Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 562

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 562

Episode 562


The end of the heavenly blood sword (天狼血牙劍) unfolded one after another.

As deadly as a wolf’s fangs, the ferocious Swordcho aimed at Pyowol’s whole body. However, Pyowol avoided all of those attacks by using two daggers to deflect them or by moving her body little by little.

King Gujin was such a great warrior that he was promoted to the Palestinian throne a long time ago.

Avoiding such an unmanned attack at close range was not simply a matter of being strong in martial arts.

It required super senses to catch the opponent’s attack one step ahead and unsteadiness to not lose reason under any circumstances.

It is difficult to have either of the two, but there were not many warriors in the stronghold who had both.

One of them was Pyowol.

Having crossed countless lines of death, he had a determined mind that could calmly accept even his own death.

On top of that, the super senses honed from the underground cavities made it possible to overcome human limitations.

Goo Jin-wang’s right shoulder muscles move slightly.

It predicts the opponent’s movement in advance through the result of the muscle, the direction of the elbow, and the change in the position of the finger holding the sword.

Based on such predicted movements, it seeks ways to respond.

It was the black thunder that made all of this possible.

All human body reactions are based on brain power, and black lightning stimulates brain power to maximize the body’s reaction speed.

It is the completion of latecomer jein (後發制人), which moves later than the opponent and suppresses it.

However, when his achievement was lower than now, he could not dare to aim for a latecomer against an absolute master like King Gu Jin.

This is because the movements of the masters who have reached the absolute stage are unpredictably irregular and fast. However, as he jumped over the wall several times, his nerves developed to the limit beyond human limits.

The body responds first based on the information received unconsciously through the eyes and senses.


Attacks that could not be avoided were deflected by swinging a dagger, and all other attacks were dodged.

A series of processes of shedding, deflecting, and counterattacking continued naturally like water flowing.

King Gujin doubted his own eyes.

It was like a mirage to see Pyowol perform such incredible feats against himself.

“What spell are you using?”

Pyowol was stabbing and swinging a dagger at close range, enough to make him feel his breath.

Looking at the length of the sword, he had an advantage, but it was difficult to exert his power from this close.

Furthermore, the paths of the two swords overlapped, hindering movement. This was worse than performing a sword attack with only one sword.

King Gujin placed the golden hwang in the sheath and performed the burial.

Powerful tension emanated from the wide open palm.


His body flew backwards with the sound of air bursting.

First of all, it is to spread the jeolcho with distance. But he couldn’t make up his mind.


Suddenly, his body stopped in midair and he was dragged all the way back to Pyowol.

I looked at my ankles and saw that a faint silver thread was wrapped around them.

Pyo-wol had caught him by the ankle with a wedding ceremony.

King Gu Jin rotated in the air and cut off the silver thread that was entangling his ankle with his sword.

Thanks to that, I was able to find my freedom, but I allowed Pyowol’s access again.

Wriggling like a snake, Pyowol approached.

It was a meandering step.

Pyowol put a dagger into his leather belt and threw out a fist. It was a jade that burst by concentrating its power on a single point.


With the explosion, King Gu Jin’s body was thrown backwards.

It spread the tension again and blocked the prison.

A look of bewilderment was evident on King Gujin’s face.

It was because Pyowol’s inaction exceeded his imagination.

Having already fought Pyowol once, he knew his inaction. So I had no choice but to judge Pyowol’s inaction only with the memories of the past.

No matter how much Pyo-wol has a fiery reputation in Gangho under the nickname of Sasin, in his memory it was still in the past.

The gap put King Gujin on the defensive.

See it!

As Pyo-wol flicked his finger, a gift so fine that it could not be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye aimed at King Gu-jin’s blood. However, King Gu Jin was an absolute master and had a sense that could detect even the slightest movement of the gift.

“No way. bantling!”

He groaned and swung in terror.

In fear, the gift was cut off and disappeared.

However, Pyo-wol pulled out Sasa-gang without blinking an eye.

Sasa Gang, an aggregate of river energy, had power that was on a different level from that of a water spirit.

King Gujin also sensed the danger of the Sasa River at once.


The sword was young in fear.

“Cheongrangkyo Pacheon (天狼咬破天)!”

King Goo Jin used the sword river to show the best.

Its power was different from previous attacks.

As the name implies, Cheonrang bites the sky, Cheonrang Pacheon bites off the space where Pyowol stood a little while ago.

It was empty, as if only that space had been erased from the world.

Just as it is the principle of the world to be refilled when empty, the space that was damaged by the Cheonrang sect has been restored to its original state. If there were people in it, they would have disappeared without a trace.

Fortunately, Pyo-wol was able to avoid the Cheonranggyopacheon by taking a meandering step.

King Gu Jin pushed for such a leap like mad.


He burst into a flash of light and spread the elongation.

His appearance was like that of a madman.

There was no disaster in the world because the madman was strong even in martial arts.

Even when he was put on the defensive, Pyowol’s expression did not change.

King Goo Jin is clearly an absolute powerhouse.

He was the owner of mighty martial arts that could see the world.

In addition, he had a rough temper and had a sense of wildness like a wolf, so he could be said to be the worst opponent.

Once you get swept away by King Gu Jin’s momentum and lose your cool, it’s not easy to show off your original skills.

But Pyowol was different.

His heart, which has been polished from the underground cavity, barely shakes at this momentum.

Challenging darkness, one touch fire.

A single candle is enough to light up the deep darkness, and

I am completely in darkness.

A firm mind is enough to get through the darkness in front of me.

