Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 544

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 544

Episode 544

Pyo-wol looked at the door where Lee Geom-han left.

The voices of Lee Geom-han and Namgung-seol were heard for a moment, and then disappeared. In addition, the signs of the soldiers who were surrounding the guesthouse disappeared.


Pyowol mumbled in a low voice and stood up from his seat.

Namgungseol and Seolhwa Sword were not that scary.

The problem was Lee Geum-han.

Lee Geom-han’s individual strength was also formidable, but if Namgung Seol and Seolhwa Sword Corps joined together, Pyowol could not be sure of a victory.

I felt fortunate that that did not happen.

It was best to avoid troublesome things.

Even if it wasn’t Lee Geom-han, Pyo-wol wasn’t the only one to worry about. Among them, the ones that irritated him the most were those who massacred Unma Dogangseon.

The traces left on the Unmado River Line were somehow familiar to the eye. so i liked it

For the past few days, Pyowol tried to find those who raided Unma Dogangseon through Hong Yushin. However, even after mobilizing Hao Mun, he could not find the beast.

All the clans that owned large ships were subject to investigation.

Based on the information Hao Mun had, Hong Yu-shin investigated the clans that owned the ship. However, there was no sign that any munpa had moved the ship at the time the Unmado River Ship was attacked.

In the end, it could be seen that someone other than the existing forces moved the ship.

‘Even those with powers strong enough to annihilate all unmanned soldiers, including the disciples of the shaman faction.’

He was a non-partisan who temporarily chose Bongmun. It was clear that such a non-partisan faction would possess strong armed force if it was a military man secretly sent out. Such warriors were brutally hacked to death.

Looking at the scars left on the body, it was clear that at least four warriors were attached to each soldier and worked together.

The joint operation of the unmanned soldiers was indeed meticulous.

The blood of a non-partisan soldier has been scattered like a rag.

Such scars could not have occurred if organic movements were not supported that did not interfere with each other’s movements.

The types of weapons also varied.

At first glance, it seems that one weapon was used, but in fact, a wide variety of weapons were mobilized.

‘From knives and axes to harpoons…’

These were tools mainly used by sailors.

There was a deep gorge between Pyowol’s forehead.

‘Is it a ghost fleet?’

Among the sailors he knew, the most savage and terrifying group was the Ghost Fleet.

The Ghost Fleet was a group under the command of Guryongsalmak, and it deserved a grudge against Pyowol.

‘If I did, did it move towards me?’

He needed to check if his guess was correct.

Pyowol quietly got up and came out.

The warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps, who had surrounded the outside of the inn, had already disappeared and were nowhere to be seen.

Pyo-wol spread light air and escaped Poyang Lake.

His destination was the site of the catastrophic disaster on the Yunma Riverboat in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

There was no trace left of the flowing river and the famous Yangtze River. Nevertheless, the reason why Pyowol runs to the place where Unmado Gangseon was disastrous is because all pursuits start from the starting point.

It didn’t matter if there were no traces left.

If you look at the place where the catastrophe occurred there, you will surely gain something.

Pyowol spread light air with all his might.


Every time Pyowol hit the ground, it stretched forward at a terrifying speed.

The light technique of Pyowol, which he learned on his own, was very unique.

Not only was it fast, but it left almost no traces on the floor. Like a floating dandelion spore, it was as if a ghost was galloping about, as if it were radiant and swift like a hawk.

After running for half a day, Pyo-wol arrived at the place where the Unma Dogang ship was said to have been disastrous.

Pyo-wol stood by the river and looked at the middle of the Yangtze River.

There are over 300 pages from where he is standing to the place where the Unmado River Ship was disastrously destroyed.

No matter how great Pyowol’s light technique was, he couldn’t jump over three hundred chapters at once, and even if it was possible, he couldn’t stand in the middle of the river without a foothold.

Pyowol found a small boat while walking along the river.

The old fisherman’s boat was worn out as if it would sink into the water at any moment.

Pyowol bought the old boat for five hermits. With that money, you could buy three or four new ships.

Squeak! Squeak!

Pyo-wol rowed and arrived at the place where the Unmado river ship was disastrous.

After all, nothing was left of the river.

Pyowol stopped the boat on the spot and looked around.

The topography of the area came into view at a glance.

The Ghost Fleet was mainly active at sea.

That’s why the ship had to be big and strong.

The structure was inevitably different from that of ships operating on rivers.

In order to sail stably in high waves, it was advantageous to use a narrow bottom boat with a deep bottom.

On the other hand, boats operating on rivers had to go to shallow waters, so there were many flat-bottomed boats.

The place Pyo-wol paid attention to was the place where the water was so deep that a tipped ship could pass through it.

It was impossible to measure the depth without going directly into the river. However, it could be inferred by looking at the flow rate or topography.

Standing on top of a small boat, Pyo-wol looked for a place where the tipped ship could go.

‘For now, it won’t be upstream. There were more ships going upstream, so it must have been noticeable. It won’t be too far down the river either. It’s because the boat that brought the Unma Riverboat came up from the downstream side.’

The attention of the sailors was not normal.

They must have thought it strange that a ship that could only sail on the sea would go up and down the river.

There must have been a way to get to the Unmado river ship easily without being noticed by them.

‘I would have had to approach from a tributary, not the main stream of the Yangtze River.’

The Yangtze River never consisted of only one stream. Numerous tributaries and small rivers were intertwined like a spider’s web.

Awesome! Awesome!

Pyowol started rowing downstream.

Among the tributaries of the Yangtze River, it was necessary to find a river that was large and deep enough for the pointed line to pass through.

