Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 550

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 550

Episode 550

“Ghost Fleet?”

The dragon’s face twisted.

Because it was a word I had never heard before.

Yongcheongok was far inland, and Eunryeonhoe was also located along Poyang Lake.

Yong Ha-sang had never been to the sea in his life. Because of that, he was completely unaware of the existence of the Ghost Ship.

He looked around the deck.

No one was seen anywhere on the vast deck.

It would take a lot of people to move such a huge ship, but it was surprising that not a single one was seen. But he was not given time to dispel his suspicions.

It was because Ko Il-won was approaching him with mighty momentum.

No one had good intentions.

Ilwon Go said as he approached.

“Am I the former owner of Union Union, Yong Ha-sang?”

“You know my identity? What did you mean by approaching?”

“Looks right. Gwangmumun’s Lee Geom-han took away the Eunryeonhoe and ran away like a dog that had been eaten, and ended up drinking here.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“mockery? No, I mean it out of pity. Still, he must have had the dream of conquering the world, but seeing him collapse like this after failing once, I think I know how much he was protected like a flower in a greenhouse.”

Yong Ha-sang’s face became even more distorted at Ko Il-won’s harsh words. His words became a dagger and pierced Yonghasang’s lungs.


Yong Ha-sang stepped on Jin-gak.

Then the huge ship rocked loudly.

It was a truly formidable feat. However, Ko Il-won did not raise an eyebrow and spoke nonchalantly.

“Sometimes defeat is the nutrient for progress. But that doesn’t seem to apply to you.”

“Don’t insult me. Goilwon!”

“If you didn’t want to be insulted, you should have acted straight. It sucks to hide in a remote place like this, like someone who lost everything after just one defeat.”

“Who said you screwed up? If you keep insulting me like this, I won’t let you go.”

“okay! That’s what I want.”


“Come on. Let’s see the skill of the former union leader. By the way, it’s better to fight with all your might. Because I will never look at you.”

For a moment, Yong Ha-sang felt as if he was digging his chest with an awl.

Instinctively, I felt that I was a formidable opponent.

He was threatening enough to remind him of Lee Geom-han, who took away the eunryeonhoe from him.

“Let me ask you one last thing. why are you doing this to me I would have no favors with you.”

“You don’t have to have Eunwon to fight.”

“Stop the stereotype and tell the truth.”

“I’m trying to catch someone, but I need a bait.”

“bait? Do you think this dragon statue is just bait?”

“The bait is not too much. Wouldn’t it be better if it was Lee Geom-han or Jang Mu-geuk?”


Fuhua Hahak!

In an instant, formidable momentum exploded from Yong Ha-sang’s body.

At that, the huge ship rocked and the objects on the deck trembled in unison.

It was incredibly majestic that it was hard to believe that he was wearing deep internal wounds.

Ko Il-won’s eyes lit up as he saw such a dragon.

‘Even if it rots, it’s Junchi. Pretty good!’

I only heard that Lee Geom-han lost the fight, so I underestimated it, but it exceeded my expectations. But that didn’t change anything.

The dragon will die here today.

There is no place for him to escape.


Yong Ha-sang kicked off the deck and ran to Go Il-won.

Ko Il-won also ran towards him without avoiding it.


The two clashed in the middle.

Both Yong Ha-sang and Ko Il-won possessed chauvinistic tendencies and martial arts.

They attacked each other with all their might.

bang! Quaang!

A series of explosions erupted.

The fight that started on the boat led to the riverside.

The two jumped off the boat while moving.

Everything in their place was destroyed.

Huge boulders shattered and beautiful giant trees fell helplessly. The vast expanse of reed fields was terribly overturned, and the sand of the white sandy beach fell like rain.

In it, they fought fiercely.

The air pulsated like mad as if the end of the world had come.

Their confrontation quickly reached a climax.


The air around the area was hot.

In the center was a dragon statue.

The dragon’s face was contorted with anger and fear.

This is because even though he did his best, he was unable to inflict even a small wound on his opponent.

