Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 555

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 555

Episode 555


Dokgo Hwang’s body rotated like a top.

At the same time, he swung his palm twelve times in succession.

As the tension was released in all directions, a strong air current raged.


A ray of silver thread was swept away by the current and bounced far away.

“The moon!”

Dokgohwang’s eyes flashed.

The gifts were scattered in the air and disappeared.

The insubstantial gift was the thread made of Ki.

There was only one warrior in the world who used a thread made of gi as a weapon.

“Coward! Doing an ambush.”

Dokgohwang screamed and threw his fist in the direction the gift flew from.


Pyowol did not exist in the place where the strong martial arts struck. However, Dokgohwang was not disappointed.

His eyes quickly scanned the ground.

Because of the ash powder, the whole world seemed hazy.

In the ash dust scattered to the point where it was difficult to distinguish between objects, a single human figure, moving in a particularly stealthy way, caught my eye.

A figure that moves so secretly that it can never be discovered unless it is someone who has reached the level of Dokgohwang.

As far as Dokgo Hwang knew, there was only one such being in the whole area.

“Pyowol! Like this rat! ”


Dokgo Hwang sprinkled Yeonsin Kwongi.

The ground hit by the fist exploded like a thunderclap. It was truly formidable power.

However, Dokgo Hwang’s expression was not so bright.

This is because none of his attacks were heavily weighted with the mark.

Wash! See it!

A tiny puncture sound rang out.

Dokgo Hwang sensed Pagongong with his superhuman senses.


With a spirit, Dokgo Hwang stretched out his palms in the air.


In an instant, a subtle aura like mist and fog erupted from his hand.

Haeyeonhwan Armed Forces.

It is a cut learning method that splits and sprinkles the tension into fine particles like fog rather than stretching it straight.

It was Hae Yeon-hwan Armed Forces that killed by suffocating, not by striking with intense force.

Suhonsa was definitely a unique school break even in Gangho.

The thread made of flags made almost no sound and left no traces, so it was a season that scared everyone.

It was never easy to block the invisible fine gifts.

That was the reason why the warriors couldn’t stop it even though they knew that Pyowol’s representative martial art was a suhonsa. But Dokgo Hwang was different.

The thread made of chi might be able to pierce an iron plate three inches thick, but if it collided with a cloud of chi, it lost its penetrating power and had no choice but to sag.

It was the same reason that a needle thrown with all its might loses its power when it hits a sandy beach made up of grains of sand.

As Dokgo Hwang thought, Suhonsa lost his power because he couldn’t break through the Haeyeonhwan armament he caused.

“Your martial arts don’t work on me. A leap!”

Dokgohwang screamed and threw himself in the direction where the suhonsa flew.


A blue current swirled around his body.

The blue airflow reminiscent of the blue dragon was an aggregate of strong winds.


Suhonsa successively collided with the blue dragon made of steel and bounced off.

After reaping countless marriages like that, the person he wanted so much finally appeared.

A heterogeneous face shining toxic white even in the dusty ash powder.

A gloomy atmosphere that is in contrast to the mysterious appearance that seems to be out of this world.

It was just the moon.

He finally showed up.

“How dare you kill Soso? Never think of dying comfortably.”

Dokgo Hwang stretched out his hand. Then, the strong energy in the shape of a blue dragon that swung his body flew toward Pyowol.

It wasn’t for nothing that Kangi martial arts was called the pinnacle of martial arts.

The Blue Dragon River flag flew in, destroying everything in its path. In front of that formidable power, the human body was not even worth a piece of paper.

“What are you going to do? transcendence! Surely you won’t be cowardly and avoid it this time too?”

Pyowol waved his hand instead of answering Dokgohwang’s cry.

The gift of courtesy was formed in his hand.

It was the Sasa River.

He took out the Sasagang after realizing that he couldn’t stop the blue dragon-shaped strong energy with a suhonsa.


The Sasa River stretched out at a terrifying speed and collided with the blue dragon.

