Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 554

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 554

Episode 554

There weren’t many people left in Sol Family.

There were only Pyowol, Hongyeseol, Salno, 10 of the Brain’s Heuksaldae, and about 30 assassins from other groups of assassins.

The rest of the staff had all been sent to some place in advance for training. Thanks to that, Solgawon was quiet.

The fire was spreading very quickly.

At this rate, it was clear that he would reach Solgawon before half an hour passed.

At that time, the brain that went out to reconnaissance returned.

Noenan knelt down on one knee in front of the moon and reported.

“The enemy is herding outside the woods. They are burning the forest by throwing salt and oil phosphorus lamps on it.”

“What is it?”

“I couldn’t check because of the fire. sorry.”

If it had been a normal fire, it would have gone through. However, the fires burning the forest now were not ordinary. The firepower was raised to the peak by mixing salt, oil, phosphorus, etc. in a special combination.

Once the fire is attached to the body, it will never be extinguished until it is all consumed and reduced to ashes.

In my brain, I watched the sight of the wild boar on fire screaming and jumping into the pond, all burnt to ashes.

If it was a catalyst that caused such a fire, it had to be seen as more heinous than any other gold memorization.

It was impossible for ordinary people or forces to save such a heinous object.

It was one of the leading powers in the river, but it was something that could only be obtained by avoiding people’s eyes.

Hearing the explanation inside the brain, Pyowol’s expression hardened.

Pyowol looked at Salno.

“How to escape?”

“I have three places, but two are in the woods.”

“It will be useless.”

“yes! A fire like this would have burned all the escape routes.”

“What about the rest?”

“It’s going down the cliff.”


“yes! It’s dangerous, but if you have the skills of an assassin, you should be able to go down enough.”

Assassins basically learn martial arts like wall hogong.

It is not that difficult for them to go down the ceiling cliff. It just takes a long time.

The question is whether the people who set fire to this place will leave the ceiling cliff, the only escape route.

If Pyowol had planned an attack, he would have prepared for escape by deploying troops under the cliff.

Obviously, the people who set fire to this place would have done the same.

“It will be useless to go down the cliff.”

“yes! I will dig a trap and wait.”

Salno replied with a smile.

Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an nodded.

They did everything they could as an assassin.

Because of that, I could figure out their intentions just by looking at the situation going back.

There was no way that a person with a cruel mind and heart that burned down an entire huge forest would have left the only escape route.

Perhaps descending as the only escape route is what they want.

Above all, it did not suit their inclination to be frightened by the threat of unknown enemies and escape like this.

When retreating, even if they retreated, they had to figure out the identity of the enemies and feed them properly.

There was nothing more terrifying than being looked down on in a river.

You have to show that there is a hidden one and a proper one on this side, so you can’t do this provocation again.

Pyowol said.

“Then it’s decided. Everyone knows what to do, right?”


“of course.”

Salno Neongan replied in a confident voice.

Hong Ye-seol also responded with an eerie smile.

Pyowol said as he glared at the flames approaching Solgawon.

“Then let’s begin.”


Dokgo Hwang watched the flames soar high into the sky with his arms crossed.

The flames spread with tremendous force, completely burning the outer edge of the forest and digging into the center.

The flames, greedily devouring everything like a living monster, were nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a monster made of salt vinegar, phosphorus oil, and white fire phosphorus, a special combination of several ingredients.

Once attached to a living creature, it will never be extinguished until it is reduced to ashes.

Because of its heinous power, it was something that had only been made and never used even in Mugeomryeon.

Even Dokgo Hwang didn’t bring Baekhwarin with the intention of using it. It was only brought on board the ship, just in case.

Dokgo Hwang hoped that Baekhwarin would never be used. However, in front of Eom So-so’s death, he lost his temper.

He ordered his subordinates to use Baekhwarin.

He intends to burn the entire forest and burn Pyowol and the assassins at the stake.

Of course, numerous troops were placed under the cliff, the only escape route.

Dokgohwang looked at the flames and murmured.

“So what are you going to do?”

His eyes radiated a light as hot as a blazing fire.

The sight was so terrifying that even the subordinates shuddered.

The warriors of Dokgohwang and Mugeomryeon advanced little by little along the flames.

Where the flames had passed, only black ash remained.

Above them, armed warriors passed by.

Bass Rock!

The ashes that were trodden on were shattered and scattered.

The martial arts fighters frowned at the pungent smell that stimulated their sense of smell. Just smelling it was enough to give me a headache.

But no one cried or anything.

It was about two o’clock that I had advanced along the flames.

“I see a manor over there.”

“Solgawon is right.”

The warrior who was advancing in the lead saw a huge manor over the flames and shouted.

It was too young to live in the eyes of Dokgo Hwang.

“He was hiding in a place like this.”

The fire had yet to reach Solgawon. However, after a while, it will devour all of Sol Gawon.

Dokgohwang shouted.

“Everyone be careful, they might come out at any moment.”


The martial arts warriors answered in unison.

Of the seven hundred people, five hundred are gathered here. The other two hundred were waiting at the foot of the cliff.

No matter how many assassins there were, it was impossible to break through them and get out of here.