‘Even if only the internal injuries were treated…’

I bitterly regretted neglecting the internal injuries for several days.

Although the internal injuries were serious, they could certainly be cured to some extent if they had focused only on Ungong Yosang. Had that been the case, I wouldn’t have been pushed so helplessly.

opponent was strong.

I don’t know where this kind of person came from, but it was incredibly strong.

The fact that he was cornered for the second time after Lee Geom-han made his mind devastated.

“Do you think I will lose? never lose.”

Yong Ha-sang screamed and rushed at Go Il-won.

Ignoring all internal injuries, I raised all my energy.

Ko Il-won did not avoid the dragon even when he saw the dragon running at it with all his might like a buffalo.

he reached out

Then came the harpoon rolling on the deck.

It was the season of void subsistence.


Ko Il-won, who leaned his upper body back, threw the harpoon with all his energy.


“No way.”

Yonghasang shouted loudly and drew out his sword and swung it.

At some point, he was too young to cross the river.

The intention was to cut down both the harpoon and Goilwon at once.


There was a tremendous explosion that was incomparable to anything before.

At the same time, someone bounced back.

He stopped only after hitting a huge boulder.


The one who hit the rock vomited blood.

The dark red blood mixed with pieces of shredded intestines.


The man leaning against the rock and watching the red blood soaking his chest was none other than Yong Ha-sang.

The harpoon thrown by Ko Il-won was stuck in Yong Ha-sang’s chest.

The harpoon had gone through his chest and was deeply embedded in the rock.


Yong Ha-sang barely lifted his head with a moan.

Ko Il-won was walking in front of him.

“you you?”

“Sorry! If only the internal injuries had been treated in time, it would have been a pretty decent match.”

“Do you think everything will be alright? Dragon…Cheongok will not stand still.”

“That is what I want.”


“If Yongcheongok participates in the Great War, Cheonmujang or Gwangmumun will no longer be able to stand by.”

“Are you… aiming for chaos in the world?”

“that’s right! That’s exactly what I want.”

“For what reason…”

“Because I hate clumsy things. You can’t just watch children fight forever. I’m going to take them all out and burn them.”

“Mi crazy…”

Ha-sang Yong, who was glaring at Il-won Ko with bloodshot eyes, lowered his head. it’s obvious

Only then did Ko Il-won pull out the harpoon stuck in Yong Ha-sang’s chest.

The freed body of Yong Ha-sang collapsed.

Ko Il-won muttered as he looked at Yong Ha-sang’s body.

“okay! I’m crazy. I was crazy before, but I’m even crazier now. How can a guy who lost his father and grandmother stay sane and live? So you have to be the catalyst. A catalyst that will set the world on fire…”

Ko Il-won wrapped the body of Yong Ha-sang over his shoulder.


Union Association, which accepted the new leader, quickly regained stability.

Namgungseol took full control of the Union Association and filled key positions with his own people.

There was no room for the existing local residents to protest.

When I came to my senses, the union association was revolving around Lee Geom-han.

Namgungwol let out a laugh with an expression of absurdity.

‘It’s really amazing.’

Sitting in front of him was Namgoongseol, with a cold expression on his face.

He was well aware of how great his sister was. However, I really didn’t know that I would completely dominate the federation.

Apart from his dislike of her, he couldn’t help admitting her ability.

Namgung Seol raised his head and looked at Namgungwol.

she asked.

“Do you really have to?”


“You mean you have to go out like that?”

“If I were there, I would only be a hindrance to my sister.”

“So, can’t you just hold on to your heart and help me?”

“Do you think that would be possible?”

“It’s a simple thing. If only you would change your mind.”

“How can it be so simple to change your mind? I can’t do that.”


“Don’t call me so sweet. Because it’s creepy.”


Namgungseol sighed at Namgungwol’s cold reply.

It was a wrong relationship from the beginning.

Namgung Seol told Namgung Wol to skip the Union Reunion meeting at a meeting after a long time.

