Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 549

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 549

Episode 549

Pyo-wol watched the fight between Yong Ha-sang and Lee Geom-han from beginning to end.

He was the only one who followed their movements to the end, which most unmanned soldiers could not follow.

That’s why I knew better than anyone how great the level of the two was.

In the end, Lee Geom-han won, but Yong Ha-sang’s martial arts were truly amazing.

Yonghasang’s shoulders were shaking.

Confident of victory, he accepted Lee Geom-han’s challenge, but the result was his disastrous defeat.

I couldn’t lift my head from the humiliation.

He was more proud than anyone else.

He was so confident in his powerlessness.

I didn’t even think about losing in this fight.

As always, he was sure that the winner of this confrontation would be himself.

Because of that, I hadn’t even thought about how I would react when defeated.

After suffering an unexpected defeat, I didn’t know how to behave.

When he looked up, he seemed to see everyone laughing at him. So I couldn’t even raise my head.

Then, Lee Geom-han held out his hand to him.

“I admired your martial arts. How about continuing to help me without leaving the union association?”

Yong Ha-sang’s face became more distorted with humiliation.

“Are you insulting me now?”

“I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

“Noisy! Don’t insult me any more. Even though I lost because of lack of martial arts, I am not the person who will receive this kind of sympathy.”

“It’s not sympathy…”

“That’s it!”


Yong Ha-sang removed Lee Geom-han’s hand and stood up.

“Don’t insult me any further.”

He glared at Lee Geom-han with bloodshot eyes, then turned around.

It was only then that the faces of the people who were looking at him came into his eyes.

Faces stained with astonishment and shock were clearly visible.


The Dragon King gnashed his teeth.

After staring at the warlords in silence for a moment, he shouted loudly.

“It is my defeat. Now, the union association will be led by Lee Geom-han.”

After declaring his defeat, he moved among the warlords.

No one dared to stop him.

Suddenly, Yong Ha-sang stopped in front of Namgung-wol.

“That would be nice!”

“river bed?”

“Haven’t you always liked me? Now that I don’t have to see my face anymore, I feel relieved.”

“How can you say that?”

“Am I wrong? I know all about how much you’re having fun inside.”


Namgungwol let out a deep sigh instead of answering.

It was useless to make any excuses to Yong Ha-sang, whose heart was tightly twisted.

“Let’s go together. Let’s talk as we go.”

“Okay! I don’t need any sympathy.”

Yong Ha-sang pushed past Namgung-wol’s shoulder.

He quickly disappeared among the people.

Namgungwol and Juseolpung looked at the back of Yonghasang with a sad expression.

“How can this happen…”

“Ha ha!”

Meanwhile, the dragon had completely disappeared.

It was then.

“Lee Geomhan!”

“Lee Geom-han, the lord of Union Reunion!”


Suddenly, the warlords chanted Lee Geom-han’s name.

I don’t know who started it first, but soon everyone shouted Lee Geom-han.

In particular, the warriors of the Unryeonhoe, who were greeted by a new lord, cheered more enthusiastically.

It was the birth of a new hero.


Pyowol looked at Namgungseol, who was hiding among the people.

I knew that she was the one who planned and carried out all of this.

The difference between Yong Ha-sang and Lee Geom-han was the presence or absence of Namgungseol.

Yong Ha-sang did not have a bookkeeper like her, and Namgung Seol, who was devoted to Lee Geom-han, existed.

The difference led to this result.

Perhaps Lee Geom-han will be able to lead the Union Association without difficulty in the future.

“In the end, it turned out to be a confrontation between Jang Mu-geuk and Lee Geom-han.”

They were two people who had been compared to each other ever since they were born.

The two eventually took control of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, aiming for each other’s lives.

In a way, I didn’t know that it was a fate that had been decided for a long time.

It was for the same reason that the warlords cheered.

The fact that you can directly watch and participate in the fight of fate is to feel joy in itself.

“Do-gwang Lee Geom-han!”

“Lee Geom-han, the lord of Union Reunion.”

The shouts of the warlords grew louder as time went on.

It was truly a crucible of enthusiasm.

Then someone quietly hugged Pyowol’s arm.

Hong Ye-seol was the woman who pressed her breasts closely to Pyo-wol’s arms.

Hong Ye-seol whispered.

“It is time to leave. I don’t know what she will do if she stays longer.”


Pyowol nodded.

Now, this place has become Namgungseol’s bedroom.

Namgungwol is still holding out, but soon Namgungseol will invade and take over his territory.

Namgungwol could never be planted by Namgungseol.

I could tell just by looking at Lee Geom-han’s control over people’s hearts.

Pyowol looked at Lee Geomhan for the last time.

Lee Geomhan was also looking straight ahead to see if he had found the Pyowol.

A smile hung on his face that he couldn’t hide.

It was a smile that only those who reached the pinnacle of a power could have.

His voice reached Pyowol’s ears.

– I’ll formally invite you later.


Rumors that Lee Geom-han became the new president of the Unryeonhoe quickly spread throughout Gangho.

It describes in detail what kind of martial arts Lee Geom-han used to subdue Yongha-sang, how he entered the Union Association, and how enthusiastic the warriors of the Union Association were.

Such contents that could not be known without seeing them in person spread across the river, and people were enthusiastic about the birth of a new hero.

People said that the union association was worth a try.

There were quite a few people who thought that Yong Ha-sang was not good enough to deal with Zhang Wu-geuk.

It was probably because Jang Wu-geuk’s reputation was superior to Yong Ha-sang’s in Gangho.

