid while I haven’t seen you. How can a person who cannot even avenge his subordinates lead a huge force?”

“The Union Association is already tracking King Gu Jin.”

“You mean you haven’t caught it yet? You seem to know how incompetent the Union Association is.”

“I wonder how capable Geumcheonhoe is. Isn’t it the same place that ordered King Gu Jin?”

“Be careful with your words.”

Zhang Muji’s eyes widened.

In an instant, a tremendous air wave was emitted, and all the objects inside the upper deck shook as if an earthquake had occurred.



The faces of the workers at the jewon top were drawn.

They didn’t have the capacity to handle the spirit of a person who reached the same level as Zhang Wu-geuk.

At that time, Lee Geom-han stepped forward and blocked Jang Mu-geuk’s wave.

“Do that.”

“Did you forget that it was you who provoked it first?”

“I wouldn’t have provoked you if you hadn’t touched a nerve first.”

“I know you are lucky. That this is a funeral home, not a battlefield.”

“In that case, you would have died by my hand.”

A spark seemed to fly between the two of them.

No one dared to stop them.

At that time, Jang Ho-yeon and Namgung-seol stood next to them.

“You better fix it now.”

“It is a place to commemorate the deceased. You won’t hear good things if you have to confront more than this.”

They each stopped Mu-geuk Jang and Geom-han Lee.

Only then did the two of them retract and take a step back.

The temperature of the room, which had been hot, went down.


“I lived.”

The workers breathed a sigh of relief.

Namgungseol whispered to Lee Geomhan.

“It was too hasty. You need to be a little calmer.”

“I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, and my blood is boiling.”

“i know. But now is the time to mourn, not the time to swing your fists. We have agreed to a truce with the Geumcheonhoe for the next three days, so swing your fists freely after that.”

“Three days?”

“At least for that long, you have to pretend to be mourning. That way, we won’t lose public sentiment.”

“I know.”

“That’s all right.”

Namgungseol smiled and looked at the front.

Jang Ho-yeon was also smiling as if he had succeeded in persuading Jang Mu-geuk.

Joo Ji-hwan said to four people.

“Since you’ve come here, go have a meal.”

“Thank you.”

“I will.”

Joo Ji-hwan ordered workers to guide the four people to tables far apart from each other.

It was only when they were so far away that Jang Joo-hwan let out a sigh of relief.

“Phew! What is this…”

I was so nervous that sweat was running down my forehead.

I really didn’t know that the owners of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe would visit at the same time.

They were so bad that it wouldn’t be strange even if they were stabbed right away.

“Phew! It would have been better not to receive condolences.”

If there were no condolences at all, this kind of sadal would not have happened. However, it was also difficult to completely block the people who came to pay their condolences.

Joo Seol-pung said, supporting Joo Joo-hwan.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you really okay? Shouldn’t we go to the meeting place?”

“It shouldn’t be.”


“If I were to have a private conversation with the lord of the eunryeonhoe right now, the Geumcheonhoe would think that the chief had a close relationship with the eunryeonhoe. Unfortunately, we have to keep our distance.”

“You must be having a hard time.”


“Whoa! Let’s do our best.”


It felt like sitting on a cushion of thorns.

It was when they sighed and tried to return to their seats.

“Sweet Lord!”

Suddenly, the commander-in-chief burst into the room in a gasp.

The hearts of the two sank, wondering if something had happened again this time.

“What is it?”

“I have come.”

“Who do you mean?”

Instead of answering, the commander-in-chief looked at the front door.

The bodies of everyone, including Joo Joo-hwan, were concentrated at the main gate.

It was strangely still.

There were so many people inside and outside the manor, but no one breathed loudly.

It was a very strange thing, but no one thought of it.

They are so focused that they don’t even feel that the air currents in the hall are forcing them to be silent.

Jang Mu-geuk and Lee Geom-han’s eyes shone especially coldly.

Of these many, only they feel and react to the anomaly.

It’s been a long time since I felt this tingling in my fingertips.

I don’t know who it is, but the person who is entering the front door now has made them nervous.

‘Who are you?’

‘Which one?’

A moment later, a black shadow appeared.

It was a figure wearing a deeply pressed hat attached to a black bloody robe.

The moment they saw him, Zhang Mu-geuk and Lee Geom-han froze at the same time.

Because I knew his identity at a glance.