However, it was impossible to stop that terrifying blue dragon with a single sasa river. So, Pyowol put more energy into the Sasa River.


A black brainstorm formed in the Sasa River.

It was Black Thunder Sagang (黑雷絲蛇罡) loaded with brainpower.


An explosion occurred as the Black Thunder Sagang and the Blue Dragon River collided.

As if dozens of thunderbolts exploded at once, a huge shockwave occurred.


The shockwave that spread out in a circle blew away all the ash powder that covered the air.

It wasn’t just the ash powder that was blown away by the shock wave and aftermath.



Even the Mugeomryeon warriors near Dokgohwang were thrown out in all directions. However, Dokgohwang ran towards Pyowol without paying attention to them.

Opponent is an assassin.

If you give it time, it will hide again.

Dokgo Hwang was well aware of the horrors that would arise if he was given time to hide.


His hand cut through the air.

It was a chuhonsu (追魂手) with five fingers gathered together like a blade.

It was the handiwork of the top of the gangho, who said that if they succeeded, they would cut even a single-character-thick iron plate like paper.

Choo Honsoo shot out like a meteor and reached Pyowol’s chest.

Pyowol stood still defenseless as if he did not anticipate Dokgohwang’s attack.

Now, if you stretch out your hand just a little more, Choo Honsoo will puncture Pyowol’s chest.

In an instant, an alarm bell rang in Dokgo Hwang’s head.

It was an instinctive feeling that something was wrong.


I felt something creepy in my fingertips.

Dokgohwang planted his feet deep into the ground and withdrew his outstretched hands.

Loads were placed on all parts of the body due to the recoil of the harvest that had been unfolding with all its might.

His ankles and knees were twisted, and his pelvic and shoulder muscles were torn and tattered. However, the biggest problem is that Danjeon was greatly shocked by the recoil that had been forcibly harvested.

It was to the point where I could feel the cracks going through the dangjeon, which was as hard as iron beads.

Dokgohwang gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

My body was in a state of disrepair for a moment, but I stopped anyway.

Seeing Dokgohwang like that, Pyowol put on a sad expression.

Seeing Pyowol’s expression, Dokgohwang was convinced that his judgment was not wrong.

Dokgohwang raised his eyesight and looked at Pyowol. Then, around the epitaph, I saw a fine silver thread spread like a spider web.

Jiju Silver Net (蜘蛛銀網).

It was a death trap that spread the suhonsa like a spider’s web.

If Dokgo Hwang’s reaction had been a bit delayed, his body would have been cut into dozens of pieces by the grace of the landlord.

The hand on which the funeral was held was cut by the silver net of the supporter and was bleeding profusely.

I had goosebumps all over my body.

“To set such an evil trap. Can you still take pride in being a renowned master of Gangho?”

“Fairness and fairness have nothing to do with me.”


“Did you forget? who i am I am an assassin.”

Pyowol replied without changing a single expression.

There was no reason to feel ashamed or guilty.

As I said, his essence was an assassin.

No matter how much fame he gains and is revered as one of the strongest in the gang, his essence does not change.

Dokgohwang widened his eyes and glared at Pyowol.

“Why did you do that?”


“Why did you kill Soso? With your skills, you could have only injured him.”

“Why should I? Why should I keep the one who came to kill me alive?”


“She was the one who came and attacked me first. But is there any reason for me to look after her?”

At Pyowol’s words, Dokgo Hwang’s face twisted even more.

I knew he was right.

The fact that he is being forced.

However, human emotions are not always logically explained.

The heat simmering from the depths of his chest was enough to paralyze his brain.

“The moon!”

It was the moment Dokgo Hwang vomited the lion’s roar and pulled out the sword he was wearing at his waist.



Screams from all directions brought him back to his senses.

Dokgohwang hurriedly turned his head in a feeling of resentment, and saw the dead bodies of martial arts soldiers.

Many more soldiers were dead than when they first recognized the moon.

While he was distracted by Pyo-wol, the assassins led by Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an faithfully attacked the martial arts fighters.