Lee Geom-han took control of the Union Association very quickly.

He did not pay attention to others just because he was the new head of the association, and reorganized the union association according to his will.

In fact, Namgungseol had more influence than Lee Geomhan in reorganizing the organization.

With Lee Geom-han on his back, Namgungseol’s move was nothing rough.

Among the soldiers of the Union Reunion, the boulders were covered and those with abilities were selected and placed in the elements.

Namgungseol’s move was welcomed by many.

In particular, those who were not treated well compared to their abilities welcomed Namgungseol’s measures.

The combination of Lee Geom-han and Namgung-seol dramatically increased the strength of the Union Association.

Even though it wasn’t long since they entered the federation, the atmosphere had already changed.

The dragon’s presence disappeared in an instant.

It was as if he wondered when he would have served as the head of the union association.

“Hehe! Are you treating me like this?”

There was a man who muttered while watching the flowing river.

A wine jar was in the man’s hand, and several empty wine jars were scattered at his feet.

The man’s face was flushed red with intoxication.

Normally, I wouldn’t even feel drunk no matter how much I drank. As soon as it entered the body, it would have been detoxified in an instant by the powerful inner energy.

But now it was different.

In addition to having received not a few internal injuries, his mind was dizzy and his inner strength was fluctuating wildly.

The man put the bottle of wine to his mouth and drank in gulps.

Streams of alcohol flowed down her lips and down her chest.

A man who had emptied a bottle of alcohol in an instant threw the jar.


The urn shattered, sending debris flying in all directions.

“Shit! Damn it!”

The man looked up at the sky and screamed.

After vomiting out all the air in his lungs, the man huffed and breathed for a while.

He lifted his head and brushed his messy hair.

The man staring straight ahead with bloodshot eyes was Yong Ha-sang.

Yong Ha-sang, who was defeated by Lee Geom-han, did not immediately return to Yongcheon Valley.

Returning to Yongcheongok like this, I had no face to see my father, and most of all, I had no confidence to see other people.

He was a dragon with stronger pride than anyone else and never experienced failure.

He didn’t know how to pull himself together and get up when he was defeated like this.

That’s why he didn’t go back to Yongcheongok right away and found a place where there were no people and drank alone.

The spirits of alcohol rose uncontrollably.

The stronger his drunkenness, the stronger his anger toward Lee Geom-han and Eun-ryeonhoe.

“How did I raise Eunryeonhoe and throw it away like a straw just because I lost just once? These filthy things.”


He hit the rock in front of him with his fist. Then the huge boulder shattered and fragments flew in all directions.

Even after breaking a rock the size of a house, his anger was not relieved.


He groaned and swung his fists at random.

A beautiful tree was cut down and rocks were shattered by Yongha-sang’s punches. The whole area was completely destroyed as if a thunderclap had exploded.

“ha! ha!”

Yonghasang, who had relieved his anger, let out a rough breath.

My stomach was stabbed when I went on a rampage while my internal injuries had not yet been fully healed. My wounds will be healed again.

Yong Ha-sang still thought it didn’t matter.

Anyway, I had to return to Yongcheon Valley in the form of a defeated soldier. It was enough to treat internal injuries during the journey to Yongcheongok.

“okay! have to go back After all, Yongcheongok is my home.”

The dragon had gnashed his teeth.

He walked away in anger.

Even when he came to Lake Poyang, there were many people following him, but the fact that he was alone when he returned made him even more miserable.

“Wait and see. I don’t fall apart like this As soon as I return to Yongcheongok, I will practice in the closed hall. I will surely take revenge by celebrating the feast of Yongcheongok.”

In Yongcheongok, there were numerous seasonal ceremonies that he hadn’t mastered yet.

In the meantime, I didn’t feel the need to learn it, but now I’ve changed my mind.

The desire to learn all martial arts and achieve greatness to take revenge has settled in his heart.

Yong Ha-sang moved to the riverside.

When I came here, the small boat I was on was tied to the river.

The appearance of the boat, which was small enough to accommodate only one person, looked as shabby as his own now.

It was when Yong Ha-sang shook his head and approached the ship.


Suddenly, the calm waters roared violently.

Yong Ha-sang frowned and looked upstream where the current was rushing.


Where his gaze was directed, there was a huge ship.

The ship was so huge that it was almost as if a small island was moving. The calm waters were agitated as the current pushed downstream by the movement of the boat.

The huge ship was approaching exactly where the dragon river statue was.


Yong Ha-sang glared at the ship with fearful eyes.

A man stood with his arms crossed at the bow of the huge ship.

The man’s eyes were intense enough to be felt from a distance.


The huge boat crashed into the boat tied by the Dragon King.

The small boat broke apart in an instant, and fragments were scattered on the surface of the water.

The dragon’s eyebrows twitched.


Life flashed on his face.

Even if that wasn’t the case, my mood dropped to the bottom, but when I saw my ship sinking right in front of my eyes, my anger soared to the top of my head.

Yong Ha-sang could not hold back his anger and threw himself onto the huge ship.


He asked the man as he landed on the deck.

“What are you? Why did you break my boat?”

“You must have been chewing on your sense of defeat alone in a place like this. Yong Ha-san!”

“what? do you know me?”

Yong Ha-sang’s face finally showed a sense of wariness.

He raised his spirits and glared at the man.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Go Il-won.”

“Go Il-won?”

“I’m the solitary owner of the ghost fleet.”

Go Il-won, a man, untied his arms and approached Yong Ha-sang.

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