It is the mindset of Pyowol brought from the underground cavity.


Pyowol rushed at King Gujin head-on.

The sight of him wielding a dagger in one hand and a sword in the other was truly terrifying. However, King Gujin rather delighted.

‘You dare to run at me head-on, you’re crazy.’

No matter how strong Pyowol’s martial arts was, the root was an assassin.

The assassin’s martial arts might have the power of one shot, but it didn’t work for absolute masters like himself.


King Gujin screamed and swung in fear.

The name Cheonrang Jobaecheon (天狼抓扒天) means that the claws of the angels scratch the sky.

The frightened Sword Gang stretched out and swept Pyowol.


Sword steel of tremendous power raked the Pyowol.

Pyowol also did not dare to avoid it, probably because he did not anticipate that Geomgang would suddenly increase by a factor of one.

He gritted his teeth and focused his energy on his dagger to block King Gujin’s sword attack.


A light of joy flashed in King Gujin’s eyes.

Even in Pyowol’s dagger, the strong wind was young.

It was possible to stop the strong wind with strong wind. However, depending on the weapon used, the power varied widely.

There was, of course, a big difference between the power of the strong sword with a small dagger and the sword force with a long sword.


King Gujin’s sword steel shattered Pyowol’s dagger and landed on his side.

“Ha ha ha!”

He couldn’t contain his joy and burst into laughter.

King Gujin’s laugh sounded exactly like a wolf’s roar.

In front of my eyes, the moon was cut in two and collapsed.

The pleasure of defeating such a threatening opponent was so thrilling that it could not be expressed in words.

It was this taste.

Because of this pleasure, I couldn’t leave Gangho.

He was always a winner.

Those who have not felt this feeling of being a victor and roaring cannot know.

“I am the King Gu Jin. King Gujin, the king of wolves! I am a true warrior. Hahahaha!”

King Gujin shouted in joy.

The entire vast field of reeds swayed loudly at his voice, loaded with formidable history.

The reed leaves that fell during the fight between the two soared into the air and whirled.

A strange sight came into the eyes of King Gu Jin, who was enjoying the joy of being a winner.

The body of Pyo-wol, who he thought he had split, disappeared without a trace.


I woke up as if I had been covered with cold water.

It was only then that he realized that the hand he was cutting the tabernacle didn’t feel at all.

My senses were paralyzed by excessive excitement.

At that moment, I felt a chill run down my spine.

I could tell without even looking at it.

That Pyowol, who deceived her eyes with illusion, was standing behind her.

Pyo-wol spread his Mayeong-hwan-wi, deceived King Gu-jin’s eyes, and returned to his back.



King Gu Jin screamed loudly at the fiery pain felt in his left shoulder.

His left arm, which had been fine, was cut off and fell to the floor. A huge fountain of blood gushed out from his shoulder.

King Gu Jin looked at his empty left shoulder with both eyes wide open.

Pyo-wol cut off his left arm with Sasa-gang.

In an instant, fear and anger mingled in his eyes, which had become an idiot.


King Gujin swung fear at Pyowol.

Pyo-wol stepped back and then burrowed into King Gu-jin’s arms again.

No matter how much King Gu Jin reached the highest level, he could not adapt immediately after losing an arm.

The loss of an arm disrupted the overall balance of the body and slowed down the reaction due to the pain.

A delayed reaction could not stop Pyowol.


Pyowol drove the dagger deep into King Gujin’s abdomen.


King Gujin groaned as he unfurled his Cheonrang blood sword. But at that time, the pyowol had already stepped back.

King Gujin bit his lip and glared at Pyowol.

It looked as if blood would pour out of his red eyes.

It was fortunate that the moment the dagger hit, the abdominal muscles were tightened to stop the bleeding. Otherwise, he would have lost his strength as soon as he was stabbed by the dagger and could not move.

“Damn it!”

King Gu Jin turned his body around and soon spread the light attack.

He chose to run away.

Not even Pyowol did not expect that the king of the world would servilely choose to run away again.

It was the king who had already chosen to run away before. At that time, I thought it was a choice I had no choice but to make because the variable of being a true swordsman intervened.

However, regardless of that, it was clear that King Gu Jin was the owner of a cowardly temperament capable of running away at any time when he was in danger of death.

I could see how futile and ephemeral Kang-ho’s reputation was by looking at King Gu Jin.

A person’s true nature emerges when faced with the threat of death.

It was clear that King Gu Jin had never experienced such a crisis.

Because of that, when the crisis of death came to him, he chose to run away, throwing away everything and everything.

‘Roh Tae-tae was killed by such a pathetic person.’

Noh Tae-tae was about to die anyway, but the fact that he was killed by someone as low as King Gu Jin made him angry.

Roh Tae-tae was not one to be killed by someone like King Gu Jin.

At least he deserved a more dignified rest.

Therefore, Pyowol could not forgive King Gujin.

A comfortable death was a luxury to him.

At least he had to feel the fear of death that the warriors of the Jewon Corps felt.


Pyo-wol spread light air and pursued King Gu Jin.

He climbed atop a reed and spread the funeral monument.

In the distance, I could see the back of King Gujin running through the reed forest.

He lost an arm and had a dagger stuck in his abdomen, making King Gu Jin unable to speed up.

He was bleeding so much that he ran very slowly.

It was only a matter of time before he caught up.

It was then.


Suddenly, a child’s laughter broke out in front of King Gujin.


Then, an eerie cutting sound was heard, and King Gu Jin’s head was cut off as he ran.

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