The warriors of Mugeomryun were distracted by the fight between Pyowol and Dokgohwang for a while and were unable to properly respond to the assassins’ ambush.

As a result, the damage increased exponentially.

At least a hundred unmanned people lost their lives in vain.

Dokgo trembled at the unbelievably gruesome damage.

“You dare to be an assassin…”

At that moment, Pyowol flew backwards.

Dokgo Hwang put on a dazed expression for a moment at Pyowol’s unexpected action.

It was because he did not expect that Pyo-wol would run away with a life-and-death enemy in front of him.

To win by going head-on against a strong opponent.

Dokgo Hwang’s belief was like that.

He thought that other warriors might have similar beliefs.

That was the strength of Dokgo Hwang.

So I didn’t expect Pyowol’s reaction. Even though he clearly knew that Pyowol was an assassin.

Starting with Pyo-wol’s escape, Hong Ye-seol’s brain retreated.

The Black Slaughter Corps and Assassins follow them.

They quickly made their way through the ashes of the forest.

Dokgo Hwang, who came to his senses belatedly, shouted.

“What are you doing? Come on, stop chasing them.”

“yes? yes!”

“Come on, track it down!”

Martial arts warriors pursued the assassins.

Dokgo Hwang’s face turned red with shame.

“How dare you tease me? Cowardly…”

He gritting his teeth and performed light maneuvers.

I could see the backs of Pyowol and the assassins in the distance.

The distance between them was quite wide.


Dokgohwang vomited the lion’s roar and further increased his air power. However, it was not enough to catch up with Pyowol.

After the murder, the only thing left for the assassin was to escape.

Knowing that if caught, he would die, so he had to do everything in his power to learn the art of light engineering.

Thanks to this, I was able to shake off the fierce pursuit of Dokgohwang and Mugeomryun and widen the distance.

Moreover, this place was no different from their courtyard.

Even though everything was burnt and only ashes remained, I remembered everything clearly, even a stone beak protruding from the ground and a winding mountain road.

On the other hand, the martial arts fighters pursuing them stumbled over rocks and slipped down the slope.

Fortunately, only Dokgo Hwang was following at a frightening speed. But even he couldn’t close the distance.

In the meantime, Pyowol and the assassins arrived at the canyon.

It was the canyon on the other side of the ceiling cliff where Solgawon was.

A sheer cliff stood in their way.

A light of joy appeared on the faces of the Mugeomryun warriors who were tracking them.


“Now there is nowhere to run to.”

It was then.

One of the assassins of the Dark Slayer took out a large bow from his back and aimed it at the gorge on the other side.

Wedge liquid!

The arrow he shot flew at an invisible speed and stuck into the cliff.

At that moment, Hong Ye-seol and the assassins flew into the air.

Martial arts warriors were astonished at the sight of him flying into the air without hesitation, like a person who couldn’t commit suicide.


At that moment, Hong Ye-seol landed in the air and soon ran out like a flat land.

It wasn’t just her.

The Brain, the Salno Black Slaughter, and the surviving assassins followed her and ran out in a line.

The last was the moon.

He glanced at Dokgohwang for a moment and then threw himself away.

The leopard, flying like a bird, began to fall from the center of the canyon.


But soon his body bounced back into the air.

Dokgohwang widened his eyes.


An invisible gift was strung between the canyons.

The gift was dangling from an arrow shot by an assassin of the Dark Slayer. Cheonjamsa Temple was the only one with such elasticity and strength that many people could step on it and walk past it.

Pyowol, who landed on the other side, waved his hand. Then, Cheonjamsa Temple, which was connecting the canyons, was cut off.

The faces of Dokgo Hwang and the Mugeomryeon soldiers suddenly became like dogs chasing chickens.

Pyowol opened her mouth for the first time.

“Next time, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding me. I’ll go find you.”

“The moon!”

“Then see you next time.”


Dokgohwang’s scream resounded in the canyon.

In the meantime, Pyowol and the assassins disappeared.

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