Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 553

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 553

Episode 553 Dragon

Sword Mountain’s chin twitched.

The leaders of Yongcheongok all bowed their heads.

Their faces were full of sorrowful light.

In Yonggeomsan’s hand was a crumpled letter.

He opened the letter again and read it.

“Hasang is dead? The successor who will lead Yongcheongok died a violent death? Are you telling me to believe this?”

He had received a letter from his son saying that he was doing well just 15 days ago. But now he had a letter in his hand telling him that his son had died.


Yonggeomsan couldn’t stand it and crumpled the letter again.

His eyes were already bloodshot red.

The whole body of Yonggeomsan was freed like a skein of life and put pressure on the leadership.

The faces of the leaders turned white.

“Fix it, please.”

“God master!”

The leaders begged Yonggeomsan.

Only then did the dragon sword mountain slowly take in the murderous spirit it emitted.

Yonggeomsan looked at the leaders and said.

“Is this true? Isn’t that the wrong letter?”

“As a result of the confirmation, it is correct that it flew from the union association.”

“Does that mean my son is really dead? The son of this Dragon Sword Mountain.”

“I apologize.”

“can not believe it. I’ll have to see it with my own eyes. Summon the best of the original song right away.”

“I take orders.”

The leaders responded in unison.

There are over a thousand elite troops in Yongcheongok alone.

If that amount of troops enter the stronghold, there will be an uproar.

It was clear that clans like Cheonmujang or Gwangmumun Shaolin Temple would check it right away. For that reason, Yongcheongok was extremely careful not to send out more than a certain amount of troops.

Yonggeomsan had a chauvinistic tendency to the extent that it was called Iron Pae-ryong (鐵覇龍), but he did not make the mistake of acting recklessly, believing only in strength.

Knowing that one hand cannot block ten hands, I have extremely refrained from advancing into the strong game. However, she could not maintain her reason in the face of her son’s death.

He denied his son’s death with his mouth, but his head was thinking that the contents of the letter might be true.

“If my son is really dead, I will kill everyone involved with him.”

After his death, the great battle shook as if it would collapse at any moment.



The leaders of Yongcheongok also possessed strong martial arts, but they could not withstand the furious lion’s roar of Yonggeomsan Mountain.

The Lion’s Roar of Yonggeomsan continued for a long time after that.


A group of people gathered in a deserted house in the mountains.

In the abandoned house, where people left long ago, only the walls remained, barely blocking the wind.

Those gathered in the abandoned house kept warm by lighting a bonfire in the center.

In the center of the group sat a man with exceptionally dark hair and thick eyebrows.

Dokgo Hwang was the man warming himself by the bonfire, wearing a blood jacket made of fish leather.

Those who were surrounded by Dokgohwang were the elites of martial arts training.

There were dozens of people gathered, but no one spoke. Dokgo Hwang didn’t open his mouth, so everyone kept silent.

Dokgohwang looked at the blazing bonfire with his mouth tightly shut.

The brightly burning light cast a dark shadow on his face.

Suddenly he opened his mouth.


She was the woman who was always by my side.

A woman who only looked at her and lived for him.

I didn’t feel it when we were together, but now that I thought she was gone, a huge sense of loss came over me, like a hole in one side of my chest.

I just realized

How much of a weight did she have on him?

Umsoso no longer exists in the world.

The moon had taken her away from him.


Dokgohwang gnashed his teeth.

His men held their breath in anger.

No one dared to open their mouth and only looked at Dokgo Hwang.

It was then.


Someone from outside lunged inside.

It was an unmanned man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties.

The warrior immediately knelt down in front of Dokgo Hwang.

“I found his traces.”


Dokgohwang jumped up.


“Where did you find it?”

“It seems that he is hiding in a place not too far from Poyang Lake.”

“Tell me in detail.”

“This is a fact I found out while monitoring Namgoongwol of the Union Association.”


“yes! It is a special relationship with Pyowol. I was keeping a close eye on him after leaving the Union Association this time, but he left Poyang Lake and went to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. So I tracked it down.”


“I missed it. He suddenly disappeared in the forest upstream…”


The eyes of Dokgo Hwang, who questioned him, were swaying with life. Even so, the reporting subordinate’s complexion was calm.

It was proof of his confidence.

he continued.

“After a full day, it came out of the woods again.”

“So you must have been in contact with Pyowol during the day you disappeared?”

“That’s right.”

“You wouldn’t guess that Pyowol would be there simply because of that, would you?”

“It is information that there is a manor called Solgawon in the forest where Namgungwol disappeared.”


“yes! It seems like an ordinary manor name, but in fact it is one of the salmun.”


“Recently, rumors have been circulating that he has been living a life. If so, it is highly likely that you have made one of the salmuns your base.”

“That makes sense.”

Dokgohwang shook his head.

For the past few days, there has been nothing I haven’t done to find Pyowol. Even so, Pyowol was so new and rare that I hadn’t met him yet.

“What is the exact location of Solgawon?”

“I only found out that it was in the forest, but I don’t know the exact location.”

“We must surround and search the entire forest.”

“I think it’s worth a try.”

“How many people can move now?”

“About seven hundred people.”

“That is not enough.”

“Why don’t you ask for help from the Geumcheonhoe?”

Subha cautiously expressed his opinion.

Dokgo Hwang shook his head after thinking for a moment.