The most efficient ones were those that burned completely so they didn’t have to use their hands. But again, that was not what Dokgo Hwang wanted.

“I will cut off your breath myself.”

Dokgohwang gritted his teeth.

His murderousness was so thick that even his henchmen did not dare to come close to him.


In his life, the flames in the front fluctuated greatly.

The roaring flames raged wildly, engulfing him. Still, Dokgohwang did not blink an eye.


The flames finally engulfed Solgawon.

All of the warriors of the Mugeomryun glared at Solgawon while holding their weapons.

If there were really assassins in that manor, it was clear that they would not be able to stand the flames and would come out.

They were fully prepared to attack at any time.

However, even though the flames completely engulfed Solgawon, not a single assassin came out.

Dokgohwang frowned.

“what? Is there no one inside?”

“It can’t be. No one has come out of the forest since Namgungwol.”

“If so, is there a place inside to avoid the flames?”

Dokgo Hwang immediately shook his head.

It was not something that could be avoided by hiding in a secret room from the white fire.

Where a person is hiding, there must always be a ventilation hole. The fire caused by the white phosphorus penetrates the vent and burns the entire interior.

As Solgarwon burned, red flames soared into the sky.

No matter how strong the martial arts were, it was impossible to survive in such a fire. That is, unless you are in a state where you can protect yourself by spreading self-defense techniques.

‘Pyowol will survive. But the others will never survive.’

Dokgo Hwang was confident that Pyowol would come out soon. However, even though the flames had almost completely burned Solgawon, Pyowol was nowhere to be seen.

Only then did Dokgohwang sense that something was wrong.

“Everyone be careful.”

It was then.


As if answering, someone’s scream came from behind.

Dokgohwang hurriedly looked at the place where the scream came from.

A warrior of martial arts was staggering as he grabbed his neck.

Dark red blood flowed from between the fingers holding his neck.


The warrior fell like an old tree.

Then, a black figure standing behind the warrior was revealed.

In the black figure’s hand was a dagger dripping with blood.


Dokgohwang widened his eyes.

It was clear that the man who killed his subordinate was an assassin.



The screams of the unmanned were heard everywhere.


“What happened?”

It was only then that the martial arts warriors realized that something was wrong and were vigilant.

Only three or four screams were heard, but there were dozens of people who were dead.

Many had already been killed before the screams exploded.

“What happened?”

“Why are they behind…”

The martial arts fighters fell into confusion.

Clearly, they advanced by creating a tight encirclement without any leaks. With their common sense, it is incomprehensible how the assassins appeared from behind and attacked when there was no room to escape.

I wouldn’t have noticed their ambush had it not been for the screams of a few drones.

Dokgohwang’s jaw muscles twitched.


His voice echoed through the burnt forest.

The lion’s tail, filled with formidable power, turned the ashes into powder and soared into the air.

The ash powder soaring high into the sky covered even the sun, making the world pitch black.


“Ashes in the eyes…”

The martial arts fighters suffered from the scattered ash powder.

Ash powder got into the throat and eyes.

A prolonged cough burst out, and the eyes were red and bloodshot, and vision was blurred.

Only then did Dokgohwang realize his mistake.

Once lifted, the ash powder floated in the air and harassed his men. In addition, it created an optimal environment for assassins to hide.

A dog-like situation in which the lion’s roar, which was spat out without thinking in anger, is rather helpful to the enemies.

Dokgohwang couldn’t believe that he was the one who did such a stupid thing.



Screams erupted one after another in the ash dust that obscured the view.

The assassins started their activities again.

Unlike martial arts fighters whose vision and other senses were severely restricted due to the ash powder, the assassins were running amok like unbridled colts.

Unlike martial arts fighters, they could move freely even with their eyes closed. Because he was wearing a mask, ash did not enter his nose and mouth.

Thanks to this, they ran freely through the ash powder like fish out of water.

“Are these fooling me?”

Enraged Dokgohwang fired a punch at the assassin who was trying to ambush his subordinate.


The assassin died without even screaming.


Dokgohwang punched three more times.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

At that time, the assassins died with the explosion.

When this happened, the assassins did not even come close to Dokgo Hwang.

Dokgohwang shouted.

“Don’t panic. There is no need to be intimidated by mean things that have nothing but surprise.”


Only then did the warriors of the martial arts come to their senses.

They tore the cloth and covered their mouths and noses. Then, I narrowed my eyes so that no more ash powder could come in.

This made it easier to respond to the assassins.

Only then was Dokgo Hwang able to breathe.

Assassins were terrifying because they made ambush, but their martial arts were insignificant.

If they prepared well and fought head-on, there was no way the warriors of martial arts would be defeated.

Dokgohwang inspected the body of the dead assassin.

The assassin had some cloth wrapped around his body.

It was only then that I realized how the assassins were able to survive in the flames.

“Is it a flame retardant? If you ask me, I must have protected myself with a flame retardant and then dug into the ground and practiced the law.”

Dokgohwang felt the blood in his whole body go cold.

I thought it was a perfect surprise, but they were already fully prepared.

“The moon!”


As soon as he called the pyowol, a feeble bellowing sound resounded.

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