Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 558

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 558

Episode 558

: Quarreung!

As if an earthquake had occurred, the temples at the top of the memorial shook.

Walls collapsed, roof tiles fell, and workers at the top were injured.

“What is this?”

Jewon Sangdanju Joo Joo-hwan widened his eyes and looked toward the front door.


A continuous explosion erupted from the front door, and powerful air waves raged like a storm.

The air waves were so powerful that they were raging even far away.

Joo Ji-hwan turned and looked at the person next to him.

“mother! I don’t know who it is, but it looks like someone dangerous has broken in. If you stay here, you could get angry, so hurry up and avoid your mother first.”

The person he spoke to was his mother, Noh Tae-tae.

Roh Tae-tae put down the teacup and shook his head.

“I can’t do that, my lord!”


“If the most senior person at the top leaves his seat, saying it is dangerous, who will believe us and follow us? I’m fine, so you and I should avoid your seat.”

“I can’t. I will take care of this place, so please return to Haerojang.”

Joo Joo-hwan regretted bringing Roh Tae-tae, who was staying at Haerojang, for a while. I was thinking of being a companion for Noh Tae-tae, who was alone, so I brought him here, but I didn’t know that this moment would happen.

Noh Tae-tae smiled at Jo Joo-hwan.

“I have always been proud of my family. Although I laid the cornerstone for the top, you are the one who raised it to this extent.”


“The top needs you more than me. So, make your comfort a priority. Never mind this old man who will be gone soon.”

Roh Tae-tae looked toward the front gate, where terrifying air waves were raging, with eyes dripping with ooze.

He was Roh Tae-tae, who did everything he had to do in order to raise the Jewon Association.

At times, they faced life-threatening situations, and sometimes the company went to the brink of ruin due to someone’s cheating.

He did not succumb to any trials and eventually overcame them to create today’s Jewon Sangdan.

Although his strong character also played a part in creating the foundation for the Jewon Sangdan. The keenly developed sixth sense could not be ignored.

Although everything has declined with age, the sixth sense has not declined at all.

Her sixth sense was telling.

Today’s transgression is by no means something that can be avoided.

The air waves felt were unusual.

It felt like thinly slicing the skin with a sharp dagger.

Noh Tae-tae trembled involuntarily.

It was then.

“Sweet Lord!”

An old man in his early sixties approached Joo Joo-hwan.

The old man was the lord of Jeolyeong.

Jeolyeongdae was one of the strengths of the Jewon Sangdae.

As an organization that protects the convoy of the Jewon Corps in the shadows and recovers items when they are lost, it possesses such a powerful force.

Jeolyeongdae was the place that played the biggest role in driving the Blood Guard out of Poyang Lake.

Joo Ji-hwan asked urgently.

“What happened? Who broke in?”

“The King has arrived.”

“Nangwang? You mean the Nangwang of the Eight Constellations?”

“you’re right.”

“Why is he?”

“I don’t know why. Right now, Danju Ki is blocking it, but it won’t last long.”


“Avoid. Sovereign Lord!”

“That’s not to say. The owner of the guild abandons the guild and runs away? I am not that kind of person.”

Joo Ji-hwan shook his head.

Like Roh Tae-tae, he had no intention of avoiding any danger.

Jeolyoung Daeju looked at Roh Tae-tae.

There was a lot of meaning in his eyes.

Noah nodded and opened his mouth.

“If the opponent is really a king, it will be difficult for the guild I saw today to avoid being angry.”

“That’s right.”

“However, the owner of the guild cannot show the appearance of running away to avoid anger.”

“Noh Tae-tae.”

“Have you raised your successor well?”

“of course. Thanks to Roh Tae-tae’s consideration, I was able to raise him well.”

“Then you won’t be worried about the heir?”


Jeolyoung Daejoo replied with a smile.

Noh Tae-tae also smiled at his face.

They were not simply employers and subordinates.

It was like a companion who had gone through hardships together for a long time. That’s why we could know each other’s intentions with just a smile and a few words.

Roh Tae-tae said to Jeolyeong-daeju.

“Take Sangsanju to a safe place.”


Jeolyoung Daejoo lowered his head with an answer.

Feeling something suspicious, Joo Joo-hwan hurriedly looked at Roh Tae-tae.


“I’m sorry son! But if you are, you will be able to reconstruct the top of the jewon. I will carry all the karma up until now, so you will raise the Jewon Sangdan again.”

“I’d rather stay. mother!”

“What will I do if I live longer than my children? It is natural for the old man to go first, so this is the right thing to do.”

“mother! It can’t be.”

It was when Joo Joo-hwan cried out.

A young soldier appeared behind him and pointed out that he was of mixed blood.

When Joo Joo-hwan fell unconscious, a young warrior wrapped around him.

Jeolyoung Daeju said to the young warrior.

“Move the Dan Lord to a safe place.”


“Please take care of Danju and the Jaewon Association.”

“Don’t worry, Master!”

The young soldier was a disciple of Jeolyeong Daeju.

He disappeared after being captured by Jeolyeong Daeju and Roh Tae-tae. Jeolyeongdae followed behind him.

Jeolyeong Daeju said to Noh Tae-tae.

“They will be able to reconstruct the jewon pedestal wonderfully.”

“I guess so. Aren’t you resentful of me anyway?”

“Resentment? Thanks to that, I’ve been living with the luxury I’ve been deprived of.”

“You’re barely alive now, and I’m not going to go with you into the pits of Hell?”

