Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 548

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 548

Episode 548

The man watching the confrontation between Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang in the inn was clear.

Even though the hat was pulled down so deep that only his mouth and chin were visible, Namgungseol was convinced that he was Pyowol.

Pyowol was the only man with exceptionally red lips and a fine yet sharp jawline.

At least among the people she knew, Pyowol was the only one.

‘Why is Pyowol here?’

Namgungseol frowned.

It seemed that Pyo-wol was so distracted by Yong Ha-sang and Lee Geom-han that he didn’t even know he was here.

‘What do we do?’

If Pyo-wol is in some sort of relationship with Yong Ha-sang, the problem becomes serious.

If Pyo-wol secretly intervened in the fight between the two, the direction of the match could have changed.

Pyo-Wol was a man with enough abilities.

Above all, the relationship between Pyowol and Lee Geomhan was not that good.

I didn’t know that he might still have a grudge because he had already bumped into him once.

After thinking for a while, Namgungseol licked his lips.

It is to send an electric tone to the warriors of the Sulwha Geomdae who are mixed among the people.

―Pyowol is in the guest cup. Everyone keep an eye on him and attack him if he shows signs of intervening in a fight.

At her command, the warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps nodded and moved. However, people’s attention was focused on Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang, so they did not notice their movements.

It was then.

“I’ll just go there.”

Suddenly, a woman’s low voice came from behind Namgungseol.

In an instant, a cold sweat ran down Namgungseol’s back.

It was because he didn’t even notice the woman’s approach until she opened her mouth.

No matter how many people were around him, it didn’t make sense that a master like Namgungseol wouldn’t notice someone close behind him.

Being so close together and not noticing it meant that the opponent had mastered a martial art that specialized in hiding their presence and presence.

Most of those who learned that kind of martial arts in Gangho were assassins.

Namgungseol happened to know such a woman.

“It is you.”

she said without looking back.

“I guess you remember.”

“How can I forget an assassin like you? But guts are good too. To come here on my own feet.”

“I’ve heard a lot of stories like that before.”

The woman standing behind Namgungseol and answering calmly was Hong Yeseol.

Hong Ye-seol’s gaze was fixed on the Pyowol in front of Namgung-seol.

“He has no intention of getting involved in this fight. So, leave your men behind.”

“How can I believe that?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. If you don’t listen to me, it will only hurt you and your man.”

“You are shameless. Who caused this sadal to appear like this? Are all assassins as brazen as you?”

“For an assassin, this is the basics.”

“Don’t you feel responsible for this situation? You killed Chilhyeonstudent and the Gangho War broke out.”

“I am a kind of tool. The person who made the request is the problem, and there is no reason for me to take responsibility for this.”

“Are you going to get away?”

“I have already paid the price. You’re the one who doesn’t force yourself.”

Hong Ye-seol’s calm answer made Namgung-seol frown.

I wanted to turn around and attack Hong Ye-seol right away. However, there was no way Hong Ye-seol would let that happen.

From the moment the rear was occupied, it was an absolutely unfavorable situation for Namgungseol.

As of now, there was no reasonable way to overcome this situation.

Namgungseol, who grieved for a while, sounded a telephony again to Seolhwa Swordsman.

―Everyone, please step back from the inn. withdraw the order.

At her command, Seolhwa Swordsman put on a puzzled expression for a moment. However, as soon as she ordered, he withdrew from the inn.

Namgungseol asked.

“Are you done now?”


But no answer came from behind.

Only then did Namgoongseol cautiously look back.


Namgungseol gritted his teeth in shame.

This is because Hong Ye-seol, who had been threatening her until now, was nowhere to be seen.

It was ashamed of her that she felt no presence when she disappeared as when she appeared.

I looked around, but I couldn’t find Hong Ye-seol anywhere.

If Hong Ye-seol had the will to live, the fact that he was dead in the first place was creepy.

In a head-to-head confrontation, he would never lose, but his life was in danger if he made an ambush like this.

She felt a strong sense of crisis.

It was the first time I felt this level of danger after learning martial arts.

‘I will never let you go. I will pursue and kill him even to the end of hell.’

Namgungseol’s eyes were bloodshot.

It was then.


Suddenly, a loud bang rang out.

Namgungseol suddenly came to his senses and looked ahead.

Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang were clashing.

Neither of them even pulled out the Tao.

It started with bare fists.

Both of them mainly used martial arts, but were also familiar with martial arts with their bare hands.

There was nothing better than a fist when it came to measuring the power of an opponent.


As the two fists collided, an extended explosion erupted.

One was the successor of Yongcheongok, one of the three troupes, and the other was the grand duke of Gwangmumun, one of the Yi Gangs.

Both of them mastered the teachings of Yongcheongok and Gwangmumun to the highest level.

Every herbivore he spread with his bare fists was a season of rise.


The fists of the two crossed and intertwined countless times.

Every time the air burst out and the floor was puffy.


“Stand back.”

The onlookers hurriedly backed away at the formidable airwaves.

If I stayed there, I could have been swept away by air waves and lost my life.

Yong Ha-sang said while throwing a fist.

“It’s amazing, Lee Geomhan!”

“You are.”

I couldn’t help but admit it.

Both Yong Ha-sang and Lee Geom-han deeply understood the extreme meaning of martial arts.

It’s been a long time since I had such an opponent.

A smile formed on Lee Geum-han’s lips.