Not long after I started rowing, a small tributary appeared. However, the shallow depth of the water made it difficult to cross the tip line.

Pyowol dared to pass by.

Two more tributaries appeared while going halfway down the stream. However, like the first tributary, the depth of the water was shallow, so it seemed difficult for large ships to enter and exit.

It was when we had rowed past the third tributary like that for about a meal.

The moon’s eyes shone sharply.

This is because the topography where tributaries and main streams merge again appeared. However, the tributary that appeared this time was different from other places.

Even at a glance, the water seemed turbid and black was very deep. Also, the width was very wide, so it seemed that there was no problem for a large ship to move around.

Pyo-wol drove the boat to the tributary without the slightest hesitation.

The current in the tributary was very strong. Because of that, it was not easy to go back to the small boat Pyowol was on.

Pyowol gave up the ship.

After putting the boat on the nearby reed field, they spread light air and ran down the tributary. Pyowol, who had been running for a long time, stopped.

This is because the tributary branched into two branches.

left and right. All rivers were wide and deep, so it seemed easy to navigate large ships.

Pyowol had to make a decision. And his decision was left.

There was no particular reason.

The only direction his sixth sense was pointing was to the left.

Pyowol went up the tributary again for a long time.

The sun had already set and it was getting dark.

At that time, a jar-like terrain appeared.

On one side of the tributary surrounded by the gorge, there was space for a boat.

It was a naturally formed terrain like a marina.

Pyo-wol flew toward it without hesitation.

There were traces of many people staying in the marina-like terrain.

Whoever it was, it was clear that quite a few people had been here for a while.

At that time, Pyowol’s eyes saw a strange sight.

The large rock face at the bottom of the canyon is dented vertically and horizontally.

it was a letter

Pyowol approached the rock to examine the letters closely.

When I got near the rock, the letters were clearly visible.

[Bulgongjiji Cheonwonsu (不共之戴天怨讐) Pyowoljimyo (漂月之墓).] The

letters someone engraved on the sword or road rock were clearly pointing to Pyowol.

‘My tomb?’


At that moment, I felt a strange sensation near my ankle.

In an instant, an intense sense of crisis overtook Pyowol.

Pyowol flew back without thinking further.

It was then.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred around the rock where the letter was engraved.

A thunderbolt was buried around the rock, and the string cut off Pyowol’s ankle actuated the trigger.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Explosions occurred in series and even hit the naturally formed dock.

Pyowol gritted his teeth and threw himself.

The flames approached with great speed. If you lose your movement even for a moment, you will be consumed by the flames.

The problem wasn’t just the flames.


The huge gorge was collapsing, unable to overcome the impact of the thunderclap.

The sight of falling rocks filling the sky was terrifying.

Peony was no exception.

It was such a shocking sight that the feeling of fear, thought long ago gone, came back to life.


Pyowol breathed in and accelerated.

His new model came out of the canyon in a long parabola like a meteor.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Immediately afterwards, huge boulders slammed into the bottom of the gorge.

Rocks collided with each other, making a roaring sound, and shattered fragments flew in all directions. Dark red flames and smoke escaped between them, and a thick layer of gray dust rose up into the sky.

It took only a fraction of a second for the huge gorge to completely collapse.

“Hoo-wook! Whoop!”

Pyowol, who had barely escaped the gorge, let out a rough breath.

The situation was so tense that even Pyo-wol, who never lost his composure, had a pale complexion.

Pyowol breathed heavily and looked at the gorge.

The canyon had collapsed so badly that it was impossible to find what it looked like when the moon first came in.

Flames were still burning from the crevices of the rocks, and the sky was full of scattered gray-white dust.

If there was a hell, I thought it would be like this.

Pyowol murmured.

“Did you know I would come?”

If so, it was clear that the other person knew very well about himself.

It was a trap that could not be unfolded without grasping the persistent s.e.x tracking technique, psychological state, and behavioral patterns.


After a long time, fighting spirit boiled over.

I’ve dealt with many enemies so far, but this was the first time.

The opponent was clearly aiming for himself.

It was then.

Wedge liquid!

Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.

Something was flying towards Pyowol at a frightening speed.

It’s already too late to avoid it.

Pyowol spread out the Sasa River and swung it.

See it!

The object that had been flying in with a subtle piercing sound was cut off in midair.


The object that tumbled under Pyowol’s feet with a metallic sound was a harpoon that had been cut in two.

Pyowol looked in the direction the harpoon had come from.

The harpoon came from another tributary on the other side of the collapsed canyon.

I saw something spiky. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that it was a ship’s mast.

A man stood at the top of the mast.

A man with a huge body and hanging hair was wearing a long robe made from the skin of an unknown animal.

Truly formidable momentum emanated from his whole body.

The moment Pyowol saw the man, he recognized his identity.

“The owner of the ghost fleet.”

It was something I had seen before.

Even then, the owner of the ghost fleet had thrown a harpoon from such a long distance to keep Pyowol in check.

The owner of the ghost ship was Ko Il-won, the son of Guryongsalmakju, who was killed by Pyo-wol.

They were half siblings with So Yeo-wol, whom Pyo-wol pursued.

It was understandable that the owner of the ghost fleet was aiming for Pyowol.

Whatever the circumstances, Pyo-wol was the enemy who killed the father and grandmother of the ghost ship owner.

Ko Il-won looked at Pyowol indifferently from the top of the mast.

Pyowol also glared at him.

Despite the distance, the two could feel each other’s intense gaze.

At that moment, Ko Il-won pretended to slit his throat with his thumb.

After giving a notice of his death, Go Il-won’s appearance gradually disappeared. The ship carrying him was moving away.

Pyowol looked at the figure without a word.

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