Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 563

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 563

Episode 563

King Gu Jin’s head lost his body and flew into the air.

The head hovering in the air met Pyowol’s gaze for a moment.

King Gujin had a puzzled expression.

He didn’t even realize what had happened to him.

That was the end of King Gujin.

Took! swarm!

King Gujin’s head rolled across the floor like a ball and came to rest under Pyowol’s feet.

Pyowol looked at the place where King Gujin’s body was.

A small boy appeared from behind King Gu Jin’s large torso.

The boy waved his hand at Pyowol.


The boy waved both hands and ran like a puppy.

A different color appeared in Pyowol’s eyes as he looked at him.

No matter how much you look at him, he was a boy who couldn’t be seen beyond the age of seven or eight. Such a boy was running towards me with a bright expression on his face.



Pyo-wol recognized the boy’s identity at once.

He was Soma.

In an instant, Soma approached Pyowol and hugged Pyowol.

Pyowol stroked Soma’s head and asked.

“What happened? When did you come down Wudang Mountain?”

“Few days ago. As soon as I came down Wudang Mountain, I ran to this place. How has your brother been?”

“As you can see…”

“Hee hee! How are you? Oh wait…”

Soma fell from Pyowol’s arms and ran back to King Gujin’s corpse. And took the fear from his hand.

“Hi-Hi! I finally found it.”

Soma took up the fear and liked it.

He finally got back his belongings that had been taken away by King Gujin a long time ago.

Pyowol said to Soma.

“As you bring it, bring another sword.”


Soma nodded and took the golden hwang from King Gu Jin’s body.

The golden sword was as good as the fear. But Soma didn’t even pay attention to Geumhwang.

In the first place, there was no reason to be greedy when it wasn’t one’s own.


Soma happily handed over the gold to Pyowol.

Pyowol asked Soma.

“How did you find King Gu Jin? Did you come here expecting to be here?”

“No, I came to visit my brother.”


“I looked for Haowen and asked him.”


“huh! Hong Dae-joo told me that my brother was somewhere in Poyang Lake. So I kept my eyes wide open and watched the night streets.”

“Do you know when I will show up?”

“I don’t know! I met you anyway Isn’t that what happened?”

“that’s right! That’s enough.”


Soma smiled brightly.

He kicked it around his waist as if he would never take the fear away again.

Despite being separated for quite some time, Soma hasn’t changed at all.

Pyowol asked.

“Who is the swordsman Jinin?”



“There’s a lot of nagging, and I still correct it.”


“You can still fly around these days because of how good your energy is.”

“Did you learn a lot?”

“Hi-Hi! I heard there will be no going crazy and dying anymore.”

“I’m glad.”

Pyowol nodded.

Ilgeom Jinin was the best adult of the shaman faction.

He took pity on Soma and took her under his command.

Although he did not formally enroll in the shaman faction, he taught the martial arts he knew to control Soma’s mind.

Thanks to that, Soma’s lifespan was greatly reduced compared to before. It wasn’t that his disposition had completely changed, but it was true that he gave off a much softer atmosphere than before.

Pyowol looked at Soma for a long time before picking up King Gujin’s head.

Even though he had already stopped breathing, King Gu Jin’s expression was terrifying.

Pyowol put King Gujin’s head into a leather pouch he had prepared in advance.

“let’s go!”


Soma asked with a puzzled expression.

Pyowol answered while holding a leather pouch.

“Jewon top.”


“Rest in peace for Roh Tae-tae.”

“You must have gone to a good place.”

There was a constant stream of mourners at the top of the memorial.

Although they say that they have been completely separated from Kang-ho lately, the popularity they have built up in the Poyang-ho area has not disappeared.

In particular, after Roh Tae-tae withdrew from the front line, he gave many virtues secretly to people.

He distributed wealth to those in need and sent doctors to those who were sick.

We have done many things, such as sending children in need of jobs to the Jewon Sangdan and Pyeonguk to work.

It wasn’t just one or two people who received grace from her.

As soon as it was known that Roh Tae-tae had died, people who had been favored by her came to pay their respects.

The procession was more than ten miles long.

Nor was the Jewon Corps holding a formal funeral. They were not going to proceed with any burial procedures until the moon returned. Still, the mourners continue to come.

In the end, the jewon corps had to open the front door and receive people who came to pay condolences.


“You’re going in vain like this.”

Cries broke out among the people waiting in line for condolences.

Crying was quickly contagious and spread around.

“Noh Tae-tae! You can’t go like this.”

“What’s happening? dirty idiots. To kill Noh Tae-tae like this?”

“No, why is a noble person like Roh Tae-tae getting caught up in a fight between warriors and dying?”

The people who were sobbing denounced the unmanned.

After the Great War broke out, people living near Poyang Lake did not sleep comfortably for a single day.

The anxiety of not knowing when they would die in a fight with unmanned people tormented them.

I was so afraid of the power of the warriors that I had endured it until now, but it exploded with the death of Roh Tae-tae.

Now people no longer look at the unmanned.

Rather, the soldiers who came to condolence had to pay attention to the people.

No matter how strong the warriors were, they could not live alone.

The world where unmanned people live is called Gangho, but Kangho is not separated from the world where ordinary people live.

There is no world where only uninhabited people live without ordinary people.

Because of that, the munpa with great power had no choice but to take care of what the people’s will was like.

The warriors who came to condolences bowed their heads or looked elsewhere for no reason at the stinging gaze of the people.


“It’s completely a cushion of thorns.”

The soldiers who came to pay condolences secretly sighed.