‘The moon!’

Although they couldn’t see their real faces because of the deeply worn hats, they instinctively sensed that the opponent was Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was the only man in Gangho who exuded such a unique and disparate atmosphere.

“The author…”


Jang Ho-yeon and Namgung Seol also recognized Pyo-wol’s identity.

As soon as they noticed the leap, they got excited and tried to move.

This is because Namgungseol, not to mention Jang Hoyeon, is also wary of Pyowol.

They were the ones who thought that the Pyowol was a big hindrance to the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe. Therefore, they thought that removing it as soon as possible was the way for them.

At that moment, if Jang Wu-geuk and Lee Geom-han had not stopped them, they would have attacked Pyo-wol right away.

Jang Moo-geuk raised his hand to block Jang Ho-yeon’s movement, and Lee Geom-han grabbed Namgung-seol’s hand to calm him down.


They looked at Jang Moo-geuk and Lee Geom-han with puzzled expressions. But the two just shook their heads in silence.

In the meantime, Pyowol made his way through the crowd and arrived in front of the altar where Roh Tae-tae’s ancestral tablet was hanging.

“Pyo… Daehyeop!”

The snowy wind approached, calling for the moon in a low voice.

Pyowol silently handed him a leather pouch.


“Open it.”

At Pyo-wol’s low words, Ju-seol-wind cautiously opened the pouch. Then I saw the face of King Gu Jin, who opened his eyes wide.

“Is Lee Ji-ja King Gu Jin?”

“that’s right!”

“thank you. thank you. Your great-grandmother will rest in peace now.”

The main snow wind bowed its head to Pyowol.

His shoulder was twitching as he held the leather pouch.

People’s attention was focused on the main snow wind.

I wonder why he is so upset when his expression doesn’t change even when he is hit by giants like Jang Mu-geuk and Lee Geom-han.

On the other hand, he also wanted to know the identity of the person who gave the leather pouch to Ju Seol-pung.

Judging from the atmosphere, I got the impression that it was an unusual existence, but I couldn’t tell what its real identity was because it was covering its face with a hat.

Pyo-wol looked at Noh Tae-tae’s mortuary tablet without a word.

I still had a good look at Roh Tae-tae, but I couldn’t believe that he was no longer in this world.

After staring at the mortuary tablet for a while, Pyowol turned and headed outside. Then, Ju Seol-pung, Jang Joo-hwan, and all the blood relatives of the top of the Jewon took a fist at his back. And Joo Ji-hwan spoke on behalf of everyone.

“Thank you very much for your help. We, Jewon Sangdan, will never forget your grace. If you call, all the family members of the Jewon Sangdan will run to the ends of hell.”

In the end, Joo Ji-hwan did not mention the name of Pyo-wol.

In my heart, I wanted to reveal that Pyo-wol was a benefactor, but I knew that Pyo-wol was not what I wanted.

Unlike other people, Pyowol was reluctant to publicize his name.

This time, it was for Roh Tae-tae, not for fame.

Knowing Pyo-wol’s heart, Joo Ji-hwan and Ju Seol-pung only called Pyo-wol’s name in their hearts.

In the midst of everyone’s attention, Pyowol escaped from the top of the jewon.

After he disappeared, Ju Seol-pung took a leather pouch and went to the platform where Roh Tae-tae’s mortuary tablet hung.

After looking at the mortuary tablet for a while, Ju Seol-pung immediately took out an object from his pocket and put it on the table.


“It’s the head of a man.”


The people who came to condolences were astonished.

He didn’t know that the object in the leather pouch was a human head.

To place a dead man’s head on a dead man’s mortuary tablet.

People couldn’t say anything.

then someone said

“It’s King Gujin. King Gujin’s head is clear.”

“A king? oh my god!”

“If so, did he bring the head of King Gujin who killed Roh Tae-tae?”


People realized what had happened and started talking.

Joo Joo-hwan and the blood relatives of the Jewon Headquarters all knelt down in front of the altar and said.

“I avenged my mother. Rest in peace now.”

“Rest in peace.”


It was only then that the blood relatives of the Jewon Top shed the tears they had been holding back.

Their tears softened the atmosphere in the hall.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the supply and demand of the unit and blood relatives of the Jewon Sangdan. Because of that, they did not know that Mu-geuk Jang and Geom-han Lee had quietly left the place.

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