As a result, he had Eunryeonhoe in his hands, but he had a deep gap with Namgungwol that could not be filled.

Because of that, Namgungwol told Namgungseol that he would leave the union association.

Namgungseol looked at his brother’s face for a moment.

The stubbornly pursed lips and the evasive gaze.

It was not a face that would be listened to just because he was admonishing. She, too, had no intention of persuading him any further.

Anyway, the path to Namgungwol was different.

If Namgung-wol created the Eunryeonhoe for a greater cause and assisted Yong Ha-sang, he would only live for Lee Geom-han.

I could do anything to make Lee Geom-Han the loser of the world.

Even if it’s something that people all over the world criticize, even if it’s an act of wrath.

He couldn’t expect Namgungwol to agree with what he was doing. If so, it might have been better to break up at this point.

“Where are you going after you leave the union association? Surely you’re not trying to hold hands with the star of the moon, right?”

“then no?”

“Of course not.”

“why? Isn’t your sister also living for Geomhan Lee?”

“That’s it…”

Namgungseol stuttered.

I was at a loss for what to say.

Even though she inherited the lineage of thousands of people, she was living for Lee Geom-han of Gwangmumun. Namgungwol, the younger brother, had no law not to do so.

In any case, neither she nor Namgung-wol are far from thousands of successors.

Namgoong-Wol jumped out of his seat and stood up.

“I’ll go!”

“I won’t see you off.”

“I don’t even want it.”

“Cold is…”

“Is it colder than my sister? Anyway, I wish you the best in leading the Union Association. hi!”

Namgungwol waved his hand and came out.

I could feel Namgungseol’s gaze behind my back. However, Namgungwol’s eyes were not very emotional.

He had already made up his mind to leave the Union Association, and his decision never changed.

“phew! I will see you off.”

On the way out, a blizzard was waiting for him.

Namgungwol said with a bitter smile.

“I don’t have to…”

“I do it because I want to.”

Unlike Namgung-wol, Ju Seol-pung decided to remain in the Union Association.

Although the owner of the party and the person in power have changed, Ju Seol-pung’s loyalty to the Union Association has not changed. Namgungseol also promised to moderate the Jusul wind.

Ju Seol-pung thought that the change of Hoi-ju was better.

It was more beneficial for him to help Lee Geom-han and Namgung Seol to fight the Geumcheon-hoe than to wander around the Eunryeonhoe.

Namgungwol understood the situation of such a stormy wind.

The two left the Eunnyeonhoe shoulder to shoulder and headed to the dock by Poyang Lake.

The night sky was full of stars as if they were sending Namgungwol off.

The two arrived at the dock under the starlight.

At the dock, a ship that had already been prepared was waiting for Namgungwol.

Namgungwol said to Ju Seolpung.

“I must go now. Thank you for seeing me off. Thanks to you, I don’t think the road I’m going on will be so lonely.”

“Whoa! Please take care of yourself. Even though the paths are different, I always wish Namgung-hyung good luck on his future path.”

“Thank you! Then…”

It was when Namgungwol was about to get on the boat after taking possession of Ju Seolpung.

“Oh! The boat is floating.”

“Someone is lying on the boat.”

Suddenly the dock became noisy.

People at the dock noticed the boat being washed away by the current. An unknown person was lying in the boat.

“what? Hurry up and bring the boat.”

A gust of wind issued an order to the soldiers around.

Unmanned men hurriedly pulled the ship toward the dock.

Namgung-wol and Ju Seol-pung’s faces stiffened as they checked In-yeong lying on the boat.


“Why is the dragon?”

The pale figure lying in the boat was clearly a dragon. It seemed that the blood from the hole in his chest had all dried up, and it seemed that he had already stopped breathing.

Yong Ha-sang, who left Poyang Lake after losing a confrontation with Lee Geom-han just a few days ago, came back as a corpse.

“How did this happen?”

“oh my god!”

Namgungwol closed his eyes tightly.

The huge storm that the dragon’s death would bring loomed.

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