This was the first time I had noticed people like this.

If it was another time, I would have been angry, but I couldn’t fight with others before the condolences of Roh Tae-tae, whom I respected.

It was then.



Suddenly there was a commotion at the back of the condolence procession.

People’s eyes all at once turned to the back of the procession.

Even at a glance, two young warriors exuding extraordinary energy and dozens of troops escorting them.

The moment I checked their faces, people’s eyes shook.

Because they were so unexpected.

“Geumcheonhoeju Jang…Mugeuk Daehyeop?”

“The person next to me is Ho-yeon Jang, the owner of the Woogeom Lodge.”

“and! They said they came to pay condolences?”

People were agitated.

Jang Moo-geuk and Jang Ho-yeon were key figures in the Geumcheonhoe.

Not to mention the owner of the club, Jang Mu-geuk, even Jang Ho-yeon, was a key figure enough to say that the Geumcheon Association would not work without him.

Both of them could be said to be the best in martial arts as well as their backgrounds.

People held their breath at the appearance of such two people.

The fact that the two moved directly meant that the condolences were the official position of the Geumcheonhoe.

Until now, the Jewon Sangdan had drawn a line with Gangho, so there was no room to intervene, but it was clear that they were trying to exert their influence under the pretext of condolences.

At the news that the two had arrived, the commander of the Jewon Corps ran out in a huff.

A look of bewilderment was evident on his face.

I hadn’t expected them to appear at all.

I thought that at best, the general manager of Geumcheonhoe would be sent, but I did not know that Hoeju and Jang Ho-yeon would personally attend.

But the surprise didn’t end there.


“What is it?”

There was a commotion in the opposite direction as well.

People’s eyes turned towards nature.


The Commander-in-Chief’s eyes fluttered wildly.

A young warrior with an exhilarating impression and a young woman exuding an aloof and mysterious atmosphere.

It was Lee Geom-han, the owner of Union Reunion, and his lover, Namgung-seol.

The two walked lightly, receiving everyone’s attention.

Everyone, including the commander-in-chief, swallowed dry saliva at their appearance.

This is because all the protagonists of the Great War that is taking place in Poyang Lake have gathered in one place.

This was the first time they had gathered in one place since the Great War broke out.

Lee Geom-han and Namgung Seol approached Jang Moo-geuk and Jang Ho-yeon.

The first to speak was Lee Geom-han.

“What are you doing here?”

“The most respected person in the Poyang Lake area has passed away, so of course I should come and see it. Isn’t that why you came too?”

“Because I can’t just pass by.”

Jang Moo-geuk nodded at Lee Geom-han’s answer.

Everyone in Gangho knew that they had been at odds for a long time.

Each of them has the background of Cheonmujang and Gwangmumun, two powerful people in the world, and they lead the giant forces of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

They were two people who could not help but be compared in many ways.

People were nervous when the two appeared.

This is because it is certain that a great disaster will occur if the two become upset and even fight with swords.

Even without a background, they had the power to compete for the strongest in the world.

When the two fight, there is no one to stop them.

That’s why people looked at the confrontation between the two with a tense expression.

Amid everyone’s attention, Lee Geom-han said.

“Will you go in first? Or should I go in first?”

“Don’t bother others and just go in together.”

“That wouldn’t be bad either.”

Geomhan Lee nodded at Jang Mu-geuk’s suggestion.

In my heart, I wanted to compete with Jang Mu-geuk right away, but I couldn’t go to someone else’s funeral and mess around.

The two went shoulder to shoulder and entered the top of the jewon.

There was a long line of condolences, but no one could tell them to keep their order.

I couldn’t live in Poyang Lake again if I hated it here.


People swallowed dry saliva for no reason and looked at their backs as they entered the top of the jewon.

Jang Moo-geuk and Lee Geom-han entered shoulder to shoulder, and this time Jang Ho-yeon and Namgung-seol met.

Jang Ho-yeon looked at Namgungseol and said.

“It’s an honor to meet Namgung Sojeo, the world’s thousand-year-old tiger.”

“It is also nice to see Gongja, the chief of Ugeom Hut.”

The eyes of the two as they looked at each other were as sharp as knives.

He glared at his opponent with a gaze that seemed to pierce his lungs.

Everyone knew that Jang Ho-yeon was the one who actually ran the Geumcheonhoe.

Namgungseol also rose to power after Lee Geomhan became the new eunryunhoeju.

They regarded each other as enemies of destiny.

That’s why there was subtle hostility in their eyes looking at each other.

However, I couldn’t cast a big vote because there were seats.

Namgungseol said.

“Even though we are in a sharp confrontation, I would like to commemorate the deceased by putting down old feelings for a while today.”

“I think the same way.”

“If you do, the escorts will step back and only we will go inside.”

“Let’s do that.”

Jang Ho-yeon readily replied.

Namgungseol made another suggestion.

“And to commemorate Roh Tae-tae, I wonder how about a three-day truce. what do you think?”

“It’s a three-day truce…”

“Wouldn’t it be at least that much to blur people’s distrustful gaze?”

“You think the same as me. great.”

“Confucius Zhang is similar to me in many ways. It would have been so much better if we were on the same side.”

“If you think so, why don’t you move the enemy to the Gold Chunhoe rather than the Eunyeonhoe?”

“There will be no reason for me to leave the sword and go to the Golden Temple.”

“Whoops! Love between a man and a woman is not eternal, so consider it whenever you feel cold.”

Jang Ho-yeon smiled and went inside.

Namgungseol looked at Zhang Wu-

geuk’s back with cold eyes.

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