Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 561

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 561

Episode 561


The branches of a large tree were snapped off by King Gujin’s sword strike. Subsequently, King Gu Jin landed on a tree.

King Gujin frowned.

Because there was no one around the tree.

“No one? I definitely felt the presence.”

Belatedly, Deung Cheol-woong ran out of the inn.

“Why is that?”

King Gu Jin did not answer Deung Cheol-woong’s question.

A little while ago, he felt a gaze secretly peeking into his abode.

It was never an illusion.

It is absurd for a master who has reached his level to misunderstand the eyes of others.

‘Who are you?’

King Gujin looked around for the owner of his gaze. However, the owner of the gaze could not be found anywhere on the street.

It was late at night, and there were hardly any people on the streets, and the occasional passers-by were drunk people.

‘Is it really an illusion?’

It was a time when King Gu Jin doubted his senses.


I felt someone’s secret gaze again.

It was not an illusion.

Clearly, someone was secretly watching him.

“There you are.”

King Gujin flew towards the place where he felt his gaze.

It was on the roof of the building next door.


King Gu Jin spread his arms wide like a bat and flew and landed on the roof. But there was no one on the roof where he landed.

King Gujin’s face was distorted.

“How dare you tease me? Come on b*stard!”


he yelled.

Leaves fell in torrents at the sound of his inner strength.

At that moment, King Gu Jin did not miss the glimpse of someone behind the tree.

“There you are.”

King Gujin threw himself into the tree in front.

At that moment, a black figure hiding in a tree escaped from him.

“Do you know how to miss it? Chaat!”

King Gujin shouted loudly and pursued the black figure.


They raced down the street at breakneck speed.

King Gujin’s light engineering technique, Pyopungnangwangbo (漂風狼王步), could be said to be one of the strongest.

King Gujin was like a wolf running full speed through the wind.

No one could stop his run.

He pursued the black figure, deflecting everything in his path.


“100 million!”

With a scream, the people who collided with King Gu Jin were thrown out.

There were also unmanned people among them, but the result was the same.

All broke like broken firewood and flew in all directions.

It was truly ignorant racing.

It was something he could not have done if he had noticed even a little bit of attention from the people around him or from the literary faction lined up around Poyang Lake.

It was a crazy thing that he could do because he became King Gu Jin.

However, no matter how much King Gu Jin unfolded Pyopungnangwangbo with all his might, he could not catch up with the black In-young running in front of him.

The black figure was like a mirage.

An illusion that can be caught if you stretch out your hand, but cannot be caught.

Even unlike King Gu Jin, he was running away from everyone on the street. Even so, the distance between the two did not decrease at all, but rather widened.

It was proof that the black man-young’s light engineering skills were superior to King Gu Jin’s.

‘crazy! Is this possible?’

King Gujin bit his lip.

He was very proud of himself.

I thought that not only martial arts but also light martial arts were the best. However, the black man’s light engineering shattered his pride.

“I will never forgive you. bloke!”

He could not forgive the black human figure who shattered his pride.


King Gujin threw his sword against the back of the black figure.

The bloody sword flew in a straight line. However, the black figure moved slightly to the side as if it had eyes on its back, avoiding the sword strike.


Swordsman only broke down the poor wall.

When this happened, King Gujin’s anger rose to the tip of his head.

King Gujin pursued him with the determination to rip and kill the black human figure.

Fortunately, the distance did not widen further.

It was probably clear that the black figure was luring him.

It didn’t matter though.

He’ll think he’s lured him in, but he’ll regret his decision the moment he reaches his destination.

The black figure escaped from the busy streets and entered the reed field by Poyang Lake.

A field of reeds that grew taller than an adult was swaying like waves in the wind.

‘Is this a trap prepared by you? But it won’t work for me.’

King Gujin jumped into the reed field without hesitation.

I couldn’t find a black seal on the wall of reeds that covered my eyes.


King Gujin let out a cheer and swung his sword wide.


In an instant, powerful sword energy was ejected from his sword in a straight line.

Reed leaves cut off by the sword flew up into the air.

I could see a black figure standing among the reed leaves that were slowly falling.

King Gujin strode towards him.

“Looks like they all ran away. Reveal your identity.”


King Gujin even took out the golden hwang.

With fear and gold in both hands, his momentum was truly terrifying.

The black figure did not move either, as if he had given up running away.

King Gujin continued, aiming at the black human spirit with fear.

“Whether you reveal your identity or not, you will die by my hand. If you want to die painlessly, you’d better reveal yourself.”

“I still have that sword.”


King Gu Jin made a puzzled expression at the words of the black man.

Because he said it as if he knew him from before.

Ignoring his suspicious gaze, the black figure continued.

“It was a horror. The name of that sword is…”

“Who are you?”

“It is always like that. Those who have been robbed shed tears of blood and cannot forget the memory of that day, but those who plundered and harassed them easily forget.”

“Stop talking nonsense and reveal your true identity. bloke!”

At that moment, the black figure took off the hat attached to the blood jacket. Then, a beautiful face that could hardly be called a man was revealed under the moonlight.

King Gu Jin immediately recognized the man’s identity.

“You are that assassin.”

“King Gujin!”

“Hehe! Your liver is swollen. How dare you provoke me on the subject of an assassin.”