Yong Ha-sang was the first opponent to push himself this far since Pyo-wol.

It was to the point where I couldn’t understand why he was so passive against Geumcheonhoe with such great martial arts.


Yonghasang threw out his fist with all his might. In his fist, a group of intense lights gathered.

“It’s Guo Kwon Kang.”

“Yong Hoeju has released Kwon Kang.”


An exclamation burst out.

It was the first time for everyone to see an unmanned person who had risen to the point where he could unleash Kwon Kang freely.

Lee Ki Seong-gang (以氣成罡) was nothing short of proof of his absolute adherence.

Being an absolute master meant that Yong Ha-sang’s military strength was one of the strongest.


Kwon Kang flew to Lee Geom-Han with terrifying momentum.

People wondered how Lee Geom-han would respond.

There was no reason to confront Kwon Kang head-on.

Rather, avoiding it or spilling it to the side could have been a more sensible response. But Lee Geum-han did not.

Being an unmanned person means being strong and an unmanned man who leads the times should never show weakness.

I had to show myself to face any trials and threats head-on. So people believe in him and follow him.

Lee Geom-han thought of himself as the one who would lead Kang-ho.

I was taught that way from a young age, and I always had the idea that I should do it.


Lee Geom-han threw his fist at the flying Gwon Kang.

In an instant, a strong light flared up in his fist.

“It’s Guo Kwon Kang.”

“This Grand Hyeop also unfolded its power.”


At that moment, Kwon Kang and Kwon Kang collided.

As if a meteorite had fallen, a tremendous explosion and air waves swept the area.



People who were swept away by the air wave were blown in all directions like withered leaves.

At least, only the warriors who have mastered martial arts to a high level stand firm. But even their faces showed signs of tension and surprise.


Goosebumps ran over their skin.

It was a great fortune to be born as a soldier and watch a fight of this level.

My eyes go up just by seeing this level of dance.

As much as the eye level, the understanding of martial arts increases and becomes devoted.

In particular, those who reached a certain level of martial arts would gain enlightenment just by watching such a high-level confrontation.

The warriors could not take their eyes off the confrontation between the two.

After a while, the storm-like air waves subsided and the two figures were revealed.

It was hard to believe that Kwon Kang clashed, so the two were fine.

The only difference was that Yong Ha-sang’s face turned a little more red.

Yong Ha-sang grabbed the handle of the sword and said.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to win easily with punches.”

“I agree.”

Lee Geomhan also grabbed the handle of the sword.

For both of them, the name season was a gimmick.

Until now, it was just a taste, and now it’s real.


The two pointed their swords at each other. Then, great momentum came out.


The first to move was Yonghasang.


The sword in his hand flew towards Lee Geom-Han with a terrifying blast.

In an instant, Lee Geum-han’s eyes softened coldly.

He sprang forward with a slight bend at the waist.

It was a step called Hoiryunbo (回輪步) that paired with the thousand-year-old sword.


His sword was swung with terrifying momentum.

Dodo collided with Dodo.


At the same time, Tao burst into tears.


“Ears, ears…”

People were suffering as they covered their ears with their hands at the sharp provocation.

Even if I covered my ears, it was no use.

The crying Do Myung dug into people’s brains and shook them all.

One after another, people fell.

There were only a handful of warriors standing on their own two legs.

Among them were Namgungwol and Juseolpung.

Watching the clash between Lee Geom-han and Yong Ha-sang, their faces were dark.

It was seemingly an equal fight.

It seemed that no one was able to overwhelm the opponent and fought fiercely. However, the two knew very well that this was not the case.

“It’s over.”


The two fired a shotgun at the same time.

The dragon’s projection was obviously amazing.

As befits the martial arts of the prestigious Yongcheongok, it was a skill that would prevail throughout the world.

But the opponent was bad.

The name of the sword that Lee Geom-han learned was Thousand Kills.

It was Lee Gwak’s method of making Gwangmumun, one of the two rivers in the world, with a single sword.

In terms of power alone, it was by far the best swordsman in the world.

I don’t know to what extent Lee Geom-han had mastered the Thousand Killing Sword, but if the power of the sword was simply taken into account, Yongcheongok’s sword could not match the Thousand Kill Sword.

They knew very well how great Yongha-san’s pride was. However, if he really wanted to defeat Lee Geom-han, he would have to use a martial art other than swordsmanship.

It was impossible to defeat the Thousand Swordsman with Yongcheongok’s skill.

At least that’s what they thought.


A continuous rustling sound rang out.

The two of them could no longer be seen.

It is moving at a terrifying speed that is difficult to detect with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Follow me!

The speed at which Tao and Tao collided gradually increased.

The confrontation is approaching its climax.

That’s how people’s hearts also beat fast.

It was at that moment that my heart rate was at its peak.


An incomparable metal sound and shock wave burst out.

People frowned or covered their faces with their hands.

They looked at the battlefield only after the tremendous shockwave had passed.

One was standing with his sword hanging down on the floor, and the other was on one knee.

Finally, the winner and the loser are separated.

The moment they saw their faces, people burst into cheers.

“Wow! The great swordsman won.”

“Do-gwang defeated the So Pae-ryong.”

The one standing upright was Lee Geom-han, and the one kneeling on one knee with bloodstains on his mouth was Yong Ha-sang.

It was the moment when the head of the Eunryeonhoe passed from Yong Ha-sang to Lee Geom-han.

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