Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 559

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 559

Episode 559

Pyowol came out of the house.

A small river flowing slowly and low mountains surrounding the basin like a folding screen. And along the hill, I saw rice fields made like stairs and the appearance of villagers working in them.

It was a beautiful landscape like a painting.

It was a quiet village located not far from Poyang Lake.

The village was so peaceful that it was hard to believe that it was close to Lake Poyang, where the Great War was taking place.

This is because the village is so small and has nothing to do with Gangho, so it did not attract people’s attention.

The population of the village was only fifty, and they all made a living by farming rice fields and catching fish in the river.

I can’t say that I’m so rich, but I still lived with my mouth.

Since there was little interaction with the outside world, most of the villagers were naive.

“I didn’t find a safe place to go to a place like this.”

Pyowol was once again amazed by Salno’s ability.

A place that is not too far from Poyang Lake and is completely away from the attention of the strong literary faction.

It was truly a hideaway.

Thanks to this, Pyo-wol was able to rest comfortably for the first time since coming here.

“ah! He is a handsome older brother.”


When Pyowol came out, the children who were playing nearby came running.

They laughed and chatted while hovering nearby, as if they weren’t afraid of the moon.

Pyowol frowned slightly.

Because I’m not used to this kind of fuss.

“Where is your brother from?”

“How is it outside?”

The children surrounded Pyowol and made noise like larks.

Pyowol shook his head slightly and moved on. Then the children followed Pyowol like chicks following their mother hen.

The children laughed and chatted as if they were not afraid of strangers they were seeing for the first time.

Pyowol made a slight impression.

If he was a warrior who had learned martial arts, he would have felt a serious threat just by changing the impression of Pyowol. However, the innocent children did not know the meaning behind the change in Pyowol’s expression. That’s why I laughed and talked even more.


Pyowol suddenly looked down. Then a little girl, now five or six years old, was holding Pyowol’s finger.

As Pyowol and her eyes met, the girl said.

“hug me!”


“Hug me!”

When Pyo-wol did not respond, the girl spoke again and waved her hand.

Pyowol stared at the girl. The girl also stared at Pyowol.

It was Pyowol who averted his gaze first.

For some reason, I couldn’t look at the girl’s innocent eyes for a long time.

It was Pyowol who never averted his gaze no matter what formidable enemy he encountered, but the girl’s eyes were strangely difficult to handle.

Pyowol asked.

“You want a hug?”

“huh! hug me.”

Pyowol carefully hugged the girl and lifted her up. Then the girl spoke again.

“Above the shoulder.”

“You want me to upload it?”


The girl nodded.

Pyowol sat the girl on his shoulder. Then, as if he liked the girl, he smiled widely.

“wow! Look good!”

Pyo-wol carried the girl on his shoulders and moved to the riverside.

After that, the children followed as if it were natural.

Farmers who were farming in terraced rice fields also saw the sight.

It would be worrying to see children following a strange man, but there was no sign of that at all.

The girl whispered while sitting on Pyowol’s shoulder.



“brother! It’s pretty. I will marry my brother.”


Pyo-wol was at a loss for words at the girl’s bold words. But after a while, Pyowol shook his head.

“That seems difficult.”


“I am not from here.”

“Then are you leaving?”



“Sorry! I still can’t live here.”

Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes at Pyowol’s indifferent answer.

Pyo-wol wiped the girl’s tears with her white hand.

“Everyone has their own life. This place doesn’t suit me.”

“Why don’t you fit in?”

“They were born differently. If I am in a peaceful place like this, this place will also become chaotic.”


“The world is kind of like that. It’s difficult. You will know when you grow up.”

“I don’t know! I just want to marry my brother.”

Pyo-wol smiled involuntarily at the girl’s forced appearance.

It was then.

“It looks good.”

Suddenly, a muffled voice was heard.

Pyo-wol was not surprised and looked back.

Before I knew it, Salno had appeared and settled down.

Pyowol dropped the girl off and said.

“Now play with your friends.”


The girl ran to her friends playing nearby.

Pyo-wol looked at it for a moment, then moved his gaze back to Salno.

“You came quickly.”

“I have something urgent to report.”

“in haste? Is there a problem with Brain or Ye-seol?”

“no. They are faithfully carrying out the mission commanded by the Most High. News will come sooner or later that the mission has been completed.”


“A change has occurred at Lake Poyang.”


“Specifications…the upper ranks are said to have been attacked.”

“who? Is it a golden age?”

“no. King Gujin attacked the Jewon Sangdan.”

“A king?”

Pyowol’s eyes grew cold.

For a moment, Salno felt a chill run down his spine and flinched.

Pyowol asked.

“So what about the damage?”

“Fortunately, the merchants and workers escaped and were not harmed, but the unmanned soldiers suffered serious damage. Half of the warriors of the Jewon Corps were slaughtered by Nangwang. Fortunately, Sang Sangju escaped with his subordinates and saved his life…”

Salno was speechless.

Pyowol looked at Salno’s face and said.

“Looks like someone else died instead.”


“No… Tae-tae?”

“That’s right.”

Pyowol closed her eyes.

I thought that might be the case ever since I heard that the Jewon Sangdan was in trouble.