“Your personality is still impatient.”

“I know you’ve gained a reputation lately. Reaper? I got a nickname that wasn’t even funny. So, did you feel a little more confident? How dare you provoke me.”

King Gu Jin radiated a formidable life force.

The reeds in the area swayed madly from the life he radiated.

He still looked ferocious.

Pyowol looked at King Gujin with deeply sunken eyes.

In the past, when he clashed with King Gu Jin, Pyo-wol put him into a predicament by exerting 10 percent of his killing skills. However, if the duel time had been longer, it was impossible to predict how the fight would turn out.

King Gujin had as much air power and martial arts skills as he had lived. In comparison, Pyo-wol was a youngster who had just been released from Gangho.

How did he inflict considerable wounds on King Gu Jin, but in the end he could not completely subdue him. So, King Gujin took away the fear and went into hiding, and Soma went into the shaman faction.

Had King Gu Jin been killed then, Roh Tae-tae would not have lost his life.

It is said that the day of death is not far away, but there is a big difference between dying to the fullest and losing one’s life at the hands of others.

It wasn’t too difficult to find King Gujin.

Because I had no intention of hiding at all.

If ordinary people committed such a big incident, they would have hidden away from people’s eyes, but King Gu Jin had no such thing.

Since I had lived my life without caring about other people’s eyes all my life, hiding was not an option at all.

Because of the situation, Salno easily found the place where King Gujin was. It was so easy that it was all futile.

King Gu Jin’s life amplified.

It was King Gujin, who had a fiery reputation as a member of the Eight Constellations a long time ago. Now that I’m older, the wrinkles on my face have increased, but my martial arts have deepened.

It is not foolish to be ferocious.

He did not neglect martial arts just because he lived his own way.

Rather, I was more immersed in martial arts to live freely.

Thanks to that, his martial arts were much stronger than before.

Although he couldn’t catch up with Pyowol with light martial arts, he was confident that he was superior in martial arts.

Moreover, he had two famous swords.

fear and gold.

Thanks to the two swords obtained from different places, he was able to unleash the heavenly blood sword with all his might.

There was a big difference between being able to do your best and not being able to.

“Where are you going to try your best? Assassin!”

King Gujin roared and rushed at Pyowol.


The two swords vomited bloody black air.

The crossed swords flew toward Pyowol at terrifying speed.


The place where the sword energy was intense exploded. However, there were no flesh or bones of the moon in it.

It disappeared without leaving a trace.

“No way.”

King Gujin smiled and swung his sword to the left again.

It detected Pyowol’s secret movement.

Take a break!

The half-moon-shaped sword was continuously fired.

King Gu Jin trusted his intuition.

His senses were like that of a wolf, and he didn’t miss any subtle movement or sign.

No matter how secretly the pyowol moved, it couldn’t fool his senses.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

An explosion of sound erupted from the place where the sword was fierce.

The reed field was overturned and reed leaves covered the sky. However, no trace of Pyowol was found anywhere.

He deceived King Gu Jin’s senses and completely disappeared.


King Gujin growled.

He thought that if he was an unmanned man, he would have to face it head-on.

river to river.

Fighting force-to-power was a virtue that a warrior should have.

That’s why he despised the class of assassins who were only looking for an opportunity to sneak up and ambush.

“hide. The moment I see a single hair, you will be torn into a thousand pieces by my hand.”

King Gujin wandered through the reed field.

It looked like a poisoned wolf.

He wasn’t called the king of kings for nothing.

It was close to impossible to find Pyowol among the reed leaves falling like rain. However, King Gu Jin trusted his senses.

See it!

It was then that I heard a slight piercing sound.

It was so small that King Gu Jin would never have heard it if he had not maximized his senses.


King Gujin wielded fear.


A thread of gift bounced off with a weak metal sound.

It was a suhonsa made of flags.

King Gujin threw himself in the direction where the bridegroom flew.

“He’s hiding there.”


He unleashed the zenith of the Celestial Blood Sword (天狼血牙劍) one after another.

Swordsmanship of formidable power raged like a storm.

The storm of sword energy created by two swords completely destroyed ten Bangwon.

“Ha ha ha! A mere assassin attacking me. I’ll grind it to the bone and drink it.”

It was when King Gu Jin burst into madness.

Suddenly, a black shadow rose behind him.

Contrasted with the black bloody clothes was Pyowol, a man with a pure white face.

There was no such thing as human sensibility in the face that was even magical.

He had two daggers in his hands.

Pyo-wol walked behind King Gu-jin lightly, like a man out for a walk.

It was when Pyowol came close to him that King Gujin realized that fact.


King Gujin widened his eyes.

I didn’t notice until the moon came closer.

It was like seeing a ghost right in front of you.

Dismay soon turned to anger.


King Gujin wielded fear with all his might.

Pyowol evaded King Gujin’s sword attack by tilting his head to the side, then stabbed his dagger into the neck.



King Gu Jin hurriedly struck Pyowol’s dagger with a golden hwang. However, Pyowol’s dagger was not one.

Just as King Gujin was holding two swords, Pyowol was also holding two daggers.

See it!

Two daggers stabbed King Gu Jin’s blood without rest.

A strong sense of crisis overtook King Gujin.


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