“Since you have served them until now, you must serve them even in hell.”

“In your next life, live freely without being bound by this old man.”

“Why are you so sad? Roh Tae-tae was like a mother to me. If it hadn’t been for Roh Tae-tae’s rescue, would the pickpocket in the back alley have lived until now, being treated like a human being? Thanks to you, I lived well in one world, so I will follow you in the next world.”

“With that person…”

It was when Roh Tae-tae shook his head as if he had lost.


The main gate in front of Daejeon was destroyed with an explosion. And someone bounced inside.

The one who fell apart in front of Roh Tae-tae and Jeolyeong Dae-ju was Ki Hak-soo, who became a blood relative.

Ki Hak-soo was already dead and could not feel his breath.


At that time, King Gu Jin entered with a phoneme.

Both of his hands were drenched in blood.

Behind King Gujin’s back, he could see the horribly destroyed top of the Jewon. And corpses strewn all over the place.

Noah closed his eyes.

King Gu Jin killed not only Ki Hak-soo, but also all the warriors who stood in his way.

It was a brutal hand-to-hand.

It was a sight to see why King Gu Jin was called a blood-crazed wolf in Gangho.

Behind King Gujin’s back, Cheolung Deung could be seen.

As soon as he saw Deung Cheol-woong, Jeol Yeong-dae-ju realized what had happened.

“That guy was the troublemaker. Bringing disaster into the Bone Merchant.”

It was Jeolyoung Daeju who attacked Juseolpung and Bloody Room.

At that time, I kept feeling sorry for missing Deung Cheol-woong, but in the end, it caused this sadal.



Deung Cheol-woong became a turtle neck after the lion of Jeolyeong Daeju and was frightened.

Then King Gu Jin stepped forward and let out a mute.

“Hehe! He’s a guy with a lot of energy. It would be more fun to deal with than him.”

“Old senior!”

“Who do you mean senior? A guy who can’t even be a slob…”


At King Gu Jin’s words, Jeolyeong Daeju sighed.

This violent, savage human doesn’t think much of anyone but himself when he’s caught between his claws.

It was to the point of resenting the heavens for allowing such a human to have this level of power.

At that time, Noh Tae-tae stepped forward and said.

“How can you live so selflessly with such mighty martial arts? If he had conformed to the world a little more, he would have made his name great.”

“Hehe! I don’t care about being worshiped after I die. After death, everything is over, so why do you live with your own desires?”

“Why don’t you know that sometimes there are banners that are more important than desires?”

“Noisy old man! Do not try to seduce me with such doctrines.”

“Good! king. What did you come to the upper ranks for?”

“I know that there is a famous sword in the report. If you give me the famous sword, I will quietly leave.”

“There is no treasured sword in the chief’s report that would attract the attention of the king. Also, even if I had it, I couldn’t give it to you.”

“Even if you’re going to die?”

“Sometimes there are things more precious than death. If I open the report to you, I may be able to save my life, but instead, the reputation of the Bone Merchant will fall to the bottom. If that happens, the chief may remain alive, but he will never be able to earn the respect of others again.”

“So you can’t open the report? Hehe! Are you risking your life for useless pride?”

“You will find out later whether it will be useless or not.”

“If it’s okay and you won’t open it yourself, I will kill everyone and open it with my own power.”

“You will never have what you want.”

Noh Tae-tae said with a determined expression.


At that moment, about 20 unmanned people appeared behind her.

Except for those who escaped with Joo Joo-hwan, they were unarmed.

All the young warriors escaped with Joo Joo-hwan, and the rest were all elderly.

“Cheeky things! But no matter how many ants gather, they cannot stop the wolves.”

“An ant is also an ant. You will learn today that there are ants that are sick when bitten.”

Roh Tae-tae opened his eyes and glared at King Gu Jin.

Her resolute determination reached King Gu Jin. King Gujin did not like this situation.

“I will kill them all.”


He pulled out one of the swords he was carrying on his back.

It was a gold medal recently obtained.

Seeing this, Daeju Jeolyeong gave an order.



The warriors attacked King Gujin all at once.

Their swords and swords slashed through King Gujin’s whole body.

At that moment, King Gu Jin swung his golden sword.


Formidable swordsmanship stretched out like the teeth of a comb.

The swordsman cut the five warriors who were running from the front.

Fu Chemistry!



A huge amount of blood splattered in all directions and the screams of the warriors echoed throughout the manor.

It was Cheonrang Blood Sword (天狼血牙劍), the Dokmun Swordsmith of King Gujin.

A rare swordsman who possessed the power of a comrade, but the recoil was so great that he shattered all swordsmen.

Because of that, King Gu Jin came to covet famous swords such as Horror and Golden Hwang.

Its power was certain.


Even though he pulled out the formidable sword like a stick, the golden sword was intact.



The warriors of the Jewon Corps died over and over again.

“Ha ha ha!”

King Gu Jin fired a mad light and slaughtered the warriors.


Jeolyeong Daeju attacked him with all his might.

But he looked precarious, like a moth leaping into a campfire.

Roh Tae-tae opened his eyes wide and looked at Jeolyeong Dae-joo from behind.

It was the final battle of those who had followed him for the rest of their lives.

He was responsible for keeping his eyes on the end.

King Gujin was the end of an era.

As a result, the Jewon Sangdan will collapse today, but the Jewon Sangdan will come back to life.

They will grow bigger and more splendid by taking the death of themselves and them as fertilizer.

That was the reason she didn’t leave this place.

‘Still, I lived very well.’

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