Forebodings have never been wrong. But this time, he hoped his hunch was wrong.

No matter how much he said that he was a person who lived his life, it was because he wanted to close his eyes comfortably for the last time.

Salno continued.

“It is said that Roh Tae-tae escaped Sang Sang-ju and remained until the end. Despite King Gujin’s threatening threat, he endured until the end…”

“You saved the reputation of the Jewon Sangdan with your own life.”

“yes! It’s a great heroine. Even in such an urgent situation, it was calculated up to that point. The report was robbed, but the financial damage was not that great.”

When the size of the top of the specification is reached, the property is never stored in a single warehouse. It is distributed and stored in several warehouses.

The Jewon Sangdae collapsed due to the catastrophic existence of King Nangwang Gujin, but with her death, he kept his pride.

He not only saved his pride, but also saved the lives of his son, Joo Joo-hwan, and other blood relatives. Even so, he did not allow himself to be cursed at.

Although it suffered a great blow because of King Gujin, Jewon Sangdan will surely be rebuilt splendidly.

“Where is King Gujin?”

“Shall we track it?”

“Track it!”

“All right.”

Salno did not hesitate to answer politely.


My skin tingled as if I had come into contact with the brain.

There was no change in his master’s expression. But Salno knew.

How angry he was right now and what a huge murderous intent he had.

The tingling feeling he felt now was proof that Pyowol was angry.

Pyowol immediately returned to the safe house.

He took off the plain clothes he had been wearing and changed into a black uniform.

Around her waist, she wore a leather belt made by Dang Sochu and hid two daggers inside.

After putting on a pair of Vambraces on his forearms, he finally donned the bloody clothes that Dang Xiaochu had made for him.

When I came out after completing such perfect preparations, Salno was nowhere to be seen.

In order to carry out Pyowol’s order, he left the village one step ahead.

Pyo-wol looked back at the village for a moment.

The sound of children playing was combined with the beautiful scenery like a picture.

Pyowol murmured.

“Sorry! I’m used to it now…”

Probably never coming back here again.

Pyo-wol moved out of the village.


Then a girl’s voice was heard.

Looking at the source of the sound, I saw a girl waving her hand.

“You have to come back.”

The girl shouted at her throat, but Pyowol did not answer.

After looking at the girl for a while, Pyowol quickly left the village.

He walked quickly along the shady mountain road.

After an hour or so, I joined Guan Dao.

After walking along the Guando for a long time, I saw a familiar landscape in the distance.

It was Lake Poyang, a vast lake that could not be captured at a glance.

Arriving at Lake Poyang, Pyowol immediately headed for the top of Jewon.

It was not that difficult to find the top of the jewon because I had already been there once.

There were many unmanned guards outside the top of the jewon.

Pyo-wol recognized that they were Unryeonhoe soldiers.

‘Looks like a blizzard came.’

Even if he came, it wasn’t strange at all.

Even though he said he had cut off ties with the Jewon Sangdan to work in the union association, that didn’t mean he had completely cut off his blood and kinship.

Roh Tae-tae provided a lot of support in the shadows so that Ju Seol-pung could unleash his power.

Ju Seol-pung was also very fond of his great-grandmother Roh Tae-tae, and he never did not worry about safety for a moment.

Therefore, as soon as I heard the news that the Jewon Corps had suffered a catastrophe, I was the first to run.

Pyo-wol looked at the warriors surrounding the top of the memorial for a while and threw himself away.

Despite being guarded by numerous soldiers, no one noticed that Pyowol was intruding into the top of the jewon.

Like a stray cat, Pyo-wol landed on the hall at the top of the memorial and looked around the inside without making a sound.

From the front gate to the inner palace, it was seen that it was destroyed in a straight line.

It was the route through which King Gujin invaded.

There were clear blood stains on the floor that had not yet been erased.

The red bloodstains showed how cruel King Gu Jin’s hand was.

Pyowol walked inward along the roof of the palace.

The further inside, the stronger the traces of destruction remained. And there was a body that hadn’t been recovered yet.

Even though his breath had stopped, the expression of pain and despair remained vivid.

I knew how much fear they felt before they died.

As I passed their bodies and went inside, I saw a group of people.

It was Jang Joo-hwan and his blood relatives, who had escaped during King Gu-jin’s attack.

They were looking ahead with indignant faces.

Pyowol quietly descended from the roof of the palace and intervened between them.

Bodies covered in white cloth lay in a row in front of Joo Joo-hwan and his blood relatives.

Among them was the body of Noh Tae-tae.

“mother! Hehehe!”



They shed tears when they saw Roh Tae-tae’s body.

Although Roh Tae-tae had passed away, he maintained the gentle expression he had before.

If it wasn’t for this horror, it was an expression that could have been mistaken for falling asleep.

Pyo-wol looked at Noh Tae-tae without a word.

Just then, a man quietly approached him.

He stood next to the moon and said.

“Fortunately, he died in a single blow. He didn’t feel much pain.”

The man’s voice was full of moisture.

Pyo-wol recognized the man’s identity without even looking back.


“Top Daehyeop!”

The man was Roh Tae-tae’s great-grandson Ju Seol-pung.

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