“No, I will not inform the Geumcheonhoe. I don’t want to put more pressure on Mu-geuk, who has a lot to do even if he doesn’t.”

“All right.”

“We do this by ourselves. Get everything ready.”

“yes! I will.”

Subha stood up with an answer.

Dokgohwang looked around at the other subordinates and said.

“Now the break is over. From now on we will hunt the reaper. He is cunning and cruel. Even if you’re not paying attention, his blade will pierce your neck. Never neglect your vigilance. Do you understand?”


The subordinates answered in unison.

Dokgohwang swung his sleeves wildly. Then the burning bonfire was extinguished at once.

Dokgohwang muttered as he left the abandoned house.

“Pyowol! I will grind your bones and drink them.”


Pyowol left the main gate of Solgawon and walked to the edge of the cliff.

I could see the Yangtze River flowing under the sheer cliffs.

There were many boats on the Yangtze River.

Most of them were small fishing boats, but there were also quite large boats among them.

They were ships that transported cargo, such as Unma riverboats and rice carriers.

Pyo-wol muttered after looking at the ship for a long time.

“You mean the dragon is dead?”

From the time Namgoongwol told him about Yong Ha-sang’s cause of death, a person’s face appeared in Pyo-wol’s mind.

“Go Il-won.”

Except for Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of Geumcheonhoe, the only warrior who could kill Yong Ha-sang was Go Il-won. Lee Geom-han was possible, but there was no reason to kill Yong Ha-sang to cause confusion.

When he first met Ko Il-won, he shot a harpoon at Pyo-wol several hundred times apart.

If Pyowol’s martial arts were weak or his reaction speed was insufficient, the harpoon would have pierced his chest.

That’s why as soon as I heard the piercing wound in Yong Ha-sang’s chest, I thought of Ko Il-won.

“Are you targeting me and doing this?”

Ko Il-Won’s ultimate goal must be himself. But the method was a problem. Instead of attacking himself directly, he chose to turn the world into hell using strong battles.

It was a vicious mental world beyond imagination.

Even so, Pyowol was not at all surprised or thought it was strange.

This is because the identity of the existence of Guryongsalmak was the same as that of Go Il-won.

They never come to the fore.

They completely hide their appearance and create chaos, only taking advantage of it.

In this way, they have created confusion in the dark and made huge profits.

Although Makju and Roh Tae-tae of Guryongsalmak died at the hands of Pyo-wol, their strength was maintained intact.

Many of the remaining power was taken by Soyeowol, and Ko Ilwon completely took control of the core ghost fleet.

Although the faction was divided into two, the basic tendency did not change.

It was the same with Go Il-won.

Even though they possess the mighty power of the ghost fleet, they do not come to the fore.

They were only looking for the best opportunity to hunt after encouraging confusion in the river.

Pyowol’s gaze was fixed on the flowing Yangtze River.

‘It means he’s hiding somewhere in the Yangtze River.’

Pyowol’s eyes narrowed.

The ships of the Ghost Fleet were basically very large.

It was impossible for such huge ships to go unnoticed.

‘There must be a hiding place that is not noticed by people.’

There must be a heavenly port somewhere on the Yangtze River that is invisible even when several ships are anchored there.

In order to catch Go Won-il, he had to find their hiding place first.

Then, from behind, there was a soft hand hugging Pyowol’s neck.

The owner of the snow-white hands was Hong Ye-seol.

she whispered.

“What do you think?”

“The one who killed the dragon.”

“Do you know someone?”

“I have met you once.”

“Does he have a grudge against you?”

“I killed his family.”

“You deserve a grudge.”

Hong Ye-seol said calmly.

The karma of being an assassin had no choice but to inevitably incur the grudge of others.

It was rather strange to profit from killing someone’s family and acquaintances, and not to be accompanied by resentment.

“Are you dangerous? If you think about it this deeply.”

“It has powerful martial arts that are strong enough to kill the Dragon King and strong forces that are second to none of the strong giants.”

“As expected, those who hold grudges are amazing, befitting the supreme master of life.”

Hong Ye-seol’s red lips drew an arc and went up.

As soon as Pyowol heard Pyowol’s words, even a moderately powerful woman would have lost strength in her legs and collapsed to the ground. However, Hong Ye-seol was not an ordinary woman.

She was a special being who rose to the peak of assassination with the body of a woman.

The pulpit was also different because he came out of the toughest chaos than anyone else. That’s why I didn’t feel intimidated or scared at all by Pyowol’s words.

Pyo-wol smiled and took Hong Ye-seol’s hand, which was wrapped around his neck.

It was then.


Suddenly, from the other side of the forest, there was a strong flash of light.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol looked at each other.

It was a fire that started from a distance, but I got the feeling that someone set it on fire targeting Solgawon.

It is not uncommon for such intense fire to occur spontaneously.

Moreover, this place was extremely sparsely populated.

There was no reason for that level of fire to rise unless someone intentionally set it on fire.

Pyowol murmured.

“It’s an assault.”

“Is he the one who killed the dragon?”

“It won’t be.”

“Do you have any reason to think so?”

“This is not his way.”

Exactly, it wasn’t the method of Guryongsalmak or Ghost Fleet.

They only show up when the opponent is cornered and no longer has the strength to resist.

The flames quickly spread throughout the forest and approached Solgawon.

Pyo-wol said to Hong Ye-seol.

“Summon all the remaining members of Solgawon.”


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